Backlash! Rivalry

NOTE - This story immediately follows Backlash: Jilted Jen
"Angelina this is a little unique situation", ringside interviewer Downtown Julie Brown starts. "The champion, Jennifer Aniston has challenged you to a Hardcore title match."

"Yeah things have been getting out of hand between Jennifer and I. We're overdue for a little girl talk." Angelina answers with a sly smile.

"Well, we all know you're coming off a pregnancy, then the reported depression from your' mother's death, not to mention your busy movie schedule, how much training have you done for this match?" Julie asks.

"Well... absolutely none" Angelina regretfully admits. "Brad says this a trap and to not take the match, but we're settling this tonight." Angelina looks deeply in the camera and stately says, "Jilted Jen, you're going to learn, Brad chose me over you because I'm not a whiney, spoiled brat who cries all the time. He chose me cause I'm hotter... smarter... more compassionate, and all around a better woman than you. So quit calling my house for Brad, and get over it! I'M SICK AND TIRED OF YOU!"

"Wow!" Julie says as she closes the interview, "And despite all of those factors, Angelina still comes into this match as the favorite to walk out with the championship. You go girl, I'm rooting for you."

Angelina goes to the ring and waits for Jennifer. She looks very 'Laura Croftish' wearing a white tank top, and matching tight white pants. Jennifer approaches the ring wearing a black Harley Davidson T shirt, and a pair of cut off jeans.

"Where's Brad? Home taking care of that little bastard kid of yours?" Jennifer yells out from ringside. As any mother would, Angelina takes great offense to the insult, and jumps out of the ring. Angelina charges Jennifer and starts swinging wild punches full of rage. Jennifer covers up as much as possible until she finds an opening to flee to safety. Angelina gives chase after Jennifer with her face flush with anger. Jennifer runs like a scared chicken, lapping the ring several times before scurrying under the ropes into the ring looking for safety. Angelina corners Jennifer in the ring, anticipating on dishing out some punishment.

"What's the matter, home wrecker? Don't like to what I said about your little bastard?" Jennifer says tauntingly.

"Say what you want about me and Brad, but leave our child out of this." Angelina says through clenched teeth.

"Sensitive about the little bastard, aren't we?" Jennifer says with a taunting smile. Angelina explodes in anger. She pushes Jennifer back into the corner and starts wailing away. Jennifer is taking a monster beating. She drops to her ass trying to escape Angelina's furious fist. Finally she is able to roll under the bottom rope and out of the ring. Jennifer looks back into the ring at Angelina, then yells, "Is that all you got? What's the matter bag lady? Is it the crack, or spending too much time in Africa adopting strays?"

Angelina is a whirlwind of emotions, wondering why this woman would say these mean, hurtful things to her, and her precious children. "Fucking witch, I'll kill you!" Angelina climbs out of the ring and tore after Jennifer. Jennifer climbs over the ringside barrier into the audience. Jennifer starts fighting her way through the crowd with Angelina in pursuit. The ringside security joins in as well, doing the best they could to keep the crowd from the combatants.

Angelina chases Jennifer with a snarl and pushing aside anybody who got in her way. The past year has been emotionally devastating to her. She has been hormonally unbalanced due to childbirth. Followed by the highly public feud with Aniston over Brad, and arguing with Brad, a lot. Then the depression after her mother's death which lead to drastic weight swings, drugs and alcohol abuse and more arguing with Brad. In fact she is an emotional wreck, but she knew tearing 'Wimpifer Aniston' as she liked to call her, would be excellent therapy. Saying those vile things about her children made Angelina want to crush Jennifer even more.

Jennifer pushes her way up one aisle then down another, managing to stay ahead of Angelina. She heads for the ring and leaps over the barrier to the ringside area. Angelina is behind her, pushing and shoving her way through the crowd. Angelina's emotions are burning out, especially with the crowd cheering and supporting the usually Angelic Aniston over the adventurous Jolie. Angelina never understood why people loved that weakling so much. Sure she took her man, Jennifer was too weak to hold onto him. Angelina is the humanitarian, adopting orphans and supporting charities. "What has Jennifer done? Snobby witch!" Angelina thought.

After fighting through the crowd, and leaping over the barrier to ringside, Angelina was spent. After chasing Jennifer the whole match, then the angry emotions Jennifer feed has consumed her. She is breathing hard and plain gased, as she walks toward the ring.

Jennifer looks down at Angelina from inside the ring with a big smile. Her plan has unfolded perfectly. From her phone conversations with Brad, she deduced that Angelina is physically out of shape and in emotional turmoil. She knew teasing her about her children would put her in an emotional frenzy. Now just like an over hyped athlete in a big game, Angelina has blazed out both emotionally and physically and is plain exhausted. Jennifer is sure, one more jibe should finish her.

Jennifer walks to the ropes and spits at Angelina who is panting at ringside. "Come on tramp! Get in this ring or stay outside and show Brad who's the real wimp." Jennifer yells.

Angelina eyes glow with the last reserves of energy in her body. She reminds herself she is fighting Wimpifer, the submissive weakling she easily put down dominatrix style a few months ago in Vegas. There is no way Jennifer could beat her, she thinks as she climbs back in the ring. "That's it! I've had it with you!" Angelina shouts while standing across the ring from Jennifer.

Both meet in the center of the ring, then BAM! WHAM! ZAP! BOOM! BANG! Angelina is dismayed to find herself lying on her back looking up at a gloating Jennifer. A moment ago, Jennifer's fists were twisting Angelina's head left and right, sending her long hair flying all directions, before sending Angelina to the mat. The crowd explodes in cheers seeing 'The girl next door' gain a measure of revenge against the sexy vamp who stole her man.

Angelina shakes her head, and then rises to her feet. She figures Jennifer just got lucky that time, but now its time she creams the wussy. Angelina is surprised to see Jennifer with her hand raised above her head challenging to a test of strength. Angelina eagerly accepts the challenge and locks hands with Jennifer. Angelina learned in their initial encounter, she is much stronger than Jennifer. They lock their other hands and push against one another.

As they struggle against one another, their breasts slam into each other's. Angelina gets sexual satisfaction as her much larger tits flatten Jennifer's perky boobs. That arousal is short lived as to her total shock, she finds herself steadily sinking. Jennifer is easily overpowering her until she sinks down to one knee. Angelina looks up at Jennifer with a look of total shock, dismay and panic on her face.

Brad Pit watches the fight at his and Angelina's home on Pay-Per-View, shaking his head, not in dismay, but in confirmation of his fears. He knew Jennifer was much stronger than Angelina, and tried to tell her but she would not listen. He made sure the kids were sleep and could not see their mom get destroyed.

Brad still spend many hours talking to Jennifer on the phone and sees her occasionally. He knew best that the roles were reversed from when they met in Vegas. Then, Angelina was in peak condition after filming Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Now, she has not fully recovered from the drastic weight swings, and is far from peak form. On the other hand, Jennifer has done nothing but work out and put on several pounds of muscle. Knowing their hatred for each other, he knew Jennifer wanted to dominate and turn Angelina into the submissive if she could. Brad loves both of them. What do you do when the girl that satisfies your every dream, Angelina fights the woman who satisfies his every need, Jennifer?

After basking in Angelina's distress from being easily overpowered, Jennifer powers Angelina backwards on to her back. With Angelina stretched out under her, Jennifer places her knees on each of Angelina's arms and pins her down. With Angelina thrashing around underneath her, Jennifer grabs a handful of hair and starts pummeling her face with the other hand. Angelina kicks and thrashes furiously but can not escape. Jennifer is determined to smash the brunette's face in. She tries to make Angelina's famously pouty lips three times their normal size. After a over minute of eating punches and shouting in pain, Angelina is barely moving when Jennifer finally rises off of her.

Jennifer backs off and waits for Angelina to stand. Angelina lies on the mat flopping around and knocked senseless. She is a true warrior and tries to rise, but is too dazed to have the coordination to do so. After several failed attempts, Angelina slowly makes it to her feet on very rubbery legs. When the dazed woman finally stands, Jennifer comes charging at her. Jennifer drives her shoulder into Angelina's stomach and picks up her helpless foe and keeps driving through her. Finally the duo crashes into the turnbuckle with Angelina's body almost being broken in half. Jennifer backs off and watches Angelina crumple to the ground. Angelina's broken body lies splayed out in the corner moaning in pain.

The fans go wild chanting, GORE, GORE, GORE acknowledging Jennifer's executing of the wrestler Rhino's signature move. Jennifer rests a few seconds before going over and puling Angelina to her feet. Since the devastated woman could not stand by herself, Jennifer hangs her arms over the top rope to keep her upright. Jennifer then pulls the second rope up until it wraps over the top rope and traps Angelina's arms between them. With her hated rival helplessly trapped, Jennifer exits the ring and looks for weapons remembering this is a hardcore contest, so anything goes.

Jennifer returns to the ring with an aluminum trash can lid. While wearing a smile, she starts clobbering Angelina over the head with it repeatedly. Even Aniston fans cringe at seeing the trapped beauty being mercilessly battered. Angelina's body sags but is still tightly held between the ropes. After she is finished, Jennifer flings the lid into the audience like a Frisbee. Then Jennifer gleefully grabs the front of Angelina's tank top and tugs. The sweat soaked shirt quickly rips away. Another jerk and the shirt tears completely off leaving Angelina topless. Everybody knew Angelina was not wearing a bra underneath her shirt by her nipples pressing against the material. Angelina remains drooping, still trapped between the ropes with her head bowed onto her chest. Nobody is really sure if she is still conscious of what is happening to her.

Jennifer backs to the ropes opposite of Angelina and gets another running start. This time she hits the helpless woman across the throat with a clothesline. The pair both do a 360 degree summersault as they flip out of the ring and land on the hard concrete ringside floor. Both lie outside the ring on the floor for a few seconds. Jennifer takes more of a quick breather, while Angelina lies lifelessly face down, and barely moving.

Jennifer stands to her feet before Angelina even makes an effort to rise. "Come on Elsie, time to feed the needy." Jennifer quips as she pulls Angelina to her feet and stands behind her. Jennifer reaches around and traps Angelina's arms by her side at the same time and clutches the brunette's breast. Jennifer's strong hands roughly grope and knead Angelina's breast. "Come on cow, give us some milk" Jennifer says. Angelina loudly groans and squeals as her tits are molested. Finally, reluctantly, milk starts seeping out of Angelina's nipples. Then it turns into a stream. Jennifer has Angelina standing in front of the ringside barrier close to the fans. Fans fight to get in front with their mouths open trying to get a taste of the starlets sweet milk, that is squirting out like a fountain.

Angelina screams and shout in protest of being publicly milked but is helpless to stop it. She is totally exhausted and badly beaten. She knows she is at Jennifer's mercy, a woman who hates her guts. She knows she is in for a long night of being Jennifer's plaything. After her tits are finally drained dry, Jennifer pulls an unresisting Angelina to the ring and plops her heavy hooters on the ring apron. Jennifer takes both fist and slams them down simultaneously on Angelina's tits, getting the last remaining squirts of milk out of her breast. Then Jennifer shoves Angelina into the ring under the bottom rope.

Angelina lies in the corner cupping her breast and trying to ease the pain. Her back is to Jennifer but hears something that worries her. In another corner, Jennifer has retrieved a bag of thumb tacks from under the ring and dumped hundreds of them in a corner of the ring.

Jennifer walks over to Angelina and lifts her up into body slam position and carries her over to the tacks. She then body slams Angelina as hard as she could in the middle of the thumb tacks. Angelina arches her back and screams in horror as her body is penetrated countless times by tiny tacks sticking into her body. Instinctively she scurries out of the tacks, only for to find Jennifer waiting for her. Jennifer captures Angelina, and hoists her up into body slam position again. Jennifer positions Angelina over the tacks but this time drops her face down into the tacks. Angelina screams in terror again as now her tits and belly are stuck by countless tacks. Angelina is franticly trying to crawl out of the tacks but Jennifer grabs her a third time as she exits and again drops her tits first in the tacks. Angelina is franticly whimpering and crying as she tries to crawl out of the tacks, as Jennifer adds to her torment by kicking and stomping, knocking her down back into the tacks. Angelina collapse to the mat after escaping the tacks and making it to the middle of the ring. She lies their in torment as her body literally glistens with hundreds of thumb tacks stuck into her back, tits and a lot of other undesirable places.

Angelina lies on her side with her body blazing in pain. She hears Jennifer exit the ring and banging around with something, setting up the next faze of her destruction. Angelina is too hurt to do anything but lie there and wait. When Jennifer returns to her, she hears the crowd chanting something, but is too dazed to make it out. Jennifer tucks Angelina's head under her arm and prepares to lift her victim up into a suflex. Then Angelina realizes what the crowd is chanting. It's "Flaming Table! clap... clap... clap clap clap, Flaming Table! clap... clap... clap clap clap,

Angelina looks and her fears are confirmed. Jennifer has set up a table outside the ring and there is a blazing fire on top of the table. Angelina gasps as Jennifer lifts her upside down into position for a suflex, and walks over to the ropes above the flaming table. Jennifer steadies herself then falls backwards and suflexes Angelina over the top ropes and falling onto the burning table on the floor. Angelina screams as she crashes through the table and is toasted by the flames. Luckily for her, after security saw the table being lit aflame, were prepared with fire extinguishers and squelch the fire before serious burns befalls Angelina. Afterward Angelina just lies in the rumble shuddering and quivering in pain.

Angelina is able to lie there for a relatively long time for a fight. She cannot believe Wimpifer has totally destroyed her. On another side of ringside Angelina hears Jennifer moving and banging around tables or something, but is too hurt to even get up to run. She hears Brad's pleas to not take this match replay in her head.

Jennifer returns to Angelina and pulls her to her feet by two handfuls of hair. She hold Angelina upright for a couple of seconds, and everyone could not help but notice the stark differences between the two women. Angelina, the overwhelming prematch favorite to win, now stands with her slender arms dangling lifelessly by her sides, her knees were bent and her legs like jelly. If Jennifer releases her hold, she would collapse to the ground. On the other hand, the underdog, Jennifer looks amazingly strong, like an angel of vengeance delivering justice to the woman who wronged her. Jennifer dips her shoulder into Angelina's belly and Angelina slumps over her shoulder. Then Jennifer hoists her up and carries her victim like a sack of potatoes draped over her shoulder.

Brad looks at the match seeing Angelina's limp body dangling over Jennifer's shoulder. He can imagine her humiliation when she watches the match later, seeing her upturned butt on Jennifer's shoulder, with her arms dangling, swaying with each step, and fifty or sixty thumb tacks glistening stuck into her back. Brad has mixed emotions watching this scene. By loving both women so much, at first he does not know what to think. Then a small smile creeps on his face. He is happy at the way things turned out. He knows Angelina will recover from this defeat, and emerge a stronger woman. While if Jennifer had loss, she would be devastated, and he does not know if she could ever emotionally recover. So yes, he is happy with this outcome. It is for the best.

On another side of the ringside floor, Jennifer has constructed a tower, by setting up three tables on top of each other. She had a ladder erected beside it, which she climbs while carrying Angelina. She places Angelina on top of the tower then quickly scampers down the ladder and takes down the ladder to remove Angelina's escape route, although there was really no need to hurry. After what Angelina did to her in Vegas, Jennifer was not taking any chances. Jennifer started to look at Angelina like a real-life super hero. She still respected and feared her rival's ability in the ring despite her total domination of her tonight.

Jennifer slides the ladder into the ring then stands it up. Jennifer climbs the ladder and stands on top of it. The audience buzzes in anticipation of what is obviously about to happen. With the ladder in the ring, Jennifer is over ten feet higher than Angelina. She looks down and notices Angelina recovering some of her senses and becoming aware of what is happening. Jennifer leaps off the ladder heading toward Angelina. The brunette sees Jennifer flying through the air towards her and releases a glass shattering shriek of terror.

Upon impact, Jennifer and Angelina instantly crash through the top table. A split second later they smash through the second table and then quickly followed by the final table. Both women lie shaken in the rubble, while the crowds chant, Wholley shit! Wholley shit! Wholley shit!" After a while, Jennifer sits up while Angelina had not moved a muscle. Jennifer takes the palms of both hands and presses down on of Angelina's extra large tits. This gets a long anguished groan from Angelina as the tacks are ground deeper into her flesh, while the referee administer the three count on top of the heap of broken tables.

After the referee finishes, Jennifer pops up to her feet and accepts the victory and the adulation of the crowd. She does not pass the opportunity to place a foot on Angelina's breast. Most think it is for a dramatic victory pose, but in reality she is using her foot to grind the tacks even further into Angelina's boobs. The tormented brunette can only let our long pitiful whimpers of anguish until Jennifer removes her foot. Hearing her hated rival's cries is music to Jennifer's ears and is in no hurry to move. Finally Jennifer removes her foot as the referee gives her the championship belt. She steps on Angelina's inert body like a lumpy rug, as she exits ringside and walks up the ramp.

On the way up the ramp, Jennifer smiles to see an emergency medical unit rush past her to attend to Angelina. Eventually Angelina is fitted with a neck brace and is hauled out on top of a stretcher.

Five hours after the match, Angelina rests in a hospital bed. Finally she makes the regrettable call to Brad to let her know she is all right. She had avoided the call as long as possible. She was totally embarrassed at losing to Jennifer, much less being destroyed by her. Secondly, she is in no mood to hear, 'I told you so' from Brad. To her relief Brad was very supportive during the phone call.

"They want to keep me here for observations for a couple of days." Angelina tells Brad. "Your girrrlll Jennifer fucked me up pretty bad." Angelina put emphasis on' your girl', reminding Brad that he is the cause of all of this.

Brad politely replies back, "Oh it's Jennifer now and not Wimpifer?"

"Fuck you" Angelina quickly answers back.

"Just joking babe." Brad chuckles. Angelina knew Brad would not let the conversation end without one comment about her loss. "I'll fly out tomorrow to see you, after I get the kids situated. You get some rest now and remember, I love you."

"Thanks sweetie, I love you too" Angelina says as she hangs up the phone and settles back for a well deserved sleep.

"Yeah, I fucked her up really bad" a nude Jennifer Aniston purrs as she climbs on top of Brad Pitt as they lie in Angelina's home, and more specifically Angelina's bed. She had hopped a private jet immediately after the match, and was lying there with Brad listening to the whole conversation. "If you think I fucked her up bad, wait to you see how I fuck you up tonight." Jennifer seductively purrs as she places Brad's bone hard penis inside her vagina, and slowly starts slowly grinding on her ex husband. So the war rages on.

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