Born: June 19th, 1980 Height: 5’2 Weight: 107 Eyes: Brown Orientation: Bisexual Measurements: 34D-22-34 Years Catfighting: 11
Previous League: 3XL, Vegas Catfight Club, CQ Club (Caribbean Catfight Club), Memphis Catfight Club
Previous Belts: 3XL Champ 1x, 3XL FFC (Fuck-Fighting) Champ 3x’s, Vegas Catfight Club Champion 3x’s, CQ Catfight Queen 4x’s, Memphis Maiden (Champion) 2x’s
Finishing Moves: Caribbean Dream (Tit-smother submission!), Barbados Bomb! (Sit-out Senton onto the downed bitches TITS! Then Tit-smother submission!), LAX! (Facesitting smother!), Dark Chocolate! (Frankensteiner! Followed by Facesitting smother!)
Strengths: Veteran experience, great speed moves, lightning fast, acrobatic, does abnormal damage with kicks and punches, great fighter and brawler, Mistress of Deception, great power moves, Mistress of the Dropkick, Mistress of BDSM, attacks exposed and/or perceived weaknesses immediately and stays on them, able to take an ass-whipping, able to snap out of stuns, great top-rope and high-flying moves, great showmanship, great at double-teaming, Raging, great tag-catfighter and stable leader/teammate, good leadership ability, good at body attacks and charging moves, able to withstand opponents momentum, good at reversing moves, good fuck-fighter, abilities increase dramatically when working with her Subs (Havana, Gia) or Lieutenants (Jada, Ayana), abilities increase exponentially when taking direct orders from Geese or fighting alongside him, can win long matches
Weaknesses: Size and weight, constant power moves wear her out, chained power moves make her easier to stun, once stunned with power moves continued punishment from them makes her easy to chain-stun till KO’d, never submits, constant hits to her tits causes her to take abnormal damage, if stunned and takes hits to her tits it inflicts abnormal damage, hitting her while stunned with a finishing move to her tits can actually Sudden KO her pending on what has happened up to that point, can be overwhelmed by a stronger BDSM Mistress pending on how things have gone during their match, womanhandling her constantly and consistently wears her out mentally, once worn out mentally she simply continues to take punishment till KO’d, she cannot recover mentally once broken unless one of her subs/lieutenants/VIPS of her Master or Geese himself rallies her, arrogant to the point of overconfidence, allows her subs to run roughshod over others which breeds animosity for the subs, this also causes her to allow certain subs to have more responsibility than they can handle, defeating her subs and lieutenants directly in front of her can cause her to fly into a rage, while raging she sometimes makes mistakes that add up, she can be whittled away at if carefully done, her commitment to Geese is absolute and at times can backfire in her face paralyzing her, continuous momentum runs on her makes her take abnormal damage, if an opponent can keep that up long enough to break her mentally then they can Sudden KO her, Empress 13 of the 13 Queen’s of Color is her mistress, Anna Amore, Devin DeRay, Julia Channel, Charmaine Sinclair, Geese

Lady Lori Alexia hails from Barbados, by way of Memphis, Tennessee. And she’s in a whole lotta fuckin trouble right about now. She has been one of Geese’s best reigning Black Pagan Queen’s, especially since she was taught by Geese himself. Extremely physically gifted and intelligent, Lady Lori has reinvigorated the Black Pagans and over the years of her reign she has increased the power and prestige of the Black Pagans amongst Geese’s various affiliate organizations. The clientele of the Black Pagans range from Fortune 500 members to the movers and shakers in various countries who visit Sin City solely to go to the Black Pagans Den (BPD). As such, the Black Pagans as a whole collect vast amounts of information that is confidential and extremely sensitive, while allowing their VIP patrons to partake and enjoy of everything that the Black Pagans Den has to offer. Due to Geese’s control of Sin City BPD patrons do not have to worry about unseemly sidebar-situations and such. Plus the location of the BPD makes it just another strip-club set far against the backdrop of Sin City and its world famous, Strip. Only those in the know, invited and expected, ever bother it or its inhabitants, just as he set it up and planned it.

Lady Lori became the new Queen of the Black Pagans by defeating and dethroning Lady Fonda French. By doing so Lori became a Queen of Color by default, since the Chicago born Fonda was already a member of the 13 Queen’s. Lady Lori is extremely close to the current Empress 13, Domonique Simone. While Lori is aware that Ayana Angel wants to return to the Estate, like Jada, Lori wants more power and prestige before she even thinks about being up underneath the Master directly. It’s simply too crowded, to put it bluntly. Performing exceptionally lands a good bitch right in his lap, but Lori has not realized that she has actually gained more than enough merits to have cashed in her chips and returned to the Estate and become one of his personal secretaries! But with recent events and the fact that she was so driven to make sure that once she decided to cash in, she’d get her just desserts… She overplayed the situation and now one of her biggest flaws as a ruler, has come back to kick her in the cunt!

Favoritism has always been a bit of a problem for Lori. In the past she has made up for it by favoring the right people that balanced each other out, but? Her subs of Havana Ginger and Gia LaShay, have totally fucked up everything with their own blatant abuse of power and position. Lori absolutely adores these two bitches and they can do no wrong in her eyes. Even to the point that she has at times chastised her favored lieutenants and running buddies, Jada and Ayana. Now with the Black Pagan’s Den having been attacked and overrun by Jenna Jameson and her bitches!? Lori finds herself ass out, literally, in the early morning night of Sin City! With Jenna and her bitches hot in pursuit of her and her own bitches! With no means of contacting anyone, since Jenna and her bitches attacked right at the end of the night, right while they were transferring over to closing!? Lori’s no idiot. Such a thing couldn’t happen even if you were so fuckin unlucky that you were born unlucky! While you figure that shit out, the reality is that for Jenna to attack precisely when they were out of costume, counting the receipts, but not dressed to head home? Not changed over so that their million and one cellphones and pagers and all kinds of other electronic communications, crap! Was not clipped on, hooked on or ‘I’ve got it on’, somewhere on their beautiful bodies!?!? Means that somebody told this bitch exactly how shit works and when they do, what!

Lori stands on the verge of losing her Master’s most lucrative monitoring and information gathering station, because she’d let her own vices get away from her! Never mind the fact that one of her favored bitches, Havana!? Hasn’t returned from delivering her orders to Jada and her band of bitches! With shit all fucked up and trying desperately not to totally embarrass her Master by having to flag down a fuckin cop while looking totally whored out in her S&M lingerie, GET-UP! The pressure is starting to get to her. She knows that Jada has probably done something she shouldn’t have to Havana, which only makes matters worse as Jenna is still circling around looking for her and the Black Pagans…