Ever since Kelly Clarkson won American Idol a few years ago, she has become wildly popular with a series of number 1 hits. She knew about a number of celebrity wrestling leagues and was interested in them. She also heard that they were interested in her talents. She felt that she should go into other areas and see how well she did. She had thought of a few female celebrities that she'd like to take on in her debut match. One night she got a phone call from Stone Rage, the commissioner of one of the leagues.

"Hello?" said Kelly

"Kelly. Hi. This is Stone Rage. How would you like to have a match with us this coming weekend?" asked a somewhat excited Stone Rage.

"A match this weekend? Sure. That's great. I'm up for it. Who would I be going up against?" asked a very excited Kelly.

"You'd be going up against Shakira. She insisted on fighting you. It's going to be a 3 falls match. She said something about wanting to train the new girls coming into the league. Hope you don't mind?" said Stone Rage.

"No problem. I look forward to facing her. Tell Shakira that I'm going to kick her ass this weekend." Said a happy but confident Kelly.

She was excited about facing Shakira in her debut match. Most people were aware of Kelly's comments concerning Shakira…that even though she was straight, she still found Shakira hot and sexy and gets excited thinking about her. Kelly tried to keep that from affecting her training for her debut match.

A few days later, the day of the match came. Kelly was as nervous as she ever had been, as she stretched in her locker room. She was wearing a pair of torn blue jeans and a black tank top with thin top-straps to hold it on. While she stretching she heard a knock on the door.

"Kelly? It's Shakira. Can I come in?" said a friendly Shakira. She was wearing her miniskirt and bikini top from her 'La Tortura' video.

"Sure. Come on in. What's up?" smiled Kelly as she turned toward Shakira.

"I just came in to say hi and to welcome you to the league. It's a great league to fight in." said a smiling Shakira extending her hand.

"Thanks Shakira. That's really nice of you to do that. I'm a big fan of yours and love your music. You're so talented." Said a gleeful Kelly as she shook Shakira's hand.

"Thanks Kelly. I'm a big fan of yours too. You have such a powerful and beautiful voice. I'm kind of jealous." Said a blushing Shakira. She then continued after a second: "Anyway, I just wanted to give you some friendly advice. I know you're probably nervous about having your first match. I was too in my first match. Just take a few deep breaths and that'll help you relax. Besides, no matter what happens tonight, it's still a match...nothing personal, ok?" said Shakira.

"Nothing personal. I'd like to be friends after the match if that's ok with you?" smiled Kelly.

"I'd like that too." Smiled Shakira as she and Kelly hugged. After they hugged Shakira smiled at Kelly and said "Well, I'd better let you finish warming up for the match.". With that, she turned and headed out.

"Thanks Shakira." Smiled Kelly as Shakira left. She couldn't help but look at Shakira's ass as she shook it and her hips sexily on the way out. After she walked out of Kelly's locker room she got a wicked smile on her face.

After a few other matches finished up, it was time for Kelly to face off against Shakira. Kelly was the first one introduced to a cheering crowd with her hit one of her hit songs "Walk Away" blaring on the speakers. She happily waved and blew kisses to all the fans as she made her way to the ring. A moment into Kelly's introduction, Shakira's "La Tortura" blares on the speakers. The crowd goes wild as she comes down the aisle. She shakes the hands of her adoring fans on her way to the ring. As she gets on the apron, Shakira bends over slowly as she goes through the second rope making sure to reveal all of her assets. Kelly found it hard to concentrate as she looked at Shakira. Both combatants went to their respective corners as the referee quickly gained control of the ring. He explained the rules to both fighters and then asked for the bell.

The two sexy fighters circled each other watching each other carefully. The more experienced Shakira moved in with a swift kick to Kelly's mid-section causing Kelly to grunt and bring her arms protectively to her gut. Reacting quickly, Shakira unleashed a barrage of punched to Kelly's now unprotected head and chest forcing her back to the ropes. Shakira continued with several hard karate chops to Kelly's chest causing several loud yelps from Kelly.

Shakira then grabbed Kelly by the arm propelling her toward the opposite set of ropes while bouncing off the ones near her. Hoping to continue her early dominance, Shakira readied for a clothesline. But the quick thinking Kelly ducked underneath Shakira's extended arm. Shakira quickly turned around only to find the bottom of Kelly's shoe coming at her head which knocked her on her back. Shakira was able to quickly roll out from Kelly's attempted stomp of her stomach and got to her feet.

The two now engaged in a furious fist fight that went back and forth for several minutes. After those few minutes, Kelly was showing her rookie nature as she lunged on one of her punches. The experienced Shakira grabbed Kelly's punch, twisted her arm forward causing Kelly to bend over forward. Shakira brutally kicked Kelly's midsection and chest for almost a minute. Shakira then twisted Kelly's arm forcing her to stand upright, which she then unleashed several more kicks to the now sore Kelly. Shakira kicked Kelly in her exposed pussy causing her to scream loudly in pain and get her weak-kneed. Shakira punctuated her attack with several kicks to Kelly's head. Only after the kicks to the head did Shakira release Kelly's hand. Shakira stood smiling as she looked at Kelly who was wobbly on her feet in the middle of the ring and ready to fall over...defenseless.

Shakira thought for a second how to get the first fall. She then stepped back a couple steps, turned her back toward Kelly, does a couple back-flips and as she reached Kelly half-way through her final flip, wrapped her thighs around Kelly's neck causing them both to fall to the mat with Shakira on top of Kelly in a 69 position. As Shakira was doing her back-flips, Kelly's eyes widened in shock, but also in awe of her athleticism. Shakira tightened her scissor-hold on Kelly's neck. Kelly weakly clawed at Shakira's thighs trying to get free. Shakira intermittently tightened and loosened her hold on Kelly's neck weakening her and making her drowsier. Within a couple minutes, Kelly was out cold under Shakira. The referee seeing this, walked over to Kelly raised and then dropped her arm for the 3 count. Shakira quickly released the scissor hold and went to her corner and waited for Kelly to revive.

Kelly came around after less than a minute and slowly got to her feet. The referee called for the beginning of the second round and Kelly quickly remembered where she was. She looked over to Shakira who was smiling confidently as she stood in the corner with her arms on the top ropes.

Kelly quickly charged at Shakira hoping to get something going in the second round. As Kelly got close, Shakira hoisted herself up on her arms and kicked Kelly square in the chest making Kelly stagger back a couple steps. Kelly tried again but got the same result as before. "C'mon, try it again Kelly…maybe it's third times a charm." Taunted Shakira with a smile. That ticked off Kelly a little bit as she charged angrily at her idol. This time, Shakira tightly wrapped her thighs around Kelly's neck as she came close. Kelly grasped at Shakira's thighs as she got caught and gasped and grunted in pain. Shakira giggled a bit as she squeezed Kelly's neck and taunted some more: "You certainly have a knack for being between squeezed between my thighs Kelly". Kelly tried to get out from between Shakira's thighs, but with little luck. Shakira's hold was too tight and well executed. Kelly was turning red from the lack of air. After about a minute or so of keeping the hold, Shakira twisted her own body around in a modified hanukanrana and tossed Kelly to the other side of the ring.

Kelly was sprawled out on the mat on her back in pain and desperately gasping for air. Shakira got up confidently and slowly made her way to Kelly, playing to the crowd as she did. Shakira bent over, grabbed Kelly's hair and began to drag her to her feet. Shakira's eyes suddenly widened. She looked down and realized that Kelly had punched her in the crotch. Kelly reeled back and punched her several more times in the crotched followed by several punched to Shakira's gut. Shakira howled in pain from each hit and her knees became weak. Kelly took the advantage and tackled Shakira, trapping her arms under her knees. Kelly began to wail on Shakira's head and chest. Shakira could do little more than grunt and groan in pain from Kelly's attack. Shakira began to buck her body trying to counter Kelly's withering attack. Shakira's persistence at her bucking finally paid off as she was able to knock Kelly off of her.

Both sexy fighters slowly got up as they recovered from their back and forth fight. Shakira was the first one to get to her feet and kicked Kelly in the gut to get her to her knees. She then grabbed her head and kneed it over a dozen times. She brought Kelly to her unsteady feet and unleashed a series of chops to her chest forcing her back to the ropes. Once she got to the ropes, Shakira unleashed a series of punches to Kelly's body using it as her own personal punching bag. Kelly grunted, groaned and convulsed with each punch to her weakening body. Kelly had very little left in her if at all. After a couple minutes of punching away at Kelly's body, Shakira grabs one of Kelly's arms and sends her to the opposite set of ropes. Shakira bounced off the ropes near her and as the two got close, brought her leg up and gave Kelly some chin music. The hit reverberated through the arena and the loud thud to the mat as Kelly fell like a tree. Shakira quickly covered Kelly and got a 3 count from the ref for the second fall. Kelly was too weak to kick out from the fall.

Shakira didn't waste any time dragging Kelly to her feet. As she did so Kelly blurted out "I totally adore you." Both fighters' eyes opened wide with that comment.

"Really?" asked Shakira. Kelly nodded in response. "Well then, let's make this third and final fall a nude one huh?"

"Ok." was Kelly's response without batting an eye.

Both fighters quickly stripped nude to the enjoyment of the crowd. Of all the people amazed at Shakira's body was none other Kelly. Shakira took quick advantage of Kelly being mesmerized as she punched away at Kelly's head and chest forcing her toward the corner turnbuckle. Shakira then jumped up in the air, turned around and kicked Kelly squarely in the solar plexus sending her flying into the corner and onto her ass and her arms draped over the second rope. Shakira stepped back, smiled at Kelly and did an X over her pussy with her arms. Kelly smiled as she saw that and rested her head on the second turnbuckle. Shakira charged at Kelly, jumped at her, placed her legs through the second ropes and executed a perfect bronco buster on Kelly's face for over half a minute with no resistance from Kelly.

After the bronco buster, Shakira stood in front of Kelly, turned around and rubbed her sexy ass on Kelly's face for almost a minute…again with no resistance from Kelly. After that was done, Shakira the dragged the dazed Kelly into the middle of the ring, and forced her head between her legs. She then executed a power bomb and without moving much after the power bomb, Shakira leaned forward as she knelt between Kelly's legs and pressed her hands on Kelly's shoulders. The ref came in and gave the 3 count to end the match. Both fighters didn't move for a few seconds to catch their breath. They finally stood up after half a minute, upon which Shakira extended her hand out to Kelly. "Not bad for your first match."

"Thanks Shakira." Smiled Kelly as she shook Shakira's hand. "Friends?"

"Friends." Smiled Shakira. The two then turned to the crowd and bowed, waved and blew kisses to them. They then picked up their clothes and headed back to their locker room. As they walked back to the locker room Kelly sheepishly asked: "Shakira, is there any way I can join 'Generation Next' at all? Maybe have you as my mentor, teacher?"

"Let's talk about it in the group's locker room…maybe over a few drinks at a club with the other members." smiled a friendly Shakira.

"Sounds good to me." Smiled Kelly.

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