Born: June 2nd, 1978 Height: 5' 7" Weight: 122lbs Eyes: Brown Orientation: Bi Measurements: 36C-23-35 Years Catfighting: 13 years
Previous League: BZL (defunct), G3L, ALCC (All Canada Catfights), GNE (Great Northwestern Apartment League Wrestling)
Previous Belts: G3L IC Champ 1x, ALCC TV-Champ 3x’s, GNE Apartment Wrestling Champ 2x’s
Finishing Moves: Torpedo Attack (Breast submission smother!), V-1/Half-Cocked Clothesline! (Throws a Right-handed Haymaker where she intentionally gives it away and when the opponent DUCKS IT OR MOVES!?!! SHE LETS THE MOMENTUM CARRY HER AND SHE COMES BACK WITH A LUNGING CLOTHESLINE!), V-2/Fully Loaded (Another clothesline finisher except this one can actually HIT SOMEONE! She hits opponent with a running TOE-KICK! Then she throws out a sloppy looking Right-handed JAB that pops the bitch up! Then she MOWS HER DOWN WITH A CLOTHESLINE STRAIGHT TO HER FUCKIN EXPOSED THROAT!), NC-17! (Cunt-kick and then hoists opponent over her shoulder and then DRIVES THEM DOWN INTO THE MAT WITH A RUNNING POWER SLAM!)
Strengths: Great power moves, able to take an ass-whipping, Mistress of the Clothesline, actually lightning quick but tends to react and move only at the rate of being quick, great at charging attacks and body attacks, some knowledge in BDSM, some skill as an ABA Enforcer, her power moves do inflict abnormal damage when she has momentum, can sometimes break her opponents momentum, can sometimes withstand her opponents momentum, desperately willing to toady to power, actually a good stablemember and teammate, abilities increase when led and ordered about by a competent leader/manager/mistress or master, has not even come close to reaching her full potential as a catfighter,
Weaknesses: Takes damage like a bitch which can cause her to get her cunt-and-ass kicked in a hurry, V-1/Finisher only works on people who have never seen her use it before and even then the move dizzies the hell out of Nikki so let’s face it/ it is a dumb and very risky move, can be demoralized before a fight even starts which makes her take abnormal damage even though she ALREADY takes damage like a bitch, low ring awareness makes her easy to confuse and turn around, low psyche, she is very poorly trained as a catfighter and does not use much of her natural abilities as a dancer, ONE-DIMENSIONAL she and Jeri Ryan are easy to map out regarding their moves, desperately needs a trainer or master who will honestly teach her, actually into BDSM moreso as a sub and it tends to come up once she looses control of a match or starts to get pressed and pressured, does not adapt well to opponents or situations in a catfight making her easy to handle once an opponent gets control of the pace of their match, tits take abnormal damage and repeated hits stun her and make her more open to chain-stuns and chained hits, mauling her tits can actually cause her to cave mentally in a hurry, once that happens Nikki has no shot of winning at all and will keep taking punishment till she Sudden KO’s, although she takes damage like a bitch she can absorb a lot of it but it tends to destroy her mentally, low psyche, once she is mentally broken she does not win matches at all, blinding her with eye-rakes or anything else makes her vulnerable to abnormally high damage and instant KO’s, constantly applying submissions and smothers caves her mentally and opens her up to be finished off

Much like Mýa and Jessica Simpson, Nikki Cox is a mindless drone-follower, but worse than the two-aforementioned dummies. The bitch can’t fight a cold, let alone a catfighter… or… so it seems. Nikki Cox has been the weakest link ever recruited to the ABA, many American celebrity catfight bloggers have been flat-out boggled by why she has been able to hold her position while the likes of Alyssa Milano, Jennifer Aniston, Shannen Doherty and Jeri Ryan. Have been ceremoniously given the official beatdown of the Y2K ABA, the Milano! While this bitch has hung around, hangs on and lives off of hand-outs! Nikki, for her own sanity’s sake, never reads any of this and does the best that she can to actually ingratiate herself to the group, which only leads to more trouble. With that said, unlike say as Mýa is to Christina Aguilera what Geese’s Maid Enforcers are to Geese? Nikki doesn’t kowtow to one particular person. Instead Nikki spends much of her time trying to kiss as much butt, of every ABA member, while trying to make sure that it doesn’t look but so obvious.

To be fair, Nikki does possess a lot of raw power and was/is, actually a trained and gifted dancer, yet none of this is a part of her catfighting style and begs the question of who the fuck was her trainer, and why the hell hasn’t her so-called “friends” in the ABA helped her get any better? Because as Kickback’s slogan says “Friend is another word for Fool.” And no group embodies that more than the ABA, no matter which incarnation with whatever leader, you’re talking about. So when a Transformers TOY from the 80’s becomes your personal motto for your entire GROUP!? Houston, you have a problem. Just like Mýa and Jessica Simpson, Nikki rarely does an independent anything, but in a creepy fashion she has at times unexpectedly voiced her opinion which has been an adventure within itself. Either way, Nikki participated in the plot to destroy the Fab-4 which culminated in a PPV-type showdown on the streets of Sin City. By that point Jeri Ryan had abandoned the group after finding out ahead of time that they intended to oust her. Carmen Elektra joined and the ABA unwisely decided to push ahead with their scheme. In the end, they suffered a humiliating beatdown at the hands of the very same bitches they’d launched half-the-Evil World of Catfighting Cunts from the BZL AT!!!! From Gen Next! to Gen Prime!, every last Girl Gang of Stone Rage’s, Battle Zone League! FAILED TO GET THE JOB DONE! Even with guests like Vivica Fox for Gen Next! and Uma Thurman for Blond Ambition!

This actually dampened Nikki’s spirits even though they’d successfully ambushed and beaten the crap out of the Fab-4 reinforcements, the Rescue Rangers. Nikki’s fight didn’t go too well and she actually would have LOST if not for help from the other ABA members. This also got Nikki looking over her shoulder as she was the only bitch out of the pack that needed HELP from the others, to deal with the selfish and disorganized Rangers. So you pack that, on top of her already shitty record to begin with, and the bitch was already thoroughly demoralized before any punches could even be thrown. Once the Finale started, it didn’t take long for the momentum to swing in the direction of the Fab-4 and from there each ABA bitch got her ass handed to her in pretty spectacular fashion and NOT TO BE OUTDONE!?!! Nikki got utterly demolished!

What makes this worse is that Geese was already losing his patience with this crap going on in his city. Then to see a bunch of bitches concoct this crappy scheme like a sick Wily E. Coyote/Roadrunner carton and then have the fuckin anvil FALL ON THEIR HEADS THAT THEY SET UP!?!? PATHETIC! One quick call and when the match was all over the Sin City PD hauled the ABA TRASH from up off of his streets and straight to ye ole Celebrity Holding  Cell! It is here that Demi Moore made her grand entrance and used the fact that they’d gotten their asses beaten to seize control of the ABA, BUT!? She made sure to leave behind Carmen Elektra, something that was actually a good thing, because Carmen was actually a mole for Geese. Since then, Nikki has been following the orders of Demi Moore and they have seized control of the BZL, unfortunately, beginning the Countdown to Armageddon and the destruction of the BZL…