Gorgeous George vs. Miss Elizabeth: With all the talk of Macho Man Randy Savage's new woman and Miss Elizabeth's increasing presence everyone knew this battle had to happen sooner or later. Especially with the subtle and not so subtle remarks made by both women, but especially from Liz. A match was to be set up in a pro ring. Gorgeous George had made some promos of herself showing off her newly acquired wrestling expertise. Liz Hulette grew up around wrestling, her father a promoter and booker, married to Randy Savage, but yet she'd shunned wrestling herself. Instead, Liz was acting as only a valet and entered the odd catfight, she had only set about with a war of words.

The night of the match arrived with as much fanfare as any other match. George entered the ring area with a black sequined warmup jacket with Macho Man Randy Savage + Gorgeous George emblazoned in yellow on the back. She took in the reception of the audience smiling and seeming to enjoy the adulation and excitement of the event. She removed her jacket to reveal a peach colored sports bra and matching briefs with a small ruffled skirt and low cut wrestling shoes made to look like black and white saddle shoes along with white anklets with peach trim. She wore a similar very sexy outfit to the recent PPV she wrestled in.

Miss Elizabeth strode out in a long black sequined gown taking in the crowd. She slowly ascended the steps having to tear the slit in her dress more so she could climb through the ropes. As she pirouetted around the ring she suddenly grabbed the side of her dress ripping it off as it was made to do, being only a ring accouterment, covering her black sports bra and briefs and low cut black wrestling boots with gold laces. The bra and briefs both had silver and gold sequined effects.

George was still enjoying the pomp when she peered over at Liz who was limbering against the ropes and staring daggers at her. George's expression turned equally as serious as both realized the time for rhetoric had ceased and action was here. The bell sounded and the two squared off circling each other. They locked up struggling then going for each others hair. It is a treat for hair battlers as a classic blonde vs. brunette battle had ensued. George wore her blonde curly locks loose as did Liz but her hair was much straighter only curled at the ends and highlighted. George grabbed Liz's wrist wrenching it in an armbar and straddled the arm bouncing on it. As Liz went down she startled everyone, but George mostly, by grabbing her left foot and tripping her up and taking her down in a double toe hold while shaking off the pain in her arm. George rolled over trying to kick her off, but Liz grabbed her in a stepover toehold surprising all with her wrestling expertise which she was only too delighted to let known now against her chief rival.

George looked concerned as she knew the battle's tide had shifted. George had taken to wrestling like a duck to water learning quickly and well but now knew she was up against a potentially dangerous opponent. George managed to kick out of the hold and toppling Liz enough. Liz found herself trapped between George's tanned legs which squeezed her midsection. Liz grimaced as her ribs were pressured but her own strong legs helped her get to her feet. Liz axe-handled her in the gut and grabbing George's hair she rammed her head to the mat forcing her to break. Liz stomped her and was about to do it again, but as she only stomped mat as George rolled away and leg swept Liz. Liz was quick to her feet as did George who also got to her hands and knees quickly only to find her head trapped between Liz's legs in a standing scissor. Feeling like the top of her head would pop off, she felt Liz fall over still pouring on the pressure but George kicked out.

George shook her head to clear it but felt the soft flesh of Liz's legs around her head once again as Liz had applied a Frankensteiner, but was unable to hold it falling away as sweat on her legs and George's face plus George's resistance foiled the move. Liz landed on her back. George stomped her and lifted her by the hair. She Irish whipped her into the ropes and met her with a perfect dropkick. She followed that by a short lariat that didn't pack much punch but did push Liz down again. Then as Liz got to her feet George executed her own Frankensteiner, which she held good, taking Liz down with her head trapped in her legs. George got Liz in a small package. The count of two came before Liz kicked out. Liz was hurt and tired like George but more infuriated. As George moved in, Liz threw a punch to the gut that doubled her over. With fists cocked Liz let George know that her plan was to fight and not wrestle now. A fight to the finish. George was up to the challenge only backing off a second to reassess her plan.

The two were now toe to toe, fists and kicks flying as they eventually backed into a corner, bleeding and bruised but neither giving a quarter or giving up. The furious fist fight continued for nearly two minutes or more till suddenly Madusa Micelli and Miss Mona slid through the ropes to give George, their compadre, an unfair advantage. George's recent heel image with Macho Man along with Madusa and Miss Mona as her trainers, seemed to fit as they all began to threaten Liz. No sooner did they enter, Liz's look of fear turned to an evil smile as Woman, Nancy Sullivan, slid quickly through the ropes using one of her heels as a weapon threatening the three. Then out of the crowd, Kimberly Page comes sliding in, still dressed in her black Nitro Girl outfit. Avenging for her husband Diamond Dallas against Macho Man was irresistible for Kimberly.

All six women three on three were brawling in the ring. Sometimes the action was spilling out of the ring and back in. They found chairs now being used as well as fists and kicks. It was nearly impossible to keep up with all the action as there was one on one, and two on one. George's team was getting the better with their more extensive use of wrestling holds tossing Liz, Woman and Kim around. Madusa the most effective having beal thrown all three and was threatening them before Liz exited the ring and stealthy came up behind her ramming her with a chair. In a heartbeat Mona aka Starla Saxton got the same chair smashing her head knocking her to their knees. Liz, Woman and Kimberly put up a united front berating Madusa, Mona and George. Madusa started to go for them with her head cut but George had held her back and dragged her and Mona out of the ring, knowing they were in no condition to fight on. She made Liz know that this was far from over for her or for her friends. Booking agents were already getting ideas for future shows with these ladies. Stay tuned.

Gorgeous George with Madusa & Miss Madness

Miss Elizabeth with Woman and Kim Page the Diamond Doll