Uncivil War



NOTE - This story follows ThE RoCk tHe BoAt CrUiSe! SHANNEN DOHERTY vs ROSARIO DAWSON
Everybody knows that Jada Pinkett Smith is the wrong woman to cross. She is ordinarily the picture of class, elegance and grace. However once angered, she turns into a viperous spitfire that will tell you exactly what she thinks about the situation. Once Jada is angered, there will definitely be a situation. The diminutive woman appears to grow to seven feet tall and will get in your face with an intimidating tirade. The high class little lady with a Napoleonic complex may even cuss like a sailor and bob her head like a hood rat, should the situation dictate.

This attitude is why Eva Mendes desperately wants Jada to be a member of The Resistance. She has been friends with Will Smith and Jada Pinkett for years. Early in Eva's career, she made an appearance in Will Smith's Miami music video. Later she got her breakthrough role opposite Will in Hitch. Eva also appeared in The Women with Jada. Eva acknowledges that in a group with mild mannered Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson at the groupsí core, Jada's attitude is essential for their sucess. Eva has been trying to woo Jada to their cause since joining the group. Jada finally agreed to join with one condition: that Eva gets her a match with Rosario Dawson, so she can whip Rosario's ass.

Eva hounded the booking committee to get Jada her match with Rosario. The Resistance has the Fab Four on the run after absolutely destroying all eight members at the historic **ONSLAUGHT** Pay Per View. Eva felt it was a mistake letting the ABA crawl into a low profile until they could recover from the Resistance's initial blitzkrieg of them. The group's consensus is to pound the Fab Four until they lose members, disband or surrender. Jessica Alba already left Rosario Dawson lying in a pool of her own blood at **ONSLAUGHT**. Surely another such beating would make her reconsider her involvement in the Uncivil War., or at least make Rosario irrelevant in the league.

Rosario eagerly agreed to the match at STONE RAGE NEW YEAR'S EVE BASH!. However the final contract negotiations bogged down. Loni Anderson served as mediator from the booking committee over the negotiations. Eva and Jada sat at the table expecting normal conditions and negotiations. Rosario and Pam Anderson sat across the table making things difficult and being very coy and elusive. They would not agree to anything.

After several hours of negotiations Eva and Jada were so frustrated that they were ready to leap over the table and slap and strangle both Pam and Rosario. Meanwhile, Pam and Rosario giggled, made jokes, disputed everything, and agreed to nothing. After another couple of hours Jada and Eva thought that Rosario was purposely stalling negotiations.

First Jada felt that she was the more established celebrity and name, and deserved a greater share of the purse. Pam and Rosario flatly refused that option. Jada started smoldering, being forced to accept what she perceived as a pay cut. Rosario and Pam kept playing, laughing and joking. The argued every point vehemently. Jada progressed to smoldering, to frustrated, to irate. At the last stumbling block, Jada blurts out "If you're scared, say you're scared! Quit wasting my time! Just admit you're scared and don't want to fight, and stop wasting all of our time!"

Rosario takes a moment to swallow before answering very cool, calm and composed, "I'm not afraid to fight you Jada. Why would I be afraid of fighting a midget like you?"

"Then stop stalling and sign the damned contract!" Jada yells back.

"No, I'm not done yet." Rosario coolly responds.

"Urrrrr!" Jada barks out of frustration. "What do you want?"

"I want to whip you." Rosario nonchalantly answers.

"Then sign the fucking contract before I slap you cross eyed!" Jada threatens while rising to her feet.

"You don't understand. I don't want to just beat you up, I want to whip you." Rosario says with her voice showing more intensity. "I want to fuck you up so bad mentally and physically that you start crying like a sniveling baby. I want to shut your big mouth up once and for all. I want to rip your heart out and step on it!" Rosario continues, slowly rising to her feet. "I want you to know deep down that beyond a question that I beat your ass, and there was nothing you could do about it. I want you to know that Rosario Isabel Dawson is one bad bitch, and you will never ever want to fuck with me again!"

By now both vixens are standing engaging in a staring contest from opposite sides of the table. Suddenly Rosario regains that frustrating composure that Jada found so infuriating to begin with. Rosario takes a deep breath and sits back down. "Tell you what." Rosario begins like she is in a casual, friendly conversation. "I'll sign the contract with one condition. If I win, then I win Will Smith for New Years. He comes home with me after the match, and has to follow all of my orders."

Jada is staring a hole in Rosario. She slowly sits down and tries to calm herself but only has minor success. Rosario has her so angry that she can barely think. "And what do I get if I win?" Jada asks trying to return to the negotiations.

"Nothing." Rosario bluntly answers. "Take it or leave it little woman."

Jada's eyes narrow and she draws her mouth thin. She realizes that Rosario is trying to get under her skin. It was Rosario's friendship and flirtations with Will that started this feud between them. Jada knows that she has been maneuvered into some sort of trap. She is not threatened in her relationship with Will. He did not want Rosario like that, the two are just good friends. Jada is positive of that. Rosario wants this night with Will to crush and humiliate Jada, not to seduce Will. However that is a sure way for Rosario to make good on her treats to physically, mentally and emotionally whip Jada.

However Jada is one of the most respected and feared producer, director, author, singer-songwriter and businesswoman in the industry. She is well adept in negotiations. The shrewd woman seeks a way to turn things to her advantage.

Jada shakes her head in frustration of being out maneuvered and negotiated. Finally she spoke with conflict showing in her voice. "New Years Eve is me and Will's wedding anniversary." Rosario freezes for a moment. Her eyes show sympathy. Rosario immediately started to feel bad about doing this to Will and Jada on this special day. Rosario opens her mouth to speak. She is going to offer to do this match on another night, but Jada continues speaking before Rosario gets another word out.

"I wanted this match to be my present to Will. What man wouldn't appreciate seeing his woman in a sexy catfight with another beautiful woman for a present?" Jada says then looks up at Rosario. "I guess you'll do for a beautiful woman." Instantly the sympathy disappears from Rosario's eyes after hearing that crack. "I planned on ripping whatever slutty outfit you were wearing off you, and snatching a couple of handfuls of hair out of your hair out of your head and giving them to Will for a present. Then have mind blowing sex afterwards." Jada shakes her head pensively. "But you want to take this to another level."

Jada's face turns hard. Her expression changes as if she had suddenly been struck by a new idea. "Fine let's raise the stakes." Jada looks into Rosario's eyes. "You're right. It's time we settle who is the Boss Bitch between us once and for all. Let's make it winner takes all. The winner gets all the money." Jada sees Rosario's eyes light up and her mouth salivates at the thought of the enormous payday. Jada realizes that she has captured the advantage. "It's not like me and Will need the money. But it should be pretty enticing to you. My children probably made more money than you this year." This is another barb from Jada that is slowly chipping away at Rosario's composure and rationality. "If you win, you get Will for the night, but if I win, you're me and Will's slave girl for the night. Trust me, Will and I know how to put your big lips and big tits to good use." Jada pauses to examine her rival's reactions. "The question is do you have the cohunes to take this 'winner take all match'. I always thought you were a real woman, but if you don't take this match, you'll prove you're just a punk bitch that's all talk. If that's the case then I'll get up and walk out this room, because you're not worth my time. So what do you say, you bug-eyed freak?"

There is absolute silence in the room. Rosario solemnly considers the offer. She acknowledges that Jada has trumped her. Despite frustrating Jada for hours Jada won the negotiation process. The final insult was a nice touch. Rosario spent precious moments pondering being called a bug-eyed freak instead of her answer. Rosario makes a mental note to add that tactic to her negotiating arsenal. Rosario knows that she has no real option. Either she can accept and have a chance to make multi millions of dollars, more than she has made in one night in her life, or get nothing. If she refuses the offer Jada will walk away from the table and spread the word that Rosario refused to fight her. If she takes the fight and loses, she won't get anything either. Rosario softly says, "I accept."

The STONE RAGE NEW YEAR'S EVE BASH! could not come quick enough for Jada. She trained very hard with Will by her side practically the whole time. There was no way that Jada was going to let that woman leave the arena with her husband, especially on her wedding anniversary.

Jada understood the relationship between Will and Rosario. Will is a very powerful figure in Hollywood. He is also a dominant personality. Often he has been accused of making co-stars 'kiss his ass' to keep their jobs. Just ask Janet Hubert Whitten, who played the first Vivian Banks on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. She accuses ruthless Will of getting her fired from the show. However Rosario is very flirty and flattering. Jada can understand that Will loves working with this beautiful woman that caters to his ego constantly. However Jada thinks that Rosario takes it too far. The bottom line is that Jada does not like Rosario. She finds her annoying, and sickening. Jada finds few redeeming qualities in the woman. She had problems with her before. Then they escalated during the ThE RoCk tHe BoAt CrUiSe! Now it is time to settle things woman to woman.

Rosario took this match very seriously as well. Not necessarily because of the money, or hatred of Jada. It is because of what happened to her on the **ONSLAUGHT** PPV. The Resistance's Jessica Alba, beat her savagely. She left Rosario lying in a pool of her own blood, and carried from the ring on a stretcher. The Uncivil War. became no joke for her at that point. Her mission became to crush all Resistance members. She spoke the truth. Rosario wants to tear Jada's heart out of her chest. Taking all the money and Will on their anniversary night will do that emphatically. She sweated hard with all four of her mentors, Pam Anderson, Tia Carrere, Halle Berry, and Jennifer Lopez. New Years Eve she will begin her vengeance against the Resistance.

The STONE RAGE NEW YEAR'S EVE BASH! was just like every other Stone Rage celebration. It is a huge facility, thousands of people, hundreds of celebrities, music, dancing and a open bar for the VIP's. As always the highlight of the night is the action in the ring. The ring is appropriately decorated with a black mat and glittering silver ropes. Also several projection screens are along the walls to make sure everyone can see the action.

Rosario comes to the ring first. She is dressed in the new Fab Four colors. She has a shimmering gold bustier and black bottoms. It is very reminiscent to a black and gold Wonder Woman outfit. Rosario also wears a huge smile as she flaunts and bounces her way to the ring. The top pushes Rosario's already bountiful breasts up, making them look like they are served up on a delicious platter as the bounce and jiggle their way to the ring. The crowd comes alive with hoots and cat calls to the actress. Comments like, "She's so fucking hot!", "Smoking!" and "Damned she is sexy!" abound throughout every corner of the arena. This is what a sex symbol should look like.

Next Jada Pinkett Smith comes to the ring looking absolutely like a work of art. Her body nears perfection. She is fit, lean and looks like she is carved out of stone. The word goddess best describes her. Jada's body is perfectly proportionate just like those ancient statues of the Roman and Greek goddesses. No unnecessary body fat to be found. Taunt muscles ripple under her skin, as Jada elegantly proceeds to the ring. She has firm, round great fruit sized breasts. They are not nearly as large and full as Rosario's but no less spectacular. They are perfectly shaped and stand high and proud on her chest. Her toned butt is perfectly round and bounces slowly from side to side as she strolls to the ring. Despite approaching forty years old, Jada is still flawless. Her husband, Will accompanies her to the ring, and is by far her biggest cheerleader.

After the commotion caused by these two incredibility sexy women entering the ring died down, it was time for the match. Rosario stands in her corner with a slight smile on her face. Despite the seriousness of the moment, and her commitment to victory, Rosario's jovial, light hearted nature shines through. Meanwhile Jada stands in her corner across the ring. Her facial expression shows her extreme seriousness of this match. Jada has a cold hearted focus about her. Rosario is threatening Jada's family, the most important thing in her life. She will stop at nothing to bust Rosario up. Will stands at by her corner at ringside, offering a constant stream of encouragement and advice to his wife.

Finally the bell rings to start the match. Immediately Jada tears out of her corner like a Tasmanian devil. Rosario stands frozen in her corner for a moment, seeing this wild women coming toward her. That was all it took. Jada attacks with a flurry of wind milling fist. Rosario finds herself in the middle of a storm of fist and knees whirling around her. Rosario stood strong in the storm. First she blocked as many of the fist as possible. Next she began counter punching back.

Jada continued her whirl wind of punches. Rosario tried to pin point her strikes through the storm and nail Jada. Only whenever she lashed out, she exposed herself to Jada's fists. The smaller vixen rocks Rosario with a windmill fist to the jaw. Rosario falls back against the corner. Rosario drops her defenses only for a moment, but that is enough for Jada to pelt her with several more fists.

To her dismay, Rosario is being completely overwhelmed by her petite adversary. Jada is like a machine, throwing punch after punch, and adding knees to Rosario's thighs and body also. Rosario covers up and tries to withstand the onslaught, but finds herself wilting under the pressure of Jada's assault. At her full height, Jada only comes up to Rosario's nose. Jada stands at 5' tops, while Rosario stands at 5'7". Undaunted, Jada kept swinging at Rosario like chopping down a tree. Rosario covered her head best she could, but left Jada several openings lower in her tits and body. As Jada's fist dig into her curvaceous opponent's body Rosario starts sinking very slowly to the mat. A few more of Jada's painful knees to Rosario thighs hastened Rosario's decent. Finally Rosario slips down to her bottom, and is seated in the corner, and cowering trying to protect herself. Now Jada adds kicks to her assault trying to tame this taller, bigger sexy beast.

By now the fans are all in a frenzy screaming. They are all energized seeing little Jada beat down her bigger rival. Jada is pumped up as well. Despite the draining effort it took to mow Rosario down, she feels no fatigue. Jada reaches down and grabs Rosario by her hair. Then she drags Rosario across the ring by her hair from Rosario's corner to her corner where her biggest cheerleader is jumping up and down. Rosario feel her ass burning as she is drug across the canvas.

After reaching her corner, Jada maliciously stomps on Rosario's big boobs a few times out of spite. Jada takes a moment to howl and acknowledging the crowd. Then she takes another moment to look down at Will to give him a wink and blow him a kiss. In the meantime, a battered Rosario struggles to her feet with the assistance of the ropes. The Latin warrior already looks like she has been through a war. Rosario's hair is disheveled, but her face is more telling of how things are going. Her eyes are wild, trying to look for an answer. Rosario's mouth is open sucking air hungrily. Her facial expression says, "I'm hurt, confused and more than a little scared of this little woman kicking my ass."

Jada recognizes the look, and quickly lashes out with a right cross to Rosario's chin. Rosario's head spins to the right from Jada's fist. Jada follows with a left cross that rocks Rosario's head the other way.

Jada is sneering intending on destroying Rosario. Suddenly the sneer is replaced by a look of pain as Rosario strikes with her legs, and kicks Jada in the crotch. Jada was so intent on finishing Rosario that she got careless. She opened her legs to get more force behind her punches, and left herself open for Rosario's counter strike. Jada bends over grabbing her crotch in shock. Rosario next holds Jada's head in place, and raises her knee up driving it into Jada's nose. Jada crumbles to the mat holding her face.

Rosario starts stomping and kicking her downed foe like a mad woman. While getting drug like an overstuffed trash bag, Rosario remembered Halle Berry's coaching. "Jada can be very intimidating." Halle advised. "You have to be secure in your womanhood to face her. Jada seems like the perfect woman. She is beautiful, has the movie star husband, a great mother, and she is a successful actress, producer, author, and business woman. Jada has an Alpha Female, Top dog mentality. I've known Jada for about 20 years. I know exactly who Jada is. Jada can be a five foot bully. Like any bully, you've got to punch her in the mouth, knock her off of her pedestal, after that we'll see what everybody is made of. But you've got to match her ferocity!"

Jada rolls into a ball trying to protect herself from these vicious kicks. Rosario jumps in the air, and comes down driving her knee into Jada's back. Next, Rosario grabs Jada's hair and slams her face into the canvas.

"Time to destroy the mystique of this itty bitty woman with the intimidating personality." Rosario thinks, while remembering the respect and awe Jada received from everybody on the Seven Pounds set whenever she visited Will during filming. Rosario remembers feeling small in Jada's presence. "Bully!" Rosario mutters as she pushes aside Jada's bikini top aside and clutches Jada's breasts in both hands. Jada roars in pain as Rosario crushes her perfectly shaped mounds in her grasp.

"Little ass fucking A cup!" Rosario scoffs. "I can barely hold on to these little fuckers!" Jada squirms on the mat and screams in Rosario's clutches. "It's amazing that Will settles for these mosquito bites. You must really be a tiger in the bed, to make up for not having tits." Rosario smiles mischievously and continues. "Then again, he always spent a lot of time looking at my breasts!"

Jada's eyes suddenly ignite in rage. "You've just gone too far bitch!" Jada roars loudly like a lioness. Jada's fist rocket up from the mat and slam into either side of Rosario's tits, crushing Rosario's breasts in between. Rosario's face goes blank and and she gasps loudly. Rosario's clutch on Jadaís breasts disappears for a moment in pain and shock. In that moment, Jada's legs rise off the canvas and encircle Rosario's waist. In the next instance, Jada uses her legs to throw Rosario from her seated position to onto her back on the mat.

Jada rolls with Rosario and ends up seated on her stomach. Next Jada launches a double fisted punch to the underside of both of Rosario's breasts. Rosario's tits leap out of the confinement of the bustier. Jada's eyes light up like a child on Christmas morning. She reaches down and squeezes Rosario's tits with both hands. Rosario shrieks in pain, before a spark of anger rises in herself. Rosario instantly reaches up and squeezes Jada's tits in like fashion.

Both women squeeze and squash each other's tits for a while. Both start out screaming, more from the exertion and the intensity of the moment than the pain. Soon they degrade to loud grunts and groans derived from the burning pain they feel in their chests.

Rosario's attack is more nipple twisting and torture. That is the only way Rosario felt that she could match the torment she is feeling in her own breasts. Jada's much smaller tits were harder to get a good grip on. Rosario's hands covered Jada's super perky breasts. She had limited options of inflicting punishment on the perfectly proportionate orbs.

Jada did not have any problems gripping Rosario's big knockers. Jada had flesh gushing between her fingers as she kneaded Rosario's breasts. If Will really was ogle ling her breasts during the Seven Pounds filming, Jada certainly could not begrudge him. Jada is enjoying herself squishing and squashing them and hopefully ripping them off of Rosario's chest.

By her facial contortions and her loud miserable grunts and groans, Rosario is obviously suffering more during this breast mauling duel. This fact definitely does not go unnoticed by Jada. She switches tactics and starts pounding Rosario's tits with her fists. Jada uses her fists like mechanical pistons, pumping up and down and laying waste to Rosario's chest. Rosario wails in pain and frustration as her pride and joy is pounded into dust.

Rosario is in deep trouble. She is forced to abandon her grip on Jada's tits to protect her own breasts from Jada's fierce assault. That is what Jada expected and wanted to happen. As soon as Rosario moves to protect her hands to guard her own boobs, Jada captures both of Rosario's wrists. Using Rosario's momentum against her, Jada forces both of Rosario's arms to the canvas by her sides. Next Jada traps both arms under either one of her knees. Knowing that she does not have the body weight to keep Rosario pinned for long. Jada immediately opens a two fisted assault on Rosario's face.

The fans were in awe and marvel watching this tiny woman bruise and brutalize this much larger woman. Jada was precise and machine like, as she savagely pounded Rosario's face with both fist. Before Rosario knew what was happening this pint-sized punisher has her, stunned, then dazed and punch drunk. Soon Rosario had neither the awareness nor the strength to throw Jada off of her. The diminutive diabolical bruiser mercilessly finished her defenseless foe from that point. After a couple minutes of brutally punishing her poor trapped foe, Jada rises to her feet. The crowd breaks out in a thunderous ovation.

It is pretty obvious that Jada is the overwhelming crowd favorite in this contest. Most feel that valiant Jada is giving this dastardly home wrecker the beating that she so richly deserves for trying to separate Jada and Will on their wedding anniversary. Totally engrossed in the moment, Jada bows backwards and releases a battle cried derived from the emotional intensity of the combat. The fans cheer even louder for their heroine. Meanwhile Rosario lies flat on her back, beaten into a punch drunk stupor. Jada snatches the annoying torn and tattered bikini top loosely hanging around her neck and rips it all the way off, before tossing it to Will at ringside. The fans get even nuttier.

Jada is almost dizzy between the roaring crowd and finally her adrenalin level crashing after the emotional start of the match. Jada has always been an inhumanly driven individual, but even she has hit her limits. Jada leans against the ropes for a much needed break. Jada breaths heavily, trying to energize her petite body for the finish of the match. Jada gazes down at Rosario who is slowly coming out of her semi conscious state. A sneer crosses Jada's face, and she returns to Rosario. Jada rolls Rosario onto her side and starts unfastening the clamps for her golden bustier. Rosario's tits were already pushed out, but Jada felt Rosario did not deserve to wear any top. Jada rips off the top and throws it into the ringside audience.

The tiny goddess is in total control of the situation now. She is catching her breath. Jada strolls back to the ropes and with a curled finger beckons Will. Her dutiful husband obediently climbs up on the ring apron. Jada grabs her husband, pulls him down, and plants a very long sexy kiss on his lips. Across the ring, Rosario is recovering, and gathering some of her faculties. She tries to regain her feet, but the still dazed woman tumbles and falls back to the mat. Rosario is aware that the audience is jeering and laughing at her, while they loudly cheer Jada. "Don't they know? I'm Fab Four, I'm the good guy." Rosario thinks in her clouded mind. "I was being Jada's friend. She threw our friendship away. Jada was jealous of me! Jada asked for this match, not me!"

After her kiss with Will, Jada's spirit and resolve are renewed. She is ready to finish off 'Will's friend' once and for all. Jada returns to Rosario, and reaches down and digs her fingers deep into the Latina's hair. Jada is pleased to receive a wince and a whine as she hauls Rosario to her feet. Jada is happy that there are no more smiles and jokes from the light hearted Rosario. Jada feels her rival is well on her way to becoming an obedient and apologetic loser. That was the whole point of taking this match. Jada wanted to exert her dominance over this woman who was far too flirty and friendly with her man. She wants to break whatever spell that Rosario has over Will. Jada pulls Rosario up to her feet. Then Jada connects with an upper cut to Rosario's chin, sending her stumbling back into the corner.

"I'm about to teach you some fucking respect, bug eyes!" Jada announces before chopping Rosario across her chest. Rosario wilts in the corner, and puts her arms on the top ropes for support. "No more raunchy sex jokes with Will like you're one of the fuckin' guys!" Jada orders accompanied with a right cross to Rosario's jaw. "Hello, you've got tits and a vagina! What do you think guys are thinking about when you're babbling about sex like that? You fuckin' dick tease!" Jada preaches.

Jada Pinkett Smith"Another thing. Don't ever, and I mean ever, stick that long ass Gene Simmons tongue out and lick something around Will ever again!" Jada yells giving another commandment. "It's disgusting!" Jada says as she drives her fist deep into Rosario's gut. Jada actually means it's disgusting how every man in the room, stops and looks at Rosario when she does it, which is quite often. Every man and a lot of women are frozen in their tracks, spellbound with uncountable sexual fantasies running through their heads about Rosario and her talented tongue. "You're going to learn how to censor yourself before I'm through!" Jada grabs Rosario two big dark nipples and starts twisting them like she is trying to wind a clock.

"You self righteous little prick!" Rosario thinks. She is wearing a frown, but not from the physical pain she is feeling, but from the pain of Jada's words. "Censorship? You obviously don't know who you're dealing with shorty!" Rosario thinks.

Rosario is described as open. She is friendly. She talks in paragraphs, with all body part being one of her favorite subjects. After that her subject matter ranges from yoga to the Hustler store. Rosario is a free spirit with little if any filter. It is born from a grandmother who still wears a bikini after the age of seventy. It comes from Rosario's mother who got a Mohawk for her fortieth birthday. The same woman that Rosario and her brother got a breast piercing for Mother's day. At the age of 21, Dawson's courageous mother broke into an abandoned building on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, where she and her husband installed plumbing and electrical wiring, to turn the building into a squat where their two children would grow up. Showing the same determination, Rosario decides that she is not about to change that spirit for the benefit of this pint sized pain in the ass that is currently pummeling her in the corner of the ring.

"Fuck You Jada!" Rosario roars as she suddenly comes to life. Rosario grabs Jada by either side of her head and slams her head into Jada's forehead with a powerful and unexpected head butt. "You need to learn to mind your own damned business!" Rosario says as Jada staggers back a couple of steps from the head butt, giving Rosario perfect position to surge forward and level Jada with a clothesline. "I love how I am, and I'm proud of the woman my mother raised me to be. If you don't approve of me, I don't give a fuck!" Rosario finishes as she charges forward again and knocks Jada for another loop with a second running clothesline. "If you're worried about the attention your man gives me, then maybe you should step your game up, and quit hating on me!" Rosario then takes Jada off her feet a third time as she was scrambling to rise with yet another running clothes line.

The more Rosario thought about it, the angrier she got. "You over bearing little monster! Where do you get off telling people what to do?"

"Because you are a low class skank!" Jada growls as she pops back to her feet then charges at Rosario. The Latina sneers and stands her ground. "Somebody should help your dumb asss......" Jada's words were suddenly cut off. As she charges in. Rosario catches her by wrapping one hand around the tiny dynamo's throat. Then with an animalistic growl, Rosario hoists Jada up in the air by one hand, then choke slams Jada back to the canvas.

Jada lands with a big boom. She arches her back feeling the pain course up and down her spine. While wearing a harsh grimace on her face, Jada looks up and thinks, "Uh oh, I think I've pushed Ro too far."

Rosario growls again and reaches down and captures Jada by her throat again. "GET UP! MY MOMMA DIDN'T RAISE A SKANK!" The infuriated woman jerks Jada to her feet by her throat. Rosario hoists Jada on the air again and choke slams her to the mat even harder. Will cringes at ringside seeing his beloved wife splattered to the canvas.

Jada's mind is still very alert and aware of everything around her. She hears Will yelling and shouting instructions at ringside. He keeps telling her to move and get away. A slight smile crosses Jada's lips. He reminds her of Burgess Meredith in Rocky yelling, "Git outta der Rocky yer gettin' murdered!"

Jada chuckles in her head, "Move? I can barely feel my legs much less get them to move. He must be crazy. Does he really think I'm purposely lying here waiting for another choke slam or something?"

Jada's eyes roll around and focus on Rosario. She is still talking about something. Jada tunes her words out as she usually does. "Damn it! Does that woman ever be quiet?" Jada thinks. A spark of anger fires in Jada to get up and shut this bitch up. Jada sits up but pauses and moans loudly feeling a severe pain run through her back. Rosario instantly wraps her hand around Jada's throat again. Rosario jerks Jada up to her feet. Next Rosario lifts Jada in the air. Jada moves her feet back and forth as she is suspended in the air. Finally Rosario choke slams Jada to the mat for a third straight time. Jada's athletic body of a goddess is hurled to the canvas with devastating results.

Jada's entire body is in pain. She finally starts to realize and accept her predicament. Jada is in the ring with a stronger and much larger irate woman who intends on totally destroying her. The worst thing about it is that Jada is helpless to stop Rosario at this point. Jada hears the majority of the fans in the arena cheering and encouraging her, while they boo Rosario. However, this offers Jada little to no comfort. Jada looks at Rosario who is still ranting and coming for her. Fear grips Jada's heart. She is scared of Rosario now. Jada wishes she could run out of the ring. She wishes that she never pushed for this match. She wishes that she never said anything to Rosario at all.

Rosario finally truly understands what Halle meant when she called Jada a bully. The little woman is not a physical bully, but a mental bully. Jada imposes her will, her values, and her way of thinking on others. To stand up to Jada, Rosario had to embrace herself, and her own values. That is what Halle meant by seeing what Rosario is made of. Rosario had to knock Jada off her pedestal by rejecting Jada's view on life.

Rosario reaches down and sinks her hands in Jada's hair. Rosario starts hair hauling Jada to her feet. She hears Jada pleading, "No... don't.... noooo." Rosario is pleasantly surprised. Those are words that she never dreamed would come out of the great Jada Pinkett Smith's mouth. More accurately, she never dreamed that she could make Jada Pinkett Smith utter those words.

Regardless, Rosario ignores Jada's pleas. She pulls Jada up to her knees, and then forces Jada's head in between Rosario's thighs. Rosario hears Jada protesting or more accurately begging for leniency. Rosario also hears the furious crowd booing her for taking down their tiny heroine and role model. Rosario does not care at this point, it is time to put an exclamation point on this match. Rosario grabs Jada around her waist. With a burst of strength, Rosario hoists Jada in the air, flips her around and Power Bombs Jada to the mat. Jada's legs and arms flop whatever directions physics directs. Jada certainly has no control over them.

Looking down at a shattered Jada moaning and lying pitifully on the mat Rosario thinks, "I should end this here. After all, even I used to admire the self righteous little bitch. Will will probably be upset with me if I nearly cripple his wife." Rosario is about to drop to the mat and cover Jada when she a glimpse of Eva Mendes out of the corner of her eye. Then she remembered that this is more than about just her and Jada. There is an Uncivil War. going on between her Fab Four and Jada's Resistance. At the last Pay Per View the Resistance had Rosario and her group looking like a M.A.S.H. unit. She needs to make a statement for the Fab Four.

"Now that we've settled our personal differences, there's a message I need you to tell your Resistance buddies about fucking with the Fab Four." Rosario sweetly purrs. Instead of covering Jada, Rosario hauls her back up to her feet. Next Rosario scoops Jada in her arms in position for a body slam. Rosario parades her conquest around the ring before stopping in front of Will. "Sorry about this Will." Rosario warns. "This is Fab Four business." Then Rosario slams Jada's lithe body down across her knee in a back breaker.

Rosario arches Jada's back by pushing down on Jada's chin and her groin, bending Jada's body around her knee. Rosario orders "Submit!"

Jada answers "No!" Rosario simply lifts Jada up in her arms again and slams Jada back down across her knee for another back breaker. Rosario stretches Jada out around her knee again then after she is sure that Jada is significantly suffering, she asks for Jada's submission again. Again Jada refused. Rosario mercifully asks a third time before lifting Jada up again and delivering another backbreaker to the helpless bully. Rosario increases the pressure, bending Jada's body over her knee. She appears to be trying to break the diminutive diva in two. Rosario demands Jada's surrender again. Still Jada stubbornly refuses to concede. Rosario angrily gives Jada another backbreaker born out of frustration. Rosario resumes bending Jada over her knee, but this time, she slips her hand inside of Jada's bikini bottoms. Rosario's fingers grip Jada's pussy and start squeezing, clawing and mauling. Immediately Jada screams long and loud. She sounds like a siren going off.

Will trembles at ringside. He has never heard his wife scream like that or be in that much pain since child birth. He knows that Jada will not surrender easily. She will wait till she is absolutely at the end of her rope before she submits. Jada is a strong willed woman. Having to admit defeat to Rosario will hurt a lot longer and deeper than the pain that she is currently experiencing. Will quickly considers his options. He knows what he must do, although Jada will be furious with him. Jada will never admit that he made the correct decision, she will appreciate it later. Will throws a white towel in the ring to concede the match for Jada.

Rosario promptly releases Jada and shoves her conquest off of her knee. Will scuttles into the ring as quick as he possibly can. As Will scrambles to his wife, Jada is already giving him an evil murderous look, and her lips can be read easily saying, "You mutha fucking bastard. You threw in the towel!" The smooth silver tongued actor begins whispering sweet words to calm and satisfy his wife.

Meanwhile Rosario starts jumping up and down and celebrating like she just won the lottery. Given the 'winner take all' stipulation, she feels like she won the lottery once she recieves the huge winner's check. She prepared and trained hard to defeat Jada, but she honestly had severe doubts she would emerge victorious. During the entire filming of Seven Pounds Rosario was intimidated whenever Jada visited Will on the set. Rosario talked tough and faked the role that she was not intimidated at all by Jada, but deep down she knew the truth. Rosario is actually ecstatic that she overcame her fears and intimidation and whipped a woman whom she held in the upmost respect. Rosario darts to a corner and climbs the turnbuckles with her arms extended up in victory. She received a rousing chorus of boos from the pro-Jada audience, but Rosario did not seem to care.

After Rosario has done all the celebrating that she could do by herself, she turns her attention to her prize. "Oh Wiiilllllllllllllllllllllllllll!" Rosario croons while curling her finger, beckoning him to come over. Will looks at Rosario and takes a deep breath. Then he gives Jada a quick kiss and goes over to Rosario. As soon as he approaches, Rosario leaps into his arms and gives him a huge hug. Rosario presses her sweaty naked tits against his chest. Will does one of his best acting jobs to act like he is unexcited and displeased about having to leave with Rosario and have her rub against him.

Jada looks on, curling her upper lip in fury. Like Rosario, Jada too is a product of her mother. Jada's mother was the head nurse at a clinic in Baltimore. She often battled with administrators over patient's rights. She dictated to stubborn patients daily, about their healthcare. She often had to be pushy, but it was for their own good. Maybe that is where Jada gets her overbearing nature, but she always means well. More importantly Jada's mother taught her daughter to fiercely protect her family. The divorced single mother made sure Jada was safe and had every advantage in life that she could provide. She learned to defend her home and children like a mother lioness defending her cubs.

Rosario throws Jada a few gloating smiles then crawls out of the ring with Will. "Whoa baby, what do you have in mind for us since I'm your slave boy tonight?" Will seductively asks. Rosario cannot pass the opportunity for a witty and flirty response. Meanwhile she did not realize that Will had positioned her so her back was toward the ring. He glances up and makes eye contact with Jada for a brief instant.

In the ring, Jada stands with a murderous expression on her face. Immediately Jada darts toward the ropes. Next Jada dives over the top rope, at the same time Will sidesteps to the right. Jada flies through the air and comes crashing into Rosario's back. The unsuspecting beauty is launched forward and crashes head long in the security barrier a few feet away. Rosario slams into the wall and bounces off like a pinball then falls to the ground in a heap.

Jada's back is still hurting her, but she realizes what is at stake. She is fighting for her family. Nothing is going to stop her, and she refuses to feel pain. Jada pops up to her feet. Then she kicks the time keeper out of his chair. Jada takes his metal folding chair and returns to her rival. Rosario has just rose to her knees after her painful crash into the wall. A split second later she gets cracked across the back by Jada's metal folding chair. The chair shot sounds like a gun shot. Rosario screams and falls to all fours. Jada cracks her across the back again with the chair. Rosario collapses and howls while rolling into a quivering ball. Jada wallops Rosario with the chair one more time for good measures.

Rosario is still in a ball howling in pain. Jada reaches down and hauls Rosario to her feet spouting, "Get up you fucking slut!" Jada hooks Rosario's head under her arm, setting the Latina up for a suplex. Jada gathers herself then falls back. Actually Jada throws Rosario, launching and releasing her. Rosario screams and is flipped over for a very quick landing on top of the announcer's table. Rosario's body bounces on the table's unforgiving wood. Rosario arches her back, grabs her lower lumbar region and howls again.

Rosario DawsonJada rapidly scrambles to her feet and scurries on top of the table. Jada mounts Rosario and takes a seat on top of her chest. Jada wraps both hands around Rosario's neck and squeezes. Rosario's mouth gapes open, her tongue lolls out and her eyes pop out. Immediately both of her hands grasps Jada's wrists and tries to pull them away. However Jada is like a pit bull locked in. Rosario can't break the choke. Jada starts banging the back of Rosario's head into the announcer's table while still stangling her.

Rosario is kicking and thrashing on the table, but after getting her head dribbled on the table countless times, a lot of wind gets taken from her sails. Jada keeps choking her adversary, while even growling like a pit bull. She looks down into Rosario's eyes. She no longer sees the ranting, determined, and cocky woman that just bested her in the ring a few minutes ago. Instead she sees a terrified little girl. Rosario's eyes plead for mercy and indicate total surrender. They beg for her life. A few seconds they glaze over and turn dreamy as she starts loosing consciousness. Seeing her job almost done Jada releases Rosario's throat.

Jada took a moment to look at Rosario gasping for air, panting rapidly, and her eyes are still giant size in absolute fear. Jada draws her hand back and bitch slaps Rosario across her face. She could have punched her, but Jada purposely chose the slap. Jada really is a bully. She wants to instill fear and intimidation rather than pure pain. Jada just delivers paint brushing slaps, followed by backhanded slaps to Rosario's face over and over and over and over and over again.

Rosario begs and pleads while on the verge of breaking into uncontrollable sobbing. "Enough Jada, you win..... Please stop..... you win.... I give ppleassse...... you're the boss, you're the boooossssss..........."

No matter what Rosario says, Jada keeps slapping. This woman is about to spend the night with Jada's husband, there is nothing that she can say to stop Jada. The tiny dynamo chose slapping as opposed to punching to demean, belittle and embarrass Rosario, and it is definitely working. Rosario lies there feeling helpless, defenseless and hopeless. She is mentally braking. The only thing that stops Jada is Will shouting, "Jada time to go! They're coming! Time to go! Time to go!"

Jada looks up and sees Resistance members Eva Mendes, Kelly Hu and Jessica Simpson on the other side of the security barrier motioning for her to come as well. The reason for the commotion is that members of the Fab Four are charging down the aisle to Rosario's aid. The Fab Four risk suspension and significant penalties in doing so. With the huge number of celebrities and grudges in the same room, a spark like this could set off a mass war. Any acts of war or mayhem or altercations are strictly forbidden. However somebody has to stop Jada.

Jada leans down to Rosario's ear "If you fucking touch my husband tonight, nothing on Earth will stop me from getting my hands on you and around your neck again. Do you understand me?" Jada snarls.

"Yes ma am" Rosario snivels like a frightened school girl. Jada leaps off Rosario then hops over the security barrier just as the Fab Four arrives. She makes an escape through the crowd, escorted by Eva, Jessica and Kelly.

The Fab Four's Kim Kardashian, Halle Berry, Tia Carrere and Jessica Biel arrive at ringside. Jessica intercepts Will, getting between him and Rosario. She points a threatening finger. Will backs up, innocently putting his hands up. Meanwhile, Halle, Tia and Kim attend to Rosario. Jessica takes out a dog collar and leash and attaches it around Will's neck. Soon after Jessica leads Will to the backstage area, ahead of Rosario who is being helped with one arm draped over Kim's shoulder, and the other over Tia's. Somewhere near the top seats of the arena the camera finds Jada and her contingent. Eva and Jessica raise both of Jada's arms claiming overall victory of the feud for today. The fans erupt in a rousing cheer, still supporting the topless Jada with the bouncing, perfectly shaped breasts.

Ninety minutes later, a recovered Rosario Dawson re-emerges from the dressing room. She is smiling and celebrating a hard earned victory, and carrying a leash with Will Smith attached to the other end of it. Rosario starts medicating her aches and pains with champagne. Will plays the role of servant admirably, attending to his mistress' every need. Jada left the arena immediately after the match. She could not bear to see Will bow and crow to Rosario. A few minutes later the clock strikes twelve, and the place erupts bringing in the New Year. The bid screen showed Rosario planting a very long and sexy kiss on Will's lips. That became the lasting image of the evening.

The number one party table in the room was undisputedly the Fab Four's. They partied like no other. Will served all the ladies at the table, getting food and drinks, or whatever they needed. Tia Carrere toasted being 2 and 0 at the STONE RAGE NEW YEAR'S EVE BASH! She had defeated Kelly Hu at the inaugural Bash.

At the end of the evening, around 3:30am, the Fab Four were all drunk. Halle Berry, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and Pam Anderson were all wasted. Security helped Kim and Halle stagger out to their limo's since they could not walk by themselves. Jennifer had the assistance of her husband Marc Anthony to get to their limo. Pam amazingly plodded to her limo own her own accord, but walked with her tits hanging out of her dress, and did not seem to notice or care. A very intoxicated Rosario made it to her ride with Will in tow.

The ride home was amazingly quiet especially considering the individuals in the car. A really blitzed Rosario spent most of the ride napping with a pleasant smile on her face. When they got to Rosario's home she instructs Will to carry her bags upstairs and draw her bath water. Will quickly attends to his tasks. As the water fills Rosario's large Jacuzzi tub, Will looks into the adjourning master bed room where Rosario is shedding all of her clothes.

Will quickly realizes why he was so nervous about doing the love scene in the Seven Pounds movie with Rosario. He admittedly delayed filming the scene to the press. It was only his second love scene of his career, and the first was with his wife, Jada in Ali. He delayed it because Rosario is one sexy beast. He is highly sexually attracted to her and would love a romp in the sack with her - no disrespect to Jada. Will filmed the scene after requesting Jada be present during the filming. Then only after Jada called him out saying, "Don't embarrass me! Show people what I'm working with at home."

Will's temperature skyrockets as buck naked Rosario walks into the bath room and gets into the hot bubble bath Jacuzzi. As Rosario lounges and soaks in the tub, her and Will talk, laugh and joke like the close friends they have always been. They discuss the party and how drunk everybody got, and who was with whom.

Rosario gets out of the Jacuzzi. She orders Will to dry her off. Rosario is aware of the sexual tension in the room, and loves the game. Will puts the towel over Rosario's shoulders, and starts slowly rubbing all over Rosario's body. Rosario thought he would rub her spectacular breasts raw, he spent so much time on them. Rosario thought Will was literally drooling as her dropped to his knees and dried her pelvic region. Rosario purposely and sexily moans as Will touches her pussy, drawing sweat on his brow. Will took his time toweling Rosario's shapely legs, and enjoyed himself.

Rosario walks away beckoning Will to follow her out of the bath room into the bed room. Will could not even stand straight his dick was so hard. Rosario glides across the carpet as sexily as she could move, then lies across the bed. She orders Will to get various lotions and oils for her skin. Rosario then instructs Will to apply the lotions and oils all over her body.

Will goes about his task like there is a movie camera in the room. He tries to be smooth and sexy, despite his rock hard penis and his sexual fantasies filling his mind. Rosario is aware of what Will is thinking. She moans and coos making his hands tremble. Rosario loves teasing Will. She plays along. She glimpses the bulge in Will's pants thinking, "That thing is going to burst out any second." Rosario moans harder and erotically squirms as Will lotions her tits. "I think I can make him shoot off in his pants!" Rosario thinks with a mental laugh. Rosario rolls onto her stomach allowing Will to lotion her backside. Will's hands roam up and down Rosario's back and massage her tush then..... "zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ... ZZZZZZZZZ.... ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ... ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!

Rosario breaks out in some off the loudest, unlady like snoring known to man. After the toll Jada extracted on her body and the heavy drinking, Rosario's body finally gave out. Will sits up and stop lotioning and his dick instantly goes limp hearing the unearthly sounds coming out of Rosario.

Will spends many long minutes looking at Rosario in her coma like sleep. He so desperately wants to fuck her but that dream is fading fast. Will knows that he could get a pass from Jada given the circumstances. Will and Jada profess an open marriage, where they can sleep with others, as long as the have their partner's permission. It is a clause that niether one of them have used till this point, but his hormones could care less about that at the time. Of course all of this is becoming irrelevant now. Will waits a little longer, but only gets more raucous snoring. Finally he gives up and pulls back the covers and slides Rosario in between them and puts her to bed.

Will undresses and crawls into bed with her. He cuddles up real close for a little spooning. However he indulges himself letting his hands roam and a little touching and squeezing in Rosario's sacred places. In the end, he falls asleep with a hard penis and wakes up with an even harder one.

After the late night, drinking and not to mention a big catfight, Will and Rosario slept late. It was 1:15pm when Will woke up. Rosario was still sleep. He attempts to wake Rosario, still holding out hope for a quickie. She responds with mean grunts and rolling over. Will looks at his morning wood shaking his head and giving up. He takes a shower, gets dressed and goes down stairs. Jada is supposed to be coming to pick him up at 2pm, per their contractual agreement.

Jada rings the doorbell at 2pm on the nose. Will opens the and sees his diminutive wife with longing eyes. Will stammers, "Baby, I didn't do anything I swear..."

Jada Pinkett Smith"Shut up!" Jada interrupts before leaping into his arms. Jada jumps on Will like she's climbing a tree, and wraps her legs around his waist while kissing madly. Lost in passion Will back pedals across the room while kissing feverishly. He falls back on Rosario's sofa with Jada on top of him. Without saying a word, they start passionately throwing their clothes off, and slinging them everywhere. Within seconds both are buck naked and Jada is sitting on Will's erection bouncing up and down like a jack rabbit.

After twenty minutes of passion filled, erotic, exotic uninhibited, wild, and hardcore fucking, Will and Jada climax together. The dominant Jada stayed on top most of the time, then wearily melts down and lies on Will's chest, still trying to catch her breath. Several seconds later, they hear a single person clapping their hands. "Wow that was quite a show you put on." Rosario says while standing by the banister upstairs, overlooking her living room. Rosario stands totally naked and unashamed. "You should really charge an admission price." Rosario shakes her head chuckling while Jada is obviously fuming, and about to explode. "I'm glad you did something about Will's boner Jada. It was sticking in my back all fucking night."

"I'm about to do something like, snatch you bald." Jada threatens. "Maybe if you weren't a dick teasing bimbo, you'd know what to do with it like a real woman."

"Maybe if you grew some tits, you could give Will a boner like I do" Rosario sasses back.

"Thatís it! I'm kicking her ass." Jada definitively says and rises off of Will. She purposely marches toward the stairs meaning to do Rosario serious bodily harm.

"Oops!" Rosario says loudly. "Looks like I gave Will another boner." Rosario says laughingly and pointing. Jada stops in her tracks and looks back at Will. Sure enough he is lying on his back on the sofa with his soldier standing at full salute. Jada gives him a dirty look like he has purposely betrayed her. Will looks shocked, confused and apologetic. Then he tries to stutter out an explanation. "Sorry, my bad, guess he can't get enough of these." Rosario says while shaking her big boobs. "Take care of that boner for me, will you Jada? Happy Aniversary and Happy New Year Will and Jada." Rosario coolly turns and switches back to the safety of her bed room, as Jada turns to start back up the stairs after her.

Once inside Rosario closes the door and locks it behind her. She takes a deep breath of relief once inside. Rosario wanted no parts of Jada. Rosario is already battered, sore and hung over from the previous night. She knew Jada would kill her if they fought. She is still fearful of Jada. Rosario even went as far as thinking about pushing the dresser in front of the door to insure Jada could not get her.

Seeing Rosario has made her escape, Jada turns and heads back toward Will. "Bastard!" she exclaims. Will starts stuttering some incoherent words to explain. "Shut up!" She orders, silencing his babbling. She pushes Will flat, and climbs on top of his erection and starts riding it as energetically and passionately as she did the first time.

They fuck briskly like wild animals for about an hour in Rosario's house. Jada hoped that Rosario would re emerge from the bedroom, but she knew that she would not. Despite her sassy and cocky performance earlier, Jada knows that over a minute of pure bitch slapping tends to make a person reluctant about a second round. The slappee tends to turn into the slapper's bitch. A smile came to Jada's face at that thought.

On the ride home, Jada asks Will, "So you really did not have sex with Rosario?"

"Nah really." Will answers. "I mean she was all over me. I had to practically beat her off me."

"Uh huh." Jada responds skeptically, knowing that Will was lying. "Really?"

"Yeah really" Will says. "I almost gave in to her, but when she fell asleep she snored the worst sound I ever hear. It sounded like somebody cranked a lawn mower or something it was horrible."

Will and Jada share a laugh. Then once it died down Jada says calmly, "Don't worry, you'll get another chance at her." Will immediately gets a confused expression. "After what she's done to me, this isn't over by a long shot. I'll have my revenge. Then we'll take her home and fuck her little pea brain out together. We'll bring out the whips and chains and make a Ro sandwich. You'll love it. It'll be so fucking hot..." The kinky couple breaks out in a sinister laugh.


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