Ke$ha is tired of hearing how talented and beautiful some British singers/dancers/ celebrities are, and particularly dislikes the way in which Alesha Dixon has been built up in the media. She and has been discussing with her friend, Rihanna, how they can teach the strutting Brit a lesson.

“She needs to feel the pain of a proper beating, that bitch!” snarls Rihanna, as the pair relax over a few drinks, “Needs to respect her betters!”

Ke$ha is grinning, “For sure! I guess the guys in this bar would lay down some dollars to watch that happen!” She looks around, and calls over to a group of guys at the next table, “You guys like a girl fight?”

They answer, almost as one, “You bet we do!”

Rihanna laughs, “How about my friend Ke$ha gives that snide bitch Alesha Dixon a good old fashioned beating?”

A couple of them stand and reset their clothing, clearly aroused, “Oh yeah! I could watch that and die happy!”

And so the arrangements are made, not that Alesha knows about them, and a wrestling ring is installed inside the main clubroom. Alesha was told that there is to be a photoshoot with her and Rihanna, dressed in wrestling gear, for a celebrity magazine.

Alesha Dixon, unaware of the deceit, is excited to be taking part in a photoshoot with Rihanna, even though she is puzzled about the need to be wearing wrestling gear. She’s excited when the limo arrives to collect her one Thursday afternoon. She is clambering into the back seat in a figure-hugging black minidress, showing off her famous legs.

The limo soon arrives at the venue, and Alesha is surprised at the rather downtown location, but shrugs her shoulders as she’s escorted inside, where she meets Rihanna, who is already wearing a red lycra outfit. Rihanna says to the Brit, “I know babe! The things we have to do for our fame!” as they hug. Rihanna shows Alesha to her dressing room, where she changes into a gold and silver bra and panties set, with black boots. The outfit was previously worn by Alicia Fox, in which she was beaten then humiliated by the big blonde, Natalya. She then stripped Alicia in her dressing room off camera.

Alesha knows nothing of this, and, once changed, she leaves her dressing room, saunters to the ring, and poses with Rihanna for a few shots. Then she looks a little disturbed as the lights are dimmed, and a large number of men enter the room, to sit at ringside. Rihanna looks at Alesha, cups her chin, and tells her, “This is where you get it, you bitch!”

Suddenly, with a flash of lights, Alesha sees Ke$ha enter the room, and climb into the ring, wearing a silver outfit, fishnets and silver boots. She’s rubbing her hands, as Rihanna dons a black and white striped shirt to act as the ‘referee’ of what will now be a fight.

Alesha is looking really unhappy as the big blonde confronts her, and tells her, “Time for a fight, bitch! Time to learn a lesson!”

The Brit suddenly realises that she has been fooled, but can’t backtrack. She tells Ke$ha, “You ain’t so tough! I can outfight you!”

The two women stand back. The crowd is cheering for Ke$ha. “Get the bitch Kesh!” Along with one or two making more lewd remarks, “Give her to me – I’ll teach her some manners with my cock!”

A laughing Rihanna shouts, “Fight!” and they approach one another. Alesha is looking very cautious, as they get together. Ke$ha immediately begins grabbing Alesha around the waist, and lifting her. Ke$ha is showing her power, as she then reaches down between Alesha’s legs and grabs her by the crotch, with her other arm reaching over the Brit’s shoulder and she lifts her up by the crotch. Ke$ha hoists Alesha up, then gradually turns her so that Alesha’s helpless, face down and bottom up, with her weight resting on Ke$ha’s arm around her shoulder. Laughing, Ke$ha then slams Alesha to the canvas, releasing both grips. A loud crash is echoing around the room. The American’s intent is all too obvious.

Ke$ha stands back, and taunts, “Get up you shitty little bitch!” Already a little winded, Alesha gets to her feet, but the big blonde grabs her, and again reaches between Alesha’s legs, grabs her crotch and hoists her up. But this time, instead of bodyslamming the Brit, she turns her completely upside down and sits down with her legs thrust apart. Alesha's head goes hitting the canvas between the blonde’s wide-spread legs, neck and shoulder first. Ke$ha starts posing for a while with the brunette again helpless. Then Ke$ha gets up, this time pulling Alesha with her by her hair to get her to her feet.

Getting to her feet, while still clutching Alesha’s hair, Ke$ha turns her back towards the brunette and kneels down onto one knee. Ke$ha is pulling Alesha’s head down and forward by the hair, and flipping her over unto her back.

Once again, Ke$ha looks down at her already weakened foe, and snarls, “Come on, ya fucking pussy! Get up!”

Alesha starts to get up, but Ke$ha’s way too impatient to let her do that on her own. So she pulls Alesha upright by her arm, then swings her around, and lets go, tossing the Brit into the turnbuckle back-first. The makeshift ring is shuddering, then shuddering even more as Ke$ha runs at Alesha, and flattens her. Ke$ha stands back, and lets her slide to the floor. Then Ke$ha hooks her legs over the bottom rope on both sides of Alesha’s body and grabs onto the top rope with both of her hands. While facing towards the turnbuckle, Ke$ha bounces up and down, while hitting the brunette repeatedly in the chest and face with her crotch. This continues until Rihanna calls, “That’s enough of that!” but only so that she can take over. Rihanna starts pushing her ass into Alesha’s face and wiggling it. The poor Brit is being totally dominated and humiliated.

Rihanna walks away, and tells Ke$ha, “Don’t finish the bitch yet! Have some fun!”

KeshaGrinning, and cheered on by the audience, Ke$ha drags Alesha out and up to her feet again. Ke$ha then crouches down and pulls the brunette over her shoulders, and hoists her up in a torture-rack like position. Ke$ha then stands up with Alesha aloft. Ke$ha pauses for a second then falls backwards, letting Alesha hit the ring-floor with all her weight dumped on her back, while squaling.

Ke$ha looks at Rihanna, “Come on – let’s spread her!” The pair grabs hold of one of the Brit’s legs. Each holds them up to straighten them out. Then they suddenly jerk them apart, while pushing down on them in the same time, Alesha is left curled up in a ball in pain holding onto her crotch.

Rihanna helps Ke$ha to pull Alesha up again. Then Rihanna moves away to the corner, whilst the big blonde pulls on Alesha’s arm, and whips her into the ropes. The brunette rebounds swiftly, then Ke$ha catches her, and reaches between Alesha's legs and hoists her up by the crotch. With her free arm over the brunette’s neck, Ke$ha turns her bottom up and slams her downwards. At the last moment Ke$ha kneels down so that Alesha is slammed across her extended knee. Some of the fans are looking away as that backbreaker must have really hurt the hapless brunette, whom Ke$ha slides to the canvas again.

Ke$ha lifts Alesha’s head by her hair, and snarls in her face, “You got anything to say, bitch?”

A sobbing Alesha just wails, “I submit! Please! No more! I’ve had enough!”

Rihanna stands over her, and drops down on her back with her knee, “You’re a pathetic cunt! What are you?”

Alesha just wails, “I’m a pathetic cunt!”

Then Rihanna tells Ke$ha, “Finish her!”

With Alesha still face-down on the canvas, Ke$ha steps onto the back of her thighs. Then Ke$ha tucks the brunette’s feet onto the inside of her lower leg and leans forward to slap the beaten girl’s sides, so that she swings her arms backward. The blonde grabs hold of Alesha's arms, and secures them. Then Ke$ha sits back, pulling on Alesha’s arms whilst pushing forth with her legs. Then rolling onto her back and lifting the brunette up eventually Ke$ha is completing the hold at the top of the motion. Alesha is squealing, “Please! No more!” and the tears are flooding from her eyes.

Ke$ha dumps Alesha on the canvas, and parades around the ring. Then she watches as Rihanna takes the centre of the ring, and announces, “I need four men in the ring! Stand up if you want a piece of this slut!” She then selects four of the guys who stand, and they clamber into the ring, where Rihanna tells them to each sit in a corner.

Ke$ha is slipping her own panties aside, and tells Alesha, “Get over here!”

Squeezing her eyes shut, and helped by Rihanna kicking her in the butt, Alesha crawls over to Ke$ha, who points at her crotch, “Do it!”

To cheers from the audience, Alesha Dixon starts to lick and kiss Ke$ha’s sweaty pussy, squeezing her tongue inside. The slurping is audible throughout the room, but nowhere near as loud as Ke$ha’s panting and gasping as the beaten Alesha eats her cunt like some demented animal on a piece of meat. The big blonde is soon screeching as Alesha’s tongue action has the desired effect. It is bringing her to a sweet, if violent orgasm.

After making Alesha clean her up, Ke$ha rolls away, and Rihanna takes the centre of the ring again. She orders the four men, “OK guys! Strip her!” The quartet moves forward. One is soon removing Alesha’s top. Another has her panties, with the other two slipping off a boot each. Each item was being held aloft, and then tossed to the audience.

Alesha Anjanette DixonNaked and vulnerable, Alesha watches as the four men strip, then showing her their erect penises. Next she is ‘invited’ to suck each one, while on her knees in the middle of the ring. Then Rihanna announces, “OK bitch! You get to pick in which order they fuck you!”

Poor Alesha is shocked, but knows that she’s going to take a gangbang anyway. So she nods towards a big, well hung black guy, who smiles as he moves towards her. He pushes Alesha over onto her back. Alesha opens her thighs, and pants, “Not too rough, hey?”

But the guy has other ideas. Being egged on by Rihanna saying, “Make sure she feels this, boy! I want her screaming!” So he wastes no time, ramming his big hard cock inside Alesha’s cunt, and he’s very soon sawing to and fro, making her whimper as she feels his massive prick. Then when he speeds up his pumping, the brunette braces herself, knowing he’s ready to shoot his jizz. Soon after he lets go, with a loud grunt. The audience is cheering for him as he unloads, and he kisses her mouth firmly before dismounting. Finally his penis beginning to soften.

With spunk dribbling down her inner thighs, Alesha look at a thick set blonde guy next, and tells him, “Sloppy seconds, mate?” He laughs, and moves towards her, wipes her mound over with Rihanna’s discarded striped shirt, and ploughs his cock into her cunt.

He laughs, and gives her a semi playful slap across her face, “You fucking whore!” and he just pounds the poor Brit as hard as he can, fucking her roughly. Then he is scraping her skin with his finger nails as he cums. His hands are clutching her firm ass cheeks as he finishes off with a big heave. Finally he pulls his cock out with a loud plop.

Almost exhausted, and again seeping jizz, Alesha pants and points at an older, mixed race guy, and says, “Come in number three!”

The guy smiles, “Thought you’d never ask!” and he gets himself between her legs. He doesn’t even bother to wipe her down, but just presses his hard cock into the brunette, pumping her quite slowly. After begining to turn her on, then he speeds up his action. He slows again, then goes for it. With sweat dripping from his face as he gives her a third does of sticky semen. After he is telling her, “You’re gorgeous – but you’re a fucking slut!”

So now it’s the fourth guy’s turn, and he’s quite young and fit. Alesha is watching as the young blond kid’s cock grows in front of her. He grins asking, “Wanna suck me, bitch?”

Alesha winces, but nods, “Sure! I love young cock!” She pushes her lips over his hard penis, and bobs her head back and forth, giving him a really good time. But he’s quite brutal as her pulls her head into him, and pretty much starts humping the brunette’s face, before he pushes her onto her back again. He wipes the spunk off her body. Then he slides his cock inside her pussy, and starts to fuck her. He is taking his time, enjoying himself, just pumping and pumping, laughing as he makes Alesha come to orgasm after a few minutes. The woman issquealing and gasping. Many of the men in the audience openly masturbating. While others are cheering the kid on, as he fucks the British babe to ecstasy, making her cum again. After a relentless fifteen minutes of hard shagging, the guy showing no signs of letting up. Alesha is gripping him, almost screaming now, until, after another few minutes, he unloads his jizz. Alesha’s back arched as he stays inside her, making sure she’s absorbed as much as possible, before pulling his cock out of her.

After the men have dressed and left the ring, Rihanna grabs Alesha by her hair, and tells her, “Now you can come and me and Ke$ha will teach you another lesson!” With that, she drags the naked Brit out of the ring, and back to the dressing rooms for further abuse.