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After numerous phone calls and some pleading, Britney was able to get a match for Iggy. It wasn’t an easy task as various scheduling issues with possible opponents. She was able to procure a match against Shakira. She wasn’t exactly thrilled about it as she knows Shakira to be a tough opponent. The numerous videos she’s seen of Iggy’s fighting was a bit of a mixed bag. In some fights, Iggy was a good fighter and in other fights, she struggled against her opponent.

“Hey Iggy, I was able to get a match for you. It’s against Shakira.” Said Britney as walked into the gym where Iggy was training with Nelly Furtado and Jamie-Lynn.

“That’s great Britney. I’ll teach that Latin bitch a thing or two about how we Aussie’s fight.” Said Iggy as she peppered Nelly with some punches and a couple kicks sending her to her back.

“The match is a few weeks out; we should start training for the match. She’s not an easy opponent to face.” Said Britney as she heads to the ring apron and watches Iggy turn to Jamie who was charging at her. Iggy brought her foot up to defend herself and connected with Jamie’s stomach making her double over. Iggy sends a roundhouse kick to her jaw knocking her to the ground. Iggy smirks at Britney as she steps to Jamie, slaps her ass cheeks and lowers it onto her face. A second later, Nelly knocks Iggy off of Jamie. Britney gets up on the apron and in the ring clapping her hands trying to get their attention, “Girls, we need to change our practice routine to prep Iggy for her match.”

Nelly breaks off her attack of Iggy as she and Jamie head to Britney’s side. Iggy got up in a huff to face Britney, “We weren’t finished with the sparring match Britney.”

“This sparring match is over. It’s time for a few new ones against me.” Said Britney.

“That’s fine with me. You and eventually Shakira will be under my ass.” Smirked Iggy."

“Don’t be so sure about that; as good as you are, Shakira and I are both tough opponents.” Said Britney before she stripped to her bra and panties. Nelly and Jamie quickly stepped outside the ring to watch the two spar with each other.


“Hey Rihanna, what’s up?” Said Shakira as she picked up the phone.

“I just got off the phone with the booking committee and they’ve told me that they have an opponent for you. They want you to face Iggy Azalea. Apparently she’s in with Britney Spears and her group.” Said Rihanna.

“Iggy…that Australian rapper?” Shakira chuckled. “I’ve heard a few rumors of her and fighting abilities. She’s an ok fighter, but she’s also eventually worn out her welcome in the leagues’ she’s been in.”

“I’ve heard those rumors too. The match is in a couple weeks. If you win, you’re in with the DIVAS. Let me know if you need a sparring partner.” Said Rihanna.

“I look forward to being part of DIVAS. Thanks for the sparring offer, but I’ve got that part covered.” Said Shakira.

“Good luck with the training and match. I’ll be there to support you.” Said Rihanna.

“Thanks, I’ll see you around.” Said Shakira as she hung up the phone as she walked into her bedroom with Kelly Clarkson getting dressed. “I got off the phone with Rihanna and I have to practice for an upcoming match. We need to start practicing. With a victory, I’ll be inducted into DIVAS.” Said Shakira as she stepped to Kelly as she looked into her eyes. She continued with some disappointment in her voice, “Are you sure you did the right choice by stepping down? You were doing so well.”

“I do think so. Keira (Knightley) is smart, strong, sexy and was able to do things I wasn’t able to; thought of things I wasn’t able to. She’s shown herself to be a good and competent leader.” Said Kelly as she finished dressing.

“Keira is a good leader and so were you. I hope she’s as good as you say she is. I still love you Kelly.” Said Shakira as she kissed Kelly on the lips.

Shakira quickly got dressed and headed to the gym to start practicing. Kelly was sore from the constant practicing and fighting over the past few weeks, but she was able to spar well with Shakira, better than she ever had in the past. “I see you’ve become a better fighter.” Said Shakira as the two finished up their sparring match.

“I’ve got Keira to thank for that. She trained me pretty hard for the fight with Gen Prime and taught me some new fighting skills.” Said Kelly.

“That’s good to know she has some fighting skills.” Said Shakira as she and Kelly headed to the shower and then back to the hotel to spend the night together.


A couple weeks later, Shakira and Iggy showed up to Las Vegas at the T-Mobile arena. Iggy showed up with the Femme Fatale girls minus Nikki Minaj. Shakira came with the DIVAS girls and Kelly Clarkson. The Gen Next girls were at the casinos. They have plans of going to a club later to meet with the DIVAS, whether Shakira wins or loses. Both Shakira and Iggy went through last minute prep for the match. Iggy was called in first to be called to the ring in a pair of jean shorts, tank-top and sneakers to her song ‘Fancy’. She came to the platform and down the ramp to a large number of cheers from the crowd. She waved to the crowd as she went down the ramp and into the ring. When she got to the ring, she twerked a bit for the fans and smiled as the fans cheered for her even more. A moment later, Shakira’s ‘She Wolf’ came over the speakers and Shakira appeared on the platform in the swimsuit looking outfit from her ‘She Wolf’ video and barefoot. The crowd erupted as they saw her on the ramp. She had a huge smile on her face as she came down the ramp to the ring, shaking fans’ hands on the way. After making it to the ring she nodded to Iggy and extended her hand out to her. Iggy looked at her for a brief moment before extending her hand to shake it.

“Why don’t you make it easy on yourself and just lay on your back while I sit on your face.” Smirked Iggy as she slapped her ass.

“Oh my, such confidence for a new girl; the only way you’re going to pin me is if you beat me.” Chuckled Shakira as she pulled her hand away from Iggy.

The referee quickly went over the rules before calling for the bell. Both Iggy and Shakira then started circling each other. They go to lock up with each other, but as they do Shakira quickly leaps in the air and kicks Iggy’s stomach. Iggy grunted from the kick and let go of Shakira. Iggy brought her fists up and took a swing at Shakira who ducked underneath the punch and sent a couple punches to Iggy’s stomach and chest forcing her back a couple steps. Shakira follows that up with a kick to Iggy’s ribs, but Iggy catches it mid-air. Iggy sends a couple of kicks to Shakira’s exposed stomach before letting go of her leg. Shakira groans from the kicks and doubles over. Iggy steps closer and knees her in the head snapping her head up. Iggy followed that up with a handful of punches to Shakira’s head forcing her back to the ropes.

“I told you to make it easy on yourself and let me win, but now it’s got to be done the hard way.” Said Iggy. Iggy then grabs Shakira’s arm and whipped her across the ring. Iggy bounced off the ropes and started running across the ring. As Shakira bounced off the ropes, Iggy extended her arm out for a clothesline. Instead of ducking underneath Iggy’s arm, Shakira launches herself at Iggy, much to Iggy’s surprise and collides with her knocking both of them down to the mat. Shakira quickly straddles Iggy and sends punches in rapid fire to Iggy’s face.

After the ref told her to get up after a warning, Shakira grabs Iggy’s hair and pulls her up with her. Shakira, still holding onto Iggy’s hair, sends a couple knees to her head and chest making her grunt. She then takes her right hand and uppercuts her before releasing her hair. Iggy takes a step back and shakes her head. Shakira continues her attack as she sends a couple punch combos to her forcing Iggy back to the ropes. As her back hits the ropes, Iggy fires off a few punches to Shakira’s head and a knee to her side. Shakira blocks or ducks underneath the punches, but grunts when Iggy knees her side. Iggy sends another knee to Shakira’s side making her grunt and follows that up with an uppercut to Shakira’s jaw. Shakira’s head snaps back from the hit and she staggers back a few steps. Iggy follows that up with a roundhouse kick, but Shakira jerked her head back to avoid the kick making her take another step back. As Iggy puts her foot back down on the mat, Shakira drop kicks Iggy sending her to the mat. As Iggy got to her knees, Shakira was on her as she punched her, knocking back to the mat. Shakira put her knee on Iggy’s chest and sent a handful of punches to Iggy’s face.

Like before, the referee had her stop after a handful of punches. Like before, Shakira brings Iggy to her feet with her. Shakira once again knees Iggy’s head a couple times before releasing her head. After releasing her head, Shakira sends a side-kick to Iggy’s stomach sending her staggering back towards the ropes. Not wanting to give Iggy any room to breathe, Shakira jumps towards her and slams a fist in Iggy’s face snapping her head back. Once back on her feet, Shakira sends several knees to Iggy’s stomach making Iggy grunt and hunch over. Shakira sends several more knees to Iggy’s gut before stepping back watching as Iggy hunches over holding her stomach and stagers forward. Shakira then jumps up and bicycle-kicks the back of Iggy’s head sending her to the mat.

After Iggy falls to the mat, Shakira jumps on her back sending her knees into Iggy’s lower back and making Iggy yell in pain. Shakira grabs Iggy’s hair and slams her head into the mat a half dozen times before the referee once again comes in and tells Shakira to stop. Shakira gives the referee a disgusted look as she gets to her feet. She promptly stomps Iggy’s back and kicks her sides. Iggy tries rolling away from Shakira, but Shakira keeps on her with more stomps. As Iggy tried to roll under the ropes to get out of the ring, Shakira sends a kick to her face and plants her foot on Iggy’s throat. Iggy’s eyes’ widen and she starts to flail her legs and arms as Shakira presses her foot down. Shakira keeps her distance from Iggy. After a few more seconds of holding her foot on Iggy’s throat, Shakira takes it off and bends over to pull Iggy to her feet again. Shakira shoves her against the ropes and pummels Iggy’s torso with punches making her grunt with each punch finishing up with an uppercut to her gut making Iggy double over. Shakira then uppercuts Iggy’s chin snapping her back upright. Shakira then grabs her arm and sends Iggy hurdling to the opposite ropes. As Iggy bounces off the ropes and comes back, Shakira charges at her and sends a side-kick to Iggy’s chin knocking her to her back semi-unconscious.

Shakira smiles and plays to the cheering crowd momentarily before going to the corner and climbs to the top turnbuckle. She measures up Iggy as she steadies herself on the top rope. She then jumps in the air and frog-splashes against Iggy’s stomach making her grunt and her body spasm. Shakira gets to her knees and looks at Iggy. She then grabs Iggy’s throat with her left hand and punches her chin and cheek hard several times before releasing Iggy’s throat and getting to her feet. Shakira smirks seeing how groggy Iggy is and starts to strip her naked much to the enjoyment of her fans. After stripping naked, Shakira straddles Iggy with her ass towards Iggy’s face. “It’s time to end this match, bitch.” Shakira says as she slaps her ass cheeks before slowly lowering her ass onto Iggy’s face.

“Please…no…not like th..uunnnhhhh.” says Iggy as she sees Shakira’s ass coming down and smothering her face. Iggy starts to flail her arms and legs. Like most of Shakira’s opponents who’ve been facesat by her, their resistance slowly faded as she sat on their face and Iggy was no different. Within the next couple moments, Iggy’s resistance faded until she no longer flailed under Shakira’s ass. The referee soon came over and lifted Iggy’s arm three times and let it drop before calling for the bell. Shakira stood up and placed her foot between Iggy’s heaving breasts and smiled as the ref lifted up her arm in victory.

Shakira grabbed her swimsuit, put it back on and headed back to the locker room to celebrate her victory over Iggy where they all hugged her. “Congratulations on your victory Shakira over that Aussie bitch. You’re now a part of the DIVAS. I’ll call for a press conference the next couple days to make the announcement.” Said Rihanna as she hugged Shakira.

“I’m happy to be a part of the group. I’m looking forward to be helping you girls out and fighting alongside you ladies.” Said Shakira as she smiled and winked at Rihanna. She whispered in her ear, “I loved being in your arms too, my sexy leader.”

“I know you do. I love being in your arms too my sexy Latina siren.” Whispered Rihanna. After letting go of each other, Rihanna said to the group, “If anyone is up for some partying tonight, we’ll be meeting with the Gen Next girls at a club.”

The girls waited for Shakira to shower and changed before heading out. As Shakira headed out of the locker room, Katy said to her, “I hope you don’t have eyes on the Bootylicious title.”

“I don’t have aspiration for the title Katy. You have a nice, sexy ass that goes perfectly with the title. I’m afraid that you might beat me and smother me out. Besides, I have my own title to worry about.” Smiled and winked Shakira as she slapped Katy’s ass. Both Shakira and Katy knew that Shakira still had it in her to beat Katy and possibly a white lie from Shakira about not wanting the title, but Shakira’s reassurances boosted Katy’s confidence.

“Thanks sweetie, that makes me feel better. You speak too highly of me.” Smiled Katy. They headed out to the club that Keira and the Gen Next girls were at and started celebrating Shakira’s victory. The girls enjoyed themselves at the club with plenty of drinking and dancing. Throughout the night, Shakira and Rihanna would sneak off to make out with each other. They would sometimes sneak off with Kelly as well to make out with her just so she wouldn’t get suspicious. As the night wore on, the girls started to go home. Kelly told Shakira she wanted to go to her hotel room to rest. She didn’t tell her that Keira would be stopping by to spend the night. Shakira was relieved to hear that and told Kelly she was tired too, even though she was going to be staying with Rihanna for the night. As both Kelly went to her place and Shakira went to Rihanna’s, Kelly and Shakira soon started making out with their respective mates. Keira and Rihanna each took charge of the love making, though in Shakira’s instance, Shakira wanted Rihanna to take charge.


After Iggy awoke from being smothered out by Shakira, she headed back to the Femme Fatale’s locker room, “I’m sorry I lost girls. I did the best I could.”

“You did better than expected, thanks partly to my training. You had her on the ropes for a bit. We do need to prepare better for next time.” said Britney as she put her hand on Iggy’s shoulder.

“Thanks for the vote of confidence Britney.” Smiled Iggy as she started to undress and get ready for a shower.

“I was rooting for you to smother her out Iggy. Maybe you smother me out during one of our sparring matches.” Said Jamie-Lynn as she came up to Iggy.

“That’s really sweet of you Jamie. I don’t want to upset Britney by having you willingly let me smother you.” Said Iggy keeping an eye on Britney. She waited for Britney to be out of hearing range, leaned in and whispered in Jamie’s ear, “I’d love to smother you out.” She then smiled and patted Jamie’s face before going to the shower swaying her ass on the way.


A couple days later, Rihanna called a press conference with the DIVAS and Shakira behind her. She also had Gen Next and Gen Prime girls with her as well. “I’d like to introduce to you our newest member of the DIVAS. She’s been in the league a long time and one of the very best fighters around. The rest of the girls and I know Shakira will make a fine addition to our team. We will obviously continue our close relationship with Gen Next. Also, I’d like to introduce our new friends and allies in Gen Prime. This new alliance will allow us to go toe-to-toe with the other groups in the league. Our alliance supports each other and has each other’s back.” Said Rihanna as she stood at the podium.

Rihanna then stepped aside for Shakira to step to the podium, “I want to thank Rihanna for letting me into the DIVAS group. I’m honored to be part of such a historic group in the league.”

Shakira then stepped aside for Janet to come to the podium, “I’d like to thank the DIVAS and the Gen Next for their recent help in our… troubles with the ABA. We appreciate their help and are happy to join in an alliance with the two groups.” Said Janet.

After a half hour worth of questions for Rihanna, Shakira and Janet, the press conference was called to an end. They hung out for a few minutes afterwards before heading their own ways.


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