"I donít care how much they hate each other , tell them I want them both on the cover NOW!" Those were the words of an executive at Sports Illustrated. Since the Swimsuit Edition is so monstrously successful, they decided to try a quarterly magazine. For the first issue they decided to have Super Models Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks grace the cover. The managing photographer had just told the executive that the two ladies despise each other, and would never agree to appearing together. The executive responded by saying, "if they ever want to do another SI Swimsuit issue, they had better comply!"

Naomi has always hated Tyra. She says it is because of Tyraís arrogance and conceit, but most say she is threatened and jealous of Tyraís success. At this point Naomi does not know or care anymore. She has used her power in the fashion industry to keep Tyra outside of 50 ft of her during any assignment. Until now that has worked, but today Sports Illustrated has put their foot down and demands they be together.

Tyra has always hated Naomi. She says that Naomi has been trying to destroy her career, but most say she is threatened by the huge shadow of Naomiís success that looms over her career. At this point Tyra does not know or care anymore. She has been blowing Naomi away on runways for the last few years. She has replaced her as the top black model, and now Sports Illustrated has give her the perfect opportunity to show up her rival again.

Both ladies called each other on the phone after hearing the mandate. After hours of arguing, they decided how to handle this order from Sports Illustrated. They called SI and told them to have one photographer meet them on the beach. They decided to have an all-out catfight at that time. The fight will end when one woman is left standing. The winner can then have all the pictures taken, with any poses desired (no matter now degrading) over the beaten model. Both ladies were certain she would win, and could not wait to see a photo of herself standing over their beaten rival on newsstands nationwide.

Both ladies met on the beach with the photographer early the next morning. At this point they instructed the photographer about their plans to fight, and he was not to interfere under any circumstances. Before squaring off, Naomi says, "Letís take off our suits, and fight in the nude." "I donít want to mess up my bikini before it makes the cover in my victory pose", Naomi said with a smile.

"Bitch, nobody will recognize you after Iím through", Tyra replies. "I think Iíll make you kiss my ass, after I kick YOUR ass" Tyra says while laughing. Both ladies take off their swimsuits.

After stretching they ask the photographer to say "Begin" to start the fight.

There was great tension in the air as the ladies circled each other. Tyra lunges out and grabs two fistful of Naomiís hair, and violently shakes her head. She then sends three knees into Naomiís pussy. Naomi backs up in a great deal of pain. Tyra then unleashes several rights & lefts until Naomi is dazed & staggering. Tyra says, Whatís the matter old lady?" "Can't take it?" Tyra then sends Naomi crashing to the sand with a wicked right cross.

Naomi looks up into Tyraís eyes. She saw her eyes burns with the same fury, hunger and determination, her own eyes burned with a few years ago. "This bitch will undoubtedly be queen one day," she thought, "but not today".

Tyra dove on top of Naomi. Her hands slapped, smacked, gauged, and pounded every inch of Naomi they touched. Finally she held Naomiís wrist down above her head and covered her with a full body press. Tyra was stronger and naturally athletic, Naomi knew she had no chance of powering out of the position. Tyra pressed down harder, and with a smirk said, "What do you have to say now?", peering down into Naomiís face moving with in inches of Naomi's face to taunt her captured rival. A smile creeps onto Naomiís face, replacing the expressions of her torment and struggle, Naomi reaches up and bites Tyra on the nose. Tyra releases Naomiís hands and tries to pull free, but Naomi snatches both of Tyraís ears, and tries to yank them off of her head. Tyra screams as Naomi rolls over until she is now on top. Naomi releases Tyra, and goes behind her. Naomi uses Tyraís hair to pull her into a seated position, while Tyra tries to regain her breath, and checks to see if all her facial features are still there.

Naomi grips her arm around Tyraís throat from behind and wraps her long legs around her waist in a body sicossors and squeezes. The photographer starts to worry that Naomi will choke the life out of Tyra. Tyra remains in the hold for a couple minutes, struggling to free herself the whole time. She is close to passing out when she rams her head backwards as hard as she can. The back of her skull crashes into Naomiís chin and stuns her enough to make her release the hold. Both women sit on the sand trying to regroup to finish the fight.

Both women slowly rise to their feet. Tyra still has not been able to catch her breath & clear the cobwebs from Naomiís choking. But she knows she knows she must act now to have any chance of beating for opponent. Tyra rushes Naomi and throws a haymaker. Naomi blocks the wild punch, and responds with a quick, sharp jab that snaps Tyraís head back and staggers her back a few steps. Tyra rushes in once again, but this time Naomi grabs her around the waist and lifts her off her feet into a bearhug. Tyra howls and struggles as shock waves of pain run up her spine, not to mention her air supply was cut off. She tries to punch Naomi, but her foe buries her face between Tyraís large breast, taking away a target. Naomi then bites into Tyraís right titty. Tyra shudders in pain, still gasping for air. Naomi shakes her head while still biting the tit. She releases the right tit and bites the left one. Tyra body grew weaker and bearly reacted this time. Naomi again violently shakes her head while biting her tit, but this time Tyraís body did not respond to the hold. Naomi shakes her head again, and still no response. She lets the tit go and realizes Tyra has passed out. She once again bites into her right tit to make sure Tyra is unconscious. She bites as hard as she can until she can taste blood, and still Tyraís body was motionless. Naomi finally dumps Tyra down on the sand.

Naomi quietly puts her swimsuit back on and rolls Tyra onto her face. She sits on her back and lifts Tyraís head by her hair and raises one arm in victory, as the photographer snaps away. She then rolls Tyra on her back to take a few pictures sitting on her face. Naomi then stands and grabs both of Tyraís legs and grinds her heel into her pussy, until the pain revives Tyra. Then without a word, Naomi leaves her sobbing foe on the beach with the photographer, who got the entire fight on film.

Naomi drove home thinking about how spent she was from the fight. Although, she takes pride in the fact that she had just conquered her taller, stronger, more athletic and younger rival. She also knew Tyra would not sit still with this defeat. After all, if she had lost, Tyra would have hell to pay. But she was more confident that ever that her toughness, and fierce fighting will kick Tyraís butt every time.

When Naomi got home there was already a message from Tyra on the answering machine. Tyra said, "Okay you won round one bitch, but the war is FAR from over, and I guarantee you will not win!"

Two months later Tyra screamed louder than she did at any point during her fight with Naomi when she passed by an airport newstand and saw the cover of a swimsuit magazine. The cover picture had Naomi seated on her back, with a huge smile, and flexing her right bicep. Her left hand holds her face toward the camera, where Tyra stares with a distant, dumfounded, "how did I just get my ass kicked?" expression on her face.

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