Janet Jackson reflects on the past few months during the elevator ride up to Stone Rage's office. Generation Prime is all but dead! First there was the meltdown in Vegas where Jessica Simpson betrayed them just moments away from victory over the Fab Four. Then the mounting losses at the hands of the New Generation Next, had put them at odds with each other. Almost every word has been venomous and taunting. Jessica's replacement, Denise Richards has already started avoiding them, and she has not even really started in the group. Actually, nobody in the group has been talking to each other recently. Had Janet, Mya & Christina Aguilera not been such good friends before they started, their partnership would have dissolved long ago.

When Christina originally brought Janet into the group, she was supposed to be the team coach. As coach she must try something to save her team and her friendships. She walks into Stone Rage's office with thoughts of doing just that. She needs to do something to bring respect back to her demoralized bunch. "Stone Rage, I understand there's an open contract with Ashlee Simpson for the next event. I want it." Janet firmly states in her very distinctive Jackson voice, that is very similar to her brother Michael's.

"Oh hey Janet" Rage says as he looks up at his long time acquaints. "Sorry, I've already committed that contract to someone else. Actually the event sponsors have recommended someone."

"So what, uncommitt the contract, and tell your sponsors that Janet Jackson will take it." Janet demands. "I'm sure they'll love my name on the marquee."

"Uhh well actually..." Stone Rage starts seemingly rarely tongue-tied. "I suggested you actually... and uhh they wanted to go another ummmm another direction."

"And what does that supposed to mean?" Janet inquires. "They want the Cameron Diaz & Jessica Biel match to headline the card? I'm fine with that"

"No... younger... they wanted to go younger." Rage says as his voice trails off. He takes no thrill in telling a female celebrity that kind of news. "They said you were too old. I disagreed but... They want Ciara in that spot. I promise you'll be on the next card. I'll use different sponsors." Rage then decided to be quiet, talking is not helping.

Janet's eyes burn with a blazing fury. She was so angry she was trembling. Then without a word, she spins around and storms out of Rage's office. Janet and Rage have had a long standing business relationship, she knew he would give her the match, if the sponsors had not objected. It would be a foolish business move to upset the sponsors, this close to the event. Then Ciara got the match. She had no bad feelings against Ciara. She is just the latest "Janet Jackson clone" to come dancing onto the scene. Not the first clone, and amongst the best actually. But to be told she, the original, the icon, is too old, somebody has to pay. This is personal, and these sponsors will be proven to the foolish ones.

Fight night Ciara and Ashlee Simpson wait in the ring for the opening bell. To add a little flair to the affair, the sponsors wanted to make the fight an evening gown match. Ashlee wore a long traditional gown with a slit in the side up to her hip for maneuverability. Ciara wore a short dress to show off her shapely, muscular legs. There is a buzz in the air. Although their musical styles are different, there are many similarities between the two young women. Only a year in age separates them. Both made their debut in 2004 and followed with sophomore efforts in 2006.

Ciara sees the match as a huge stepping stone to mainstream approval, something that she has not been able to fully obtain. While she feels equal in talent and beauty, she has not gotten Pepsi and cosmetic endorsements like Beyonce. She is not on as many magazine covers as Rihanna. By entering the world of celebrity catfighting, she hopes to increase her notoriety. Her goal is to setup big dollar pay days beating first Rihanna, then Beyonce. Nothing personal, just business. In fact, she likes Rihanna and is the spokesperson of Beyonce's boyfriend's RocaWear clothesline. She is also a composed and very driven lady. Ciara is just tired of being primarily known as rapper Bow Wow's old girlfriend. At five foot nine, six pack abs, and broad shoulders that carry two strong pythons for arms, she does not have to.

On the other hand, Ashlee's management wanted her to take a match to promote her upcoming album. They were not really concerned about winning or losing, but Ashlee does, and is hoping to follow up her win against Arvil Lavigne. Ashlee is familiar with mainstream press and promotion schemes. Unlike Ciara, Ashlee she is more aloof with the press, and gives stale responses. She was a little worried when Ciara answered her open contract, she is an imposing physical specimen. Ashlee figured Ciara's inexperience would cost her. Ashlee remembers how Kelly Clarkson slaughtered her in her debut match.

The bell is about to ring and the two competitors start to square off. Suddenly, Janet Jackson's classic hit "Nasty" blares out over the PA system. Then after the introduction of "Nasty" plays, the song breaks into Janet's brand new sing, "Feedback" and Janet Jackson comes walking with purpose down the aisle and into the ring. She is wearing a thin white tank top, with her nipples threatening to poke through the fabric, and a pair of old worn out jeans with holes in them.

Janet grabs the mic and stares at the two combatants who are confused by her presence. "Pardon my interruption, but I was trying to get a spot on this card, but certain executives felt I was not right for this card. I just want to say that Gen Prime and I are still a force in this league, and rumors of a rift between us are untrue."

Realizing the past history between Janet and her sister, Jessica is perfectly content with letting Janet rant uninterrupted. However, Ciara is already a bundle of nerves from being in her first match and is not interested in waiting for this has been to shut up. After letting Janet say a few more sentences, Ciara approaches applauding saying "You're right Janet, we're behind you. Michael Jackson is my musical idol, and your old stuff inspired me too, but we've got a match and I'm about to die from nerves to get going. Do you mind?"

Janet could tell Ciara was being genuine and honest. She had no ill intent in her words, but three words kept ringing in her head, 'your old stuff'. Janet pauses for a moment looking at the young woman with those words repeating over and over in her head. "Fan of my old stuff huh?" Janet softly says. She pauses for a moment then continues, "You're right, its time for you younger girls to have your moment." Janet smiles and shakes Ciara's hand, and offers her hand to Ashlee, who comes over and shakes hands as well.

Janet turns and starts climbing through the ropes to leave the ring, but stops and sees Ashlee and Ciara standing side by side with their backs toward her. The Icon stealthtly charges up behind the two unsuspecting rising stars and dives at the back of their knees. Janet drives her shoulder into their knees, clipping both girls. Ciara and Ashlee both drop to the mat clutching their injured knee. "OLD STUFF!" Janet shouts while looking down at her victims. "Like you're saying I'm old?" Janet asks as she starts stomping both girls. "You say old stuff like I'm done, like my knew music is garbage." Janet says as her stomps become more vicious. "Hellloooo I'm still here bitches."

Janet makes sure she gets plenty of stomps and kicks in on Ciara and Aslee's injured knees. Then she backs off for a second, allowing the two singers struggle to their feet. Janet charges and launches her self like a missile and flattens both of them with a double clothesline.

Ashlee scrambles back to her feet, but Janet was waiting and lands a kick into the pit of her stomach. Ashlee doubles over with a howl. But that brings her face lower so the much shorter Janet Jackson can blast her with a devastating right cross on Ashlee's chin. Ashlee never sees the punch coming and falls nearly unconscious to the mat from the Mike Tyson like blow with coo coo birds floating above her head.

Ciara is standing shaking her leg, trying to kick out the pinching pain in her knee. Being the taller woman, she was more susceptible to Janet's attempt to blow out her opponent's knees. With a murderous look in her eyes and cursing under her breath, Ciara takes a couple of steps toward Janet. Ciara's march is stopped when she unexpectedly walks into Janet's drop kick right in the mouth. Ciara is knocked to the ground, but Janet quickly springs back to her feet. "I am not..." Janet shouts before dropping a knee onto of Ciara's head, "Too old!"

Just as Ashlee rises to a seated position her lovely face meets the sole of Janet's shoe. Again Ashlee falls heavily back to the mat. Janet quickly leaps in the air and drops both knees into Ashlee's gut. After Janet rises off of her, Ashlee rolls into fetal position clutching her belly gasping for air.

Ciara charges Janet from behind. The veteran Janet hears the footsteps rapidly approaching. Not wanting to divulge her intentions, Janet keeps her back to Ciara till the last moment. Suddenly she spins around and wraps her arms around Ciara's waist and hoists her into the air and slams her to the mat with a belly-to-belly suflex, knocking the breath out of Ciara.

Janet takes ultimate advantage of her surprise attack and leaps out of the ring, returning a moment later with a metal folding chair. Janet gives each downed singer a few whacks to make sure they are sufficiently hurting. Janet first yanks Ciara to her feet and hurls her into the ropes. As she rebounds, Janet swings the chair and smacks Ciara in her face. The Atlanta beauty drops to the mat like she has been shot, holding her face. Second, Ashlee is launched into the ropes and is batted in the face too by Janet's metal folding chair.

Ashlee and Ciara are dazed on the mat and writhing in pain. With a mischievous smile Janet violently yanks off first Ashlee's green evening gown, then Ciara's gold gown. It takes mere seconds to shred the thin silk material and reduce both girls to only their panties. By this time the audience is going wild. It appears the sponsors were wrong, none of them cares about Janet being past the age of forty.

Although it only took seconds, taking the time to strip her rivals gave them a small opportunity to recover. The groggy women star to slowly make it to their feet. Two young women that had a single thought of Icon or not, you're not running over me bitch! They attack Janet simultaneously, overwhelming her. Ciara and Ashlee surround Janet and throws punches fast and furious. Initially Janet throws some retaliatory punches to defend herself, but soon is reduced to covering up while the two younger girls keep pounding. "Got ya old ass" Ciara says gaining confidence.

Janet drops to her spectacular butt and starts crabbing backwards begging her adversaries for mercy. "No.... stop it... Please." Janet pleads as she finds herself trapped in the corner. Janet's high toned voice shakes and breaks as she begs.

"No use begging now, you're going to get what you got coming grand ma" Ashlee threatens as Janet rises to her knees, cowering with both hands up almost in surrender. Ashlee and Ciara advance to finish off the Icon when Janet drops her arms and puts them inbetween each of her attacker's legs and drives them up into each woman's crotch with a classic pro wrestling low blow. Both young ladies stop and howl holding their crotches.

"Young pussies," Janet says as she spring to her feet. "Probably John Cena fans instead of Ric Flair." Janet finishes as she slings Ashlee into the far corner. Ciara is thrown into the same corner, and Janet backs to the opposite side of the ring. The Icon gets a running start and delivers a crushing splash to the ladies trapped against the turnbuckle. Both Ashlee and Ciara stumble out of the corner and fall flat on their faces side by side.

Janet grapevines her calf around Ciara's calf & Ashlee's calf and falls backwards, bending both girl's leg backwards in a very unnatural position. As she is lying with her back on top of the other singer's backs, she reaches behind her and grabs Ciara and Ashlee under their chins and pulls their heads backwards. Ciara and Ashlee each have a leg intertwined with Janet's and being bent backwards toward their butts. Janet has a grip under both girl's chins and bending their necks backwards. Janet is arching both ladies backs in a modified double bow & arrow type maneuver. Janet increases the pressure delighting in her victims' scream of pain. Janet can feel the energy and fight ooze out of their bodies. Craning their necks backwards impairs their breathing. The pain shoots up their legs and up their backs. As Ciara and Ashlee's lungs beg for more oxygen to keep their bodies going, but getting insufficient amounts, the lungs send a message to the rest of the body to shut down, which is what's happening to the young girls.

Janet releases her hold and stands, leaving her prey moaning and panting on the mat. Both clutch their knees again as the pain from Janet's initial clipping is revived. Janet reaches down and grabs the back of both girls' panties and snatches them to their feet. The crowd cheers as Janet displays two exquisite young hard although breadless bodies to everyone. Janet yanks up on the undergarments again, and elicits a whimper from both women as the fabric disappears between their ass cheeks. Another yank causes winces of pain as the panties disappear in their pussy lips, and display much of their pubic hair. Janet parades the helpless women around the ring much to the delight of the audience. Once they reach the opposite side of the ring, Janet puts the ladies head under her arms and runs to the other side of the ring and bulldogs her prey's faces into the mat.

Seeing Ashlee and Ciara face down on the canvas, Janet smiles and drops to the mat. She wraps her arm around Ashlee's head and neck locking her in a front face lock while she still lies face down with Janet's big tits pressed against the back of Ashlee's head. Janet then snakes her legs around Ciara's stomach for a body scissors while she was still lying and hurting on the mat. Ashlee groans and whimpers in pain as the face lock quickly drains her remaining resistance but Ciara is screaming in utter agony. Janet's strong, legs honed by more than three decades of dancing, are more than Ciara could stand. Ciara's voice goes hoarse as she heaves for air. Meanwhile Ashlee breathing becomes quieter as her body slows to the point of almost not moving. Janet responds by tightening her grip on both women. Janet finally releases the ladies and rises to her feet.

Seeing both of her rivals defeated on the mat, Janet relaxes a bit. She recovers the long forgotten house microphone and shouts to the crowd, "I'll show you who's old", and rips her tank top in vintage Hulk Hogan style to the roar of the crowd. Down to her big bouncing tits captured in a black lace bra, Janet then unbuttons her jeans and pushes them down to her ankles. Janet then prances around the ring looking phenomenal. Although, her bra is very large, it still cannot contain her breast. Her bouncing boobs still threaten to leap out of the lacey bra, and provide the internet with countless nip slip pictures for the internet. Janet's stomach is a perfect six-pack of ab muscles, accessorized by a belly button ring of her boyfriend's initials, 'JD'. Finally completed with a pair of lace panties that are nothing but two small patches of lace connected by a string. The crowd roars in appreciation of Janet's still sexy body and dancing.

After her self induging exhibition, Janet stops and drags Ashlee on top of Ciara and leaves the Texas blonde lying across the chest of the prone Georgia peach for a pin. Janet says, "Now you can start your match." She thought it was appropriate for Ashlee to win since Ciara incensed her with that 'old stuff' comment. Janet raised her arms and soaked in the adulation of the crowd, as they chanted, "Janet...Janet.....Janet" as she exits the ring

The referee looks confused for a moment then realizes that he has never called for the opening bell and officially started the match. Making a quick decision he signals for the bell and drops to the mat to make the three count on Ciara. "1... 2... Thr..." then at two and three quarters Ciara shows the first signs of life since Janet's body scissors and raises her arm off of the mat and holds it in the air.

The crowd roars again in shock and admiring the fighting spirit of the young warrior. Ashlee sits up with a tired look of frustration and dismay that Ciara still wants to compete after all Janet has put them through. Ashlee stands with her legs very shaky and looks about to collapse at any point. Ciara slowly labors to her feet also, not looking much stronger than Ashlee. The audience stomp and cheer and encourage both women raucously.

Once standing, Ciara throws a haymaker at Ashlee's head. The blonde ducks under the punch and slips behind Ciara. Ashlee lands a brutal upper cut to the small of Ciara's back, just above her buttocks. Ciara elicits a long high pitched scream worthy of any victim from a blood and gore horror film and drops to her knees feeling like she has been temporarily paralyzed by the punch. Ashlee immediately locks a sleeper hold on the Atlanta beauty and sinks it in deep.

Ashlee has an intense sneer on her face as she puts all of her strength in to the sleeper. Ciara struggle to escape, but Ashlee knew and probably Ciara too knew it is futile. The rookie's inexperienced defense allowed Ashlee to execute the hold to perfection. Ashlee says, "Naw girl, its nap time. Don't you see the Sandman coming?" Ciara's struggles soon subside and the referee checks her by raising her arm three times searching for signs of life. Each time Ciara's arm drops limply to her side, so the referee calls for the bell and signals the end of the match.

Ashlee slings Ciara's lifeless body face first to the canvas, where she lies like a lump of clay. Exhausted and hurting, Ashlee raises her arms celebrates what in most opinion is a well deserved victory. She persevered the same conditions as Ciara and then put her down. She grew an admiration for Ciara, and knew she would go on to do great things in the league. A victory over Ciara will prove to be a rare event in the future. Ashlee still initiates Ciara into the league by slipping off her panties and leaves her completely nude in the ring. Ashlee tosses the panties into the audiences as she exits to a standing ovation. Basking in the glory of her second consecutive victory, Ashlee knows that she is establishing herself as quite a force.

Later Ciara finally wakes up and is escorted back to the dressing room to a standing ovation as well. She needs the assistance of the referee to walk, but is still very happy and satisfied by the results of the day. She was tired, hurt and totally naked, but her head is unbowed. Now she knew what it takes to compete in this league, and swore to become a champion very soon. Ciara is not the spokesperson and embodiment of RocaWear's "I Will Not Lose" campaign for nothing.

Janet gets backstage and sees her cell phone buzzing with Christina Aguiler's number on the ID. Janet answers figuring Christina had just seen the Pay Per View match. "Big sis where you at?" Christina's frantic voice says. "I'm in labor, bring your buns.... Mya's already on her way, you're about to be an aunt."

Janet gets excited as well and comforts her pregnant friend and tells her she is on her way. Janet heads to the airport to be with Christina and the rest of Generation Prime. She smiles realizing that Gen Prime will survive. They are and always are friends and family. That will never change.