Jenny McCarthy(57%) topples Britney Spears (43%) "Are you sure you've got everything taken care of?" Asks Stone Rage as he freshens Julie Stain's cocktail in the luxurious skybox overlooking the arena.

"Definitely!" replies Julie. "First, Anna Nicole Smith is officiating the match. She is personally locking the rest of the ABA in their dressing room as well as Generation Next, so it will be a one on one match. Trust me, a young stallion like Britney will send that old nag Jenny to the glue factory. IF she doesn't, Anna knows what to do. And if all else fails, I'll go to the ring and put Jenny down myself. Trust me, the ABA will be neutralized for good tonight!" Julie says with a smile. Rage looks at Julie and gives his deputy commissioner an approving smile and head nod back.

After securely locking the other members of their respective factions in their dressing rooms, Anna joins the combatants in the ring. Jenny McCarthy wears tight black shorts that are a size or two too small, and a black T-shirt cut off at the mid drift with a skull & crossbones on it. Britney Spears wore a powder blue bikini top and a matching pair of stretch pants. The opening bell rings and the two blondes lock up. Jenny is able to capture Britney in a headlock, but the strong teen is able to push her off throw the rival blonde into the ropes and knock her down as she rebounds off them.

Anna Nicole SmithJenny looks up at Britney from her seat on the mat, very surprised at just how stong Britney is. Jenny scrambles to her feet only to find Britney waiting for her, and scoops her up and body slams Jenny back to the mat. Britney quickly starts kicking and stomping her foe. Jenny can only helplessly squirm and yelp in pain as Britney kicks her blonde rival as hard as she can. With The Bad Ass Jenny McCarthy clearly hurting, Britney snatches Jenny to her feet by her blonde hair. Maintaining that grip on her opponent's hair, Britney uses it to fling Jenny to the other side of the ring. Jenny lands hard and Britney closes in fast to press her advantage, but Anna steps in between them to warn Britney about her use of hair pulling. Britney complains to Anna about her interference and pushes her way past the larger woman. The moments rest bought Jenny enough time to lunge out at Britney as she approached and rake her nails across her foe's eyes. Britney stops dead in her tracks rubbing her eyes with her vision temporarily blurred. The wily Jenny lashes out with her foot, catching Btitney just above her crotch. Instinctively Britney doubles over with a grunt. Jenny grabs Britney by her hair, and flings her through the ropes for a ruff tumble out of the ring.

Jenny once again displays her sly grin and jumps out the ring after Britney. Jenny gets in a few fierce stomps on the squirming downed teen before hauling Britney to her feet by her hair. As Jenny pulls Britney to her feet Britney starts to fight back. She unleashes a series of piston like punches to Jenny's mid section that takes her breath away. Not wasting a moment, Britney scoops Jenny up in her arms and body slams her to the hard arena floor. Jenny is moaning in pain as Britney roll Jenny under the bottom rope and back into the ring.

Britney quickly follows in the ring after Jenny. She captures a handful of blonde hair and yanks Jenny to her feet. Britney escorts Jenny over to the corner turnbuckle, and slams her face into it. Again & again Britney slams Jenny's face, rattling the blonde beauty's brain around her skull. Anna once again steps in between the two blondes and forces a break. Anna starts yelling at Britney about some of he tactics and threatens disqualification and awarding the title to Jenny if it continues. Britney argues back that it's Jenny turning this match into a gutter fight and that Anna is ignoring her cheating. While Anna & Britney argues, Jenny slumps over in the corner, trying to catch her breath. She wonders if she indeed has the skills and power to put this young strong stallion Britney down. Then Jenny unexplainably sticks her hand down her tights. Britney finishes arguing with Anna and pushes her way past the big blonde to finish off Jenny. Jenny has pulled out a small pouch from her tights, and poured its contents into her hand. As Britney approaches Jenny throws a handful of powder into her face. Britney stumbles back screaming, not only is she blinded by the powder, but it is burning her eyes too.

Stone Rage stands and yells, "WHAT THE HELL is GOING ON DOWN THERE!" "Why doesn't Anna disqualify Jenny and award the match to Britney. Jenny is blatantly cheating!" Rage says and looks to his trusted deputy commissioner.

"I don't know" Julie says with a nervous look on her face. "Anna has her instructions, maybe it's some sort of plan to embarrass the ABA, and she knows Britney MUST win the match. Let's wait a second and see what she does. I'll go down there and beat the crap out of her if she doesn't straighten up!" Julie says.

The audience reacts with boo's for Jenny's illegal tactics. They too are just as baffled as Rage & Julie are as to why Anna just ignored Jenny's actions. Britney staggers back desperately trying to clear her eyes. Jenny carefully measures her for then launches a kick that lands square in Britney's cunt. The teen warrior screams drops to her knees. Jenny slams her knee into the fallen girl's nose, causing Britney to fall on her back whimpering. Jenny drives her heel into the center of Britney's belly, knocking the breath from her lungs. Realizing that Britney is hurting Jenny drops her leg across the teen's throat with a leg drop. Britney convulses in pain on the mat. Jenny sits down behind her foe and wraps her legs around Britney's head, bringing her calf across Britney's throat with a figure-four head scissors. Britney coughs & gags and struggles vainly to free herself.

Jenny pours on the pressure; taking great delight in the agony she is inspiring on Britney's face. After several minutes in the hold, Britney's struggles slow as the lack of oxygen makes her light headed. Jenny smiles realizing the champion is nearing defeat.

"Julie you'd better get down there, I don't know how much longer Britney can last!" says Stone Rage with concern for his champion dripping from his voice.

"I'm on it!" responds Julie as she darts out of her seat and runs to the elevator to take her down from the luxury skybox to the ground level. Julie gets in the elevator and takes off her stiletto-heeled shoes on the ride down. The brunette bombshell was conservatively dressed tonight in a gray business suit. Her long legs flows down from a short grey skirt, that stops at her upper thigh. The skirt stops right at the top of a pair of stockings, held up by a sexy, lacey garter belt. She completed her outfit with a thin white silk blouse underneath a business gray blazer to match her skirt.

Down in the ring, Britney is still struggling vainly to escape the legs framing her face. With it being obvious to Jenny, her scissors would not put the super tough teen out, Jenny changes tactics, and momentarily lets Britney out of her hold. Jenny ensnares Britney by her blonde hair and turns her rival to face her. Jenny spits into Britney's face and plunges her face into her bosom. Britney's arms flail as her face is trapped between Jenny's huge tits, and again her air supply is cut off. Soon Britney's arms drop and her body relaxes as if she all but smothered by the older woman. Jenny rises to her feet, but keeps Britney's face buried in her chest and raises on arm in a token of her impending victory. Suddenly with a heart of a lion, Britney comes to life. In a last ditch effort to retain her title, Britney fires a volley of punches into Jenny's ribs. Then marshaling all her strength, Britney lifts Jenny off her feet and drives her back into the corner. Jenny grunts as her back slams into the turnbuckle. Britney adds to her discomfort by driving her shoulder into Jenny's mid section several times before backing up and launching a kick into Jenny's private parts. The older blonde howls in pain and drops to her knees.

Anna once again leaps in-between the two combatants separating them. Anna starts to warn Britney about her low blow, but the teen interrupts yelling, "Shut up you fat cow.... I'm tired of your shit!"

Britney pushes past Anna again to get back at Jenny. Jenny was breathing heavily in the corner, but had taken the time to dig in her pockets and retrieve a pair of brass knuckles. As Britney approached, Jenny stands and fires a punch with the foreign object. Britney saw the punch coming and easily blocks the blow and fires back with her own fist to Jenny's face. Three punches rocks Jenny so hard, she drops the brass knuckles and sends her wobbling back into the corner. Britney spies the brass knuckles on the mat and quickly picks up the foreign object and places it on her hand. Britney draws back to deliver what will probally be the final blow, when Anna grabs her arm from behind.

"Drop the knuckles or I'll disqualify you right now!" demands the large blonde. Before Britney can respond Anna forces her wrist down across her knee causing the brass knuckles to drop to the canvas. Britney starts protesting at Anna about her interference and favoritism in the match. The whole while she never noticed Jenny scrambling to the mat to retrieve the brass knuckles. Finally after having enough of Anna, Britney slaps the big blonde across her face. Jenny then intervenes and grabs Britney's shoulder to spin her around to face her. Once Britney turns, Jenny's 'Brass Knuckle Sandwitch' blasts her across the chin. Britney's eyes go glassy and she stumbles forward trying to maintain her balance. Unfortunately she bumps into Anna who clutches her throat in her right hand. Then with one powerful movement, Anna lifts her up and choke slams the teeny bopper back to the mat.

Britney lands splattered on the mat like a large lump of clay. Jenny giggles as she lies across the unconscious spread-eagle blonde lying on the mat. Julie has just entered the arena and sprints toward the ring. Anna sees her coming and drops and counts Britney out of the match. Anna rises and raises Jenny's hand in victory as Julie starts to climb in the ring. Julie runs up to Anna and gets face-to-face with the blonde lividly screaming about her double-crossing her and Rage. Jenny had just been handed the championship belt by the ring announcer, and interrupts the tête-à-tête by hitting Julie in the back with the belt. Julie's knees buckle, but does not fall. Instead the big brunette turns around and glares at Jenny with a murderous fire in her eyes. Jenny instinctively takes a few steps back out of fear of the rampaging Amazon. Anna quickly strikes from behind, hitting Julie with a in the back of the head sending her stumbling forward, where Jenny again swings the championship belt nailing Julie in the face with the heavy metal. Julie drops to her knees wincing in pain. Jenny again swings the belt, hitting Julie in the back of the head, knocking her face first to the mat.

Jenny and Anna quickly start stomping and kicking the downed deputy commissioner. Then to Stone Rage's shock the rest of the ABA, Nikki Cox, Alyssa Milano and Christina Applegate pour out of the dressing room. Rage picks up his walkie-talkie and yells at one of the stage hands backstage, "WHO THE HELL LET THEM OUT OF THE DRESSINGROOM!!"

"No one" stutters back the shaken hand, "I guess Anna never really lock the door." Stone Rage's head drops in his hands realizing Anna and the ABA have outfoxed him. He gets out of his seat and rushes to the elevator to try to somehow regain control.

Julie StrainIn the ring, Julie is paying the price of Anna's double-cross. All five ladies join in on the attack. It takes barely a minute for the five women to kick and stomp all resistance out of the brunette. With Julie now only lying face down, loudly moaning in pain, Nikki kneels down and unzips the short skirt and pulls it down Julie's shapely legs. Christina rips at the blazer, pulling it off Julie's body, allowing Jenny to shred the thin white blouse off while Alyssa unfastens Julie's lacey white bra. Christina & Nikki each grab an arm and pulls Julie up to her knees. Anna gets in Julie's face and yells & screams at Julie, proclaiming her many years of hatred of her rival. Anna often punctuated her disgust with slaps across Julie's face and punches to her huge tits. Once Anna was finished, Jenny took her place, punching and beating Julie at will. Each took turns holding Julie, while each member of the ABA took turns punching and beating Julie and battering her gorgeous tits. When they were they were finally finished Anna grabs the agonized brunette by two handfuls of black hair, and plunges Julie's face into her cleavage. Julie's face disappears in Anna's breast smother as Julie's arms now weakly flail to escape. Anna falls forward and topples Julie over backwards continuing her smother. Now Anna pinning Julie to the mat, with her smother Alyssa reaches down and grabs, the brunette's ankles. Alyssa draws back her foot and stomps Julie's exposed crotch. Ringsiders could hear Julie's shriek scream, even muffled under Anna's heavy tits. Jenny Christina, and Nikki all took turns kicking Julie's pussy. Anna would later report Julie was crying like a baby and pleading for mercy, which Julie would vehemently deny. But one thing for certain, when Anna rose off Julie, she was defeated, spread-eagle and unconscious lying lifelessly on her back.

All members of the ABA celebrated by each placing a foot on Julie's heaving chest and striking a pose for the cameras. Jenny the ads the ultimate insult and reaches down and rips Julie's lacy panties right off her body and stuffs them in her mouth. She then laughs at the unconscious beauty lying in only her garter and stockings. Christina reaches down and pulls a still dazed Britney to her feet and Anna and the ABA leave the ring. They lead Britney out one side of the ramp as Rage rushes to the ring on the other side to aid his deputy commissioner. He kneels down beside the fallen warrior and plucks the panties out of her mouth and desperately tries to revive her.

The ABA leads Britney through the backstage area, finally stopping at Christina Aguilera and Generation PRIME's dressing room door. Alyssa knocks on the door and waits until Janet Jackson opens it.

"What the Hell do you want!" says Janet in a forceful tone worthy of her title as team coach.

"Look Janet" starts Alyssa, "I know many the ABA and Generation PRIME haven't always seen eye-to-eye. But we have one thing in common, we both hate Stone Rage. So here's a little peace offering, and hopefully we can start some sort of working relationship against Rage. With that Christina pushes Britney through the dressing room door where she lands at the feet of Christina Aguilera.

"Thanks" says Janet with a smile "You know, I think we may be able to work something out." Janet says and closes the door. The ABA start to walk away to continue there victory celebration, but not before hearing Britney's long blood curdling scream as she has just realizes she has been delivered to her most hated enemies mercy.