Born: March 19th, 1974 Height: 5’3” Weight: 117lbs Eyes: Brown Orientation: Bisexual Measurements: 36C-25-37 Years Catfighting: 14
Previous League: BZL (defunct), PCF (Playboy Catfight Federation), G3L, CQ Club (Carribbean Based Catfight Club), V1, Matrons of Mayaguez (Puerto Rican Catfight Federation), The BBA (Black Beauties of America), Garden State Grapplers (NJ), Liberty League of NYC
Previous Belts: V1 TV Champ 2x’s, BBA TVE Champ 1x, Garden State Grappling Champion 2x’s, Liberty League Champion 1x
Finishing Moves: FHM-T! (Tit-smother submission), FHM A-PLUS! (Ass-smother submission), Mass Accelerator! (Irish-whips bitch to the ropes, catches her with a Standing Hip-Toss on her return! Then IMMEDIATELY, HITS A JUMPING SIT-OUT SPLASH ON HER CHEST, WITH HER ASS! She can then pin them or go into FHM A-PLUS and smother them out!), 2-for-1! (Sends bitch to the corner while racing right behind her SMASHES HER WITH A FULL-BODY CLOTHESLINES! EITHER IN HER BACK! OR HER TITS! Whichever is facing her. She then takes them again and irish-whips them to the opposite corner, again, following right in behind them to SMASH THEM INTO THE CORNER WITH ANOTHER FULL-BODY CLOTHESLINE! This time though, she backs up and lets them stagger out of the corner so she can finish them off with an OVER HER SHOULDER-RELEASE SUPLEX!)
Strengths: Veteran Catfighter with overseas experience, great power moves, great brawler, aggressive, able to take an ass-whipping, can break opponents momentum with power moves, able to withstand multiple finishers early, great with her submission smother finishers, Mistress of the Clothesline, great showmanship, abilities increase with momentum, becomes ultra-aggressive when cornered or sees weakness, Mistress of C & B (Charging and Body Attacks), good speed moves, good technical moves, understands BDSM and how to use it to her advantage, shows signs of intuitiveness, wants to become tag catfighter and actually has good natural instincts as such, attacks exposed weaknesses and tends to stay on them, great teammate/stablemate, loyalty, some ability to cut a promo, has a hidden streak of Dirty Tactics and subtle manipulations which she uses only when necessary, does not submit, willing to toady to power if valued, Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz, eager to learn more about celebrity catfighting as well as the business end behind it, especially interested in meeting the movers and shakers and being a part of the power behind the power, abilities increase dramatically against Hated Rivals like MeFord and especially Gina Lynn
Weaknesses: Constantly staying on her wears her out on all levels and once she is worn out she cannot recover, low psyche, getting womanhandled has a severe affect on her which allows her to be KO’d and/or pinned, matching her aggressiveness and outlasting/outpacing hers will cause her to wilt and collapse mentally and emotionally, bizarre streak of naivety even when she herself sometimes initiates schemes and they blow-up in her face, severe momentum shifts can have very dramatic and costly affects on her, brute-bitch that can become one-dimensional and be easily thrown by a skilled opponent who suddenly changes tactics, takes abnormal damage whenever caught off-guard and/or surprised, sometimes outthinks herself which then triggers other weaknesses, tits, resents being seen as one-dimensional and it causes her to reach past her actual abilities to prove she’s not which only makes matters worse, consistently hammering her and controlling the momentum of the match can actually open her up to Sudden KO’s, constant slams onto her backside and lower back actually cause her to take abnormal damage all over after a period of time and can cause her to collapse on all levels, does not submit which can actually cause her to get into worse situations than if she’d have simply quit, stubborn to the point of stupid at times, although she is a great brawler she is NOT a skilled FIGHTER and it is a big weakness that some haven’t been able to spot yet, sometimes creates schemes and plans that she simply can’t carryout and it gets her into more trouble than it is worth, can be duped/tricked and outsmarted pending on the person and situation, Gina Lynn, MeFord

Vida Guerra is a Cuban-born, American model, actress, and  singer, who has finally found a stable place to catfight from. Vida is of course, one of the many Video Vixens that have become oh-so-too-prominent in today’s Hip-Hop and Rap entertainment industry. Ironically, during its better days, dancers were mostly males and videos focused far more on the MC and his ability to deliver rhymes over the rhythm of the beat, while their dancers displayed their skill and intro’d new dance steps to the Hip-Hop world. Lyrical skill and content was also especially important too. Fast forward to today where Hip-Hop’s primary audience has gone from Blacks and Latino’s, with a smattering of Asians and Whites. To an American industry that is dominated by White consumerism and a rather creepy design by Blacks and everybody else involved, to market anything and everything to them to make a fast buck at the expense of any kind of dignity or designs for what lay beyond that “moment” of exchange of cash for culture. Into this Era, lives, breathes and even dies, the Video Vixen. And one of the most well-known amongst them outside of the Hip-Hop and Rap audience is Vida Guerra.

Vida was born in Havana Cuba, and her family moved to Perth Amboy, New Jersey. Vida always loved the spotlight and her stunning good looks merited it. As she grew up she continued to hone her skills and eventually got a modeling contract. Time passed and Vida’s future appeared heading nowhere. She did whatever she could to keep her acting dreams alive and much of it focused around modeling, but it would be two key events that would shape Vida’s rise to public attention. ONE, was her appearance in the December 2002 lingerie spread of FHM magazine. TWO, would be her first real ventures into doing rap videos in 2003. These two events would propel her into even more opportunities such as appearances on Spanish language television shows, but the lionshare of her noteriety comes from her modeling and video appearances. And as she gained greater ground in these two areas, in an ironic twist… It actually locked her OUT of other opportunities, where she may have been taken more seriously as an actress or as someone to be given a chance to crossover the way that J-Lo was. It needs to be remembered that Jennifer Lopez, was nothing more than a DANCER, for In Living Color.

Vida, seeing the success of J-Lo, rightfully THOUGHT, she could pull off the same feat. But just like the old adage goes “Having strength is one thing, but knowing how to use it is another.” Vida had all of the looks, she had the style, but she just didn’t have the other intangibles to transition the way that J-Lo did. This ties into the most unlikely of sources for a quote, but for Vida it rings oh-so-true “Power flows to one who knows.” And while Vida had the desire, she just didn’t know how to properly capitalize on the opportunities except for in the most basic of ways, thus Megatron was proven right, and in this case, it applied to Vida. She gained a LOT of power as one of the top-notch Video Vixens, but she couldn’t parlay that power into something OUTSIDE of the industry that she was dealing with. Kind of like a ship that can’t actually sail any further than the coastline, least it sink at sea. So like all of the Video Vixens, Vida has found herself constantly trying to make people take her seriously. But when you’ve literally built your reputation on your ass, literally?!?!

That’s tough to do. Tough to get respect from Hollywood, when you go for a casting call and they ask “And you are?” Then the best you can comeback with are credentials from music videos and some Spanish TV, which unless you are Salma Hayek, they aren’t interested. AND THAT, my friends, is when Vida realized that she might just be able to get a SHOT! Video Vixens, are regarded as Bounty Hunting Bitches in the world of Celebrity Catfighting. Since they are celebrity, but known moreso for their bodies, YET!? They aren’t like pornstars, who have their own leagues like the 3XL, PCF and P3X! They really don’t have “a place” to settle in and keep building on their rep. So they tend to jump from promotion-to-promotion staying for a certain amount of time before moving on when that promotion cannot increase their opportunities OUTSIDE of the ring. Well, when Salma Hayek hired the Mouth to put out a hit on Geese’s Girls, VLK? The Mouth had also been hired by the ABA to put the word out on a hit! That they’d pay big money for; Jeri Ryan! The ABA also commissioned the Mouth to spread the word about the Fab-4 also being up-for-grabs! So naturally word spread amongst the Bounty Hunting Bitches and the brokers who supplied them with fresh leads gave them one simple sentence; Take your ass to Sin City!

And so Sin City filled up with Bounty Hunting Bitches along with the Girl Gangs of the BZL that were all out to get the Fab-4! The Bounty Hunters were also hot on the trail of Jeri Ryan who would ultimately get picked-up by Geese’s Maid Enforcers, BUT!?!? Salma also had a hit out on Geese’s Girls, Vivica Fox, Lucy Liu and Chiaki Kuriyama!

Vida had gotten word that one of the Boss Bitches of Sin City had a prime lead on them, so Vida went to the Catfight Club which is owned and run by the mysterious, Catfight Club Owner, the Voice! Vida had steered clear of Sin City in the past because she’d pretty much gotten tired of the crap-trap that the Mouth and Voice ran, never mind that their shitty-ass nicknames, were too fuckin close! The Voice, had never been seen and was considered right there along with the Mouth, for all the info you’d want to the celebrity catfighting world, but when you’re a Bounty Hunting Bitch? Respect and opportunities weren’t one and the same. The major celebrity catfight companies simply didn’t give you the time of day as a Video Vixen. Vida found that out the hard way when she couldn’t even sniff an appearance in Stonerage’s, BZL! So the Mouth and the Voice, were the only two major outlets that actually dealt with Bounty Hunting Bitches because they really had no means of making a commission off of hooking them up in Hollywood, nobody respected them as actresses or singers, so? For a B2H the Mouth and the Voice were the only real shots you got to do damn near anything or get real-time information and leads on what the “legit ladies” wanted done, or were doing.

Vida had grown tired of the Mouth’s bad-breath and touchy-feely innuendoes, to get busy! She’d almost cracked her in THE MOUTH, a few years back when the bitch simply didn’t understand that she didn’t swing that way, least not with HER ASS! She’d forgotten though that blatant animosity by a Bounty Hunting Bitch with either the Mouth, or the Voice, was pretty much a deathknell. These two bitches understood that they had the cards to pretty much push a BH2 right the fuck off the map, if it came back that the dumb bitch had burned her bridge with their counterpart, well? Word got back to the Voice, who is far worse than the Mouth, because this bitch can fight from all of the rumors swirling around her mysterious-ass! The Voice put the squeeze on V and V squeezed back and then pretty much left Sin City for what she thought was for good. But these two bounties were too much and sure enough, when she showed up at the Mouth’s mansion? The bitch tried to use V’s need for the info, to get BETWEEN, V’s knees!

Vida managed to outsmart the Mouth and get out without any “incident”, but the Mouth immediately put the word out that she’d had enough of Vida’s strickly-dickly DISPLAY! So of course the Voice immediately was happy like a pig-in-slop! She knew that she had the chance to pretty much control Vida’s ability to get information, regardless of the low-level bastards and bitches that Bounty Hunting Bitches could draw from. Only people with real pull can unlock a freeze-out by the Mouth or the Voice on information, and BH2’s simply didn’t have that kind of pull. Regardless of that, the Voice had put the word on the street while Vegas was on Fire, that she KNEW how to get Jeri to come out from her hiding place, but first!? She would only give up the info if the out-of-town tramps would come down to her Catfight Club and battle it out for it! They’d of course also receive the standard fee for being a main event attraction, a rare treat for a Bounty Hunting Bitch. Vida would answer the call and have to face off against her nemesis… Melyssa Ford, for the informational whereabouts of Jeri Ryan! But Vida was also interested in checking out Salma’s offer, so she would stop here FIRST, at the Catfight Club… Kick MeFord’s ass… And then double back around and actually use the contact information to confirm a Geese Girl SIGHTING! To lure Salma out so she could actually talk to someone with some real fuckin connections in Hollywood… This time… Vida understood how power flowed to one who knows, and as far as she was concerned, especially since she was now hemmed in? It’s better to get with THAT PERSON, instead of to keep flailing around in the dark….

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