November 1999


Singled Out Catfight

Jenny McCarthy (55%) Rocks Carmen Electra (45%) The day had been a long one for Jenny McCarthy at the studios. She had been at an audition for a possible spot in an upcoming movie that was looking for a sassy blonde. She had given them her best, drawing on her past experiences from the MTV show Singled Out, that was located on the other side of the studio grounds. Despite her turning in a stellar performance, she didn't get the spot. It was given to an unknown gal who was going to have this as her first break in to the movies. Pissed off something fierce, she drove around the studio a bit and found herself outside the Singled Out studio. From the looks of things the place was shut down, as the season was over. One side door was open, so she decided to visit the set, before they tore it down. Only a few work lights were lit here and there. For the most part it was quiet as she walked around. In a half whimsical moment she started to act out some of her stuff there on the set enjoying the memories. She was caught by surprise, however when someone applauded. Stopping to turn and see, she saw Carmen Electra coming out of the shadows, with a half sardonic smile on her face. "Well, well, how the mighty have fallen. I heard you were out for bit parts here in the studio and now the final humiliation upstaged by a complete unknown of a girl."

Anger flushed the blonde's face while she crossed her arms across her breasts. Taking a belligerent stance, she snapped back, "I wouldn't talk too loudly if I were you. Show was doing pretty good until I left and you came along and then it took a nose dive. Everyone pointed the finger at you girl. We all knew you didn't have the spark to keep it going, and now you've fallen even further doing porn flicks to keep the money coming in after they canned you. Won't be long before you're walking the streets with the other thousands of hustlers who were wannabes."

The raven haired gal's face contorted as that one struck home. She stepped close getting right up in Jenny's face shouting, "I'm more woman than you'll ever be! You're just some dumb blonde girl who can't even sass right any more!" Any further comments however had to wait as Jenny uncorked a hard fist to the pit of Electra's stomach doubling her over and slamming a hard knee up in to her pretty face that spun her up and over to crash face down on the floor.

In an instant, Jenny was on top of her ripping at the shirt she was wearing, and rapidly shredding it off her. Then with a yank at the back of it. The bra was off as well before even standing up.

"Get up you bitch... Get up so I can knock you down again!" she growled. Electra slowly came up with anger clearly on her face. She dove forward spearing the blonde in the stomach with her head and folding her up in turn. The two crashed to the floor with Carmen on top and clawing at the skirt and tearing it off before Jenny could stop her. Then she went after the panties as well. Jenny slammed a leg hard up between hers with the shoe connecting where it counted and with a groan Carmen collapsed to her own knees even as Jenny started to get up.

Unwilling to let her get away that easy Carmen grabbed at the shirt top and with a jerk, tore it down the front almost throwing Jenny down as well before it ripped. Both on their knees now, their hands rose and instinctively went for each others breasts with the fingers cruelly raking across them and drawing blood. Then clamping down in a vicious claw-like grasp as they started to twist and stretch the breasts even as both struggled to their feet. Hurting something fierce and realizing how strong the talon like claws of Jenny was, Carmen released one hand from a breast, and she raked her hand cross the face once. Then a second time. This time scoring across the eye as well with a shriek. Jenny let go, but didn't back off. A hard fist slammed into Carmen's stomach, partially doubling her over. Grabbing an arm, Jenny swung the raven haired beauty around and threw her hard into one of the nearby cameras with enough force to topple it over with Carmen on top. Jumping forward Jenny saw the legs sprawled out and started to stomp at them several times getting cries of pain with each time.

Realizing she had the upper hand now, Jenny reached down and stripped off the shorts and panties of the not so electra-fying host. She tore them so Carmen couldn't use them and then grabbing her by the long black hair from behind she brought her protesting to her feet. From behind, Jenny slipped her arms around the body bearhug style and started squeezing hard as she could. Her hands were crossing each other dug hard into Carmen's breasts once more with her mean claw hold. "Say it now bitch!" growled the blonde, "Who's the woman and who's the girl here?" She added emphasis to her threatening question by slamming a knee up between the legs getting a new wail of pain from Carmen. Then Jenny kept her from falling as she half hung there still getting the double breast claw from behind.

"Enough! I quit, you're the woman, no more please!"

Jenny however didn't let go yet, "Who's the girl here?" she demanded.

"No more, please, You're the woman I'm the girl, please stop!"

Almost satisfied, Jenny let go and allowed Electra to fall to the ground, but she wasn't quite finished yet. A hard kick to the side rolled Electra on her back, then Jenny knelt down straddling her beaten foe's stomach. "This is for ruining MY show you little cunt!" With that she dropped down and placed her breasts over Carmen's face, wrapping her arms around the head and drawing her in tight for an air tight seal. Panic set in for Electra as she felt the breasts cover her face and she couldn't breath. She wanted to beg for release but the nose and mouth were sealed tight and her air was rapidly going out. Desperately she kicked and struggled. Her hands were clawing at the sides of Jenny's breasts to get some kind of opening for some air, but none was to be found. After a minute the struggles subsided and her arms fell away. Jenny released the hold and kneeling over her looked at her. Electra's eyes were still open a look of pure terror on her face and she breathed slowly for a few seconds before her body took over making her breath faster as it replenished her air supply.

Jenny gathered her clothes, what was left, and got what she could wear on. She took Carmen's clothes and tossed them in the trash can before she left the studio. But before she left, she walked back on stage and did a final dance before her beaten foe as she started to rouse up. Then she left, leaving Carmen to find her own way out.

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