Fab Four versus ABA
NOTE - This story immediately follows EFLV Strip Club Rescue Series
Finally is time for the Final Showdown! The sun is setting. Massive crowds line the streets with TV cameras there to capture this moment in history

A piece of the Las Vegas strip near the Luxor Hotel & Casino has been blocked off for the event. The ABA is there, ready and waiting with their new associate. Carmen Electra is standing in for the mysteriously AWOL Jeri Ryan. The four women look sexy and tough. They are wearing cutoff jean shorts, black wife beaters t-shirts. Nikki Cox, Christina Applegate, and Jenny McCarthy have "ABA" emblazed on the front of their shirts. Only Carmen has nothing on her shirt. They wear black leather fingerless gloves to set off the "I'm going to kick these bitches ass" look they wanted to convey.

The Fab Four arrive fashionably late. The first sight of the quartet causes the ABA to burst into laughter. The four women's hair is in desperate need of a trip to one of Vegas' world famous hair salons. Fatigue clearly shows on their faces. Their ordeal of rescuing their friends from their strip club prisons, has worn them down. All still wear bruises from being throttled by Gen Prime until that group imploded. But the reason for the laughter is their clothing. All their outfits were destroyed while rescuing their friends, so now all four are wearing stripper clothes. They look more like hookers than divas.

Tia Carrere wore a black corset with gold accents that stopped just above her navel. She completed the ensemble with a matching black mini skirt. Halle Berry had a bright orange tube mini dress with slits up to her waist that exposes her ass while she walks. Pam Anderson wears a red leather bra & panty set a matching choker around her neck and gloves up to her elbows. Jennifer Lopez had a kinky cop costume. A baby blue halter top with badge and black vinyl hot shorts.

Above all they wore stern looks of determination and resolve that went completely unnoticed by the ABA. The four battered superstars ignored the ABA's laughter at their appearance. They did not even question why Carmen Electra was there instead of Jeri Ryan. They could not even hear the encouraging words of the four friends they just rescued from bondage. They did not care. The only thing that mattered was either winning this fight, or being carried away on their shields like true gladiators.

"McCarthy is mine!" J-Lo says to friends remembering that her humiliating total defeat at the hands of the blonde launched this ordeal. The others did not utter a word in response, only advanced toward their enemies.

"Let's get em" Tia announces and the Fab Four charges into battle. The ABA instantly drops their laughter, and meets the Fab Four head on. Christina locks up with Pam. Nikki intercepts Tia. Old rivals, Carmen and Halle reintroduce themselves. Of course Jenny collides with J Lo.

Tia Carrere vs Nikki Cox
Just short of Nikki and Tia's collision, Tia stops and launches Nikki backwards with an upper cut to her chin. Niki stumbles, off balance with Tia in hot pursuit. Tia rocks Nikki's head about with a hard left right combination. Tia launches one of her patented karate kicks from The Relic Hunter, but her micro skirt restricts her movements and her leg cannot rise above waist level. Nikki grabs Tia's foot and pushes the limb higher, upending Tia, causing her to fall flat on her back. Nikki immediately dives on top of Tia, and rocks her with a couple of forearms to her jaw. Tia wraps her arms around Nikki and rolls over so she is now on top. Nikki continues to fight, slashing Tia across the cheek with wicked elbows, before the Hawiian could mount her and pin her arms down.

"You're not going anywhere you lil' snot" Tia snarls. She feels lucky to have drawn Nikki to fight. Pummeling Minka expended a lot of energy. While she knows Nikki is physically capable of defeating her, she feels the big boobed red head is a born loser, and will always find a way to fuck up a good thing and come out on the losing end.

With Nikki immobilized by a full body press, Tia starts bouncing her bigger body onto Nikki's trying to smash some of the fight and energy out of her. This gets a grunt out of Nikki until she is able to raise her leg enough to strike Tia in her cunt as she comes down again. Tia cries an even louder grunt than Nikki and rolls off to the side. Tia takes a deep breath and tries to scramble to her feet. Nikki quickly realizes it is in her best interest to keep her larger opponent on the ground, and grabs the waistband of Tia's micro skirt. A brief tug of war ensues ending until the zipper and buttons of the cheap garment giving way, and is left in Nikki's hands. Tia scrambles to her feet now reduced to a black thong, that displays her wide curvaceous ass to a cheering crowd.

Nikki rises to her feet with a loud grunt born of frustration from Tia's initial success. Nikki charges back at Tia trying to catch her off guard. Tia turns just in time to meet Nikki at the point of impact. They lock up and struggle against each other for supremacy. Muscles bulge and clumps of hair are lost while they struggle for an advantage.

Tia steals a page of Nikki's book, and fires her knee in between the redhead's legs. Tia repeats the move until Nikki's iron grip loosens then scoops the buxom beauty up and body slams her to the hard street.

After the bone jarring body slam, Nikki slowly and groaning rises to her feet. Unfortunately for her, Tia's foot meets her face along the way. Nikki drops back to the ground. Tia adds to Nikki's torment by kicking and stomping her all over her body. Tia is actually enjoying torturing Nikki, but she knows it is unwise or at least not according to plan to do so. Because of the ordeal they have already been through, the Fab Four's plan is to end their fights as soon as possible. Even at the expense of possibly acting too soon and putting the fight in jeopardy. All four exhausted superstars felt it was their only chance of winning.

With that in mind, Tia backs off and allows Nikki to struggle to her feet. When the hurting and cursing red head rises to her haunches, Tia stalks from behind then locks Nikki in a full nelson hold. Tia bears down on the hold doing her best imitation of Chris Master's Master Lock with all the power her arms can muster. She animalisically growls from the exertion and intensity she is expelling. The Hawaiian is rewarded with a loud roar of agony from the red head. Nikki's chin is compressed into her chest. Her neck is contorted. Flow of oxygen and blood to her brain is limited. She is going down and out just as Tia has hoped and planned.

Tia renews her effort after realizing the initial success of her so-called "Tia Lock". She can feel Nikki's energy drain out under the stress of the hold. She feels Nikki sinking lower. Tia uses any advantage she can get at this point. She uses her height advantage to bear down on Nikki with all her might and more importantly with the full force of her body weight behind her, to send Nikki to her doom. She uses a psychological advantage, mentally assaulting her prey with insults and threats. "You're going down, you stupid ass bimbo", Tia threatens in Nikki's ear. Finally Tia shakes Nikki from side to side. Nikki's captured arms and flowing red hair swing wildly reaffirming in her mind how totally helpless she is.

As Nikki's body starts to droop in Tia's clutch, a reassurance started in her mind. "No it can't end like this!" She thinks. "We've come too far, schemed too much, and kicked their asses from one end of the country and back, to let these bitches off the hook now." With that thought Nikki unleashes a deep guttural, nearly spiritual groan and tries to force her arms down. To Tia's surprise, shock and dismay, her grip started loosening. Her clasp hands behind Nikki's head started separating. Tia realized what was happening. Her arms started tiring from exerting so much power. Now Nikki's last gasp for freedom may be enough to allow her to escape.

"I'm such a stupid idiot!" Tia thinks to herself. "Tried to finish her too soon. Now if she breaks out, I won't have any strength left... She'll beat me!" Panic sets in and Tia redoubles her effort. This causes Nikki's desperation to grow so she redoubles her effort to escape. Spectators look on in as this melodrama unfolds. Red faced Nikki fights, staining with every essence of her being to power her arms down. Her face is a mixture of exhaustion, desperation and dread that she is about to fail at her mission. Tia's face shows absolute fear and panic. She makes loud grunts and yells as she tries to contain the red head fury called Nikki Cox in hey grasps. The test of wills explode.

Finally Nikki lets out a long sustained growl in what she knows is her final effort for freedom. Again Niki tries lowering her arms. She hears a long agonized groan from Tia and feels Tia's hands unclasp from behind her head. With one small inkling of hope, Nikki starts ramming her ass backwards into Tia's stomach. Each bump gets short grunts from Tia, and weakens her grip each time. Nikki tries again to bring her arms down with a long sustained attempt. Nikki hears Tia wail in despair as the red head slowly breaks her Tia Lock.

Tia's mind is racing at 100mph. She experiences panic, fear, determination, frantic, exhaustion, determination. She has many thoughts and feelings running through her mind. Remembering pain of losses to Jenny McCarthy, humiliation of being ass smothered by Alicia Silverstone. Determination. Memories of being hog-tied in Eminem's hotel room by Christina Applegate. Submitting to Jeri Ryan's trickery and losing the Hardcore title. Determination, Determination DETERMINATION.

Acting on pure instinct, Tia rams her knee into Nikki's back in the kidney area. Tia attacks with alternating knees to each side. Nikki instantly finds herself paralyzed in pain with her knees buckling. Tia reapplies her full nelson, places her left leg in front of Nikki's right leg and pitches forward. Nikki is launched face first into the concrete. Tia kicks out Nikki's leg from under her. Nikki's arms were captured above her head. She had no way to break her fall. No choice but to land forcefully face first to the unforgiving concrete. Later they told Nikki the move is called a reverse Russian leg sweep. I had to be later because as soon as her face hit the concrete, Nikki was knocked out cold.

Halle Berry vs Carmen Electra
Halle eyes Carmen. She still vividly remembers that night at a producer's pool party. A cocky trash talking Halle instigated a fight with Carmen and got her ass handed to her. Then after Carmen had damn near drown her, she still mouth off and challenges Carmen again, and got her ass kicked again. The majority of people there felt Halle got what she deserved. Everybody else felt like Carmen should have punished Halle's shit talking ass some more. Although Halle avenged that loss, he still remembered the humility she felt that night.

"Oh come on bitch I still owe you from....." SLAP! Halle's sentence was interrupted by Carmen's paint brushing slap as soon as Halle got within range. Halle's hair went flying, her head swung like on a swivel. SLAP! Carmen's returned with another slap that sent Halle's head spinning the other way, and sent her staggering backward like she was drunk. That was until a kick from Carmen's shapely leg sent her tumbling backwards to her ass with a loud grunt.

Unlike Halle, Carmen was not living in past, but in the present. Carmen loved being back in the spotlight again. She relished the center stage, and was determined to stay there.

Halle rises to her feet still wearing a grimace. Carmen advances and strikes with a right hook. Halle returns with a punch that lands flush on Carmen's jaw. The two gorgeous women begin exchanging punches. Each exchange gives Carmen more confidence that she was going to kick Halle's ass big time. Carmen instantly realized Halle was severely worn down by all the fights she has survived in Las Vegas. Halle was running on fumes at this point and was nowhere near the warrior Carmen encountered the first two times.

Carmen began her destruction of Halle by throwing short powerful hooks to Halle's ribs. She soon had Halle wincing in pain and lowering her arms trying to protect her ribs. After a few more bruising blows, Halle's arms are wrapped around her abdomen and no longer retaliating with punches. Carmen then began flattening Halle's breast with a series of pile driving punches. Halle seemed terribly confused at this point. She did not know whether to protect her ribs and belly, cover her boobies, or punch back. No matter which of the three options she chose, it seemed to be the wrong one. No matter what she tried, Carmen found a weak spot and hurt her.

Carmen snatches a suffering Halle by her hair and slings her to the ground. Halle takes nine staggering, very ungraceful steps before finally tripping and tumbling to the street. Halle's ribs were killing her. She could not move or breath without experiencing pain.

Wearing a big smile, Carmen quickly pursues her victim. She reaches down while Halle is still in a heap and starts yanking off her tube dress. The stretchy material pulls easily and within moments part of the dress is over Halle's head with her arms trapped in the dress. Realizing how vulnerable of a position she was in, the cagey and experienced Halle starts wiggling in the opposite direction to worm out of the dress. Halle knew with her arms trapped, her already bruised ribs were exposed and she had no way to prevent Carmen from easily finishing her off. Although the veteran move went unnoticed by an over excited Carmen and many of the novice fans, Halle knew by quickly wiggling out of her dress, she may have saved the fight.

Halle ungracefully stands to her feet minus her dress. She is wearing only a frown and a tiny orange G-String that matched her estranged dress. Her perfectly bronzed nearly naked body pops countless boners amongst the crowd. Carmen stands with a huge smile, practically beaming with confidence. Her only thought is picking Halle apart piece by piece, and she is well on her way to accomplishing that goal. Halle looks hurt, tired, frustrated, and well on her way to defeat.

"Come on bitch" Carmen says with a big smirk. "I'm going to finish exposing you for the sneaky lil' bitch that you are, just like I did the first time we fought."

"Oh really? Halle answers with a 'bitch please' look on her face.

"Yeah really!" Carmen responds confidently while advancing and throwing a haymaker. Halle bobs to the side and avoids the punch. Then spins, recalling her childhood gymnastic classes and catches Carmen across the mouth with a mixed martial arts spinning backfist. Carmen crumples to the pavement. She raises her head and gazes glassy-eyed, unfocused and vacantly off in space. Carmen has proverbial tweety birds, stars, moons and all kinds of stuff orbiting around her head.

Halle look down at Carmen proudly only for an instant. The ebony warrior first saw the spinning backfist while flipping through channels on TV and finding UFC's Greatest Knockouts one night. She saw how it worked for Shonie Carter and just had to learn it.

"Well you know what Carmen?" Halle asks while repeatedly stomping Carmen's tits flat. "You.... can....." Halle continues ending her tit stomps with a nasty stomp to Carmen's face that dribbles the back of Carmen's head on the hard pavement. Carmen now lies spread-eagle, almost certainly kayoed, but Halle finishes her sentence. "KISS MY BLACK ASS!" Halle yells as she leaps in the air and comes down 'ass first' on Carmen's face, again bouncing the back of Carmen's head against the pavement. If Carmen was not unconscious before, she definitely is now. Halle stays victoriously seated on the prone warriors face like a queen sitting on her thrown.

Pam Anderson vs Christina Applegate
"Oh goodie! I get to whip the champ" Pam exclaims advancing toward Christina.

"Oh goodie! I get to whip a worn out, washed up 2 cent whore." Christina maliciously snaps back.

Pam's eyes narrow, obviously stung by Christina's comment, and marches toward her adversary a little quicker. When the two blondes meet, Christina scores with a loud slap across Pam's face, but the Baywatch blonde ignores the blast and walks through it. She locks up with her foe by sinking her hands in her hair. Christina immediately follows suit, and both start tugging away at each other's blonde tresses. Each jerks the other's head around and bends their opponent's necks at painful angles. Each often tears a hand free to pummel the other's face, tits and side, only to quickly regain another handful of hair and jerk their opponent's head at will. They exchange grunts and obscenities as this hair pulling duel grinds out longer than anyone ever imagined.

After hundreds of strands of torn out bleach blonde hair are blowing down the Las Vegas Strip, Pam breaks the stalemate by falling back with her foot against Christina's abdomen. Pam expertly sends Christina flying head over heels with a monkey flip. The Champ lands hard on her back, but still does not break her grip on Pam's hair, but neither does Pam loose her grip either. With both women connected by hair pulls and the top of their heads nearly touching, each rolls to mount the other and gain an advantage. Pam is a little quicker and gets on top of her opponent while still connected by their hair. Pam is able to score a few fist to the face before Christina finally bucks her off. With both ladies still lying on their side and still yanking each other's hair, Pam starts kicking Christina. The long legged Baywatch blonde has a distinct advantage and is able to force Christina to abandon her hair pull and roll away.

Both blondes scramble to their feet. Both are breathing hard and their hair looking like unkempt bird's nest. Pam is happy to have scored a moral victory in winning the hair-pulling contest, but at what cost? The already run down blonde is running low on energy. Despite her dumb blonde persona, she is quite a good student. She has studied all of Christina's recent matches. The champ has been very impressive. Christina has been viciously applying pressure to her opponents, slowly wearing them down. Then she takes advantage of their fatigued state with startling brutality. Christina mercilessly pounds them into submission, and then brutalizes them even more. Finally her hapless victim is reduced to a shell of themselves, begging for survival or release from their torture. Even confident, strong championship caliber fighters like Catherine Zeta Jones, Shania Twain, Salma Hayek, and Alyssa Milano have crumbled to sniveling victims at the champion's hands. Pam knew very shortly she would be the next added to that illustrious list if she did not change the course of this fight quickly.

"You know what Applegate?" Pam taunts, "You're not so tuff." Pam coolly says and starts circling Christina in a manner that oozes confidence. "You're just a big bully who needs a gang of thugs to amount to anything." Pam's voice reflects supreme confidence and conviction, to the point that even if Christina knew Pam is incorrect, she had to pause to reassure herself that her words were untrue. "I'm not scared of you, I'm standing up to you just like Jamie Pressly did, and we both know you should have loss that fight." Pam stands defiantly. "You don't scare me! After I kick your ass today, I'll get a title shot and take your title to send you back to mid-card status."

"You're such a fucking idiot!" Christina says in dismay. "I've been beating everybody's ass because I'm the baddest bitch around! You can have your title shot anytime you want whore!" Christina continues. "And make it a dumpster match so I can throw you where you belong. Just like I did to Jennifer Lopez and Halle Berry."

Pam has a smirk on her face. Her little soliloquy may not have intimidated Christina, but it did its job. It gave Pam valuable moments to catch her breath. "And they call me the dumb blonde" thinks Pam. Then she realizes her ploy worked better than expected, as an insulted champion charges her swinging wildly.

Unlike those who came before her, Pam maintains her cool under Christina's furious assault. She ducks and dodges, bobs and weaves, and evades the brunt of the assault. Knowing the smart champion would recognize the error in her ways, Pam keeps Christina on tilt, by taunting "Missed!" "Missed again!" Pam mocks after another whiff. "Big stupid bully" Christina keeps coming and keeps missing.

Suddenly Pam strikes with a kick to Christina's side after a miss. Christina grunts and leans to her hurting side. Pam then strikes with a kick to the champ's other side getting a louder howl. Pam strikes a third time with a kick to Christina's stomach that launches her off her feet and landing on her ass. Those three blows knocked the breath out of Christina but Pam backs off. She's very tired from her fight with Spontaneous Xtasty. Pam mysteriously unfastens her vinyl bra top. "Come on Champ. Where's that baddest bitch now?" Pam taunts while taking off her bra.

Christina sees the haggard look in Pam's eyes. She knows as soon as she gets her hands on the bimbo; she is through. Christina roars and charges Pam once again. Pam sidesteps her like a matador in a bullfight. Pam loops the bra over Christina's head and jerks back on it once it has fallen around the champ's throat. Christina halts in her tracks like a horse on a harness. Pam leaps on Christina back and loops the bra around Christina's neck a second time to make sure there is no escape. "Who's the dummy now Bad Ass?" Pam purrs as she chokes the champion out.

Christina's mouth hangs open for air Pam will not let pass to her lungs. Pam's weight becomes too heavy causing Christina to drop to her knees. Christina face turns red and her tongue hangs out as her eyes start to roll back. Christina realizes Pam Anderson, the prototypical dumb blonde, has done what Catherine Zeta Jones, Alyssa Milano, Shania Twain, Alicia Silverstone and Jamie Pressly failed to do, outsmart her. The champ blacks out.

Jennifer Lopez vs Jenny McCarthy
"J.Lo I know your big dumb ass don't want any more of th....." Jenny McCarth's sentence was interrupted by Jennifer Lopez's fist slamming across her mouth and spinning her head to the side. While she was swooning from the firt punch, another one spun her head the opposite direction.

"You Fucking Bitch! Nobody gets away with what you did to me! Nobody!" Jennifer screams at the top of her lungs. Jennifer is enraged, blind with fury. The frustration of the Curse of Aguilera has overcome her. The pain of losing time and time again. The post match sessions where people tortured and humiliated her to boost their own prestige at her expense. Worst of all, losing her confidence, a condition Jennifer has never experienced her entire life.

"It had to be that VooDoo doll" Jennifer thinks as she keeps throwing punches at Jenny. Oh Yeah, Jenny is throwing punches back, but Jennifer did not feel them. Jenny felt every punch Jennifer landed however. Jennifer's emotions have washed away her rational thoughts. The only cognizant thing she is aware of is punishing Jenny McCarthy. The bitch who's ass fucking was the last straw, the final indignity that broke her.

"It had to be that VooDoo doll" Jennifer continues thinking. "There's no other reason. I'm Jennifer Lopez, I don't break!" Jennifer thinks as she keeps hammering Jenny unmercifully. "I've had my ass kicked plenty in life. Failed marriages, failed relationships, Puffy, Ben. Failed movies, failed albums, its never affected me before. That damn Christina Aguilera and Janet Jackson! They did this to me...."

Jennifer's thoughts are interrupted when Jenny crashes to the ground from the fury of Jennifer's fist. "Get up you fuckin' bitch! I'm not done with you yet!" Jennifer yells.

Jenny slowly rises to her feet. She feels like she is fighting a force of nature instead of a woman. She is hurting real bad and wishes they had never tracked the Fab Four to Vegas. "Maybe that is why these whore have been so successful in their careers" Jenny thinks. "You knock them down, step on them, but they don't stay down, they don't stay down! We've been kicking their cunts for months, but they just got stronger. Breaking J.Lo only made her unbreakable." These thought are broken by three lightening fast fist that drops Jenny again.

For the next several minutes this sequence is repeated. Jenny rising only to be dropped like a bad habit seconds later. Jenny could not figure out why she kept getting up. It may have been pride, or Jennifer's taunts and maiacal laughter, or she felt guilty about what she did to Jennifer, and felt she deserved this beating. Whatever it was, Jennifer was beating the hell out of the blonde, and soon beat whatever that was making her rise out of her too.

Jennifer did not care that Jenny could no longer rise. She pulled Jenny up to her knees by her shirt and held her there with one hand and continued hammering her face with the other. The blonde is out of it, barely conscious. "I'll teach you to fuck with me bitch!" Jennifer screamed, "Who's the Bad Ass now Bitch?"

"Hey Bronx Bomber!" Halle calls out politely. "If you're finished, the rest of us would like to go."

Jennifer stops and looks around to see the strip littered with ABA trash. The Bronx Bomber drops Jenny's limp carcass and sheepishly replied, "Sorry I got carried away."

The whole strip ignites in an ovation for the conquering Fab Four. Finally the Fab Four all smile and breathe a sigh of relief and happiness. "You know, we should give back to these fans a little." Pam says as she pulls off one of Christina's shoe's off and tosses it into the crowd. The rest of the Fab Four happily joined in and start taking off the unconscious ABA member's shoes, followed by their socks. Their cut off jean shorts enters the crowd as well. Their panties started quite an uproar when they were tossed into the boisterous crowd. The Fab Four threw the ABA's bra's into the crowd, but decided to keep their black ABA shirts as trophies. Although, Halle was a little pissed that her shirt from Carmen did not have the ABA on it since she was not officially a member, she is satisfied none the less. They left the ABA unconscious and naked lying in the street.

The general manager of The Luxor snaps his fingers and four doormen come out and place four luxurious Egyptian style robes around the members of the Fab Four. "Ladies, Las Vegas loves Winners, and you are definitely winners." The manager says. "I would be honored to have you stay in our penthouse suites for the week to recoup from your fight. Everything complementary of course."

"You know I think we can use a vacation" Tia says with a smile, "We accept."

As the Fab Four were being ushered into the hotel, they heard someone yell, "What about the ABA?"

The Fab Four stops, and Jennifer asks the manager, "I know this is Vegas and all, but don't you still have indecency laws? I mean there's four naked women lying in the street."

"Ahh" says the manager, and snaps his fingers again at the police who were there for crowd control, and points to the groggy ABA girls. In an instant, the policemen put cuffs on the ABA and start stuffing them in squad cars. "I don't think they'll be bothering you during your stay."

The Fab Four enters the hotel to a deafening cheer, to begin a time of celebration. They partied till they dropped, which Pam did literally a couple of times and needed Halle and Jennifer to carrier her home. But as they say, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas."



The ABA members and Carmen silently stewed in their holding cell, each wondering what went wrong. Nobody dared to speak, the smell of a Milano for the first person to say the wrong thing was in the air.

They hear the door to the outer offices open and footsteps coming down the hall but they pay them no mind, figuring it was none of their concern. They all have their heads turned or bowed when they hear a voice saying, "My how the mighty have fallen" They look up ready to at least verbally tear into somebody and see Demi Moore approaching. "The Big Bad wolves of Stone Rage's Battle Zone have been caged. What a shame."

"We won't be in this cage for long bitch, so if you know what's good for you, you would leave us alone quickly and maybe we'll forget what you just said." Nikki answers.

"Sure, you'll get out and then what?" Demi starts. "You'll beat up a few people for revenge, have a little success and then lose to the Fab Four again." Demi says like she is lecturing a class. "That's been the trend in all your careers hasn't it?" Demi asks. "Have some success then find a way to fuck it up. That's why you're B-list stars, move up to A minus then back to the B-list."

"You had better get to your point quick bitch, or the first person we beat up once we're out will be you." Christina says.

"Here's my point" Demi says forcefully. "Christina Applegate, pop icon as Kelly Bundy, failed movie career. On last comeback in Anchor Man, then nothing. Jenny McCarthy, Playboy Playmate, turned game show host. Stupid enough to leave for her own show. BOMB! Multiple career comebacks that have amounted to nothing. Nikki Cox, the Bundy knockoff who has an alarming talent to land roles on bad TV series, and get cancelled. One good role on Las Vegas and got fired." Demi turns to Carmen and looks befuddled. "And are you really desperate enough to let a waist like this in you group?"

Carmen gives Demi a scowl while Jenny answers, "No not really", which causes Carmen to give Jenny a bad look.

"Hey I started in the 80's as a teen like you, only my career is still going unlike yours. I can snap my fingers and get roles you could never even read for. I've gotten every man I ever wanted. Why? Because I'm a winner. I find a way to come out on top. You three are losers; talented loser, but still losers. You can never find a way to get over that hump. You're like the Buffalo Bills in the 90's. You make it to the championship game then blow it. I can change that for you. I can teach you to overcome yourselves. I can be that coach, that last ingredient to the team you need." Demi lectures. "Make me your fourth member, your strategist, and we'll own Stone Rage, the Fab Four and this league before the end of the year."

Maybe it was because they were feeling low from losing and being cast into jail. Maybe because they needed something to believe in to lift their spirits. Maybe because every fourth member has failed, or maybe because they knew everything Demi is saying is true. Whatever reason the ABA was listening and seriously considering Demi's offer. "You know guys, I got a good feeling about Demi" Nikki slowly admits.

"I like the idea too. But Chris, it's up to you" Jenny says.

Christina ponders Demi proposal. Deep down she knows there is a lot of truth in Demi's words. She knows that even at her age, Demi is one mean, tough, bitch that should never be crossed. She knows... "Ah what the hell, let's do it" Christina says knowing the decision felt right. "Now can you get us out of here?"

"Already arranged" Demi answers with a smile. "I've already paid your fines. We just have to get out of town immediately. They don't want you tangling with the Fab Four anymore. They are partying so hard, that the're making Paris Hilton jealous." Demi turns to leave extremely happy her plan has worked. "I'll get the guards to let you out." Demi stops at the door to leave and adds, "Sorry Carmen, since you're not an ABA member, that offer doesn't apply to you. You'll be staying here in jail. Life's a bitch isn't it?"