Tia Carrere (41%) defeats Nikki Cox (33%) Elizabeth Hurley (26%) The three combatants make their way to the ring. Elizabeth Hurley is first, wearing a bikini fashioned after the Union Jack. Tia Carrere follows wearing a dark green tank top, and a pair of skin tight dark green pants, similar to her outfits on her TV show, The Relic Hunter. Nikki Cox is last, accompanied by her tag team partner, Christina Applegate.

Once all three are in the ring, Christina points at Tia, and says, "Nikki is going to teach you a lesson bitch." Apparently Christina & Tia have left over problems from their TV fight years ago on Married With Children. Tia flips her off and ignores the threats as Christina returns to the dressing room to prepare for her own battle tonight.

The bell rings and all three beauties meet in the center of the ring. Nikki raises both her hands, offering a "High Five" as a show of sportsmanship. When Elizabeth and Tia pause to consider this offer, Nikki stabs her fingers out into her opponents' eyes tempararily blinding both of them. With their vision impaired, Tia & Liz are rambling around and fall easy prey for a pair of Nikki's bodyslams. Both brunettes scrambled back to their feet, but Nikki is waiting with a two-fisted assault that leaves both dazed & staggering like drunken sailors. A huge uppercut drops the slender Brit, allowing Nikki to concentrate on Tia for a little while.

Nikki hits Tia time and time again, causing the Hawaiian to retreat into a corner of the ring. Once trapped, Nikki slams her knee into Tia’s stomach. Tia doubles over, allowing Nikki to slam both fist down on Tia's back until Tia tumbles out of the corner and collapes to the canvas. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Liz attacks. She uses Tia as a springboard, as she delivers a double stomp to Tia’s stomach, and springs off her to body splash Nikki, smashing her in the corner, all in one movement.

The crowd erupts with their approval of the fluid, devastating combination. Crushed in the corner, Nikki takes a few steps forward, and flops on top of Tia. Seizing the opportunity, Liz, hauls the Americans to their feet, and whips them into the ropes. She blasts them with a double clothesline on the rebound. With both fighters withering on the mat, Liz takes a moment for a little showboating, and parades around the ring, switching her ass, and egging the crowd’s response. Liz pulls her foes to their feet again and displays them to the audience. She then knocks their heads together, and watches them crumple back to the mat. She is again hauling the Americans to their feet, when Tia punches her crotch. Liz is stunned only for a split second, but it gives Nikki & Tia the opportunity to grab Liz around the head and double DDT her to the mat. Nikki & Tia each plant a knee on the unconcious vixen’s chest for an easy three count.

The war turns back to Tia & Nikki, with Liz now eliminated. Nikki sinks her claws in Tia’s silky black hair, and wrestles her to the mat. Now the surviving combatants are rolling around on the mat with their sexy legs entwined, and both hands pulling and ripping out hair. Close combat works to Nikki’s advantage since this up close, pit fighting negates Tia’s vast boxing & martial arts skills. Nikki’s knees dig into Tia’s crotch and thighs as the dirty infighting continues. Nikki bites, gouges and claws Tia’s perfect flesh with an expert skill that obviously Tia lacks. Tia wilts under the pressure of this hot, close torture.

Tia looks totally worn out and exhausted as Nikki raises off of Tia and pulls her to her feet by her cleavage. But this is the opening that Tia was waiting for. Quick as a flash, Tia fires a martial arts thrust with her open palm into Nikki’s ribs. The short, powerful shot takes the red head’s breath away, and sends her reeling back, with a gasp. Then like a flash of lightning, WHAM! Tia's foot fires up with a kung fu kick to Nikki's jaw. Nikki head snaps back, and her eyes up into her skull as she crumbles to the mat like a ton of bricks. Tia stands over her conquest with her hands on her hips wearing a wide smile, while Nikki lies at her feet in a deep slumber. The referee begins a pointless ten count, that the motionless, unconscious beauty did not have a hope to answer. He calls for the bell and raises Tia’s hand for her first of predictably many others in The Battle Zone.

Tia smiles saying, "Bet they'll be showing that on Greatest Knockouts for a while!