Born: April 14th, 1977 Height: 5' 3" Weight: 95lbs Eyes: Green Orientation: Bisexual Measurements: 34B-24-34 Years Catfighting: 12
Previous League: BZL (defunct), SF-CF, NNL, G3L
Previous Belts: SF-CF Queen 1x’s, SF-CF Femme Fatale 2x’s, SF-CF Tag Champ (with Alyson Hannigan) 1x, NNL Shikoku Queen 2x’s, G3L IC Champ 1x
Finishing Moves: SMG-1! (Cunt-kick to Super-DDT where she plants the bitch on the very top of her fuckin HEAD! Causing her to fall out onto her BACK!), SMG-2! (Same as SMG-2, but she gets up after Super-DDT and then hits a CORKSCREW DOUBLE LEG-DROP TO THEIR TITS AND THROAT!), SMG-3! (Cunt-kick followed by Upper-cut as they stoop over from the cunt-kick! Then she grabs the front of their shirt or uniform WITH HER LEFT-HAND and draws them into a STRAIGHT-RIGHT TO THEIR HEART-TIT WITH HER RIGHT-HAND! As they reel from that she then hits a ROUNDHOUSE SPIN-KICK TO THEIR JAW TO SEND THEM TO THE GROUND!)
Strengths: Veteran experience, great fighter, ultra-aggressive, attacks perceived and exposed weaknesses early and often, lightning quick, punches and kicks do abnormal damage, can take an ass-whipping, great at body attacks, great speed moves, Goth Girl, Mistress of BDSM, solid ring awareness, good technical moves, some high-flying moves, some submission moves, can brawl, can counter some physical attacks, abilities increase when she has momentum
Weaknesses: SMG takes damage like a bitch and can be put away quickly if she’s not careful, offensively oriented out of necessity since she cannot take hits very well, weight, vulnerable to power moves, has no power moves, continuously hitting her with power moves wears her out and makes her vulnerable to Sudden KO’s, neck, choking her does abnormal damage and can actually wear her out to the point of an easy pin/victory, vulnerable to BDSM, does not recover once demoralized mentally, tits, constant pressure wears her out, constant submission moves and keeping her grounded and unable to punch and kick is a sure way to defeat her, hitting her with a finisher move early in the match can actually demoralize her enough to cause her to lose, she has been completely unsuccessful on the big stage of the BZL and it is a huge weakness for her, cannot withstand multiple finishers from different people or back-to-back finishers from the same bitch

SMG has hit the wall hard! She has never really caught on in Stone Rage’s, Battle Zone League. Add to that the fact that she got a pretty bad pasting by way of the ABA and now with the ABA in complete control of the BZL, things are worse, however? Her total lack of opportunity and promotions has even made her run-in with the now newly minted ABA Owned and Operated, BZL, totally unimportant! Her unofficial alliance with Charisma Carpenter and Neve Campbell has begun to really take hold and the three of them have been training hard and plotting their revenge. One thing they all admitted is that they needed to do something that the ABA wouldn’t see coming. In the midst of the Backlash! Charisma stated that what they would need, what they’d really need! Is reinforcements! So? They quickly pooled together their resources and dished on who they knew that MIGHT be able to help them. Sarah realized that she could at least add Alyson Hannigan to their team because she was on the BZL roster, but was listed as inactive. Quickly they put together a list of names and hauled ass to see if they could get it pushed through and then pushed DOWN to the bottom of anything of any importance, so no one would pay them any fuckin mind like they already did!

Because of the problems going on internally, they found out that Stone Rage was already MIA, but his management staff was NOT. The three of them pushed, prodded, begged and pleaded, till finally they got approval for their friends to be added on to the BZL roster. This would be a key event in the Countdown to Armageddon. Sarah had done piss-poor in the BZL. Garnering little attention, even smaller promotional support and EVEN LESS desire to see her actually fight. This of course TANKED her career. A few fits and flashes, but for the most part her run was over and ironically her stint AND FAILURE TO SUCCEED IN THE BZL was actually the primary cause. The absolute last thing that any celebrity catfighter could have was to go to one of the big name celebrity catfight companies and then generate ZERO INTEREST! ZERO MATCHES! ZERO HEAT! It sent a message loud and clear to the studios all across Hollywood and beyond, especially when you were in the BZL. It sent the message that you simply weren’t important to the viewing audience. That is what celebrity catfighting had reached worldwide. If you signed on and signed up, but got no fuckin matches!?!! Then you my friend, were TOAST! And that is where Sarah and Co. found themselves.

Never mind the humiliating ass-whipping’s that Sarah had gotten from Britney Spears, Jessica Alba and the ABA!?!! That pretty much sealed her fuckin fate in the BZL right there, BUT!?!! The sudden SUCCESS of the ABA and the quickly coming OUSTER of Stone Rage!?!? Was the shot that these three bitches needed to get BACK IN THE GAME! Quickly they decided that NUMBERS would trump anything and everything else! Charisma made a note of the fact that the BZL always only had groups of four at best, but they’d decided that the closest that anyone came to TRUE DOMINATION, was when the Super Group existed of Generation Prime and Generation Next, but it was ego and in-fighting that destroyed it. AND THERE, Sarah pointed out, was the ABA’s biggest fucking weakness! These bitches can’t help themselves from trying to ass-fuck THE CRAP! OUT OF THEIR OWN FUCKIN TEAMMATES AND CAUSES! Quickly Neve Campbell started skulking around like a scolded dog, to find out exactly what had happened out during the whole Finding J-Lo situation. While Charisma started keeping an eye on current events. After they gathered their information and exchanged it, they went to Sin City to find out the real deal of what happened and this led them to fall into the Shadow of Sin City.

Geese offered the three of them contracts for his W3W and told them to simply leave the BZL behind and move on, but all three bitches vowed revenge and rejected Geese’s offer. They did however exchange information and then returned back to Hollywood to plan their next move. A few days later they’d find out like the rest of the catfighting world, that Stone Rage had been forced out and that their worst fears were now real. The ABA under Demi Moore had finally seized total control, which was fine by them. The people they’d requested had gotten approved and pushed through as the last gasps of the old Stone Rage administration. They bolstered their numbers by adding on Alyson Hannigan, who’d suffered an ass-whipping with her best bud Sarah at the hands of Jessica Alba. But the lionshare of  support came from Neve Campbell, who called in Rachel True, Fairuza Balk and Robin Tunney, all from the Craft! Sarah and Charisma tried to get Eliza Dushku and Bianca Lawson to join, but both stated that they had signed on with the W3W and Geese had made it clear that he wanted NO PART OR CONNECTION to the downfall of the BZL or Stone Rage. So they both declined the offers and steered clear

Regardless of that, Sarah, Charisma and Neve had bolstered their numbers and created the stable name of SCN Inc., which of course is the initials of the founding members Sarah, Charisma Carpenter and Neve Campbell. How SCN Inc. will factor into this volatile mix is not too hard to guess, as these bitches have already made it clear that they intend to strike without warning and deal a crippling blow to the new ABA BZL, assuring the Countdown to Armageddon

DOWNLOAD - Belly Punching Contest Vol.1 (SoCal vs. Sam Sexton)
DOWNLOAD - Belly Punching Contest Vol.1 (SoCal vs. Sam Sexton)