For about a month or so after Keira Knightley’s first match as part of Gen Next, the group continued to meet and train with each other. Kelly did most of the training with some help from Rihanna who had a couple matches under her belt already. She also had some help from Shakira and Nelly Furtado as well. The group could tell that there was something special going on between Kelly and Shakira but couldn’t quite put their finger on it. Kelly and Shakira tried to disguise the underlying friendship and budding romance between the two of them while in front of the group. Kelly and the trainers could tell that the girls needed more time to work out the various kinks in how they fought. They could also tell that the girls were also making improvements with each training session.

Within about 3 months after Keira’s match, Kelly got a phone call from Raquel Welch of the league match committee telling her of a match that they’ve scheduled for Carrie Underwood.

“Hi Kelly, it’s Raquel. How’s it going?” said Raquel.

“Hi Raquel. It’s going ok I guess. What’s up?” replied Kelly.

“I’ve got some good news for you. We know you’ve been kind of pestering us a bit for matches for your girls, but it’s not a typical match.” said Raquel.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” replied a confused Kelly.

“Well, this match is for Carrie Underwood…that’s the good news. The twist is that she’s going to face two others… at the same time. Now, before you jump to conclusions, it’s not all that bad. In order to win the match, all you have to do is pin one of the other girls or make one of them submit.” said Raquel, hoping that Kelly wouldn’t make much of a fuss.

“That’s not exactly the kind of match I had in mind for my group Raquel. There’s got to be something better. You can’t be pulling this kind of stuff on new wrestlers.” said Kelly a bit upset.

“That’s the best we could do Kelly. We’ve got the other celebrities booked for matches for a little while. Carrie’s match will be in just over a week. If she’s not there, she forfeits and the other two girls fight each other.” said a stern Raquel.

“Scheduling conflicts my ass.” Said Kelly under her breath, hoping Raquel didn’t hear that. “She’ll be ready for the match Raquel.” said Kelly in her normal full voice before hanging up. Kelly went up to Carrie and told her about the upcoming match.

“You’ve gotta be kidding me? I’m fighting a herm and an odd-ball.” replied a slightly shocked Carrie when she heard about the match.

“I wish I was kidding Carrie. That’s the match they set up for you. The other thing is that if you don’t fight or show up, you forfeit the match.” said Kelly empathizing with Carrie.

“I’ll do the best I can in the match I guess.” said a slightly frustrated Carrie. The training continued for the next week or so with the girls, especially Carrie trying to get her ready for her first match.

The day for the match finally came and Carrie was a bit nervous, as this was her first match. She stretches in the locker room trying to stay focused as she could. Kelly walks in as Carrie is stretching.

“Hey Carrie! I came by to see how everything’s going.” Said Kelly as she entered the locker room, followed by Rihanna and Keira.

Carrie Underwood“Hey Kelly! Thanks for dropping by. I could use the support.” replied Carrie as she stood up and faced Kelly.

“Just remember the training over the past couple months. Try not to get flustered or over-extend yourself.” said Kelly trying to instill some advice and confidence in Carrie.

“I will Kelly. You’ve taught me well, as have the other girls.” smiled Carrie in response.

After a few more minutes of stretching and getting ready in the locker room, Carrie was finally called to the ring. She was the last one called to the ring. She was wearing a pair of blue cut-off jeans, a sports bra and thigh high boots. Kesha was wearing a loose fitting tank top, shorts with see-through stockings and a pair of ankle boots. She also had some make up on her face reminiscent of her various videos. Lady Gaga had a pair of what looked like biker shorts with matching bikini top with small chains on each and a small boots as well.

Carrie raises an eyebrow as she enters the ring eyeing Gaga and says tauntingly, “Where you hiding your wiener Lady Gaga?”

Lady Gaga gets her best ‘screw you’ face, flips off Carrie with one hand and grabs her pussy with the other, “Right here, you’ll be sucking on it after the match.” Kesha couldn’t help but get a chuckle from the exchange.

The referee doesn’t take long before he calls for the bell to start the match. The three girls start to circle each other keeping an eye on the other. Carrie and Kesha are the first to lock up with each other and start to push against each other trying to gain an early advantage. As soon as one got the other to step back a couple steps, she would just plant her feet and push the other back. For the moment, Gaga was just happy to watch the two of them just dual it out before she stepped in for an attack.

As Carrie pushes back on Kesha, she quickly drops to her knees releasing the hold on Kesha and punches her deep into her exposed stomach. Kesha staggers back and holds her stomach hunched over. Lady Gaga uses this chance to attack while Carrie is on her knees. She charges at her and connects with a kick to her face while she is trying to get back to her feet. This causes Carrie to stagger back and fall on her ass and then to her back. Gaga quickly starts to kick and stomp on the now prone Carrie causing her to jolt with each kick.

Before Gaga can do too much damage to Carrie, Kesha has recovered enough from her punch to move in and pull Gaga backwards by her hair. Gaga yelps in pain and flails her arms wildly as she gets pulled back. Kesha sends several knees into Gaga’s back causing her to scream in pain. Kesha quickly puts Gaga into a reverse headlock and drops to her ass bringing Gaga with her. Gaga grunts in pain as she hits the mat and falls to the side with one hand on her head and another on her aching back.

Ke$haKesha sees Carrie on her knees trying to get to her feet and charges at her. Carrie sees Kesha charging at her and before Kesha arrives at her, stands to the side and drops Kesha in a toe-drop hold. Kesha falls flat on her face in the corner, her body hitting the mat in a thud. As Carrie gets to her feet, she grabs Kesha’s hair bringing her to her feet as well. She starts to slam Kesha’s head into the corner turnbuckle. The crowd counted along with her until 15 when Carrie stopped.

She then grabbed one of Kesha’s arms and hurdled her towards the opposite turnbuckle. Carrie followed after her and connected with a body-splash when Kesha turned around after hitting the corner turnbuckle. After the hit, Kesha slouched down in the corner and slid down to her ass.

By the time that Carrie connected with her body-splash of Kesha, Gaga had gotten back to her feet. As Carrie turned toward Gaga to see what she was up to, Gaga was already sending a kick toward her pussy. Carrie’s eyes widened and she shrieked in pain as she doubled over in pain holding her pussy. Gaga then put Carrie into a headlock and slammed her knee into her chest and stomach causing Carrie to grunt with each kick and her body to jump up with each hit.

“This is what I was worried about when the board made the match for Carrie. They’re going to hear from me after the match.” said a slightly miffed Kelly as she was watching the match in the locker room.

In the meantime back in the ring, Gaga had kneed Carrie nearly a dozen times. She was gloating to the crowd a bit as she did this. She finished off the knees by dropping to her ass and connecting with a DDT. Carrie grunted and her body quivered as her head hit the mat. Her ass stayed up for a couple seconds before Gaga pushed it to the side.

Gaga quickly got to her feet after the DDT and turned toward Kesha who was still getting to her feet. She charged at Kesha hoping to catch her off guard and jumped at her with her feet. Kesha though was able to step aside just in time and watch as Gaga flew by her. Kesha and the crowd winced as they watched Gaga’s legs open up and connect with the pole. Gaga shrieked in pain as this happened.

Kesha dragged Gaga from the corner, put her into a headlock and hoisted her up into the air upside down. After a couple seconds, she spun her around and slammed her onto her extended knee. Gaga’s arms and legs flailed as her back slammed into Kesha’s knee. Kesha grabbed Gaga’s neck and pussy and started pressing down on them. She kept the hold before releasing it for a split second and the reapplying the hold. Gaga was screaming in pain as Kesha did this. After about a couple minutes of doing this to Gaga, Kesha finally stopped as she pushed Gaga off of her knee.

Carrie was watching all this unfold between Kesha and Gaga as she was recovering from Gaga’s attack. She had barely made it to her knees when Kesha finished with Gaga. Kesha looked over toward Carrie to try and finish her off. Carrie tried to sweep her legs from under her, but Kesha far enough away to just jump over it. As Carrie came back around from her leg sweep, she saw a Kesha’s boot coming at her face. Carrie’s head snapped back from the kick and she was flattened to her back.

Kesha quickly reached down, grabbed Carrie’s legs and applied a sharpshooter. Carrie started screaming in pain from the hold. She desperately tried to get to the ropes being that she was near them already. After nearly a minute of having the hold applied to her and the increasing pain to her back, Carrie was about to give up. In a lunge she was able to grab a hold of the bottom rope. The referee told Kesha to release the hold on Carrie, which she did begrudgingly as she tossed Carrie’s legs aside a bit angrily.

Lady GagaCarrie quickly grabbed her back in pain after Kesha released the hold and crawled a bit away from Kesha. Kesha stomped on Carrie a half dozen times before she finally kicked Carrie out of the ring and onto the mat outside in a thud.

She saw Gaga slowly and painfully getting to her feet. She charged at her to clothesline her, but Gaga was able to duck underneath just in time and got a whiff of air as Kesha went by. As Kesha turned around to face her, Gaga peppered Kesha’s face with punches forcing her to the ropes. Gaga then hurdled Kesha toward the opposite ropes and bounced herself off the ropes near her. As the two approached each other, Gaga kick Kesha in the pussy making Kesha scream double over in pain. Gaga quickly shoved Kesha’s head between her legs and pedigreed Kesha.

Gaga quickly rolled over Kesha onto her back and applied the pin. The referee came over and slammed the mat 3 times to give Gaga the victory. Gaga jumped up in the air and raised her hand in victory as the referee called for the bell and held Gaga’s hand high.

Gaga smiled as she saw Carrie’s hand on the edge of the mat and remembering her words earlier. Gaga went over and slid out of the ring and faced Carrie who was still on her knees.

“How’s my country bitch doing?” smiled a sarcastic Gaga.

“Fuck you Gaga.” snorted Carrie in response.

“Bad answer.” Replied Gaga as she brought her fist back only to have it grabbed in mid-air.

Rihanna“I don’t think so.” answered a distinctive Barbados accent behind her.

“What? Rihanna?” said a shocked Gaga as Rihanna twirled her around to face her. Rihanna snapped her leg up high like a Vegas showgirl connecting with Gaga’s chin. Gaga’s body twirled around and did a face plant on the edge of the ring. Gaga then flopped to the mat.

“Thank you.” Said a gratefully Carrie as she took Rihanna’s outstretched hand.

“You’re welcome. This is what are teammates are for.” replied Rihanna as she escorted Carrie back to the locker room. Carrie was happy to see her teammates once she reached the locker room.

“I’m glad to see you got back ok… even though you didn’t win the match.” Kelly said to Carrie.

“Thanks. I could’ve done better in the match. I could’ve won.” answered Carrie.

Kelly states,“Don’t worry about it. I’m going to make damn sure unfair matches like this don’t happen for any of us.”


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