Britney Spears (51%) Slips Jenny McCarthy (49%) The audience erupted with a mixture cheers and jeers as the first blonde in this Battle of Blondes entered the ring. The first blonde is Bad Ass Jenny McCarthy. Jenny cared what the fans thought about her until she felt she got raw deals in matches against Jennifer Lopez & Tia Carrere, since then, she has not cared if the fans liked her or not. She gave up fair play and following the rules and actually tries to piss off the league officials at every turn. She entered the ring dressed in her favorite outfit as of late, black leather bra & shorts set that had parts threatening to bust every seam. Tits & ass are spilling from every opening. Jenny also wore a scowl on her face, but deep down she was thrilled at the opportunity to destory the young teeny bopper.

The second blonde, Britney Spears entered the ring accompanied by her new crew, Le Ann Rimes & Aaliyah of Generation Next. Britney dared not to come unprotected with her former comrades Christina Aguilera, Ananda Lewis and Jessica Simpson of Generation Next PRIME lurking around. The two factions have been in a feud since their spit during the classic Aguilera/Spears match. She was certain she would have to contend with them at some point tonight. After Britney had helped Christina lose her War Queen title to Halle Berry, she knew they would not pass this opportunity for a payback.

At the opening of the match however, Britney's main concern became Jenny McCarthy. Jenny started the match quickly slapping and punching the younger former champion around like a plaything. Jenny's fist penetrated Britney's defenses and plowed unto the youngster's celebrated chest & face time after time. In short, Jenny is beating Britney from pillar to post.

Jenny sends a looping fist to Britney's temple that staggers her back into the ropes. Jenny follows up and batters Britney's head around from left to right, leaving Britney to try and lounge forward to try and tie up Jenny's arms. The Bad Ass blonde skillfully steps to the side and snaps Britney's head back with a ripping uppercut. Aaliyah & LeAnn shout advice to their comrade from ringside, hoping they can encourage her to victory.

Now with Le Ann & Aaliyah's attention was diverted to the ring, Jessica Simpson, Ananda Lewis & Christina Aguilera take advantage of the situation and burst upon the scene. The Generation PRIME girls attack Le Ann & Aaliyah from behind and take advantage of their three on two numbers advantage to subdue their rivals.

Jessica concentrates on pounding Aaliyah while Ananda focus her attack on LeAnn. Christina played "free agent" and roamed between the two, adding in painful shots whenever possible. Le Ann & Aaliyah never saw them coming, and never had a chance to defend themselves. They were drowning in a wave of punches and kicks that beat them to the ground, and continued to rain down on them.

In the ring, Britney was not fairing much better. Jenny dominated the action but was not able to put the resilient youth down for nowhere near a three count. Jenny saw the carnage at ringside, but figured as long as they did not enter in the ring, and interfere in the match, it was no concern of hers. What did concern her was Britney. The teen warrior had already absorbed more punishment than Jenny herself could withstand, and she was still fighting to try and gain some form of advantage against her wily veteran foe. Feeling herself tire, and with Britney still was not in a position to be held down for a three count, Jenny tries a wear down maneuver, by wrapping her legs around Britney's head in a tight head scissors. Britney gasp and coughed as the thighs around her head contracted. She tried to pry them apart but did not have the strength to do so. Feeling Britney weakening, Jenny readjusted her hold to bury the teen's face & nose into her cock, to try and smother her enemy.

At ringside Christina, Ananda & Jessica had just finished pounding Aaliyah and Le Ann into the ground. With that complete, they started their invasion of the ring. Once Generation PRIME had climbed through the ropes, Jenny released a near unconscious Britney and rose to her feet to defend herself. Although there is little one tired grappler can do to defend herself against three rampaging teens. Christina's foot flashed into Jenny's stomach doubling her over. Ananda & Jessica pounded on Jenny's back with fist & forearms. After a few of seconds they were able to force Jenny's head between Christina's slender legs. Christina lifts Jenny upside down for a pile driver. Jenny struggled furiously but Jessica & Ananda captured her feet and helped to lift her up into position. They kept a hold the leg and help to add extra force to the devastating pile driver. Jenny's head slammed into the mat and her limp body crumpled to the canvas.

Across the ring, the Generation PRIME girls realized Aaliyah & Le Ann were crawling back on the ring apron. Wanting to make sure they had absolutely no interference when they were ready to deal with Britney, all three darted across the ring to deal with these two intruders. Britney saw Jenny laying dazed beside her on the mat. She saw an opportunity and grasp it. She only had enough strength left to roll over and place one hand on Jenny's chest but that was enough. The referee dropped to the mat and administered the three count to give Britney the victory.

Although Britney had just secured the win, most people's attention was at the other side of the ring where Aaliyah & Le Ann were receiving a tremendous beating. The game but dazed pair was simply overwhelmed by their attackers. It only took a few moments before Le Ann & Aaliyah were face down on the canvas with most of their clothing ripped off of them.

Now with the threat of Aaliyah & Le Ann eliminated, Generation PRIME turned their attention back to Jenny & Britney. Both were still lying on the mat with Britney's arm still draped across Jenny's chest. Christina rolled Britney over onto her back and took a comfortable seat on Britney's big, soft tits. Christina pounded the larger teen's face and used her hair to slams her helpless rival's head to the mat. Ananda & Jessica picked Jenny up and hooked their arms under each of Jenny's arms. The dastardly teens got a running start and hip tossed Jenny over the top rope. The screaming blonde did a flip in the air as she flew over the ropes and landed on her back across the timekeeper's table. The table collapses and breaks into several pieces. Jenny lies in the rubble mindlessly moan & groaning in agony. Tremendously pleased with the progression of the night thus far, all three looked at the principal target, the helpless blonde under Christina, Britney Spears.

Ananda & Jessica yanked off Britney's stretch pants and panties, while Christina ripped off her rival's shirt & bra. In only a few seconds, Brintey was completely nude and helpless in the center of the ring. Ananda pulled out a strap on dildo out of nowhere and handed it to Christina. Christina latched on the instrument of sexual humiliation while Jessica & Ananda hauled the limp sobbing teen to her knees. Before securing the dildo in it's harness, Christina walked around to face the crying teen on her knees. Britney would have easily pitched forward onto her face if Jessica & Ananda did not have a hold of each of her arms. Christina used the dildo to pistol whip Britney across the face before walking back around to Britney's exposed ass. Christina could not hold back her excitement, as her friends held Britney bent over on her knees, so the smaller blonde could enter her pussy from the rear. Christina slowly slid the large dildo into Britney's moistening pussy. The helpless former champion was defenseless and could only yell and scream her protest as the girl who took her championship from her exact more punishment on her. Christina delighted in Britney's squeals as she drove the full length of hard rubber into her vagina. Next Christina playfully pumped the dildo in & out as she slapped Britney's ass at will. The horrified victim could only yell and blubber uncontrollably as Christina repays her for the dildo fucking she gave her last month.

The crowd was in a frenzy at this point, with most men with large tents formed in their pants. Finally Melissa Joan Hart charges the ring with a metal folding chair. A few wild swings of the chair causes the Generation PRIME girls to leave their victim and exit the ring before one of those swings made contact.

"Okay I see who's side you're on Melissa, I'll have a special ass kicking for you next month" mutters Christina as she and her crew exits up the aisle.

Melissa breaths a sigh of relief as Generation PRIME leaves. She had been a friend of Britney since Britney made a guest appearance on her TV show, Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. She really did not want to enter Generation Next, but now she is forced into the action to save her friends, and to choose alliances. She looks around at her new teammates. Aaliyah & Le Ann half-naked and a completely nude and uncontrollably sobbing Britney at her feet. Welcome to Generation Next Melissa!
Generation Prime Are the Real Winners Tonight

Generation Next of Britney Spears Melissa Joan Hart, Le Ann Rimes & Aaliyah better get ready

Watch Out for Jenny!


* The first Classic Cock Fight with Pammy Anderson