Born: January 18th, 1983 Height: 5’7” Weight: 128lbs Eyes: Brown Orientation: Oh come on now, seriously!? Fine, I have tasted Nanda’s nectar and I simply cannot get enough of, OH FUCK-OFF! WITH THIS STUPID ASS QUESTION! Measurements: 34C-23-35 Years Catfighting: 6
Previous League: BZL (defunct), Irish Pride, SAC-CF (South African Catfight League), KCC (Kenyan Catfight Club), SF-CF, G3L
Previous Belts: Irish Pride Champ 1x, SAC-CF Foreign League Lady Champ 2x’s, SF-CF Femme Fatale 2x’s,SF-CF Tag Champ (with Ananda Lewis) 2x’s, G3L Champ 1x, G3L IC Champ 1x, G3L Tag Champ (with Ananda Lewis) 4x’s
Finishing Moves: A Perfect Pair! (Tit smother submission), Full Moon Madness! (Face-sitting smother with her ass!), Eclipsing Clothesline! (Hits a SUPER-CLOTHESLINE TO TAKE THE BITCH DOWN! THEN SHE IMMEDIATELY GOES INTO HER FULL MOON MADNESS SMOTHER WHILE THEY’RE FUCKED UP!), P3-PLEX! (Cunt-kick to stoop and stun bitch! Then she hits a SIT-OUT SCOOP SLAM! Then she IMMEDIATELY GOES INTO HER PERFECT PAIR SMOTHER WHILE THEY’RE FUCKED UP!), Ananda Mumba! (Double Rock Bottom on opponent by Ananda & Sam, they then immediately get up and double elbow drop or double leg-drop downed opponent!), Power & Glory! (Tag-team move where Sam and Nanda shoot bitch to the ropes and when she rebounds back they both hit Running SHOULDER-BLOCK’S TO TAKE HER DOWN!)
Strengths: Experienced catfighter that has not reached her full-potential yet, great power moves, Mistress of the Clothesline, ultra-aggressive and attacks exposed weaknesses early and often, Mistress of the Axe-Handle, great at double-teams and double-team tactics, fast, great at body attacks and charging attacks, can take an ass-whipping and has a high threshold for pain, does NOT submit, Submission Smother Specialist, able to break opponents momentum with brute force offense, merciless, skilled in BDSM, good teammate and stablemate, good showmanship, can cut a promo, understands BDSM, abilities increase when working with Ananda, has taken a keen interest in Geese and likes his frankness, willing to toady to Geese and abilities increase when managed by him
Weaknesses: Bitter, Sam’s bitterness can at times cause her to simply fly off the handle and get caught-out-there because of it, stubborn to the point of stupid, can take huge amounts of punishment but is actually vulnerable mentally and emotionally, mind-games/taunts and ploys work very well on her do to her snap-judgment nature, too reliant on her physical prowess and often times overestimates her ability to simply fight through it, can be tricked in a number of ways that cost her and her teammates matches (count-outs, DQ’s, etc), vulnerable to speed moves, repeated hits to her tits stun her, once stunned she takes abnormal damage regardless of what’s done to her, a skilled catfighter can chain-stun and chain-hit her till she gives out mentally and once that happens she takes damage like a bitch till KO’d or pinned, whenever she gives out mentally she cannot recover and will simply take damage till she is KO’d or pinned, Sam can be a bullying-bitch which has cost her matches before, womanhandling her has a severe affect on her which wears her out allowing her to be KO’d and/or pinned

Samantha Tamania Anne Cecilia Mumba is Black Irish and damn proud of it! Sam is also a raving lunatic who wants to destroy the bitches who pretty much shit on her and left her to rot! To say that Sam carries a grudge against Gen Prime! is an understatement. Although her encounter at the tryout was brief! She didn’t care for the fact that she was quickly made the scapegoat for the shortcomings of the group for the short amount of time she was there! And what really urked her even more is that her best buddy, Ananda? Who byfar was the most loyal bitch to fake-ass Christina Aguilera! But Nanda was tossed out on her ass without a word of thanks for all the shit she bailed Christina out of! Then out of the blue!? Mya, who was eliminated at the very same tryout!?!? Mysteriously was allowed to JOIN, while no exceptions were made for Nanda and all of her years of loyalty to X-tina! This rubbed Sam the wrong way even though Nanda pretty much accepted it and moved on, which only angered the younger Sam even more!

Sam would plot for years and get more and more into catfighting as a result of it! Her career would languish and lapse into obscurity because Sam was so hard at work getting better and better at catfighting! Her sole goal after awhile was to get good enough to go back to the U.S. and get into Stone Rage’s, BZL! So she could beat the crap out of Gen Prime! for the shit that they said about her and Nanda! It was no secret that Christina was as soft as a fuckin marshmellow! And for that bitch to try to pin the blame for her own crappy “leadership skills” on her most trusted subordinate and another bitch who was only there for a hot minute!?!? Was unbelievable! However, for all of the anger that it generated in Sam, it didn’t really mean shit to Nanda. So of course… this only made Sam angrier. Then she got into it with another celeb who had the nerve to call her a racial slur which only made Sam MORE ANGRIER! I think you can kind of tell that this woman is very angry. On close inspection… she has a right to be, but as Nanda has always told her “You need to stay focus on what actually matters and stop jumping at every little thing that happens, Sam.”

Easier said, then done. Sam has had her record career go up in smoke! Her acting career nosedived just like her music career! BOTH got off to stellar starts and promptly fizzled! She actually DROPPED OUT OF HIGH SCHOOL to finish her album, so she’s effectively a high school dropout with no high school diploma and most certainly no career to speak of! Many of her moves were done on the advice of others, who have since dropped her like a bad habit and then, just like the Gen Prime! situation, tried to pin THEIR FAILURES, as her managers, ON HER! Now… for the record… Sam can be very difficult. She can bossy and bitchy and overbearing, but whenever they tell her to do something… SHE DOES IT! But then when things don’t work out, they BLAME HER! This too, is something that Nanda has been constantly working with Sam on over the years. The thin line between managing your career, or your career managing you. To call Nanda Sam’s mentor and best friend, is an understatement. Nanda was crucial in helping to get Sam’s family into the U.S. and helping all of them, including Sam, become U.S. citizens. Sam, in turn, has worked hard to try to clean up her bitchy-Prima Donna attitude. The two of them, have made a name for themselves as tag catfighters in the G3L and the SF-CF, having won gold a number of times in the tag division and even some individual gold. But getting back to the BZL and getting even with Gen Next! has always been on Sam’s mind.

After parting ways with Nanda so that Nanda could focus on helping Black Native Americans, Sam is not finally back on the path to crushing Gen Prime! with her mentor Nanda, however? Nanda has since told Sam about an encounter with Geese and the fact that he offered to put them up if they ever wanted to get back into the BZL or any serious celebrity catfighting. Sam, through the stories that Nanda has told her, is quite curious to meet and talk to this Geese Howard, since it seems Nanda has taken a shine to him….