GOLD EXPERIENCE Bootylicious Title Match

Shakira limbers up prior to her match in her dressing room alone. Its quite a change for her since joining Generation Next. Since Alyssa Milano's betrayal and departure from the group, everything has changed. Alyssa was the guiding force behind the group. She was the coach, trainer, and matriarch of the family. After she callously dumped them, everybody seems disheartened and disenfranchised about the group. The group was started feeling like a family, Alyssa using them for her personal gain, made the group feel like a business. G-Man has been missing in action. Both Nelly Furtado and Kelly Clarkson have entrenched themselves in their careers. Wide gaps have already formed in the short time since Alyssa's departure. Shakira, herself is seriously considering leaving the group.

The end results have Shakira feeling very frustrated right now. She knows how to relive that frustration, a good work out. She needs to make her body sweat. She wants to feel the touch of sweaty flesh against flesh. She wants to make someone hurt, hear them scream, make them suffer, and cry in humiliation. It certainly looks like it is a bad day to be Kim Kardashian.

Kim is in the other dressing room and understandably nervous. She has been trained by the best trainers money can buy. Physically and mentally, she feels ready. She has been coached in wrestling, boxing and jujitsu, skill wise she is ready. She has the fan's endorsement, by winning a poll over Vida Guerra to earn her way into this match. She definitely feels like she has one of the best booties on the planet. However, she is a rookie and this is her first professional catfight. Also, she is fighting a top level talent like Shakira, who has bested the likes of Alicia Silverstone and Beyonce.

As Stone Rage would say, if he were not on a hiatus, "Welcome to The Battle Zone." This is what she was looking for when she joined. She wants to become one of the biggest celebrities in the world, and Celebrity Catfighting is a sure way to achieve that goal. Her ass has dropped men to their knees and begging by the mere sight of it. If she can use it to dominate women, and gain further fame and fortune, all the better. Kim is tired of being labeled as a celebrity with no talent, skill or reason. Being the Bootylicious Champion will fit well into her career goals.

"Big ass don't fail me now!" Kim tells herself as she makes her way to the ring.

Buffie the BodyIn the ring, celebrity ring announcer and hostess for the THE GOLD EXPERIENCE! Pay Per View, Buffie The Body is making the introductions. "Aight! Time for our Semi Main Event of the Evening! Coming to the ring, fighting out of Beverly Hills, California, The star of Keeping Up With The Kardashians... and owner of one of the phattest asses in Hollywood.... Kim Kardashian!!!!!!"

Kim walks up the aisle smiling and waving to cheering fans with her body parts bouncing and jiggling while barely being contained by a skimpy red bikini. Kim chose Beyonce's song, "Bootylicious" to blast over the speakers for her introduction. She is surprised and encouraged by the warm reception by the fans. Her confidence grows feeling that she really does belong in the ring across from Shakira.

"Now introducing the Booylicious Champeeeen..... She fights out of Barranquilla, Colombia. She is the international darling SHAKIRA!!!!!!!" Buffie loudly yells as the crowd already start to drown her voice out with cheers for the immensely popular champion.

Shakira burst through the curtains like a ball of energy. Her hit song "Hips Don't Lie" plays as she gyrates, bounces and dances her way toward the ring. The bikini clad Shakira continues her display after entering the ring sending the crowd into a frenzy.

With her job completed, Buffie exits the ring, leaving the competitors to meet in the center of the squared circle. The bikini clad beauties eye each other briefly before the bell rings. Both competitors wisely agreed to wear bikinis to allow the best seal for face sitting.

As soon as the bell rings, they lock up collar and elbow. This lock up is brief before Kim powers Shakira into a headlock. Shakira elbows Kim in the side a few times hoping to loosen Kim's headlock, but feels no relief. Then, Shakira tries to whip Kim into the ropes. Kim holds on tight to her headlock and goes nowhere. Next, Kim tries pulling Kim's full black hair. She only succeeds in angering Kim and makes her wrench the headlock tighter. Barely able to breath and quickly running out of options, Shakira wraps her arms around Kim's waist and hoists her into the air, and drops her down ass first on the blonde's knee. Kim screams, arches her back and release the blonde after the improv atomic knee drop.

Despite the fact that her booty, that she is so very proud of is throbbing, Kim instinctively takes a swipe backwards. Although it misses, it keeps Shakira from following up and taking advantage of Kim's pain. Kim spins around and lounges back in at Shakira, capturing two handfuls of blonde hair. Before Shakira can react, Kim socks the blonde in the jaw, stunning her. Finally she reapplies her headlock with so much pressure that Shakira drops to her knees.

Knowing she cannot stay in Kim's powerful grasp, Shakira fires punches into Kim's stomach. At first there seemed to be no effect, but after a few more punches, Kim is letting out loud deep grunts. Her grip around Shakira's head loosens with each blow. Finally Shakira is able to power up to her feet. Then she wraps her arms around Kim's waist and hoists her into the air and suflexes her over backwards and drops Kim on the back of her head. Kim's headlock breaks open and both beauties lie on their back for a moment to gather themselves.

That moment is brief. Quickly both scramble to their feet and immediately take a stance hunched over in grappling positions. Shakira reaches out and puts her hand behind Kim's neck trying to control her. Kim goes inside Shakira's grip latching on yet another headlock. She secures the hold, but Shakira grabs her and drags both of them down to the mat.

The two start rolling around on the canvas. Kim finds it impossible to maintain her headlock, and ends up just hanging on to Shakira as they wrestle around for an advantage. Finally they end up with Shakira on top of Kim facing her opponent. Their hands are locked together struggling against each other trying to overpower the other.

Shakira looks down and gets a good look at Kim's big boobs bouncing and jiggling under her bikini top like two mounds of Jello. Perhaps it was envy, Shakira will later describe it as a heat of the moment reaction, but whatever reason, the blonde reaches down and grabs Kim's bikini top with both hands and yanks the top as hard as possible. Luckily for Kim, her top stretched enough to reveal much of what it was covering but, it did not tear completely off. Kim had no intentions of going topless during this match and had taken precautions top prevent being stripped. Kim puts her feet against Shakira's chest and tries to push her away.

If Kim is trying to save her top, this proves to be the wrong move. As her feet push Shakira away, she keeps a hold of Kim's top and stretches it to its limits. Kim squeals realizing that she is actually helping Shakira remove her top. She curses her first rookie mistake of the night and keeps pushing Shakira away to get free from the blonde, knowing she will be fighting topless afterward. Kim stretches her legs their full length and hears her snapping bikini top string. Shakira tumbles onto her back with Kim's top in hand. Kim then scrambles away and gets to her feet, while Shakira slowly stands with a smirk and raises Kim's top above her head, flaunting and showcasing it to the cheering crowd.

Kim looks at Shakira obviously furious about her top being stripped. Her nostrils are flaring, she breathes very heavily, her eyes turn red, her hands are balled into fist and, her body becomes very rigid. "You little bitch!" Kim exclaims, "How dare you take my top!"

Shakira looks back at Kim somewhat confused and incredulously. "How dare this total tramp get upset with me about stripping her?" Shakira thinks. "This slut has been in sex tapes, dated almost every celebrity that would bone her, and posed for Playboy, now she is trying to act like she is actually offended by going topless tonight?" Shakira thinks.

Shakira already had a low opinion of Kim. Shakira has worked very hard at her career and her music. Her journey to stardom began when she was fourteen. Between now and then, her career has been filled with multiple ups and downs. Through it all, Shakira stayed true to her dream, and to her music. No one can deny that Shakira has truly earned her current success and fame. Kim on the other hand, became famous, by appearing in a sex tape with R & B singer, Ray J. Other wise she is known for being Robert Kardashian's daughter, Olympian Bruce Jenner's step daughter, or Paris Hilton's party girlfriend. The best title to describe her career is 'television personality' or 'socialite'. Shakira was already determined to make Kim truly earn a name in celebrity catfighting. Shaira had already planned on putting a hurting on this undeserving tramp, but Kim just earned more pain in Shakira's opinion.

"Here you can have it back!" Shakira says and tosses the top back into Kim's face. Instinctively Kim dodges the garment like it is lethal weapon. This allows Shakira to spear Kim in the gut and take her down to the mat. With Kim on the canvas and Shakira on top, Shakira skillfully mounts Kim to neutralize her possible offensives. Then Shakira unleashes a two fisted assault like she did on Beyonce in her last title defense. It is the same assault that destroyed the legendary former Bootylicious Champion and left her knocked silly. However, Kim had watched the tape and is prepared. She puts her arms up over her face and stays in her guard and endures the assault.

Beyonce was fatigued both mentally and physically when Shakira unleashed it on her. Kim is not. Beyonce tried to fight back, and only exposed herself to more punishment. Kim patiently withstands the assault. Once she finds an opening, Kim flicks her fingers out and pokes Shakira in the eyes. It does the trick. Shakira covers her eyes and rolls off of Kim.

Kim quickly sits up and drives a punch deep into Shakira's unprotected belly, that gets a loud grunt from the champion. Kim, still pissed at having her top removed, seeks a little revenge and grabs Shakira's bottoms and starts to pull them down. Kim grins knowing that exposing Shakira's muff would embarrass a woman much more than her breasts. Shakira squeals and immediately grabs Kim's black hair and starts yanking and pulling while kicking her legs to prevent Kim from exposing anything too embarrassing. Finally Kim abandons her hopes of exposing Shakira's twat and goes back to scratching and clawing Shakira's eyes and face.

Shakira does not find this clawing catfighting style to her liking. She would much rather this contest be filled with professional wrestling moves, but Kim is trying to turn it into a dirty, nasty catfight where her inexperience would not be less of a handicap. Shakira recognizes her opponent's tactic, and actually gains some respect for her. Shakira recognizes that Kim is a much better fighter than she was in her debut. However, this challenge makes Shakira more excited and determined to whip Kim. She knows one day a win over Kim will be am impressive notch on her belt.

Shakira retaliates by scratching and clawing Kim's face. It does not take long for Shakira to realize that she is receiving more damage than she is inflicting. Shakira starts powering up to her feet while she is locked up tooth and nail with Kim. With no other option Kim follows Shakira to her feet, scratching, clawing and pulling hair. Once on their feet, Shakira sends knees into Kim's midsection until she accomplishes her goal of making Kim break apart with a heavy handed slap to the face.

The two hellcats stand a few feet apart, both looking a little ragged. Shakira looks a little worse from wear than Kim. Shakira has scratch marks and strands of her frizzy hair strewn across the mat. "You're a dirty fighting bitch." Shakira says through gritted teeth.

"It's not my fault you can't take it bitch" Kim arrogantly replies. "You should hand over that title right now, and save what's left of that mess you call your hair."

Shakira just pauses staring at Kim. The insult about her hair really offended her. Shakira gets more determined than ever to hurt Kim. "Well that's why I made the cd, 'Landry Service' because I clean up dirty sluts like you." Shakira snaps back.

Shakira advances and snaps a jab to Kim's face that rocks Kim's head. Shakira follows up with a shot to Kim's body. Shakira goes for an overhand left to the head but Kim blocks it, then retaliates with her own punch to Shakira's mouth. Kim steps forward and drives a punch into Shakira's gut. Shakira doubles over with a groan. Her abdomen muscles are very strong and usually able to absorb most punishment. However Kim is proving to an abnormally strong competitor.

Kim grabs two handfuls of Shakira's frizzy hair and heaves Shakira flying through the air across the ring. Shakira lands in a painful heap, but she still tries to get back to her feet. Before she could, Kim runs over and starts stomping and kicking Shakira, keeping her down. Shakira tries to escape Kim's boots by rolling away, and heading out of the ring. Kim is not about to let her prey get away. She grabs Shakira by the hair and snatches her to her feet. Kim quickly rocks the blonde with a forearm across the side of her face. Shakira goes reeling into the ropes, but comes back with a forearm of her own. Kim shakes off the punch and returns a looping punch to Shakira's jaw that sends her back against the ropes on wobbly legs. Kim kicks Shakira in the stomach, doubling her over. Then Kim raises her leg as high as possible and brings her leg down on the back of Shakira's head and drives her face first into the canvas.

"So I'm a dirty bitch huh?" Kim shouts as she stomps on the back of Shakira's head. "You're going to clean me up?" Kim asks, flashing the temper sometimes displayed on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. "You act like you've never made some mistakes." Kim adds speeding up the pace of her stomps to Shakira's head. Kim is actually pretty reserved despite her public image sometimes. Sometimes she just gets carried away in when hanging out with Paris or around celebrity hunks. Who doesn't? SHe was just being a little adventurous. In any event she did not appreciate being called a dirty bitch.

Kim drops to the canvas and rolls Shakira onto her back. Kim then mounts Shakira by pinning her arms down with her knees before blasting her with hard fist to the face. "I'll show you a dirty bitch!" Kim says as she rises off of her victim. Kim grabs Shakira's ankles and spreads them apart. Then she stomps down as hard as she could on Shakira's unprotected pussy. "Is that dirty enough?" Kim disdainfully asks. Shakira howls and grabs her pussy and rolling into a ball. She really does not like Kim now and really wants to hurt her really bad.

Kim calms down a bit and regains her composure. She has difficulty tolerating anyone talking bad about her. Kim reaches down and hair hauls her rival to her feet but halfway through she finds that she had stoked Shakira's Latin fire. Shakira roars like a wildcat and rips a flurry of fist to into Kim's mid section.

Once Shakira reaches her feet her punches become even more furious. They are lightening fast and all aimed at Kim's head. Kim tries to fight back, lacking the discipline she had earlier in the match to just try and endure. Shakira's fist steadily march a yelping Kim backwards. The whole time Shakira repeatedly says, "Laundry Service Bitch... Laundry Service!" The words are appropriate since she is definitely cleaning Kim's clock.

Kim is hurt and dazed, and does the only thing she knew to do, lunge into Shakira and try to clench. Kim's ears are ringing and thankful that her desperate lunge worked. Until Shakira grabs Kim around the waist and lift her in the air, then drop to one knee, dropping Kim crotch first on her knee. Kim screams and holds her pussy with both hands while standing knock kneed, frozen in pain. Shakira coolly back up a couple of steps and does a spinning kick that connects to Kim's head, and drops her to the mat. Kim lies looking up at the lights in a world of hurt, and wondering why she ever decided to make her debut against someone as great as Shakira.

Kim's dazeful wonderment is suddenly interrupted as Shakira grabs the two super-sized tits on her chest and starts pulling Kim back to her feet. "Get up Kim, we're not done yet!" Shakira forcefully orders. Kim has no choice but to follow the two breasts attached to her and rise to her feet.

Once on her feet, Shakira whips Kim into the ropes. When Kim bounces back Shakira catches her and flips Kim upside down and around before dropping her across her knee in a Tilt the World Slam Kneedrop. The audience joins in the fun and collectively yell "LAUNDRY SERVICE!" at the moment Kim comes down on Shakira's knee. Kim rolls off Shakira's knee and lies on the canvas.

Feeling that the end is near, Shakira runs across the ring and bounces off the ropes for more momentum, and returns leaping in the air coming down ass first, on Kim's chest. At the last moment, Kim rolls out of the way. A shock wave of numbing pain runs up Shakira's spine, and she gives a piercing shriek, as her sexy ass awkwardly strikes the mat. It took a moment for Shakira to be able to move. Once she finally rises to her feet, Kim comes charging in out of nowhere and plows the blonde down with a running clothesline.

"You're crazy if you think you're putting your smelly butt anywhere on me!" Kim cracks. Then she goes back to kicking and stomping Shakira. Kim is very irritated with Shakira's continuing the 'Laundry Service' cries, not to mention the audience joining it as well. She is the self proclaimed princess, not something found in a dump. Her strong thick thighs and legs are powerful enough to have Shakira squirming in agony on the mat like she is being electrocuted.

Kim pulls Shakira to her feet and spins until she is back to back with her Bootylicious rival. Kim reaches behind her and grabs Shakira's chin and jaw, then pulls Shakira's head back. Finally Kim drops to her butt executing a Hangman's Neck Breaker. Shakira's head whiplashes back and she collapses face first to the mat holding the back of her neck, convulsing in torment.

Kim grabs a handful of blonde hair and wrenches Shakira's head back and starts pummeling Shakira's face with her other hand. Desperately squealing, Shakira finally is able to get her arms up to protect her head. Kim then starts slamming her forearm across the back of Shakira's neck and flattens her to the mat. Kim sits down on Shakira's back, pulls the blonde's arms on top of her thighs, and clasps her hands under Shakira's chin, and pulls back executing a Camel Clutch. Kim happily applies the hold, knowing the slender blonde does not have the brute strength needed to escape.

Kim wrenches the hold in with a precise execution that has never been seen by a rookie in the league before. Shakira's head is pulled back at such an angle that she is feeling faint and close to passing out. Close, but not there yet. Kim releases her clutch searching for a way to put the blonde out.

Wanting to finish the match, Kim climbs the turnbuckle to the top ropes, a surprisingly tough task for her at this stage in the match. Kim does entertain the audience and Shakira with a little verbal banter as she scales the ropes. "Got you now Shakira! I told you, your smelly butt will never touch my face." Kim says as she reaches the top and steadies herself. "No booty can compete with my big ass!" The downed Shakira sees Kim climb and being the wily veteran, knows she can take advantage of it. Just as Kim is about to leap off, Shakira springs to her feet and lunges at Kim's ankle. She knocks Kim foot off the rope and causes the sexy Kardashian to fall, crotch first on the iron bracket securing the ropes. Kim's eyes bulge and she screams bloody murder. Kim screams a second and third time as the pain still resonates throughout her body.

As Kim sits still perched on the top rope just trying to deal with the piercing pain in her groin. Shakira gets back up and does a head stand with the assistance of the ring ropes, in front of Kim and wraps her strong dancer's legs around Kim's head. Shakira pulls herself up until she is seated on Kim's shoulders, and in one fluid motion thrusts backwards and sends Kim flying head over heals with her Hurracanrana. Kim goes flying, does a flip in the air and lands with a thunderous thump on her back.

Kim lies arching her back wondering how things changed so quickly and how so much pain has been inflicted on her so fast. After her tumble from the ropes, Kim's back flat out hurts. Wearing a grimace of pain, Kim wills her phenomenally sexy body off of the canvas. She is a tremendously determined, strong willed and fierce competitor, and still has desires and genuine intentions on taking Shakira's crown. When Kim reaches her feet and turns around, she finds Shakira perched on the top rope and leaping off. Kim's jaw drops but she cannot force her body to move in time. Shakira connects with a missile drop kick. Both of Shakira's feet smash into Kim's face, sending her rocketing to the mat. Fans cheer at Shakia's perfectly executed move. Both of her feet connected to Kim's face with maximum force. Kim's head snapped back like it was about to fly off her shoulders and land in the front row. Kim lies on her back, writhing in pain and in a world of trouble.

Kim is trying to focus past the pain. She is trying to collect her wits and get off of the mat, although she is far from succeeding. Her magnificent body cannot match the challenge of absorbing the punishment that Shakira's hot body is inflicting. Kim focuses her eyes and sees Shakira again perched on the top rope. She breathes deeply with dread knowing Shakira has more punishment in store for her. Kim does not have long to wait, as Shakira leaps off of the top rope and flies through the air with a frog splash. Shakira's graceful flight comes crashing down on Kim and squashes her into the mat. The charismatic singer gets to her feet and smiles and waves at the roaring crowd while Kim lies at her feet writhing in agony. Shakira is a perfectionist, but even she is satisfied with her perfect destruction of sexy Kim Kardashian.

Kim is down on the mat coughing and groaning. Shakira's frog splash has knocked the breath out of her. After accepting her applauses, Shakira grabs two handfuls of Kim's black, silky hair and hauls her to her feet. "Come on Kimmie" Shakira taunts as she kicks Kim in the belly, doubling her over. "Let's see how tough those big ol' boobies are" Shakira finishes as she places Kim's head between her legs and hooks her arms behind her. Shakira next hops up and drop to her knees, executing a Pedigree. Kim yells as she makes impact with the mat. Her breasts and forehead takes the brunt of the move, and knocks Kim senseless. Shakira rolls Kim over to her back to survey the damage. To Shakira's delight Kim's eyes are blank and unfocused, and she is moaning in pain.

Shakira hair hauls Kim to her feet again. The brunette's body is now limp and very compliant to Shakira's will. Shakira knows Kim is finished. Later she would say that she wanted to make sure Kim was defeated, but really she just wants to punish the tramp a little more. The blonde tucks Kim's head under her arm and lifts the brunette up upside down in position for a suflex. Shakira holds Kim upside down for a bit allowing the brunette's enormous tits to flop and hit Kim in the chin. Then Shakira drops straight down, executing a Brain Buster. The crown of Kim's skull strikes the mat, and her body compresses and falls to the canvas.

Kim is still conscious but pain is coursing through out her entire body. She is lying on her back and cannot find the strength to even sit up. Shakira springs to her feet full of life and energy. She stands over Kim with her ass over her face in position for the traditional face sitting finally of a Bootylious contest.

Ever the showman Shakira dances and sings a few bars of 'Hips Don't Lie Tonight' as she stands over Kim's face. Kim looks up at the 'smelly butt' that is destined in her immediate future. Then Shakira's luscious ass plops down on Kim's face. Shakira's legendary ass engulfs Kim's face, and she starts vigorously grinding away. Kim flails and fights but she knows she is not going anywhere. Even if she could, she is hurt and tired. In time her flailing slows and Kim starts to feel faint like she is about to pass out.

As Kim's movements slow to pitiful token resistance to the inedible, Shakira suddenly develops a very mischievous smile. She reaches down and starts untying the strings on the left side of Kim's bikini bottom. Poor Kim is so out of it, she really did not realize what is happening. After untying one side, Shakira starts working on the other, as the crowd roars in excitement and anticipation. As Shakira is untying the second strings Kim realizes that she is about to be stripped of everything.

"Mffnnnooooooooo Mfffstooop!" Kim's muffled voice desparately pleads from under Shakira. "mffyyyyou mffcan't mfffpleeeeeeaaaasssssssseeee!" Kim begs. "Whaaaaaaaaaahhhh Whaaaaaahhhhhhhh whaahhhhhhhhh!" the self-professed princess says breaking down into a crying, whinning baby, as she realizes her pleas are being ignored and Shakira is going to take her bottom. Kim knows she is totally helpless and there is not a damn thing she can do about it.

Shakira ignores Kim's pleas and tears and snatches her bikini bottoms off her body. Kim weakly kicks her legs showing her clean shaven twat to the world again. Shakira concentrates on finishing her victim and smothering everything out of her.

Shakira imposes her weight down more heavily and grinds away on Kim's face. Even muffled under her body and over the roaring crowd, Shakira can her Kim bawling like a baby. Kim only offer minimum resistance. By this point she has accepted the humiliating fact that she is about to be butt smothered and left unconscious and buck naked in the middle of the ring by Shakira, the Bootylicious Champion. As Kim slips into total unconsciousness, Shakira hoots and hollers while twirling Kim's bikini bottom around above her head like a helicopter. Shortly after, Kim is smothered out, and the official calls for the bell, giving Shakira the victory. Shakira smiles but remains seated on Kimís face. Then she devilishly ties Kim's wrist together with her bikini bottom. Shakira had no intentions off allowing Kim to leave the ring with any dignity.

Just as she did in her last title defense against Beyonce, Shakira announces, "If anyone wants to take pictures of this go ahead. I'll autograph them for you if you want." The charismatic superstar flashes her smile and poses while flexing her biceps among other victory poses while seated on the unmoving reality star's face. The fans and photographers love it. They seem not to be able to get enough of the popular blonde, cheering and snapping millions of pictures of Shakira in her moment of victory.

Finally Shakira rises to her feet to a roaring ovation. The young diva knows how to please an audience. First she flashes that sweet smile, then puts her foot on Kim's face striking a victory pose with both arms in the air. Shakira goes though another series of poses like a top-flight fashion model while the flashbulbs flash continuously. After she finishes, Shakira continues to be a gracious winner and exits the ring. She starts a tour around ringside signing autographs and posing for a few quick snapshots with fans.

Kim wakes up looking up at the lights. As her awareness returns, she realizes that she is lying buck naked in the middle of the ring. She tries to move and finds that her bikini bottom binds her wrists. Suddenly Kim is overcome with emotion. Shakira still signs autographs at ringside ignoring her opponentís dilemma. Traumatized by being publicly stripped, and humiliated, Kim bursts into tears. She rolls out of the ring and starts running back toward the dressing room. Kim starts hysterically crying before reaching the sanctity of the dressing room. Kim runs through the curtains into the back stage area, blubbering like a baby. She pauses vainly to try and regain some composure, but finally gives up and jogs down the end of a corridor to her personal dressing chamber.

BeyoncePam AndersonNaked and with body parts jiggling everywhere, Kim trots up hall to her dressing room. The bound celebrity cries uncontrollably from the humiliation Shakira heaped on her in the ring. Near the top of the hall, Kim approaches Pam Anderson in the hall with Beyonce, giving her final instructions for the Final Fourway Main event. "Whoa Kim, what's wrong?" Beyonce asks in a sweet consoling voice, intercepting the distraught Kardashian.

"I SUCK!!!!" a dejected Kim blurts. "Shakira kicked my big ass all over the ring. Look what she did, she was so mean to me!" Kim says showing her wrist bound by her own bikini bottom. "I suck! I just suck really, really bad!" says the hysterically sobbing woman.

"Well if it makes you feel any better I must suck too!" Beyonce says and embraces the distraught reality star. "Shakira kicked my big ass all over the ring too!" Beyonce starts untying Kim's bonds as she relives the memories of Shakira using her competitive nature against her, and goading her into a match. Beyonce fell for Shakira's flaunting and challenged the champion. Although Beyonce made the challenge, Shakira was much more prepared and conditioned for the match and issued Beyonce a very humbling defeat. By the time Beyonce realized she had stepped into a trap, it was too late. "Look, Shakira is one of the best fighters in this league, there is no shame whatsoever to lose to her." Beyonce says in a soothing voice. "Don't let her sweet smile fool you either. Shakira loves pounding your ass and embarrassing you too."

"Yeah, but you're Beyonce, the ultimate diva of our generation." Kim responds with her voice inflecting a tremendous amount of respect and admiration. "You're the most glamorous, classy hottest celebrity in the business right now." Beyonce smiles hearing the sincere compliment. "And Pam you're a timeless icon, second only to Marilyn Monroe in the all time history of Blond Bombshells". Pam cringes a little hearing the word, 'timeless' but accepts her compliment as well. "You're both fabulous, I'll never be like you two."

"Hmmnnn" Pam softly says with an expression that should have had an imaginary caption over her head saying, 'DANGER! BLONDE THINKING!' "Not a bad idea." Pam says softly.

"You're plenty fabulous on your own." Beyonce compliments with a smile. "Don't let one loss get you down. You're going to have much more success in the ring than failure... I'm sure of it."

"Bey, I'm going to walk Kim to her dressing room," Pam says as she puts her arm around Kim and escorts her down the hall. "Kim, I have an idea....." Pam says as they make their way.