“I’ve got good news, Rhonda. We were able to get matches for you, Meisha and Gina.” said Rihanna as she sat back in her chair speaking on the phone.

“That’s awesome to hear. How did you get the committee to agree to have our matches?” asked Rhonda.

“Well, I had to sweet talk the committee a bit into getting you girls these matches. They weren’t too enthusiastic when I first approached them about you three.” said Rihanna.

“That’s good news. I hope you didn’t have to give up too much or compromise yourself.” said Rhonda.

“Not at all; they just want me to pass along a message that you girls won’t hurt the girls you're fighting any more than what we would. If all goes well, there would be future matches for you three.” continued Rihanna.

“So the big question is, who are we fighting?” asked Rhonda.

“Well, after some discussion with the committee, you’ll be facing Britney Spears, Meisha will be facing Kelly Clarkson and Gina will be facing Kesha. I hope they are satisfactory with the matches.” said Rihanna.

“These matches work for me. I’ll let the girls know about the matches. I look forward to facing Britney in my match.” smiled Rhonda.

“That’s good to hear. I’ll let you girls know when the fights are scheduled once I hear something. Until then, have fun and get ready.” said Rihanna as she hung up the phone, then texted Keira and Kesha about the matches. Kesha texted back saying she was happy about the matchup. Keira texted back saying that she’d let Kelly know about the fight. Rihanna then got up and took a shower.


“I’ve got good news, Kelly; you’ve got a match coming up with Meisha Tate.” moaned Keira softly as she set down the phone, then looked down at Kelly kneeling before her slowly eating her out. This was one thing that both Keira and Kelly had gotten used to ever since the Kelly submitted to Keira before their match with Gen Prime. “We do have to start training for the match soon, but first you should make me cum.” Keira opened her legs a bit more and placed her hand on Kelly’s head as she leaned back enjoying Kelly’s licking. Keira moaned as Kelly worshipped her, slowly bringing her closer to a climax. Keira started bucking the closer Kelly brought her to a climax. Keira soon let out a high pitched noise, thrust her hips forward as she finally climaxed sending her juiced onto Kelly’s face. Kelly did her best to clean up the juices. Kelly soon stops licking and looks up at Kelly who by now has calmed from the climax and is smiling down at her. Keira caresses Kelly’s face, “Are you ready to start your training? I know Meisha will be a tough match, but no one is unbeatable. We’ll look at her matches and look for any openings.”

“I am ready to start Miss Keira. I will start with Carrie and Natalie while you get the videos together. To be honest, I’m nervous about facing Meisha. We both know that she can pack quite the punch and knows we’d have to be imaginative to beat her.” said Kelly as she stood up and got herself together.

“I know it will be tough and I know you’re good in the ring too. You’ve got the experience in the ring to take her on. You have a chance to beat her.” said Keira as she stood up, cleaned herself up and got dressed. “The girls should be showing up to the gym in a few minutes, let’s head over and tell them the news about the match.” Smiled Keira as she walked up and kissed Kelly on the lips before heading out of the hotel room with Kelly in tow.

It didn’t take long for them to get to the gym, shortly followed by Carrie and Natalie. “Hey ladies, I’ve got some great news. Rihanna called me up earlier and mentioned she got a match for Kelly against Meisha Tate. It should be taking place pretty soon once Rihanna’s got the details on the fight.”

“Meisha Tate? She’s one amazing fighter and very strong. I’ve seen a lot of her fights and you’ll need plenty of practice. You’ll need all the training you can get.” said Carrie as she stepped forward.

“You’re right about her Carrie, she is tough. I’d better get started then.” said Kelly as she got up to the apron of the ring followed by Carrie, while Natalie stood outside the ring.

“I’ll be in the corner doing my research. I’ll be keeping an eye on your training.” said Keira as she grabbed her tablet and went to the corner.

Kelly Clarkson Carrie and Kelly circled each other briefly before locking up. They struggle briefly before breaking it off. They circle each other some more before they engage each other, using what they know. Being the more experienced fighter, Kelly took the early advantage in the fight. Carrie used her training to keep Kelly from dominating the match. As the sparring match wore on, both of them grew a bit tired and sweaty. Carrie soon saw an opening in Kelly’s attack and she sends a kick to side of her knee quickly followed by a kick to her gut. Kelly buckles a bit as she staggers back holding her stomach. Kelly gathered herself before she charged at Carrie, but Carrie side-stepped her sending a leg to Kelly’s gut. Kelly nearly falls to her knees as she staggers forward to the ropes. Kelly took a few deep breaths as she straightened up before facing Carrie. Before she could do anything, Carrie was on her with a few body shots and knees. Kelly soon jammed her up as she leaned in and hugged Carrie. She whispered into Carrie’s ear, “You got me this time, Carrie. Please make the end look good.”

“Ok Kelly, I’ll do that. You’ll be on your knees worshipping me later.” Whispered Carrie as she kidney punched Kelly and brought her knee to Kelly’s crotch. The separation it caused helped as Carrie brought her fists around and sent a few body shots followed by an uppercut to Kelly’s jaw. Kelly grunted as her head snapped upwards and was wobbly on her feet. Carried smirked at Kelly as she grabbed her top and slowly brought her to the center of the ring. She then stepped back sizing Kelly up. Then with one kick, Carrie opened Kelly’s stance, a kick to her pussy brought Kelly to her knees and then a spinning roundhouse kick to Kelly’s chin sent her to the mat unconscious. Carrie stepped to Kelly’s unconscious body, rolled her to her back and posed over her with her bare foot on her chest.

“Damn Carrie, I’m not sure you’re supposed to KO your sparring partner, especially the one who’s got the upcoming match.” Said Natalie as she walked up to Carrie and put her arm around her waist.

“Perhaps you’re right, but she does need the training. Maybe you can knock her out in a later sparring match.” smirked Carrie as she hugged Natalie back.

“Nice finisher Carrie; but Nat is right about not knocking out your sparring partner. I’ve got the videos for Kelly to review.” said Keira as she stepped up to the ring looking at the girls.

Kelly soon regained consciousness and stood up only to find Carrie with her legs crossed, doing her nails and starts walking towards her. Carrie smiles seeing Kelly awake, “Good, you’re awake. Keira said she has the videos and she’ll go over them with your later.” She uncrosses and opens her legs as Kelly got closer. “You know what we promised you would do… what you want to do.”

Kelly took another step before kneeling before Carrie, burying her head between Carrie’s legs and hands on her toned thighs. “Mmm…that feels good. I never imagined until recently of having you on your knees before me worshipping me. I looked up to you… saw you as a friend and leader. We’re still friends, but I don’t see you as a leader anymore. Tap my leg if you want to worship me more in the future and I mean more than just you being between my legs worshipping my pussy.” moaned Carrie as Kelly kept worshipping her pussy and tapped her leg. “Is it ok that I KO’d you today?” Kelly tapped again. “How about in the future; that is if I get the upper-hand in them?” Kelly tapped again. “Do you submit to me and accept my dominance over you?” Kelly tapped again. “I accept your submission. What about Natalie? Would you also submit to her and accept her dominance over you?” Kelly tapped again. “I’ll be sure to tell her, but for now, keep worshipping me.” Moaned Carrie as she leaned back against the wall, her right hand on Kelly’s head and it was long before she climaxed on Kelly’s face. Kelly did her best to clean up the juices. Carrie pulled Kelly’s head back and looked almost pitifully down at her for a moment, but it soon changed to a dominant smirk, “That was amazing and thank you for your honesty. I can tell you’re becoming more comfortable with who and what you are. I still love you dearly as a friend, even though you went from being a friend, boss and leader to my beta friend in a short time. Come on, you’ve got a busy workout schedule for your match.” smile Carrie as she held out her hand for Kelly. The two walked out arm in arm to the shower to clean up.

Later that night, Kelly went back to Keira’s place to go over the videos she had and the two stayed up late reviewing them. Over the next couple weeks, Kelly continued training with Carrie, Natalie and even Keira. A few of the sparring matches ended up with Kelly being KO’d by either Carrie or Natalie. She did beat them as well during other matches as well.

Word finally came through Rihanna about the Kelly’s match with Meisha. The match was in another week’s time. Kelly’s training continued up until the night before the fight. Meisha showed up for the match early and did a walk through of the arena before going to her locker room. Kelly showed up as well with Carrie, Natalie and Keira soon afterwards. They both waited patiently to be called for the match.

After a short while, Meisha was called to the ring first. She entered wearing a red sports bra, purple spandex short-shorts, barefoot and her hair in a ponytail. The crowd went wild when they saw her come out on the ramp. She smiled and waved to them as she made her way down to the ring. After getting to the ring, she stretched a bit. A moment later, Kelly was announced on the loud speakers. The crowd cheered for her as well. She had on a pair of boxer shorts, sports bra, barefoot and her hair was in a ponytail as well. She smiled and waved at the fans as she approached the ring.

Kelly smiled and looked over Meisha. She knows she has to stay focused, but can’t deny she finds Meisha attractive. Meisha smiles at Kelly as the two approach each other. The two shook hands as the bell rung. The two circle before locking up with each other. Using her physical strength and leverage of her feet, Meisha is able to push Kelly back a few steps. Kelly plants her feet as Meisha pushes her to the ropes. While still holding onto Meisha Kelly then leaps up and knees Meisha in her gut. Meisha grunts and staggers back a few steps holding her stomach. Kelly charges at Meisha with a pair of punches to her head and a right kick to her hip. Meisha’s head snaps back after Kelly’s punches, but she was quick enough to catch Kelly’s leg. Meisha used Kelly’s momentum from the kick to spin her a bit and toss her to the mat. Meisha goes to stomp on Kelly only to find she rolled out just before her foot landed.

Kelly quickly got to her feet and charged at Meisha lowering her shoulder into Meisha’s gut driving her back towards the corner. As Kelly pushes her back, Meisha sends a few punches to Kelly’s back and only stopped Kelly’s pushing with a pair of knees to her chest. Meisha sends a couple more knees to Kelly’s chest making her grunt and slightly winded. Meisha grabs Kelly’s hair and pulls her upright. Before Kelly could do anything Meisha sends a handful of punches to Kelly’s torso and a few knees as well. Meisha then sends a pair of hooks to Kelly’s head making her snap from side to side then spins around and sends a kick to Kelly’s gut sending her halfway across the mat and onto her back. Meisha makes her way to Kelly and stomp her chest making her grunt in pain and her body jolt. After a couple of stomps on Kelly’s chest, Kelly grabs Meisha’s ankle and gives it a hard tug making Meisha fall on her ass. Both girls make it to their knees before they both start wailing on each other. Amongst all the punches, Meisha throat punches Kelly making her gasp for air and bring her hands up to her throat. Meisha quickly grabs Kelly’s hair bringing her to her feet. Meisha sends a few more punches to Kelly’s torso followed by a front kick sending Kelly to the ropes. The combination of the throat punch and now the kick to her gut, makes Kelly even more winded.

Meisha smirks as she steps towards Kelly who barely raises her arms in defense. Meisha brushes them aside and sends a pair of knees into Kelly. The knees would have made Kelly double over but instead leans into Meisha who in turn wraps her arms around Kelly’s torso and squeezes. Kelly groans as she feels Meisha’s strong arms squeeze her and start to lift her up. Kelly wraps her arms around Meisha’s head, pressing it against her body in the hopes of making her release the bear-hug. The battle between the two of them continued. Meisha squeezes a bit longer before turning around and falling forward onto the mat. Both girls grunted from the hit, but with Meisha’s hands behind her back, sent pain through her back. The move caused Kelly to release the hold on Meisha’s head. Meisha lifted her head up and took a breath before slamming it down onto Kelly’s for several head-butts. Meisha gives Kelly’s torso a few squeezes before sliding them out from under Kelly’s body and straddles her body. Meisha looks down at a slightly dazed Kelly before sending several pairs of left-right punches to Kelly’s head making it snap from side to side.

After punching Kelly’s head several times, Meisha grabs Kelly’s hair and brings her up to her feet. Meisha puts Kelly’s head between her legs and squeezed. Meisha chuckled as Kelly slapped at Meisha’s thighs. Meisha soon leaned over and wrapped her arms around Kelly’s stomach and hoisted her up in the air and slammed her down to the mat in a power-bomb. Kelly’s body bounced off the mat from the force of the power-bomb and she groaned from the hit. Meisha reached down and grabbed Kelly’s hair again, once again putting Kelly’s head between her thighs. This time, Kelly’s arms hung down. Seeing this, Meisha smiled and played to the crowd a bit taking in the cheers. Meisha soon wrapped her arms around Kelly’s waist again, hoisting her up and once again power-bombs her. Meisha looked down at Kelly sensing she’s ready for defeat as she stepped forward. Instead of the typical cover to finish the match, Meisha places her foot between Kelly’s breasts and waited for the referee to count her out. Much to Meisha’s surprise, Kelly grabbed Meisha’s ankle. “We both know you’re now in no condition to beat me, Kelly. Let go of my ankle and I’ll let you worship me later. We both know you want to be on your knees, licking my pussy. I saw how you looked at me the night of the party and tonight before the match.” Kelly thought for a second before letting go of Meisha’s ankle and nodded to Meisha. Meisha smirked down at Kelly and whispered as she flexed her biceps: “That’s right, bitch.” The referee quickly counted Kelly out and called for the bell. Meisha removed her foot letting Kelly get to her feet.

“You fought well, Meisha. Rihanna will continue to support your entrance into the league.” said Kelly as both she and Meisha shook hands. Kelly then leaned in and whispered, “You’re right about one thing. I was tempted to get in line behind Rhonda to worship your pussy and still do.”

“I think I do and they’re all lucky to have you around.” smiled Meisha as she stood up. “Until then, let’s keep in touch.” The two hung out for a few minutes as Meisha got dressed and chatted a bit before they left the locker room and went their separate ways.


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