You can use a lot of words to describe Melyssa Ford. One of the first that comes to mind is drop dead gorgeous. Hip Hop vixen, pioneer, Canadian, model, spokes person, Jessica Rabbit and voluptuous are among several others that come immediately to mind. Sexy, intelligent, cover girl, narcissistic, hater, conceited, under rated, egotistical, self-centered, bitchy and vainglorious are others that cross your mind as well.

Truth is Melyssa is a bit of an enigma. First, she is an incredibly stunning beautiful woman. She deserves credit and fame for being a pioneer hip hop model. She was one of the first and a large factor in popularizing what we currently know as a 'video vixen'. Melyssa Ford can be directly related to the rise of Black Men's Magazine. This publication was among the first to feature curvy models, and accentuating big booty models. That magazine quickly begat copycats, Smoothe, King and Show Magazines. Melyssa was a driving force in helping them push, or exceed their predecessor. In fact an entire industry owes Melyssa Ford a debt of graditude. She does not get her proper acculades for her contributions.

Melyssa may have gotten more credit if she had been kinder to the industry that she helped to create. Melyssa became very demanding. She constantly spurned the industry while reigning over it. Ford decided to "seek bigger fame." Melyssa sought and gained several small acting roles on television and movies. Melyssa became hostess of two shows on BET, and hosts a satellite radio show. Melyssa constantly feuded with the second generation of models that followed in her foot steps as a hip hop vixen. Melyssa refused to work with the two leaders that meteorically arose, Vida Guerra and Esther Baxter. Melyssa questioned their reputation, professionalism, and their practices used to get jobs. Melyssa made organizers choose between her or them, and would not be in the same arena with them if she could help it. Esther claims to never have even met Ford, and has no idea of the cause of her negativity. Meanwhile Melyssa's comments rang of jealousy and sour grapes, as Vida and Esther knocked Melyssa from her perch of top Hip Hop vixen while she sought greater fame. In all, Melyssa has been a role model of brains, extraordinary beauty and hard work. She has always been eager to tell anyone who will listen about it as well.

Tonight Melyssa looks especially stunning. She is attending party at rapper Eminem's home. She has auditioned for a role in Eminem's upcoming video game Eminem: Not Afraid. It is big for Melyssa because of two words, residual income! She enjoyed the checks from her video game role in Def Jam Icon for a long time. They have held auditions over two days. The producers are making their final decisions at the party after interacting with prospects in an informal setting to see if their personalities meshed.

Melyssa soon discovers that her top competition for the role is Vida Guerra. If she knew that she would be in the same room as Vida, she would have thought twice about attending. Melyssa gets more determined than ever to win this part. Melyssa thinks that her massive ego would make her physically sick, if she loss to Vida Guerra of all people.

Vida does not share Melyssa's animosity. She is not fond of Melyssa because of all the derogatory comments that Melyssa has made about her over the years. Once Melyssa has achieved success through the booty magazines, she put high demands on them. Melyssa named her price, said what she would wear, and what she felt comfortable doing. They were reasonable demands but, the magazines did not think so. In their opinion they created Melyssa Ford's career, and she owed them some loyalty. Each magazine took turns feuding with Melyssa. Meanwhile Vida appeared on the scene, and was much easier to work with. She immediately became their darling along with Esther Baxter, and Buffie the Body. Melyssa accused Vida of being part of the video hoe generation that followed her.

Melyssa fordOnce Melyssa saw Vida, the competition was officially on. Melyssa was wearing a short micro dress that is tight around the hips, and exposed a generous amount of cleavage. She immediately went to the game's makers and Eminem to make an argument to win the job. By no means is Melyssa just a pretty face. She is an astute, brainy and a no nonsense business woman. Melyssa can plead her case as well as any attorney. She also has boobs, legs and a big booty, and knows how to use them. Besides, she was discussing her favorite subject, Melyssa Ford.

Melyssa was feeling pretty confident after talking to the producers. Melyssa gave a very convincing argument, plus she is very good friends with Eminem's labelmate, rapper, the Game. Also she knows The Game hates Vida too. She gave Vida taunting smiles and gloating looks as Vida did her schmoozing with the producers. That is exactly the difference between what Melyssa did and what Vida did. Melyssa made a case, Vida schmoozed and sold herself. Also, Vida was distracted, frustrated and annoyed by Melyssa's evil looks. Then as Vida's annoyance grows, Vida tries harder to impress the producers. The Sexy Cuban had the producers smiling and gushing soon afterwards. Melyssa's confidence started fading and she got very nervous about the results.

By the end of the night, the wine and liquor has removed a lot of people's inhibition. Everyone danced and enjoys the party, while eagerly awaiting the video's cast announcing at the end of the night. Eminem treated the party with a free style rap, along with many other rappers in their camp.

Finally the moment came. Eminem stepped to the microphone to announce the cast for the video game. At the moment of truth after announcing other cast parts Eminem said, "The part of Boom Boom Wright will be played by Melyssa Ford."

"Yes! Yes!" Melyssa exclaims while throwing both hands above her head in victory. Melyssa over acts like she has just sank a championship put at the Masters, doing fist pumps as she walks to the front with Eminem. Vida watches on rolling her eyes. Melyssa gives Eminem a big hug and plants a wet kiss on the rapper's cheek.

Melyssa smiles as proud as she can be, as she stands with Eminem and the others in the cast at the front of the room. If she had known Vida was attending, Melyssa would not have even shown up. Now she is standing victorious while her arch rival looks on enviously.

Melyssa purposely walks past Vida after accepting her prize. "Hoe" Melyssa softly says as she passed Vida loud enough for only those close by to hear.

"Bitch!" Vida sasses back.

"Loser" Melyssa retorts. Then she stops makes a 'L' shape with her index finger and thumb and sings loudly directly in Vida's face, "Looooosssseeeerrrrrr!"

Vida answers the taunt with a cracking bitch slap across Melyssa's face. Melyssa recoiled from the slap and mayhem broke loose. The party goers immediately form a circle around the battling beauties, with Eminem getting a front row view. Immediately people start yelling and supporting their favorite.

Both ladies start slapping each other wildly with both hands like hellcats. After both vixens have slapped each other silly, they attack each other's hair. They pull hair and jerk each other around until Melyssa trips Vida and slings her to the ground. Melyssa is trying to position herself to painfully drag Vida around by her hair, but Vida is able to reach up and grab the front of Melyssa's dress and pulls her down to the ground. Melyssa tumbles to the floor and her dress that was showing generous cleavage increases to an obscene amount of breasts. Vida muscles up and rolls over on top of Melyssa.

Their feud has been one sided to this point, meaning Melyssa has hated Vida and launched a smear campaign against her. Still Vida desperately wants to kick this arrogant, snobby bitch's ass. Vida wants to teach Melyssa a painful lesson. Vida wrestles Melyssa down, and subdues her underneath the Cuban sex pot. Next, Vida captures Melyssa in a head lock. With Melyssa restrained, Vida rises to her feet bringing Melyssa up with her.

Vida GuerraVida has a text book side head lock on Melyssa. Vida has her right arm looped around Melyssa's neck with her hands clasps together. Melyssa is hunched over, coughing and gagging because Vida's forearm is firmly placed against her Adam's apple and choking the sexy Canadian video vixen.

Vida's time with the Fab Four serves her well in this fight. She has improved phenomenally since training with them. Melyssa does not have that training. All she has to survive is her tenure as a bartender, and living in New Jersey since leaving Canada. Melyssa twist around for better position, then balls her fist up. Melyssa drives her fist as hard as she can into Vida's pussy. Vida was smiling and playing a bit to the crowd, but all that disappeared instantly. Vida's mouth drops open, and her grip on Melyssa loosens. Melyssa is able to jerk free out of the head lock. As soon as she is free, Melyssa whips around in front of Vida and launches a kick that nails Vida square between the legs. All the spectators cringe and go "OOoooooohhh" relating how much that kick had to hurt Vida.

Vida lets out a very loud, long howl like a wolf. She clutches her throbbing pussy with both hands, and then drops to her knees. Vida stays in that position, moaning and whimpering. Melyssa leisurely walks around behind Vida. "I ussually don't like to do that to another woman, but I'll make an exception for a skank hoe like you." Melyssa holds Vida's head in place then smacks her head around from behind. Melyssa then viciously rams her knee into the back of Vida's head.

Vida is stunned and dazed by the knees to the back o her head. She chose to wear a pair of jeans and a backless top to the party. The top had strings tied around her neck and waist to make certain all the important parts stay covered. "I'm going to make you feel more comfortable." Melyssa says while already working on untying the string around Vida's neck. The second string came loose even easier. Within seconds, Vida's top falls to the ground. "All hoes feel better naked!" Melyssa adds. The knees to the back of her cranium, has numbing pain coursing down Vida's spine. She was helpless to prevent Melyssa from stripping her. Next Melyssa reaches around and starts crushing an kneading Vida's big boobs in her hands.

Vida is painfully squirming in Melyssa's grasp. Melyssa feels the power from having a hated rival helpless and subject to her whims and vengeance. Melyssa looks around, seeing everyone thoroughly entranced by the fight. Melyssa is the center of attention. All eyes are gravitating to her actions. Melyssa noticed the respect and admiration in the spectator's eyes. It was as if Melyssa Ford is the most powerful woman in the room. Everyone in the room that finds a strong, powerful, dominating woman sexy found Melyssa totally intoxicating. She absolutely loved that sensation. "I should have started catfighting years ago. This is amazing! I love it!" the egomaniac Melyssa thinks.

Vida starts coming out of her cranium cracking daze. She feels an aching pain in her breasts and realizes that everyone is enjoying Melyssa victimize poor Vida. Vida enjoys being the center of attention nearly as much as Melyssa, but not this way. All eyes were on her, and they were lustful looks, but very different from her normal looks. They were glares that enjoyed seeing her squirm and struggle. They were eyes that enjoyed seeing a beautiful femme fatale struggle. They found Vida the victim enchanting, and could not take their eyes off of her expressions, and her breasts being crushed.

Vida starts struggling to break free. She is about to slip away when Melyssa reaches her arm around Vida's neck from behind. She secures a hold on Vida in a reverse head lock, or a pro wrestling Dragon Sleeper hold. Melyssa bends Vida's head back till the back of is against her shoulder blades and the back of Melyssa's arm is against Vida's throat. Now with Vida more effectively restrained, Melyssa is free to resume her breast mauling with her free hand.

Once again Melyssa is punishing her rival and is the center of attention. Melyssa leans over to really grind Vida's tit into dust. Of the new Fab Four recruits, Vida was the least impressive, but even she knew what to do in this instance. Melyssa had unknowingly exposed herself by leaning over Vida's shoulder. Vida reaches up with one hand and seizes a handful of Melyssa's hair. Holding Melyssa's in place, Vida starts peppering Melyssa's face with her other fist. Because of the poor leverage position, Vida's shots only stung, but eventually the sure number of them caused Melyssa to release Vida, allowing her to crawl away.

Vida scurries away on her hands and knees like a frightened rodent. Her big knockers sway wildly under her as she stops several feet from Melyssa at the edge of the circle formed around the combatants. Vida is on her knees, wide eyed, looking back at Melyssa. "Get back here! I'm not finished kicking your ass." Melyssa orders. Vida stares at Melyssa for a moment realizing there is no turning back at this point. This will be a fight to the finish with a decisive victor. Both will be hurt, and only one will walk away. The other will be left lying in a humiliating defeat. Also, this will probably not be the last fight between these two. They are destined for a long rivalry lasting for some time to come.

Accepting their fate, Vida rises to her feet and charges at her enemy. Melyssa stood ready and nails Vida in the chin with a straight right fist as she charges in. Vida swoons a bit then returns fire, launching and assault with both fist. Melyssa returned in kind. The two petite brawlers let their fist fly with wild abandon. Each took turns clobbering each other in the face, head and boobs with stinging punches.

After a minute, Vida's fist starts to land with more frequency than her foe's. Twenty seconds later Vida is landing punches two-to-one against Melyssa. Finally a right hook sends Melyssa to the ground.

Melyssa is down on the floor looking totally dazed and worn out. Vida jubilantly throws her arms in the air and starts celebrating. Vida turns her back to her foe walking around the area celebrating and soaking up the cheers, encouragement and approval of the spectators. Melyssa looks and sees Vida flaunting her success. Immediately rage overcomes all the pain, weakness and fatigue. Melyssa leaps to her feet and bolts to her rival.

Again they engage in another furious battle of fisticuffs. Melyssa's fights harder than even before. Her attack is fueled by rage this time. This encounter is much shorter than the first. Melissa wallops Vida with a sneaky left, right, left combination to her jaw that deposits the Cuban hellcat on the floor.

Melyssa looks down at Vida, who is wearing a hurt and confused expression. It is one of the most satisfying and beautiful sights that Melyssa can remember seeing. "Yeah! Skank hoe, what's up now? You’re getting your ass beat again." Melyssa mocks.

The sight of Melyssa happy, and gloating at her expense is enough to infuriate Vida. She shakes her head, ridding herself of the cobwebs and bounds to her feet. Again they brawl like two fighters in a Tough Man's contest. Both rock each other time and time again as they relentlessly throw punches.

Melyssa FordVida finally realizes that she is playing into Melyssa's hands. She is the more experienced and trained fighter. By brawling with Melyssa, she is giving Melyssa a chance to catch her with a lucky punch and win. Engaging in a donnybrook is giving Melyssa her best chance to win. Vida realizes she has to change tactics if she is going to win this fight.

Vida lounges forward into a clench with Melyssa. She does her best to tie up Melyssa's arms. Vida's haggard expression make Melyssa think that Vida is nearly finished, and trying to clench before she gets knocked out. "I'm going to knock you the fuck out." Melyssa growls as the women struggle breast to breast. Things progress as Vida hoped with her ploy and acting. Vida was able to tie Melyssa's arms up for a moment. Then Vida drew her head back and head butts Melyssa right between the eyes four times.

Melyssa never suspected anything. Vida's rapid fire assault caught her flush. The four head butts knocked Melyssa silly. Vida abruptly releases Melyssa's arms. She immediately crumbles and spills to the ground. The audience reacts with cheers. Melyssa hears the roaring cheers. Although her brain is far from properly functioning, she instinctively struggles up to one knee. Vida comes in with one swift strike. "Cocky bitch!" Vida says as she fires a high swinging kick. The kick catches Melyssa under the chin and snaps her head back. With a soft moan, Melyssa collapses to the floor unconscious.

Vida could have stopped there, she should have stopped there. On most levels Vida wants to stop there. However it was the moment. All eyes were on her. Vida Guerra is the star of the show, and many party goers are asking for more. Vida's bare tits bounced on her chest. Her nipples were shooting straight out like two spears, showing her excitement. There is also a cocky bitch lying on the floor that needs to be taught a lesson. Vida hates cocky bitches, especially cocky bitches that are fully dressed when she is half naked. The moment was calling for more, so Vida decides to go with the flow. Vida always goes with the flow.

Vida reaches down and grabs Melyssa's mini dress that has survived the battle, although drooping and showing a lot of tits, but still intact. Vida peels the provocative garment off over Melyssa's head. Melyssa stirred a bit but ended splayed on the floor in a vision of Hades blazing hot sexiness. Melyssa laid on the floor in peaceful slumber. She did not wear a bra, so her giant knockers were on full display as they rose and fell during her breathing. Melyssa's legs were twisted to the side, to give everybody a small glimpse of exactly how big, phat, plump and pleasing her ass really is. There is no doubt how she earned the nick name, Jessica Rabbit, because her figure is truly unbelievable. It appears from someone's fantasies, as opposed to real life. Then it was the way she was lying on the floor. She was helpless, nearly naked, seductive, erotic, titillating, a fruit so heavenly that it had to be plucked. Vida could see why she could have justly loss the job to Melyssa.

Vida kicks Melyssa over with her foot so Melyssa is lying face down on the carpet. Next Vida angrily stomps down on Melyssa's large plump, soft ass. "Cocky ass bitch!" Vida trumpets as her foot splits Melyssa's ass between her butt cheeks. "I hate fucking despise cocky ass people like you and your friend, The Game!" proclaims the humble Cuban queen.

Melyssa is starting to stir more now. Vida puts one foot on the back of Melyssa's head. Then she grabs Melyssa's red panties with both hands and pulls them up. Vida pulls until Melyssa's ass is off the floor on her knees, while her face is pressed against the carpet under Vida's foot, putting Melyssa in the quintessential 'face down ass up' position. "Not so cocky now eating carpet, are you?"

Laughs and jokes abound throughout the room with Melyssa in this position. Her panties are deep in her crevices, displaying far more than Melyssa would feel comfortable. Men are grabbing the crotch of their trousers seeing this goddess of raw, unadulterated pure sex appeal in this position. Melyssa soon revives and finds herself in this exposed position, Melyssa struggles, but even more quickly finds that there is nothing she can do to get out of it. "You fucking hoe! Let me go right now! I demand it!" Melyssa orders.

"Shut up Melyssa" Vida quickly retorts. "You're in no position to demand anything right now. All you can do is apologize to me for all the rotten things you have said about me over the years."

"Fuck you! I'm not apologizing for shit! Everything I said was true. You are a stanky hoe!" the specimen of feminine perfection belts back. "I'm not going to let you fuck your way into stealing another job from me."

"BULLSHIT!" Vida angrily shouts back. "I've never fucked my way into a job!" Vida argues back as she hikes up on Melyssa's under garments. "Don't get mad and accuse me because people don't want to put up with your demanding, cocky, arrogant ass!" Vida abruptly lets go of Melyssa's panties and snatches her rival up to her knees. Vida wraps her arms around Melyssa from behind in a bear hug. "You make me so fuckin' mad, I don't know wether to squeeze the breath out of you....." Vida says squeezing her prey to the point that she can't draw a breath. "Or rip your fuckin' tits off!" Vida says and grabs Melyssa's tits in both hands and squeezes them till they look like they will explode.

Melyssa roars in pain as Vida alternates between the two torture holds. One moment she cannot breath. The next moment there is a burning pain in her chest. The worn out beauty was helpless to her magnificently sexy rival.

Inexplicably Vida releases Melyssa allowing her to collapse to her hands and knees. Vida mounts Melyssa's back like she is riding a horse. Vida grabs Melyssa under the chin and wrenches her neck back. "It's no use, a cocky bitch like you will never change." Vida vents. "You will all ways be the same...." Vida punctuates each of her next words with a punch to Melyssa's temple. "Arrogant.... Cocky... Over bearing.... Sack of.... Shit! You've always been!"

Vida rises and Melyssa falls to the floor, once again an unmoving mass of flesh. Vida kicks her over onto her back again, and puts one foot on Melyssa's breast and does a double bicep victory pose. The audience cheers Vida Guerra is indeed their favorite.

Eminem walks forward saying, "Impressive Vida, impressive as hell." He leads Vida away from her conquest. "I think I got a place for you."

"I'm getting the role in the video game?" Vida eagerly asks.

Eminiem chuckles like that is out of the question, "No" he continues. "I've got an offer to wrestle Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon in the first intergender match of Stone Rage's Battle Zone. It's going to be on his biggest event ever, RAGE!. I need a partner. Are you down?" the legendary rapper asks.

Vida took a moment to consider and evaluate the offer before answering. She quickly deduces that she could not possibly turn down this offer. It is far too prestigious and more importantly, profitable. "You got a deal." she announces.

Melyssa slunk away from the party in disgrace and humiliation. The next morning, she was totally surprised to receive a phone call from, Lynda Carter.

"Melyssa, I got a video this morning of you fighting Vida Guerra from last night. I must say I was impressed. You are still very raw, but I believe you have the material to be an outstanding celebrity catfighter. I've taken the liberty of overnighting you a contract to join Stone Rage's Battle Zone Celebrity catfighting league. I think you would be an excellent addition to our roster. It is scheduled for a noon delivery. Please review the contract, and give me a call personally if you have any questions." Lynda explains. "I'm looking forward to hearing from you. I really hope you accept our offer."

"Hmpt, Ms Carter, there's no need to see the contract." Melyssa respectfully answers. "I'd love to join the Battle Zone." Melyssa finished talking to Lynda and ironed out a few details. She was even offered the opportunity to be a hostess or an interviewer at some of Stone Rage's events until she is trained well enough to enter the ring. Melyssa verbally okayed for the video taken of the fight to be released on an upcoming Stone Rage DVD. Melyssa hated the thought of the whole world seeing her getting her ass kicked by Vida Guerra of all people, but the paycheck was too big to pass. Using her acute business skills, she successfully negotiated getting double the residual income of Vida. (It was the only way the shrewd woman would sign the deal.)

After her conversation with Lynda, Melyssa started calling trainers to begin her career as a celebrity catfighter. From that moment, she had one goal in mind: Getting revenge on Vida Guerra.



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