The White Pagans are ruled by the mysterious, BIG BOSS! Only the Queen of the White Pagans ever gets to meet or see Big Boss, along with those that he calls Chosen. The White Pagans may or may not have originally had Jenna Jameson as a member, but she eventually broke off or broke away, which is one reason why White Pagans attack Jenna or any of her bitches on SIGHT! The White Pagans have extensive influence throughout the Southwest of America and into the South, sometimes being mistakenly assumed to be a White Supremacists group. This was something that the Big Boss used to allow to happen, till it started attracting unwanted attention by law enforcement. In actuality the White Pagans have a fairly deep history of working with whomever can help them achieve their goals, with their only loyalty being to themselves! But with the changing times the Big Boss has decided to move more into “legitimate” circles. The White Pagans came into conflict with the Black Pagans when they tried to expand into Sin City. After an intense conflict, the Big Boss and Geese sat down and hammered out an agreement which ended with the two becoming sworn brothers. Big Boss is said to be an ex-official from LA that became disgruntled when he was forced to participate in Operation Hammer in the mid-eighties, despite making it clear that they were rounding up the innocent along with the guilty.

The White Pagans run a series of catfighting clubs that function as markers for their territories and Big Boss’s connections are extensive in the porn industry. Some speculate that he may be one of the principle owners of one of the large porn companies or that he may be one of the many disgraced lawmakers over the last twenty years whose careers were ended when they were caught engaging in illicit extramarital affairs with women from the porn industry. Regardless of all of that, the White Pagans are belligerent bullying bitches who have no qualms about fist first and talk whenever you wake up! Their membership includes the current Queen’s Tory Lane and Alektra Blue, who are rebuilding after Jenna launched a raid on their Semi Valley Compound and toppled Ex-Queen Jill Kelly’s, Queendom. Jesse Jane, Mackenzie Mack, Eva Angelina, Candy Manson, Jessica Jaymes, Nikki Nova, Jenna Haze, Adel Miller, Ex-Queen Jeanna Fine, Angelica Sin, Carmela Bing and a slew of other bitches are allllll members of the White Pagans. Their primary concern is rebuilding, their next concern is crushing Jenna Inc and wiping her and her toe-rag tramps off the face of the earth….