June 1999



Sable and Pamela's careers have been crossing more and more lately with Sable's foray into acting and modeling. Pam has always had an interest in wrestling, being one of the most active on the celebrity fighting ciruit. Trouble between the two started when Sable tried to audition to be on V.I.P., Pam's action show, but demanded too much and talks broke down. Sable was replaced with another actress. Of course, this did not sit well with Sable.

Neither did a recent celebrity wrestling charity event and photo shoot at the Playboy mansion. Sable is still the hot new star, readying for her upcoming second magazine spread. However Pam proved to still be a sensation. Pam gained massive attention first, by turning heads with her new look at her photo shoot and taking pictures with fans. Second, she was successful in winning two wrestling matches against Carmen Electra and an up and coming starlet. Sable was sucessful in her single match versus a novice model. She was an inexperienced wrestler, who stood to win a shot at a future photo shoot.

Sable wanted a matchup with Pam, but it couldn't be arranged on the weekend of the charity event. Sable was even more distraught by hearing that she purposely avoided Pam throughout the weekend event. Everyone knew about her 'no bump' contract with the WWF, and fearing she would get too bruised to have her second photo shoot. People wondered if that same fear stimulated Sable to avoid Pam. Also since losing her WWF title to Debra McMichaels, Sable had lost some of her confidence.

Now a movie part has come up in an action movie that Playboy is producing. It calls for an actress with athletic ability. Sable and Pam both wanted the part. Both were perfect for the part and tested well. Sable saw this as her breakthrough role. Ever since losing the role on V.I.P. Sable had been trash talking Pamela. Her criticisms of Pam has escalated after the charity photo shoot and wrestling tournament.

Pam bit her lip and kept still until a recent interview in which she talked about the upcoming role. She stated that she would be perfect for the role. She could start filming while her show is on hiatus. In the interview Pam publicly denounced Sable's wrestling prowess and used this critism as a tie breaker for who should be chosen for the role. This was the last straw for Sable. A war of words was launched via the media. Sable made fun of Pam's new breasts, her acting ability, and her athletic prowess.

The actress met in public only once at a reastaurant. They had to be separated after words tuned into action. A quick hair pulling incident was quickly ended. After this Playboy called a meeting and gave the actresses a proposition. They would wrestle for the part, with the winner getting the role. A full blown pro style wrestling match in a ring in front of an invited audience. Both women seemed entusiastic about the idea.

The night of the match arrived two weeks later. Most of the Hollywood media was there, including Access Hollywood and Entertainment Tonight to mention a couple. Also representatives from various wrestling organizations are in attendance. Friends of the actresses poured out their support. There were preliminary matches to entertain the anxius audience. The bouts featured new found talent in modeling and wrestling jobs, but only wetted the audiences appetite for the Main Event.

Finaly the time for the Main Event arrived. Pamela entered the arena first wearing a silver jacket with the letters V.I.P. in purple on the back. She was wearing low cut white wrestling shoes and thick white socks that were crimpled down and contrasted against her tanned legs beautifully. Her leg muscles became taunt as she leaped onto the ring apron then pulling herself up through the ropes. She limbered up in her corner as Sable's trademark car's roar sounded.

Sable strode out slowly, parading in front of the audience in a black cape and sunglasses. As she moved the cape gave away hints of Sable's long tanned legs and brief constume. She teased the audience all the more, as she chose to ascend to the ring on the steps by pulling back her cape and lowering her sunglasses to peer at the audience. Sable slid through the ropes and does a pirouetted in front of Pam as she she made her way to her corner.

Sable wore her long blonde hair tied up and held with a black tie with her long blonde braid hanging past her shoulders. Pam wore her curly long blonde hair loose and tousled it as she while she was introduced first. She unzipped her jacket to reveal a purple bikini with thong briefs. Pam adjusted her white elbow and knee pads as she readyed for combat.

With an appreciative audience still whooping and applauding, Sable gets introduced. She whips off her cape revealing a two piece black outfit similar to what she often wore on the WWF shows reigniting the appause and yelling. Her outfit consisted of a black sports bra, barely containing her breasts, and skimpy briefs. She wore black lace up shiny vynil wrestling boots with gold laces that went up to her mid-calves. She did not wear her usual shin pads, but did have black knee pads which she pulled up and adjusted along with her black elbow pads.

As Pam readied herself for the bell, Sable goes into her bump and grind spiel. Pam shows her frustration, rolling her eyes and cocking her head back. She joins Sable, doing her own version of the bump and grind. Incensed, Sable tossed her sunglasses and charges across the ring to grab Pam by her hair, starting the match before the bell sounded.

Likewise, Pam joins into the hair pulling session with Sable. Both ladies pull their fist fulls of blonde hair ferociously. Sable suddenly strikes out with a kick to Pam's stomach and ensnares her into a headlock. Sable still kept yanking one handful of hair while pressuring Pam's head. She hiptosses Pam to the mat while still holding onto her headlock. Pam kicked her long legs until she managed to capture Sable's head and trap her into a head scissors. Pam had Sable suffering till she shrieked and let go after Sable chomped her teeth into Pam's inner thigh.

Both women are quickly back to their feet and meet face to face. Within an instant they are trading blows. A fist is blocked and Sable catches Pam's arm and flips her. Grabbing Pam by the hair, she lifts her to repeat the move, but Pam blocks it and counters, snaring her rival in an abdominal stretch. A fist to the stomach, and a handful of hair pulled back, has Pam releasing the hold and on her back on the mat. Sable follows with a stomp to the stomach. Sable delivers another stomp, but Pam grabs her boot and topples Sable, before putting her into a double toe hold. Pam pulls back on the boots and with each effort, drops her weight on Sable's back. Sable bucks trying to free herself, but Pam reaches with one hand holding the tied up boots, and the other hand now under Sable's chin. Pam's modified bow and arrow hold causes Sable great pain. Sable bites Pam's fingers to free herself. Rolling away Sable stares daggers at Pam, reassessing her game plan.

They lock up again and Pam feels the sting of a well placed boot into her stomach. Sable follows with a double ax handle to Pam's back causing her to double over. Pam goes down to ont knee, but surprises Sable with an uppercut to her stomach, then rising quickly for a double fist to Sable's chin. Sable staggers and Pam goes for the kill. As Pam moves in, Sable gouges her eyes. Pam backs off and Sable launches an onslaught of fists. Some find their mark, others are blocked. Sable has Pam on the defensive and cowering. Sable straightens Pam up withh an athletic kick to her face. Pam finds the fortitude to stay toe to toe with her adversary. Although frustrated by Pam's tenacity, Sable still senses weakness. Sable knows she needs to end this before Pam finds her second wind, and maybe the win.

After a hard slap stuns Pam, Sable motions to the crowd, that it is time for her, "Sable Bomb". She yanks Pam's head down and moves it between her legs. Sable turns for all to see Pam's barely covered slender ass exposed to the roaring audience. Sable grabs Pam's waist and starts to lift her. Sable heaves Pam up. Pam realizes that she faces a painful crash landing on her back from Sable's devastating power bomb. Pam anticipated that Sable would go for her famous finishing manuver at some point in the match, and prepared a strategy for it.

Sable is shocked when Pam clutches her wrist and squeezes hard as Sable lifts Pam up for impact. By doing this, Pam weakens Sables grasp, and lessens the amount of power Sable is able to generate in the power bomb, and causes Sable to go with her as well. When Pam lands on her back, Sable stumbles forward with the momentum into Pam's waiting legs. With Sable's big move tatally backfiring on her, Sable flips over into Pam's small package. Pam grabs Sable's breast and holds her shoulders to the mat as Pam's ankles interlock with Sable's, totally upending her. Pam holds her trapped foe, and, thinking quickly, lifts one of her own shoulders off the mat. Caught by total surprise, Sable tries to kick free. The referee counts one, two, three. Pam releases the hold and jumps for joy. Sable can only sit stunned on the canvas not believing what just happened.

The crowd roars in amazement and appreciation of Pam's skill and ability. Pam taunts Sable as she jumps around with her hand raised in victory. She is equally thrilled to have won the match as well as the role. Still sitting on her knees, Sable slaps the mat in frustration and embaressment. Sable waves her fist at Pam and threatens her that they will meet again. Sable leaves the ring red faced and angry. Pam istigates the situation all the more by blowing kisses at Sable and accepting her challenge. No doubt the two will meet again.