Jessica Simpson (64%) Destroys Shakira (36%)

"I Can Beat You With One Arm Tied Behind My Back"

Jessica Simpson vs. Shakira: "I CAN BEAT YOU WITH ONE ARM TIED BEHIND MY BACK!" Shakira blared as she boasted her upcoming match with Jessica Simpson at a press conference. "In fact I WILL fight you with one arm tied behind my back and challenge you to do the same, but I doubt you will. I'm here to prove how easily I can beat anyone here on the celebrity pro wrestling circuit. Jessica Simpson, you're my first victim!

Jessica had heard the challenge and all the trash talking from Shakira. The night had arrived when words would turn into action. Jessica sat nervous contemplating the match. But she was also confident. Shakira had a reputation for being a rough fighter despite being relatively new to the pro wrestling circuit. Her reputation came from club fights, sparring matches, etc. Jessica had created an impressive reputation herself. But this fight would be among the more bizarre ones she had been involved. Jessica liked a good technical match but she could do the rough stuff if needed. And tonight she wasn't backing down from Shakira.

The ladies had entered the ring in a "one hand tied behind your back" match. Jessica had disrobed from her white full length robe to reveal a pink top, white high cut briefs, white wrestling boots with pink laces and white socks. Her blonde hair was long and mostly straight with just a bit of curls. She was watching as Shakira smirked in her black top with black thong and black wrestling boots. Shakira still wearing her hair curly and blonde but with black highlights. Shakira was having her right arm bound in a sling behind her back.

Shakira eying Jessica most of the time said "You don't have to do this, I can fight you with a handicap..and beat you!" Her smirk lessened as Jessica had her right arm bound in the same type sling with Jessica sending back a cold stare to Shakira.

The bell sounded. Shakira and Jessica didn't even bother to circle each other as they went at it with their free fists flying. Both receiving some hard blows from clenched fists and bared nails as they thrust at each other. And their legs were just as effective weapons both hurting each other as well as keeping the other at bay. The fight had been fast and vicious from the get-go as both were even so far in just the first few minutes. Shakira was surprised at Jessica's ferocity but also seemed to enjoy the toe to toe exchange of blows while Jessica seemed more a woman on a mission with an intense look. Intense footwork was being displayed with both striking some great kicks, even an occasional swinging crescent kick used. But not enough to down either. Shakira managed to slow down the fight as she took advantage of a lull reaching in for a headlock. Grinding Jessica's head she realized she couldn't beat her with another fist so she bit her on the forehead, nose and stomped her foot. Jessica managed to free herself as Shakira had a look of delight turning ready to give Jessica more. Only she found herself surprised when Jessica returned with a head butt. Staggered by the blow, Shakira swung a wild left missing only to expose herself to another head butt that floored her. As she shook the cob webs out expecting Jessica to rain kicks on her as she lay there she seethed when she saw that Jessica had run over to a ring official.

"Give me something to tie my other arm. "I can beat this bitch with both hands tied behind my back", Jessica yelled! A stunned official obliged Jessica holding up the only thing to do the job right now, a roll of duct tape, which she wrapped around Jessica's body securing her other arm. Shakira was still dizzy from the head butts but no way, was she going to upstage her as she demanded the same. Both women faced each other now. Their arms useless, their powerful legs and what they could maneuver of their bodies and keep their balance was all they had in this bizarre fight. The two kicked at each other as well as trying to strike with their heads and block with their shoulders. The flaring legs and flying hair reminded many as they commented on the brutal spectacle of a cock fight.

Shakira still not recovered enough to do much but defend herself finally seemed to get a break when she stomped Jessica's boot causing her back off. As she did Shakira drove a shoulder into her belly and a knee to her face when she doubled over. Shakira however underestimated her blow as Jessica recovered too quickly for her to follow-up. Instead Jessica was able to kick Shakira's leg just above the knee and kick her shin as she moved in to her. Shakira fell to one leg and felt the sting of Jessica's stomps to the back of her head and back. As she went down she did manage to trip up Jessica. With both women on the floor and having difficulty maneuvering back to their feet a battle of legs ensued as both kicked at each other while lying flat on the canvas. At one point they had maneuvered themselves facing each other, legs entangled. But it was too hard to try to get anything like a figure four leglock so both tried to do as much damage kicking at each others now most deadly weapon, their legs with wild abandon. Shakira surprised Jessica with a foot to the crotch but couldn't get enough momentum to the blow to slow her down. Instead an enraged Jessica let fly her left leg onto Shakira's right knee. Both women rolled away then to recover clumsily getting back to their feet.

Jessica was quicker and trapped Shakira between her legs taking her back down in a head scissor. Jessica was able to pressure her enough to make her yell and feel dizzy. Shakira knew she had better escape or risk passing out. She turned her head enough to chomp her teeth into Jessica's soft inner thigh. Jessica screamed letting loose and rolled to her knees pulling herself up. This time Shakira was able to rise to her feet again. Desperate to mount an attack to beat Jessica and live up to her boasts she shook her head as she observed Jessica hopping in pain from the bite and loved seeing her teeth marks in her rival's leg. Both women were in pain and tiring. Shakira especially felt this and knew she had to do something quick. The two collided with each other breast to breast, head to head and drew back. Shakira lowered her head and intended to take Jessica down with a tackle to the stomach. Jessica had just regained her balance in time to raise her knee striking the charging Shakira's head. It hurt her knee but not as much as the now reeling Shakira's head. Jessica was going in for the kill as she stomped the staggered Shakira's legs. Shakira somehow managed to stay on her feet but Jessica stepping back threw up a high kick that nailed her in the chin and mouth. Shakira's head violently snapped back as she spewed blood in the air. Shakira was down, flat on her back and eyes rolled back. She had enough reflexes left to mimic her trying to get up but Jessica moved in with stomps to her body and kicks to her head. Shakira was helpless and officials moved in to stop Jessica. Jessica had already seen she had Shakira out and backed off. She only wanted to teach this braggart a lesson, not kill her.

Jessica was let loose of her restraints and threw her hands up in victory as she looked back at the unconscious Shakira being put on a litter and carried out of the ring.

Jessica Simpson is very impressive

Shakira gets the devil beaten out of her