Jennifer Lopez(51%) smothers Jenny McCarthy (49%) Jennifer makes her way to the ring, beautifully dressed in a white lycra sports bra, proudly displaying Jenís firm stomach. She wears white bikini briefs to complete the ensemble. Waiting impatiently in the ring for her is one of Playboys top playmates of the century, Jenny McCarthy. Itís been an up & down last couple of months for Jennifer with successes and failures. Her berating of an arena audience last month has left a sour taste in many of the attendance, while others couldnít help but cheer the outspoken, talented singer/dancer/actress. But Jenís recent comments stating that the last audience were classless compared to her native New Yorkers, alienated many fans, leaving Jenny an unusual fan favorite.* But just as against Britney Spears the Booís spur Jennifer to an aggressive, brutal nature.

Jennifer slides under the bottom the ropes to enter the ring and immediately charges at Jenny and blasts Jenny square in the mouth with a drop kick. Jenny scrambles to regain her feet, but is met when she rises by Jenniferís fist. Uppercut, left, left , right, right, right, uppercut, body blow, body blow, all plow into Jenny driving the dazed beauty back into the corner with invisible stars circulating above her head. Once in the corner the Latina kicks the blonde goddess in the stomach several times, knocking the air from her body. Then Jennifer went to work. She uses her claws to rip open the blue & white striped bikini top Jenny was wearing, and sinks her nails deep into Jennyís titties. The dancerís knee shoots into the blondes pussy before releasing her left tit, to slide her hand into Jennyís bikini bottoms. Jennifer maliciously ripped & pulled at her opponents pussy.

Jenny was fading fast, and desperately tried to escape. Jenny fired punches at Jenniferís head, but they were too weak to have an effect. Finally Jenny escapes by raking her nails across Jenniferís eyes. Jennifer backs away and tries to clear her vision, while Jenny tries to press her advantage. Jenny slaps and pounds Jennifer with all the power she could muster, hoping it will be enough to put Jennifer down. The blonde was not able to put the brunette down, but was successful in driving Jennifer into the ropes though.

Jenny tried to whip Jennifer to the opposite ring ropes, but Jennifer reversed the move and slung Jenny across the ring. Jennifer bent over preparing to back drop her opponent on the rebound, but Jenny was aware enough to leap and flip over Jennifer and try to execute a sunset flip. Jenny was on the mat with Jennifer standing above her. Jenny held Jennifer by her upper thighs, trying to pull and roll the latina up into a pinning position. Jennifer arms flailed trying to keep her balance. Finally, Jennifer was able to keep enough balance to plop straight down, landing ass-first on Jennyís face. Jennifer kept her comfortable seat on Jennyís face, cutting off the struggling blondeís air supply. Jenniferís infamously, famous phat ass once again was the instrument of another victory, as Jenny slowly stopped moving, and accepted defeat.

Jennifer leaped to her feet, jumping up & down celebrating her victory. Her fans cheered, while her detractors booed and threw trash at her. Jenny was regaining consciousness, as Jennifer taunted her and playfully rubbed and teased Jennyís hair as the groggy woman tried to shake the cobwebs. Finally she clutched Jenny's blonde lockes near the roots and shatched out a clump of hair. She raised the hair above her head. "How do you like your Blonde Goddess Now?" Jennifer asked the crowd.

Suddenly Britney Spears arrived in the ring. Jenniferís newfound enemy leaped on the top rope, and used it as a springboard to bounce off and plow through Jennifer with a shoulder block. The impact of the blow snapped Jennifer's head back nearly knocking the beauty out. Britney helps Jenny to her feet, saying, "We blondes have to stick together."

Britney uses a handful of hair to pull a dazed Jennifer to her knees. Britney then removed her own top. Jenny and Britney get on either side of Jennifer and wrap their arms around each other in a breast to breast bearhug. The problem for Jennifer was that her head was trapped in-between four of the most desired breast in the world. Jenniferís face disappeared and was completely engulfed by the two sets of tits. It took little time for Jennifer to pass out, and the two laughing blondes release her allowing the brunette to tumble lifelessly to the mat.

* Britney vs J.Lo 1
Jennifer comes out Swinging & Winning

Maybe Jenny Should go back to being a bad girl?


Audrey Rose vs Hannah White!!

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