Rihanna, Katy Perry , Kesha, Nicole Sherzinger
Current Status - Restarted
  • Mariah Carey vs Lauryn Hill by Stone Rage Divas Birth!
  • Britney Spears vs Shania Twain by Stone Rage Generation Next vs The Divas
  • Jennifer Lopez vs Mariah Carey II by Stone Rage & Lenny Songbird Title
  • Madonna vs Mariah Carey by Stone Rage Divas Downfall
  • Nicole Sherzinger vs Shontelle by G-Man Second Coming

    Team History
    To deal with major threats like Generation Next and Generation PRIME, or maybe they were tired and/or jealous of being upstaged by younger stars, the Divas was formed. Shania Twain, Whitney Houston, and Mariah Carey, enjoy a singing career that embodies the word "Diva." All three were also veterans of VH1's Divas Live and concert series chose to team up to first, become a major force of the league, and second, to wrestle the title from then champion, Britney Spears and Generation Next. They were never abe to achieve either goal. In fact they were left naked and unconcious in a pile of flesh on several ocasions. Constant losing caused internal arguements, that brought the group to the brink of destruction. This was followed by numerous personal problems of some members.

    Second Version
    Now four new women have picked up the legacy and name of The Divas. With the consent of Mariah and Shania, Rihanna has started a new version of the group with Katy Perry, Kesha and Nicole Sherzinger. Rihanna and this group still maintain close ties with Generation Next and works in concert with them often.