Major Gunns "Tylene Buck" (52%) Out Guns Sable "Rena Mero" (48%) The wrestling cuties met in the center of the ring. Both expected a fast paced, highly skilled bout between two professionals. The two locked up, and Sable immediately shoves Gunns down to the mat. Sable quickly displays she is the stronger blonde. Fans cheer Sable's moves, showing that even though she is no longer on TV, she is still one of wrestling's most popular stars. Gunns slowly rises back to her feet, realizing she will have to utilize her wrestling skill and can not overpower this imposing blonde.

The two circle each other again. Sable is dressed in a black leather bikini with thigh high boots, reminiscent of her second Playboy spread. Gunns is seductively attired with a tiny camouflaged bikini top and a hip hugging pair of camouflage short shorts. Once again they lock up and Sable scoops Gunns up and slams her hard to the mat.

Gunn quickly springs to her feet but is caught with a boot to her gut that doubles her over. Sable quickly sends a knee lift up into her face. The force sends Gunns back to the mat, holding her nose in pain. Gunns scrambles back to her feet although she was still a bit disoriented. She throws a wild punch at Sable that her opponent easily blocks, before Sable retaliates with a series of left-right punches to Gunn's exposed mid section. Sable finishes off her combination with a left cross to Gunn's chin that drops her to the mat dazed.

Sensing that her opponent was hurt, Sable grabs two handfuls of Gunn's hair and snatches her to her feet. Sable uses her grip on her opponent's hair to usher her to the corner and repeatedly slams her face over into the turnbuckle. Sable turns her whipped foe around and slings her into the ropes, flooring Gunn's with a clothesline on the rebound. Fans cheer their favorites early dominance.

Gunns is hurting but determined to fight back. She fires a punch from her knees into Sables stomach as she approaches. Sable's sculpted abs easily absorb the impact, with no visible effect to the larger blonde. Sable retaliates with a sweeping backhand across Major Gunn's face that again disorients her allowing Sable to slap a claw hold on Gunn's fore head. Sable squeezes Gunn's head with her right hand while her left is placed on the back of her foe's head to keep her from escaping. Sable powers a moaning & grunting Gunns backwards till she is lying flat on the mat. Sable releases her face claw and reapplies her claw hold onto Gunn's stomach. Gunn's abs are developed almost as well as Sable's but even the most developed abs can not stand against the power of a strong blonde's pressure digging into her opponents internal organs. Sable maintains the hold until she feels her hand muscles giving out, then releases Gunns and fires a couple of ax handle blows to her stomach before rising off her victim, and allowing the unfortunate Gunns to curl into a ball.

Gunns realizes she is taking a major ass kicking at Sable's hands, and her mind searches for some way to turn this match around. Unfortunately for her this search was slowed greatly when Sable wrapped her muscular thighs around Gunn's head and squeezed with a leg scissors. Gunn's could barely breath much less think while she was trapped between Sable's legs. After torturing Gunns sufficiently in the hold, Sable releases Gunns and hauls her to her feet by her hair. Sable scoops up her foe and body slams her back to the mat. Gunns lands with a loud "OOOOOOFFFF!"

Gunns is reeling, the fans are cheering their favorite, Sable, who even with her departure from the sport, still shows she is still the "Queen of Wrestling". Gunns scampers away to put some distance between her and Sable. The whole while she is digging into the pockets of her extra tight shorts. Sable captures her before she can retrieve whatever she is looking for and whips her into the ropes. Sable takes Gunns over with a backdrop as she rebounds. Gunns again lands hard. Her facial expression shows fatigue, pain and defeat.

Gunns again tries to distance herself from Sable and again starts to dig into her pockets. This time Gunns is able to make it to the other side of the ring before Sable captures her. Gunns uses the ropes to pull herself to her feet, and is able to reach deep into her pocket. As an unsuspecting Sable approaches from behind, Gunns pulls out a handful of mysterious powder, and tosses it into Sable's face. The powder gets into Sable, big blue eyes, blinding the blonde. Sable staggers back trying to escape the powder and clear her vision.

Gunns realized it was her chance to put this big bitch down, and lounged for Sables knees as she tried to back away. Gunns grabs Sable around her knees and tackles her to the mat. Gunns springs to her feet and grabs Sable by her ankles and spreads her legs apart. She leaps up and comes down with her knee onto Sable's pussy. Sable shrieks in pain, as Gunn's continues to press her advantage and ties Sables legs into a knot and rolls her over on her stomach and locks her into a Sharp Shooter. Sable yells and immediately reaches out to get to the ring ropes to force a break of the hold. No such luck for the big blonde, she reached & stretched, but was not able to reach the ropes. Next Sable tried to power out of the hold. She pushed her chest up off the mat with her arms, and flexed her leg muscles to straighten them out and hopefully flip Gunns off of her. This was greeted with some success as she felt Gunns weight being pulled off her body. Then Gunns jumps a little and plops all her weight down on Sable as Gunn's ass lands on Sable's ass and knocks her back down flat on the mat. Gunns quickly wrenches back on Sable's legs, contorting her body even further. Finally Sable had enough and taps the mat saying, "Agghhh you cheating bitch, you win I submit!"

Major Gunns ignores Sable's submission and tapping out and maintains the hold. Sable can only scream and slap the mat, hoping Gunns will release her from this torture. Finally Sable pleads, "Damnit Tylene let me go! Stop it! You fucking win... Okay!"

"Sorry Rena, nothing personal, but you're going to help me collect on a small fee tonight", quips Gunns as she wrenches back further on Sable's legs. Gunns hears yells intensify as she increases the pressure on Rena's back. Gunns hears, Sable's screams start to die down, and soft sobbing starts to come from her victim. Shortly the sobbing gives way to Sable loudly crying in agony.

Sable pleads, "Let me go Tylene" in between crying. Gunns just maintains the hold with icy determination. Finally Sable's best friend, rushes from Sable's dressing room. Gunns smiles as she sees Sable's friend, and frequent travel companion Kimberly, Diamond Doll, Page enter the ring.

"Damnit Tylene, what's your problem?" Kim says angrily as she approaches Gunns.

"Nothing" says Gunns as she releases Sable and stands and faces Kimberly. "Actually I was just waiting for you!" Gunns says with a smile, "Better watch behind you Kim"

Kimberly has an extremely confused look on her face as she feels a tap on her left shoulder. Kimberly turns to find Sara, The Undertaker's wife behind her. Sara rockets three rapid jabs into Kimberly's face before she could react. Kim's knees buckle and she staggers into the ropes. Sara is on her like Mike Tyson after Michael Spinks, and pounds her with punch after punch.

Gunns goes into the far corner where he sobbing Sable retreated. "Kim!" exclaims Sable and rises to her feet.

Gunns levels Sable with a right uppercut that sends her sinking to her ass, "I thought you were smarter than to try and get up Rena, now I have to put you out." responds Gunns as she plunges Sable face into her bosom with a very effective breast smother.

Sara continues to pound a defenseless Kim against the ropes. Sara unleashes all the frustration that she and her husband, The Undertaker has endured in the WWF wrestling storyline where Kimberly's husband Diamond Dallas Page stalks her. Sara steps to the side and watches poor Kimberly crumple to the mat. "Tell your husband this is a little payback!" yells Sara as she sits on Kim's back and wraps a tuck of Kim's hair around her fist. Sara yanks and pulls until she snatches a foot long handful of hair out of Kim's head, just like Page did to Sara on an episode of RAW. Sara wraps the tuck of hair around Kim's throat and places her knee against the back of Kim's neck and pulls back on the hair. The fans go wild watching the slender blonde choke the big brunette with her own hair.

Sara releases Kim and starts to leave the ring. She puts one foot through the ropes and looks back at the pitiful woman she left gagging & flopping on the mat. Sara could not resist the temptation, as she turns and approaches Kimberly. She places Kim's head between her legs and raises one fist in the air like her husband. Sara amazes everyone in the arena as the skinny big-breasted blonde lifts Kim above her head and executes her hubby's finishing maneuver, "The Last Ride Power Bomb!" Kim in knocked unconscious upon impact of the hold, and lies spread eagle on the canvas. Major Gunns sling's Sable unconscious carcass to the mat beside her.

"Tell Page he isn't the only one who can mess with people's families" shouts Sara into the unconscious victim's face and leaves the ring to a huge applause of the crowd.

“Keep Rolling, Rolling, Rolling.......”

“Keep Rolling, Rolling, Rolling.......”

Watch Out! Sable & Kim will be back!

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