Baywatch Chronicles


The sun is going down on another gorgeous day in Malibu, California. In about an hour, the horizon will be lit up with a dazzling array of colors from a typical California sunset on the beach. On this particular evening, two rivals are on a secluded part of the beach to settle their differences once and for all. Traci Bingham and Gena Lee Nolin have run afoul of each other too many times on the Baywatch set. They have agreed to settle things with a no holds barred fight to he finish on this private Malibu beach. Both women are totally nude, because they have decided that the winner can decide if the loser can dawn the Baywatch swimsuit ever again, and stay on the show.

The two beautiful naked girls circle each other slowly. Gena Lee looks at her muscular opponent with hate filling her eyes as they prepare to fight. The two Baywatch beauties have always been rivals and anxiously awaits this no holds barred fight on the beach to see who is the best. Traci lungs forward and grabs Gena's golden hair. Gena retaliates by raking Traci's breast with her nails making the black girl howl in pain. Traci manages to trip Gena and both girls fall to the sand.

Traci quickly sits on top of Gena who is lying on her front and starts to push her face into the sand. Traci grinds the blonde's face into the course, warm sand, and screaming for her to submit. Gena cries out but refuses to surrender. Traci stands up and grabs the tall blonde's legs and starts to pull her backwards face first along the sand. Gena screams in agony as her breasts and face are scoured by the sand. She manages to kick out at Traci to free herself.

Traci smiles confidently as Gena sobs with pain. Traci approaches the blonde's husband who came to witness the battle, and kisses him. Traci feels his buldge as she taunts her rival. "Hmmm, to the victor goes the spoils." Traci coos as she reaches into his pants and massages his shaft. Gena's eyes are brimming with tears as she examines the small cuts and grazes across her luscious body from the sand scouring. She is ready to submit, but seeing Traci kiss her husband enrages her and makes her more determined to win.

She leaps to her feet and drives a solid punch into the ample left breast of the distracted black girl. Traci's smiles are replaced by a look of agony as she howls in pain. A delighted Gena, spurred on by husband, follows with repeated punches to Traci's tits and knees to her crotch. Traci desperately tries to retaliate, but she has been weakened and rattled badly by the blonde's potent assault and only weakly paws at Gena.

Gena smiles cruelly as she continues to attack her rival, knocking her to the ground. Gena drops on top of Traci, pinning her down. Gena blasts her foe with forearm shots to her face. Traci cannot take anymore punishment and submits, begging Gena to stop. Gena rises off of her victim with a smile of satisfaction. The blonde places her foot on Traci's breast in the classic victory pose and hisses to Traci that she will keep her Baywatch part, but will not be the star of the show.

Gena turns to her husband, and rushes into his arms, where he happily greets her. They hug and kiss as Gena's husband congratulates her, and gives her countless compliments and praises. Traci is lying in the sand, crying from the punishment Gena has dished out. Gena and her husband take one more look at the defeated Traci, and start to walk away hugged together. Traci sits up and looks at the pair walking away. Pain runs through her body, but humiliation is greater.

Traci fights away the pain and rises to her feet. She charges after her prey. Gena has no warning Traci is coming from behind, because the sand silences the sound of her footsteps. Traci dives on Gena from behind. It takes several moments, but Traci is able to subdue Gena, and wrestle and pin the blonde down underneath her. She is sitting on top of Gena's back and rains punches punches the back of Gena's head, and rubs her face in the sand. Traci wraps her legs around Gena and squeezes with all her might. She wraps her left arm around Gena's neck and pulls Gena's right tit with her right hand.

Gena is in great pain and knows she can not break the hold. She is about to pass out, and realizes she has one last hope. She scoops up a handful of sand and throws it in to Traci's face. Traci shrieks and releases Gena, and tries to clear her eyes.

Gena stands over Traci and savagely stomps her in the stomach and pussy till Traci is flat and dazed on the beach. Gena thought that she hated Traci before, but after seeing Traci kiss her husband, Gena wants to destroy this woman. Besides Gena is now half crazed from being nearly choked out. The blonde craved the praise and affection that her husband lavished on her after Traci submitted and wants to give him a more impressive show this time. Gena pulls Traci to her feet by her hair and tits. and says, "Now I'm going to humiliate your ass."

Traci responds by punching Gena to the nose. The blonde's head snaps back with her hair whipping around. Traci hurts all over, and is feeling the beating she has received. But, Traci gives in to the fury and emotion of the moment and explodes with a berserker fistical assault. She punches again, and again, and again, and again until Gena is out on her feet, and swaying in the breeze. Traci backs up and comes flying with a karate kick that lands flush on Gena's jaw and knocks her unconscious. Traci looks to Gena's husband and says, "There's your trash littering the beach, you'd better take it home before the dogs come to get it." Then she releases a sinister laugh.

Several minutes later, Traci has put on a long T shirt, to cover her nakedness, and heads for her car to go home. She can not wait to tell all her friends on the cast, how she just beat Gena. Traci is smiling to herself as she approaches her car. Satisfied at the beating she has given Gena, the bronze Amazon is fumbling for her keys when she suddenly screams as she feels an intense pain between her legs.

The pain comes from a kick from Gena Lee who hisses, "Two can play at this game, bitch. You're not the only person who can jump somebody from behind."

Traci starts to slowly sink to the ground when Gena grabs her victim by the hair, and slams her face into her car door. The dazed black girl falls to the ground pawing at her aching sex organ. The jubilant blonde dives on top of her prey and clutches her hated opponent's hair. Gena starts to pound Traci's head against the concrete parking lot ground. Traci manages to free her arms and punches fiercely at Gena's face and tits, but her strength in evaporating and she begins losing consciousness.

A small crowd has gathered as the fight has moved from its secluded beach location to a more populated parking lot. Discovering that Traci is out, Gena once more raises her arms in victory and places a foot on the defeated girl's breast. The tall blonde is bleeding from cuts on her face and breasts. Also Gena's crotch is aching from Traci's attacks, but the black girl is in much worst shape, lying unconscious on the ground. Determined to humiliate her opponent, Gena smiles and beckons her husband over. He trots over and kisses Gena passionately, then hands his wife a pair of scissors.

A couple of minutes later, Traci comes to and feels the moist ocean air sweeps over her body. She quickly realizes she is naked again, and Gena has removed her shirt. Traci could care less about being nude in public, in fact she prefers it. Instinctively Traci starts swatting away annoyances about her ear. At first it felt like a fly, but she recognized that it is loose hair. Traci sits up and sees a ball of her own hair blowing away in the ocean breeze. Then Traci shrieks in horror as she sees several clumps of her hair and all of her pussy hair in two piles. Next Traci breaks out into uncontrollable crying.

Traci's tears of pain are quickly vaporized by burning fury and a desire for revenge. She rises and steadily walks toward Gena like a woman possessed. She wades through the crowd that has gathered oblivious to the chants of, "Uh oh" and "Go get em Traci!" from spectators rooting the humiliated warrior on.

She catches up to Gena and her husband, who warns his wife this time. "Look out Gena!"

Gena quickly whirls around and sees Traci approaching. She smirks "Haven't you had enough? All I was trying to do was give you an excuse to go to the hair dresser to do something about that disaster you were trying to pass off as a hair do on your head." scattered laughs raise through out the crowd as Traci stops in front of Gena.

"So, now you think you're funny, do ya?" Traci asks. Gena stands defiantly with her hands on her hips wearing a gloating, cocky scowl. In a blur of motion, Traci blasts Gena with a right cross, followed by a knee to her pussy. Before the blonde can double over in pain, Gena is hoisted in the air over Traci's shoulder.

Kicking and squirming Gena yells, "Put me down you bitch!" Traci carries her off back to the beach, now followed by the crowd.

Arriving back in the warm sand, Traci dumps Gena on her back. She challenges her rival, "Now it's personal" Traci says gesturing for Gena to stand and fight. "Come on!" she spits through gritted teeth. Gena jumps up screaming and charging at Traci. They collide with Gena slamming into her enemey's mid-section. Both girls stumble a few steps back and crash over a beach chair laid out by one of the now spectators of the fight. Traci takes the brunt of the landing, but running on rage power from her "new do" wraps Gena in a body scissors.

Gena draws back momentarily, "That's all you got left?" she asks, then slams a double fist into Traci's stomach. Gasping for air, Traci has to release her scissor lock and rolls to her side as Gena stands. "You've really pissed me off now bitch. Now you're going to have plenty of time to get your hair done, while you're on medical leave." Gena threatens. She punctuates her last words with a brutal kick to Traci's back, flipping Traci over from the force. Again and again brutal kicks are delivered first to Traci's back, then to her stomach and tits. Some of the crowd start to cheer and encourage the golden goddess at every kick. With every thumping kick, Traci's face contorts further, with pain. Everyone plainly sees Traci is quickly moving towards another tearful submission at Gena's hands.

After her last few kicks thumped into Traci's body and failed to get a jolting response from the beaten lump of flesh, Gena stops and takes a breath looking at worn out victim. Gena has no inention of letting Traci off this easy. Her hatred for Traci ans grown exponentially since the beginning of this fight. Gena reaches down and grabs Traci's frazzled hair. "Oh, I didn't finish styling your hair yet. I'm visualizing a shiny bald head for you." Gena hisses.

Then unexpectedly Traci flings a handful of sand into Gena's eyes. "Like you said, two can play this game." Traci spits as she returns to life.

Gena recoils from the surprise projectiles thrown at close range into her hypnotizing big blue eyes. Gena screams as the sand burns her eyes. "I can't see! Ican't see!" the panicing woman shouts while flailing her arms. Having Gena at close contact made Traci's sand toss much more effective than Gena's earlier toss.

Seeing Gena in full panic, Traci "Don't worry blondie, I'll help you." Traci says as she wraps a head lock around Gena. Then Traci starts ushering Gena toward the water. "Come on, let's wash it out." Traci sings as she flings Gena into the ocean water. Gena immediately breaks back up through the water, gasping for air. Luckily for her, the evening setting sun, still has the water at a palatable temperature. Quickly Traci wraps both hands around Gena's throat and forces her back under the water. "I don't think the sand is out of your eyes yet." Traci says through gritted teeth.

The pain of salt water in her open wounds from earlier in the war, and the lack of air are far too much for Gena. She want nothing more to do with Traci on this day. Instinctively she flails her arms and legs, hoping she will be released or rescued soon.

"STOP! You'll kill her!" Gena's husband frantically pleads as her runs out of the crowd to Gena and Traci. He grabs Traci's shoulder but is met with a stunning right cross as Traci whirls around. Gena's husband crumples to his knees. Traci shakes her head, Traci says, "Fucking pussy! Wuss! Probably got a little dick too." Traci taunts as she walks away from the devastated couple. "You two deserve each other." Traci says as she triumphantly struts toward the beach. Gena's husband crawls to his wife, and holds the whimpering blonde.

A brave and bold spectator emerges out of the crowd, and wraps a towl around the nude vixen, asking, "Ms. Bingham you were awesome out there! Are you okay?"

Traci purrs looking at the hunky young guy. She is immediately attracted to his boldness and initiation to step out of the crowd. "Hmmm.... I will be, if I can get you to take me home for a massage and a little TLC." The widely smiling young man nodds his head happily.


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