Angelina Jolie has a wonderful life. She has a wonderful career. She is arguably the premier actress today. She is one of the most powerful actresses in Hollywood. She is among the highest paid women at her craft, and any role that she pleases is practically at her fingertips. Angelina has a wonderful man in Brad Pitt. He tends to her countless needs and whims. He is wonderful with the children. Angelina truly has a wonderful life, but since when has wonderful been good enough for Angelina?

Of course everything is not wonderful. She has the ever looming shadow of Jennifer Aniston. Angelina kicked her ass, took her man, Brad and left her like a weak pile of rubbish. However Jennifer did not and has not gone away. Jennifer remains a thorn in Angelina's side. In fact, Jennifer has gotten stronger over time. While Jennifer cannot compete with Angelina in beauty, the goodie too shoes finds ways to mesmerize the press and public, and keeps in close contact with Brad. She is not considered on Angelina's level as an actress, but she stays busy and a favorite of producers. Jennifer claims she is not about revenge, but has been a workout nut after getting destroyed by Angelina. Although she is not the fighter that Angelina is, Jennifer challenged Angelina to a fight and beat the dog shit out of Angelina coming off of pregnancy and suffering from depression issues. Angelina does not think any of this is wonderful, it is frustrating.

However Angelina did manage to gain an amount of revenge by helping Jennifer lose the Drama Queen title, but Jennifer found a way to have the last laugh still. It always seems that way. She just cannot rid herself of Jennifer Aniston. It is extremely frustrating. Brad continues to have secret meetings with her. Not only can she not rid herself of Jennifer, but she is still growing as a threat to Angelina. It is very frustrating.

Then Angelina has the minor annoyance of Megan Fox. The press has been comparing the younger starlet to Angelina, dubbing Megan as the "New Angelina Jolie". Unfortunately Angelina is not through being the current Angelina Jolie. She finds the comparisons to the new rising unproven star premature, and a little disrespectful.

First, rumors started that producers wanted Meagan Fox to portray Laura Croft in a new Tomb Raider movie series. That role was one of the vehicles for Angelina to rise to super stardom. Angelina was pissed from the start because the studio decided to restart the series based on a younger version of the character instead of allowing her to reprise the role. When rumors said they offered the part to Meagan saying that she was the logical choice, Angelina started to simmer. Meagan says, "I haven’t been offered that. No one has even spoken to me about doing that yet." and adding "I think that’s a role that Angelina Jolie mastered, and I would never attempt to take that over from her." Angelina thought is was a shrewd move. By her publicly denying the comparisons, she is actually fueling the comparison.

For a girl who repeatedly claims not to like comparisons to Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox sure remembers to mention Angelina in interview after interview. Almost as if… perhaps Megan likes the comparisons, and wants to encourage them? But of course not. Not Megan Fox. Not the girl who complained to Entertainment Weekly being quoted about the comparisons saying, "It's a lack of creativity on the media's part" and adds, "Because I have tattoos and dark hair and I was in an action movie? That's as far as the similarities extend." She added that Angelina should be upset with the comparisons, saying "I'm sure she has no idea who I am. But if I were her, I'd be like, 'Who the fuck is this little bullshit brat who was in Transformers that's going to be the next me?' I don't want to meet her. I'd be embarrassed."

Not the girl who a few days later said that “Every time a relationship ends, I say, ‘If I could just be Angelina’s girlfriend, I would be so happy.’ I love Angelina Jolie. She’s someone I admire and look up to. She’s my favorite actress in Hollywood. I just love that she’s incredibly honest, and I feel that she’s not afraid to be herself. She tells you exactly what’s on her mind.”

As the reporters kept pushing Meagan about the comparisons, Megan kept talking. "I’m actually frightened of her," Meagan reveals. "I haven’t had the opportunity to meet her and I try to avoid that because I’m afraid." although Megan officially says she hates the comparisons, she continued to comment on Angelina saying, "Angelina’s a powerful person and I bet she would eat me alive. I guess that is why I’m afraid of her."

Despite hating the comparisons, she continued to comment on Angelina in interview after interview. saying "She'd believe it if Angelina was really a vampire." and that "she is not a tigress like Angelina." then she turns those headline statements into compliments about Angelina. However Angelina took them as backhanded slaps.

Later, Megan reportedly blew up at a fan who compared her to Jolie. Perhaps she revealed how she really feels about Angelina yelling “I’m much hotter than her. She's, like, ancient.”

Angelina, unexpectedly did not take the high road like most high ranking celebrities when asked about a rival. "Is she aiding in Africa or sitting in on U.N. conferences? Donating herself to something bigger than Hollywood? I'm not familiar with her work, is she an Oscar contender?"

While Megan's director from Transformers stated that Megan "is dumb as a rock" Angelina sees Megan as a 'Cunning Fox'. A Fox that is copying her style, and benefiting off of her reputation to build the neophyte’s career.

As she sat with Stone Rage discussing opponents for her next match, she remembers one of his famous adages: "If you never solve your problems, you will always have problems." She decided to nip this Megan Fox problem in the bud, and not allow it to become another monster like Jennifer Aniston.

After tough negotiations on both ladies part, and a butt load of cash thrown to each lady as well, this match for the ages is made. The reigning living legend, versus the hot rising star soaring to legendary status. Angelina faces her rival over ten years her junior. This could be Megan's first huge step toward a Hall of Fame career. It could be a passing of the torch match, or the young lioness fiercely ripping the torch away from the clutches of the former queen. It could also be a time for the reigning queen to reestablish her glory. A time for Angelina to showcase her dominance of her time and prove the difference between a legend and a pretender.

Brad was against Angelina taking this match up, telling Angelina that she had nothing to gain from this fight. If Angelina wins, then she is supposed to beat the novice. If Angelina loses, then she legitimizes the comparisons between her and Megan. Second, a loss to the neophyte destroys her reputation and championship potential. Third, he is positive that Megan will take the opportunity to embarrass and humiliate and make an example of Angelina if given the opportumity. If he was advising Megan, he would instruct her to make the most out of the chance. He would have a mortifying demise planned for Angelina that people will be talking about for some time to come.

Angelina did not see things that way. She had something to prove to herself. She was more out smarted and out maneuvered by Jennifer Aniston than out fought in her last two encounters with her. Angelina wants to prove to herself that she is still the same dominating vixen that she always was. It has to be in a match that means something, and has personal stakes. Megan Fox is the opponent she wanted.

Angelina is even more positive she wanted the challenge of Megan Fox as she stands at the top of the entrance ramp about to walk to the ring on fight night. Angelina chose to come to the ring first. She wanted the spotlight solely on her, without that trash, Fox, anywhere around. The legend stood at the top of the ramp for a moment, absorbing the energy of the audience. It was exhilarating and intoxicating. There is an energy, buzz and feeling like she has rarely experienced. It felt like a championship match or more specifically a match that everybody in the world anticipated and wanted to see. This is truly a match for the ages, a unique and special event. It is overwhelming. Angelina simply throws her shoulders back and struts to the ring, totally comfortable being on the largest of stages. Angelina wears black spandex pants and a black bikini top for the match.

Moments later, Megan Fox is announced, and walks to the ring. Megan bursts through the curtains, smiling and blowing kisses to the audience. Megan was so focused on her performance, and proving that she is equal to the great Angelina Jolie, that she totally missed soaking in and enjoying the immenseness of the moment. Megan has thought through and scripted everything, including her entrance and walking to the ring. She is not sure that she can beat Angelina wrestling, but she is positive that she can win the fans choice as the hottest babe in the ring. Megan wore a white T shirt that is cut off just below her breasts. Also, the neck line is cut away to show a tremendous amount of cleavage. Megan completes her outfit with the briefest pair of red bikini bottoms. Everyone in attendance was stricken by the phenomenal young beauty.

Angelina came into the match as a prohibited favorite, and the fan's choice. However as the young sex kitten with the nuclear sex appeal frolics to the ring, and crawls through the ropes, she is gaining fans by the droves. Angelina's eyes narrow with a glint of jealousy as she looks on. Megan is reassured by her reception from the crowd. She was a bit in awe of Angelina going into the match. Her confidence is zooming by the second that her name belongs in the same breath as Angelina Jolie while basking in the audience's warm reception.

The naturally cocky young lady glares over at Angelina, flaunting her win in the court of public opinion. With a taunting smile Megan blows a slow, well aimed kiss in Angelina's direction, followed by flipping, her the bird.

This match was billed as an 'Anything Goes Catfight'. That is just a marketing ploy to incite the imagination, and to say, 'relaxed rules'. Angelina knows full well what that means, and how to take advantage of it.

As the fans react to Megan's gesture, Angelina charges out of her corner and races across the ring and clobbers Megan over the head with a vicious forearm. Megan reels backwards against the ropes, and bounces forward, where Angelina grabs her by the hair and snap mares Megan to the mat.

The bell rings amidst a mixed reaction from the crowd. Angelina could care less what the fan think about her right now. It's time to fight, and to win. As Megan struggles to her feet, Angelina is waiting, and snatches Megan to her feet by two handfuls of hair, then flips her head over heels with second snap mare. Megan lands harshly on her rump again with another loud thump. Megan is flailing on the canvas wondering what just happened, and what she has gotten herself into when Angelina again captures to large handfuls of Megan's dark hair. Angelina wrangles Megan roughly back to her feet. Next she jerks Megan down by her hair, making her bend forward while at the same time, Angelina brings her knee up until it collides with Megan's forehead. Megan shouts loudly as she is kneed in the head, and staggers back. Before she makes it a couple of feet, Angelina seizes her hair again, then snap mares her a third time to the canvas.

Barely a breath is taken before Angelina is on her prey again. She grabs Megan's hair and jerks her up to a sitting position. Angelina launches and lands two well targed kicks to Megan's kidney's. Relaxed rules does not mean no rules. The referee shouts at Angelina about her exccessive hair pulling. Angelina angrily yells back "Shut the fuck up!" as if she's talking to an irritating movie producer. "I know what I'm doing." Angelina continues as she uses Megan's hair to throw her backwards hard enough to make Megan slam the back of her head on the mat.

Angelina turns her back to Megan and walks across to the other side of the ring to the corner. There, Angelina starts untying the turnbuckle cushion and exposes the metal hook and buckle that holds the ring together. It only took the cagey veteran seconds to remove the padding. Her years of experience pay off. Although it did not take very long, when she turns back around, Megan is up and charging toward her. Angelina gives the referee an evil glance, to ward him off from admonishing her for removing the cushion, when her eyes turn back, Megan is colliding into her, driving her shoulder into Angelina's belly. Megan spears Angelina, driving her to the mat and lands on top of her.

Megan tries to throw a few wild punches, but Angelina quickly regains her composure, and blocks the unskilled attack. Megan fights on instinct and grabs Angelina's hair with both hands. The veteran does the same. Soon both starlets are rolling across the canvas pulling each other's hair in a classic catfight move. Megan is able to jab Angelina in the eye with a finger while rolling around. Angelina expertly uses her legs to kick Megan a way and break them apart.

Angelina gets to her feet rubbing her eyes and definitely a little confused and bewildered. Angelina goes to the ropes for support. Megan attacks her like a viper. She measures Angelina, takes a few momentum gaining, steps, and kicks her foe in the gut. The fierce kick knocks sends Angelina tumbling through the ropes and falls onto the ring apron. Seeing her rival lying on her side hanging on the apron, Megan delivers another swift kick that sends Angelina tumbling off the apron and crashing to the arena floor.

Although obviously shaken, Angelina rises to her hands and knees. Megan hops out of the ring and viciously stomps down on the small of her foe's back. Repaying Angelina for some of the rough treatment of her hair, Megan grabs Angelina's raven lockes and roughly wrings Angelina to her feet by her hair. Megan draws Angelina's head back and slams her face into the ringside barrier separating the fans and ringside. Angelina's head bounces off of the barrier and recoils back. Megan catches her and slams her head into to barrier even harder. Angelina's knees buckle, she has to catch herself from going down when Megan grabs her again and slams her face into the barrier a third time.

Megan steps back and sees Angelina dazed, leaning against the barrier and holding her head. "Evil bitch!" Megan shouts and kicks Angelina in the gut. Angelina doubles over with a howl. Megan grabs her opponent by the hair and leads her back to the ring. Megan then stops and grabs Angelina’s bikini top, ripping it aside, until the cups are pushed up and out so Angelina's naked tits spill out. As the audience starts screaming like crazy, Megan rolls her dazed foe under the ropes and back into the ring.

Megan swiftly slides into the ring after her and dives on top of Angelina for the pin. The referee counts two before Angelina kicks out. Megan gets to her feet while, Angelina only rises to her knees. Megan grabs Angelina's hair to haul her to her feet, when the veteran unleashes a flurry of punches into Megan’s flat well sculpted stomach. Megan grimaces and grunts as Angelina stands, with her hands going straight for the youth's T shirt. "Damned right, I'm an evil bitch!" Angelina roars back as her hands tear open Megan's T shirt. "But it takes one to know one!" Megan screams as she finishes ripping open her young foe's shirt baring her tits to the world. Angelina adds an exclamation point holding Megan's head in place and delivering a head butt between Megan's eyes.

Megan drops to the mat like she has been shot. The young woman lies on the canvas dazed, meanwhile the older woman gets a much needed breather. Both savage vixens remove the remains of their tattered tops during this time, opting to finish things topless.

Seeing Megan sitting up, Angelina goes on the offensive again. Angelina helps Megan to her feet by her hair, when the young tiger suddenly comes to life. She hauls off and nails Angelina over the head with a big right hand punch. Megan launches haymaker after haymaker, marching Angelina back toward the ropes with her fist. Suddenly Angelina ceases the assault by using the ropes for a little extra momentum then kicking Megan in the gut.

Megan falls to the mat holding her mid section, realizing that the veteran has just taken advantage of her lack of defensive skills. Although she is hurting, the breathless neophyte wills herself to rise. Angelina patiently waits a couple of moments for her foe to rise. Angelina runs toward Megan, launching herself in the air. As she passes Megan, Angelina grabs a handful of her hair, and keeps flying, taking Megan along with her. After traveling a few feet together, Angelina bulldogs Megan's gorgeous face into the mat.

The two land with a thunderous boom. Megan is knocked sensless, loudly groaning and holding her forehead. Angelina quickly rises. She grabs Megan's hair again, roughly handling the yelping young woman and hauling her to her feet. Angelina draws the groggy girl's head back then slams her head into the exposed ring buckle that she removed the cushion cover from at the beginning of the match. Megan's head bounces off the hard metal, then she starts sinking to the mat. Angelina grabs a last handful of hair and violently slings Megan over backwards to the mat. Megan is on her back, holding her forehead with both hands, seeing stars. Angelina folds Megan up, bringing her ankles up beside Megan's head in a matchbook pin. As the referee starts the three count, Angelina puts her feet on the middle rope for a little extra illegal leverage to hold her opponent down. Angelina smiles and chuckles, very proud of herself and her ring generalship to out maneuver her young rival, and defeat her.

Angelina really did not need the feet on the ropes. Megan is hurt, dazed and done. She does not even attempt to kick out. The referee counts her out and awards the match to Angelina. The fans cheer, Angelina modestly acknowledges her fans, and ignores the boos mixed throughout the crowd. The boos were not really fans of Megan, but Angelina haters.

Megan is still down holding her aching head. Angelina grabs the microphone and looks down at her victim. "I have to admit. You've got potential Megan, a lot of potential. All you've got to do is pull your head out of your ass, stop being lazy, and act like a professional. You could definitely be the next Angelina Jolie. But let's be honest, both of us know that'll never happen. You'll always be what you are, just a Budget Jolie." Angelina drops the microphone, and turns and leaves the ring, and exits up the ramp.

It did not take long before fans to pick up a chant. "BUD-GET JO-LIE!... "BUD-GET JO-LIE!... "BUD-GET JO-LIE!... "BUD-GET JO-LIE!... "BUD-GET JO-LIE!... "BUD-GET JO-LIE!... "BUD-GET JO-LIE!... "BUD-GET JO-LIE!..."

Megan sits up hearing the chant. An angry sneer crosses her lips. She starts trembling, she is so irate. "I'll show these ass holes who's a fucking Budget Jolie." Megan swears to herself. "Even that evil bitch, Angelina, will bow down to me. Just wait!"


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