Born: April 12th, 1971 Height: 5'3" Weight: 110lbs Eyes: Grey-green Orientation: Bisexual Measurements: 34C-25-35 Years Catfighting: 18
Previous League: BZL (defunct), SoCo (Southern Confederate Catfighting League), SF-CF, G3L, Memphis Belle Battlezone
Previous Belts: SoCo Queen 5x’s, SoCo Belle (IC Belt) 5x’s, SF-CF Femme Fatale 4x’s, G3L IC Champ 2x’s, Queen of the (Memphis Belle) Battlezone 3x’s, Memphis Belle of the Ball 3x’s
Finishing Moves: Vitamin-D! (Tit smother-submission), Vitamin-C! (Facesitting smother-submission), Sudden Downer! (Unloads a FULL-EXTENSION FRONTKICK TO THE BITCHES TITS!), Special Delivery! (Cunt-kick to stun and stoop! Then she grabs bitch by her hair, pulls her in CLOSE and starts landing a flurry of punches to her TITS! SHE FINISHES WITH A FULL-BODY ROUNDHOUSE UPPER-CUT!)
Strengths: Veteran experience, MILF, ultra-aggressive, attacks exposed weaknesses immediately and often, great brawler, Mistress of the Clothesline, great at charging attacks, Mistress of the Dropkick and Frontkick, great fighter, Queen of Closed Fists and Foot, merciless, able to take an ass-whipping and has high endurance, Evil Princess Complex, fast, good speed moves, good at body attacks, Mistress of BDSM, good power moves, good submission smother moves, good at cutting a promo, good showmanship, some submission moves, some top-rope moves, some high-flying moves, able to break opponents momentum by sheer ferocity, Mistress of Dirty Tactics and Win-At-All Costs, abilities increase when working with her fathers bitches, abilities increase dramatically when carrying out her fathers orders and/or when managed by him personally, willing lapdog for Geese
Weaknesses: Too aggressive and it makes her mistake prone or open to ploys by a skilled catfighter, her over-aggressiveness causes her to lose focus and/or make mistakes that cost her matches, moody, her moodiness can destabilize groups, lack of self-control can cause her to say and do things that undermine her own cause or break her own momentum, Shannen is a loose cannon without Geese that often destroys herself, brutally honest to the point of causing a fucking fight, stubborn, tits, constantly hitting her in her tits tends to cause her to start getting chain-stunned, once she starts getting chain-stunned it gets easier and easier to do it to her till she simply breaks down and keeps taking hits till KO’d or pinned, once she is worn out on any level she cannot recover unless helped, Shannen has all kinds of mental issues which can be used against her, low psyche, hitting her with multiple finishers will KO her, the back of her neck is extremely sensitive and she takes damage like a bitch there, womanhandling her wears her out, countering her finishing moves leaves her open to Sudden KO’s

Shannen has a rather bizarre and complicated history with Geese. Like some of the current W3W celebrity catfighters, Geese has backed some of their business and entertainment endeavors, however? His relationship with Shannen has been a love-hate one that both simply will not talk about, but the end of their “relationship” centered around Shannen’s inability to control her temper. Geese assisted her in a few of her more notorious run-in’s with certain people in Hollywood that you simply don’t piss off. But Shannen, stubborn and headstrong and far too forward! Would often disregard his advice until she was neck deep in SHIT! And needed his help or else she was gonna end up on a Hollywood milk carton! It is said that Shannen was much like Lynn Whitfield in the fact that both of these lovely ladies simply had to have their hands in and on everything! Even when they were already preoccupied with three or four other things that required their constant attention. They were strong-willed and stubborn to the point of stupid, and while some of you may cringe at reading that, just as many have seen or know a woman that swears that being loud and wrong, is somehow a sign of strength.

Ultimately, just like with Lynn, Geese ended his relationship with Shannen and the starlet went on to quickly burn down as many of her bridges as possible! Even getting into a hot and steamy love-affair that ended in disaster! Brash, bold and impetuous, Shannen took out her anger and animosity on anything that she felt crossed her. This would ultimately narrow her acting opportunities in Hollywood, but would also get her chucked out of the G3L for going apeshit on a number of their catfighters backstage! She finally had gotten an offer to join the BZL after years of fighting in the lower level celebrity catfight circuits of America. She also got an offer to join the ABA as well. These two simultaneous offers culminated into a run-in with Beyonce and some of the Fab-4 that resulted in a rather humiliating loss for Shannen!

But to say that Shannen is not tenacious is an understatement, more importantly? Shannen realized that perhaps she’d better go back home now that she’d went off on her own for more than ten years and it all had ended in disaster. Shannen however, is looking to bring home a few souvenirs for her father so that she can make sure that she will be welcomed with open arms. She is also dying to catch up with her sisters….

DOWNLOAD - Idol Meteomix Vol.3 (Part 1)
DOWNLOAD - Idol Meteomix Vol.3 (Part 1)