"The 69 Fight"
Jenny McCarthy (50%) Draws Tia Carrere (50%)
Tia had returned to "The Relic Hunter" set disappointed when a fight she had scheduled with Nia Peeples hadnít panned out and was canceled. Tia and Nia had often been compared in looks and Tia was anxious to get a chance to fight her and maybe even consider a tag team possibility. Nia had scheduling difficulties so this fight would have to wait. And Tia was still primed for a good fight. Shortly after arriving her spirits were lifted when Jenny McCarthy had caught wind of Tiaís challenge to Nia. Jenny and Tia were longtime rivals on the celebrity fight circuit and Jenny just back from her umpteenth photo shoot for a magazine was only too willing to goad Tia into a fight comparing their modeling careers. Tia in return lambasted Jenny on her acting and hosting. It didnít take much to set up a catfight.

The set of "Relic Hunter" was unused for the time being and the fight would take place there before a small invited audience. Mats were set up for this late night fight. Little studio lighting was used and the intimacy of the setting was enhanced by using torches in this open air back lot setting. The night was unseasonably warm as the fighters made their way to the mats. They had agreed to a nude catfight. Jenny slid off the full length white and silver sequined gown as did Tia with her black kimono. Both wore their hair long and loose, Jenny with her blonde straight hair a direct contrast to Tiaís straight dark hair. They stood facing each other from opposite corners their magnificent nude bodies primed for combat. Their eyes carefully surveying each other. Tia had appreciated Jennyís challenge but that didnít lessen the fact she didnít like her and consider her a bitter rival in the catfight arena as did Jenny to her. The bell sounded.

They approached each other with caution sizing each other up watching for that first move. That move came simultaneously as they both locked up and immediately started scratching and hairpulling as well as kicking to get that one advantage. Eventually reaching a stalemate and both already marked with scratches they backed off, shaking their heads and realizing they could do better in doing in their opponents.

Tia raised her fists, smiling and Jenny followed suit. These two capable fighters were well versed in most forms of combat and they knew they could save the familiar catfight moves to weaken their opponent later. Right now it was time for some major butt kicking. Closed fists smacked hard on facial bone, ribs, slaps on stomachs, soft sounds as the fists buried into tit flesh. Gasps and sounds of pain and frustration came from both fighters as they continued to trade punches and kicks. Just as one was staggered and the other went in for the kill it seemed the injured one would somehow gain a second wind and get back in the fight injuring the other. This battle seesawed for less than 5 minutes but long enough to have both women bleeding from their lips, nose and swelling in the face, not to mention all the bruises beginning to form on their voluptuous bodies now beginning to shine from sweat. Tia had began to gain an advantage with all her fighting training on "Relic Hunter". She had Jenny reeling from a combo of solid fists to the chin. The fists cracked against Jennyís jaw. Jenny knew she was in trouble and had to do something.

On her knee as Tia came in for the kill Jenny threw an upper cut to Tiaís crotch. As Tia went down to her knee slowly, Jenny grabbed her crotch in a claw hold. Tia withstanding the pain does the same to Jenny and once again they are at a stalemate. With their free hands they grab at each others tits and maul them. Both women are hurting a lot but not wanting to be the first to let go. Finally the pain is enough for both and they mutually let go and fall back.

Jenny moves in and delivers a weak dropkick that staggers Tia. She then goes for a flying headscissor but instead converts to a Frankensteiner grasping Tia around the head with her legs but Tia grabs a hold and Jenny is down on her back but still holding Tia tight between her thighs. She applies deadly pressure with her legs but turns to screaming as Tia bites into her sex. Jenny fights herself loose kicking. She rolls away as Tia comes after her and embraces her in a bearhug. Jenny is able to rake her eyes but Tia still manages to start a belly to belly suplex. Jenny catches her around the head with her legs and grabs Tiaís legs to stop the maneuver. The two are laying in a 69 position as both women now bite into the others sex, rake their legs and try to maintain some pressure with their legs on their opponents heads. Muffled cries, whimpers of pain and frustration are heard. Even occasional sounds of near ecstasy as the hold goes on for a suspiciously long time despite the probable pain. Finally Jenny is able to break free and as Tia rolls to her knees and up Jenny delivers a thumb up her sex and holds it there. Tia is stunned and frees herself with an axehandle to Jennyís head.

The women are now knee to knee again and another bearhug finds both lying on the ground facing each other. Tia is hurt and Jenny delivers a liplock smother. One would think a passionate kiss was being enjoyed but Jenny is holding back Tiaís breath but still strangely giving Tia pleasure. Jenny is now up after a minute and Tia is groggy. The two had rolled into a torch nearly causing the flame to fall on them. Tia threatens Jenny with one whooshing the flame at her but Jenny kicks it safely out of reach and moves in but is surprised by a kick to the gut and once again Tia tries for a belly to belly suplex. However, Jenny is able to stop the momentum and holding Tia in place upside down her legs wrapped around her head as is Tiaís to Jenny, Jenny suddenly yelps when Tia is able to wriggle free enough to jam her finger in her labia. Jenny drops Tia in a pile driver, her chin resting in her crotch which gets the full impact enough to even stagger Jenny. Tia is writhing in pain rolling in a fetal position. Jenny pulls apart her legs and rams her foot into her crotch several times till Tia is crying in pain. She rolls Tia in a small package, her legs holding Tiaís bent over as she lip smothers her, sometimes smothering with her hand when Tia resists but she persists till Tia falls limp. Jenny lets loose of the small package move after Tia has passed out.

The audience after being silent in rapture watching the violent sexual spectacle now erupts in applause as Jenny happily exits and Tia is helped out. Lost in all the rapture was the fact that the match exceeded the time limit, so the official decision is a draw.

You know a draw is like kissing your sister Jenny

Tia escapes in the Ecstasy