Baywatch Chronicles


After their colossal encounter on a Malibu beach, both women took some time to tend to their wounds. Traci gets a new "wild and stylish" hairdo to deal with the handfuls of hair that that she lost at Gena's hands. A week or so later, both Traci and Gena are called into Actor/Producer David Hasselholf's office. He is watching a video filmed by a now retired fast food employee/UFO chaser, who happened to be filming at the beach the week before. "So what have you two been up to lately?" David asks.

The two girls can barely stand to be in the same room together. "I'm not working with that bitch ever again." Gena hisses. She has been consumed with gaining revenge for the beach fight since the moment that the fight ended.

"Its either me or her." Traci replies. "As I said, NOW its personal."

"Okay ladies, I'm not buying any more home videos to keep this out of the press. I suggest a fight to the finish here tonight." David suggests. "Winner by submission only; no fighting after the first submission; and the loser quits the program."

Both agree.

Later that night, Traci and Gena stare at each other across a wrestling ring, consumed by a mixture of hatred and fear. Both girls know that the loser will be cut from Baywatch, which may destroy their careers. David, the referee, has 3 video cameras placed to record the fight. (get your copy for $10,000 on the black market) Both girls strip naked.

Gena taunts "Where is your pubic hair?"

Traci hisses back, "I should have drowned you when I had the chance."

"Yeah, but I never submitted you slut." Gena spits.

"Enough!" David demands, "Come out fighting, and may the best girl win."

Both girls charge, slamming their bodies into each other. Traci grabs hold of Gena's long blonde hair, and pulls hard, driving her fist into her hated rival's face. Gena screams as her opponent drives a knee into her cunt, doubling her over, and bringing sobs of pain. Traci next drives her knee into the center of Gena's face. Gena slumps forward, but Traci still has her by the hair and starts punching Gena's breast repeatedly. Traci looks up and smiles at David, "Looks like I got the part babe!"

Traci does not see the kick Gena desperately launches to her undefended crotch. Traci's gloats are replaced by a scream of agony, as she releases Gena, and paws her aching sex organ. "Spoke too soon slutface" Gena hisses as she punches Traci's cunt again and again. Traci sobs hysterically and is unable to reply as the blonde gives as good as she got. Traci's cunt is ravished, as Gena kneels painfully on the black girl's breast and slapping her across the face again & again, screaming "Submit, bitch..."

Traci is beside herself with pain, but she remembers the humiliating haircut and once again her blood boils. She reaches up and grabs Gena's big its, and uses them to pull Gena off of her. With Gena now lying beside her she starts to twist, yank, turn and pull her rival's tits any and every way possible. Gena grabs Traci's tits and pulls likewise, but Traci has that 'possessed' look again and ignores the pain.

Traci mounts Gena and keeps viciously abusing her tits. She finally releases one breast to throw a forearm blow to Gena's jaw. A second and third forearm has Gena dazed. Traci stands and turns around. She drops her ass on Gena's tits with all of her weight. "Its time for some pay back, girl." Traci declares and starts punching Gena's pussy again and again. Finally she yanks every hair she can get her fingers on, from Gena's pussy. Soon Gena's cunt is almost as bald as Traci's. Gena can only scream and flop on the mat.

Blood and sweat from Traci's pussy flows onto Gena's face. Traci uses the time to catch her breath. The match has been at a fever pitched pace. Traci stands and looks down at a gasping Gena. Traci hauls Gena to the ropes and drapes her arms over them. She pulls the middle rope up until she has Gena's arms captured between the top and middle ropes. Now Gena is trapped.

Traci uses the blonde's tits like a boxer hitting speed bags. Gena screams and cries uncontrollably. Traci demands, "Give up!" Gena shakes her head no, but is thinking yes. Traci admits, "Iíll give you credit, you've got more heart that that punk ass husband of yours. Now give up, and I might even let you stay on the show." Traci then laughs sinisterly as she continues to target Gena's breasts. "I'm just kidding. No, I won't, but I'll let you make a guest appearance as a bag lady...." Traci trails of into laughter again as Gena screams again.

A jubilant Traci continues to batter Gena's tits. The blonde has been savagely attacked by her rival with wave after wave of pain shooting across her tits. She prepares to submit, until she realizes her arms might be immobilized, but her legs are free. Timing it perfectly, Gena is able to catch Traci with a kangaroo kick. The blonde's feet impact solidly to Traci's face. The overconfident beauty crashes stunned to the canvas.

Gena seizes the opportunity to free her arms, and shake & rub them to bring them back to life. With pain knifing through her cunt and breast, she realizes this is her only chance to finish her rival.

Gena turns a struggling Traci on her stomach and puts her arms against Traci's throat and twist her head backwards. Gena tightens her grip around Traci's throat and hisses. "Got you now, bitch... submit!" Traci moans and struggles, but does not submit or tap out. "Okay babe, You're going down" shouts Gena and wrenches her grip on Traci. The trapped girl gradually loses consciousness and her struggles ceases.

Gena stands and drags the unconscious body toward the ring post. She turns Traci to face the post, with her legs straddling it. Traci begins to moan and come around. "Ah, you're awake bitch... I'm waiting for you to submit." Gena announces.

"Never" Traci replies and starts to struggle.

Gena is sitting behind Traci and simply pushes her forward and sends Traci's already damaged cunt painfully into the ring post. Gena posts Traci's crotch again & again until it bleeds. Then Gena inserts three fingers into Traci's cunt and scratches and claws at the black girl's vaginal wall, while kneeling on her aching tits. The pain and torture are too much and Traci sobs, "I submit Gena. You win.... please, no more!"

Gena yells triumphantly and hugs David shouting, "I won!" David walks over to Traci and rips up her contract, leaving it in pieces beside the sobbing girl.

Gena gets a bottle out of her gym bag; it is blonde hair dye. "Since you got beat by a blonde, I'm gonna turn what's left of your hair blonde too bitch!" Traci struggles, but is silenced by a few kicks until she lies still. Gena doses Traci's head with the blonde dye and vigorously rubs it in until Traci's dark hair starts turning lighter & lighter, and blonder & blonder. Once she is finished, Gena leaves with David. Traci lies in the ring until a doctor arrive to treat her wounds.

Gena takes a few days to recuperate before returning to the studio. She heads into David's office and sees a sign for a casting call, and a large flock of hopefuls outside the door. She enters David's office with a cheerful, "Hi Dave. What's new?"

David responds, "Gena, just the person I wanted to see, follow me."

As they walk down the hall, Gena asks "Is this about casting? Guess you don't want everyone to know what really happened to whats-her-face, huh?"

David answers, "It is about casting, but not just Traci's part. Remember what I said about no fighting after the submission?" with his voice rising for the question. David pulls some papers from his back pocket and starts to rip them up. "Well kicking is fighting where I come from, so you're out too missy. That was your contract, See ya!"

"You can't do that." Gena whimpers.

"I can and I did" David replies. "Don't worry I hear they are bringing back GLOW Wrestling. I'll talk to David McClain. Maybe you can be his champion" David chuckles.

David heads back to his office and leaves Gena fuming behind. "Okay ladies.... Who's next?" David asks as he says to himself, "Man... I LOVE my job!"