Both wanted to be locked inside a cage, reducing the threat of outside interference. Sable had heard rumors of Debra McMichael and Jacqueline wanting revenge in their rivalries with the blonde, while WCW foe Miss Elizabeth or Nicole Bass were eager to get their hands on Kim. Both ladies wanted a decisive finish to their match due to their past. If you recall, Kimberly was the valet briefly for Sable's husband Johnny B. Badd, or Mark Mero as he is now known. Sable was extremely jealous of Kim while she was Mark's valet, and encouraged him to abruptly leave WCW for the WWF, leaving Kim out in the cold.

Kim entered the ring first along with her Monday Nitro Girls. They did a quick dance routine then left. Kim was wearing a bra with cut-off jean shorts. Sable entered wearing the stunning black unikini that won her the Miss Slammy award.

As soon as the bell sounded the combatants locked up in a collar & elbow position. Both girls are very strong, but Kim was finally able to use her height to push Sable to the floor. Kim continued the attack, and grabbed two handfuls of the blonde's hair. Suddenly, Sable positioned her feet in Kim's stomach, and took her over with a monkey flip. Kim was tossed into the cage wall, awkwardly her back hitting the wall, but she was upside down. She slid down the wall, landing on her head.

Sable immediately attacked with kicks. Kim was still upside down, with her head & shoulders on the mat, and the rest of her vertical against the wall. Sable finally drug Kim from the wall by her hair, and pulled her to her feet.

Sable then slammed Kim face first into the wall, followed by grinding her face into the chain link fence side of the wall. Kim was obviously in deep trouble. Sable turned Kim to face her and started to pound Kim with punches. Kim blocked one of the fist, and retaliated with a few of her own. Once Sable was stunned, she slipped behind her, wrapped her arms around her waist, and fell backwards, executing a belly-to-back German Suflex. Sable eyes rolled in her head. Kim lifted Miss Slammy to her feet by her hair, and rammed her into the fence wall and ground her face into the metal in retaliation. Then followed with sending kidney punches into both sides of Sable's lower back. Sable jumped & gasp at each painful blow. Kim then spun Sable around and lifted her and dropped her on her knee in an Atomic Spin Crusher. Sable grabbed her round ass and crumpled to the floor.

Kim took time to acknowledge the wildly cheering fans at this point, giving Sable time to recover. She poked Kim in the eye when she came to continue her attack. Sable quickly rose and rocked Kim backwards with punch after punch to the stomach. Sable thought Kim was badly hurt, but her washboard abdomen absorbed the blows. Once Kim's back met the ropes, She scooped a surprised Sable up in her arms. She ran towards the far side of the ring before leaping and driving Sable into the floor with a Power Slam.

Sable was much too dazed to notice Kimberly slipped her out of her unikini, which barely contained her assets. She became painfully aware of this when Kim wrapped the garment around her neck and pull her to her feet. She put her back to Sable's back, and bent forward. Sable was being strangled by the unikini around her neck, as she hung across Kim's back. Kim graciously stood straight again, allowing Sable a moment from her agony. Kim then spun Sable around & around again & again by the garment wrapped around her neck, finally releasing her, allowing her to go crashing into the turn buckle. Kim gave the sign for the Diamond Cutter, and finished the match by executing the hold on a defenseless Sable.

She hog tied the nude, unconscious woman with the unikini before leaving the ring. The jubilant Diamond Doll celebrates, leaving wrestling’s Queen Bitch as the decisive loser behind.


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