Vanessa Williams vs. Dian Parkinson


Prelude: Many former beauty queens are attending a meeting for former national beauty contestant winners. This includes former Miss Americas, former Miss USAs, and former Miss World USAs. Included in the former is Vanessa Williams and included in the latter group is Dian Parkinson. Beauty pageant women are jealous by nature but these two are extreme even by those standards. Vanessa and Dian seem to be considered by most the two hottest women there. So, it is no surprise that as the meeting goes on, and the attendees mingle with others, these two come across each other. They are very similar in height so they literally come almost face to face in their confrontation:

Vanessa: "Let's see, according to the program, your name is Dianna Lynn Batts. But you look familiar to me. Aren't you the model that got dumped by Bob Barker and fired from The Price is Right?"
Dian {steamed by that painful memory}: "Yeah, I'm Dian Parkinson, and I guess you had a lot of time to eat bon-bons and watch the show since your career hasn't been too hot, huh? By the way, don't let anyone kid you….chocolates obviously do pack on the pounds... in your case. Oh, and as far as Bob Barker goes, I told him off, "I've sucked your dick too many times to start kissing your ass now!"
Vanessa: "That's funny, honey, since I've spoken more in one part than you did your entire time with that game show. I mean how much skill does it take to point to refrigerators and put on bikinis?"
Dian: "I must admit I've never done anything as entertaining as your lesbian shots that got you booted from your Miss America title….how long did you have the title, like 15 hours or something? Of course, if you and I had been in the same contest, there wouldn't have been that problem, because you wouldn't have won the title to begin with!"
Vanessa: "You have quite the selective memory because I've been told that in the same year you won Miss World USA you previously finished 4th runnerup in the Miss USA pageant…4th runnerup???? I mean how many were in the pageant….5? Anyway, there's an easy way to settle this, doll. Let's have a beauty contest right here judged by these other former winners.
Dian: "Guess you are counting on diminished eyesight by them during the judging contest, but quite frankly my body is much hotter than your Mrs. Pillsbury Doughboy look! I accept and let's follow that up with a submissions only catfight, you black bitch!"

Beauty Contest: The other beauty contest winners agree to be the judges, a refreshing change for them since they were always the ones being judged for their beauty. There will be 8 anatomical areas of beauty to be judged, and whichever woman wins more of these 8 competitions will be the winner of the beauty contest. The areas will be facial beauty, tits, shape, pussy, legs, arms, back, and ass.

The first area of competition will be which woman has the more beautiful face, and of course, each has a gorgeous one since facial beauty is one of each's strong points. But it has been next to impossible to defeat Dian Parkinson in this area, and Vanessa Williams simply can't do it either. Thus, Dian starts off with her usual 1-0 lead after the facial beauty competition.

Next will be the battle of the boobs, and Dian has lost some to implanted women whose surgically enhanced tits can overwhelm Dian's natural ones. But Vanessa hasn't had any work done either, and Dian's 37D's dominate Vanessa's 34C's to win her second straight victory. The third area to be decided is which woman has the better midsection/shape. Both women are way above average here, but just as before, Vanessa Williams finds out that excellent won't do it against certain areas of Dian's sizzling bod. That includes her 23" wasplike waist as she pulls of her third straight win and takes a quick 3-0 lead over the former Miss America.

The next area to be judged is the pussy area, and both women have lots of pubic hair covering their sexy lips. In her first win, Vanessa's proves to be firmer than Dian's and sexier than the former Miss World USA's as Vanessa cuts her deficit to 3-1 in the contest. The next area to be judged is which woman has the better legs, and this one can't be decided by a majority of the former beauty contest winners, so this ends in a tie…neither Dian nor Vanessa is judged to have better legs. The score so far is 3-1-1 with Dian in the lead.

The last frontside area is which woman has the better arms/armpits. This is an area that Dian sometimes wins and sometimes loses, but she is up against tough competition this time. Not only are Vanessa William's arms at least as sexy and model-like as Dian's, but she has very sensual muscularity to them and better armpits to give her the win and her second victory to cut her deficit margin to 3-2-1. Dian and Vanessa are getting nervous as the contest nears completion, and as competitive as each woman is, the thought of a loss pressures them tremendously. But these women are used to beauty contests and continue on with poise.

The women turn around for the last two areas, first the back and then the butt. Both women have nice backs, but Dian's has always surprised her competition and has won the vast majority of this particular comparison. And Dian is thrilled today, because her back is judged the better one and clinches the overall beauty contest with a 4-2-1 lead with only one area left, so she has clinched the overall victory. Dian is smiling broadly and gives Vanessa a phony "air kiss" while Vanessa is obviously very pissed off. But the women stick out their asses, many in the room thinking their aim might be more directed towards their rival in a "kiss my ass" type intent. Regardless, this is not one of Dian's better areas since her butt is considered rather flat. Vanessa wins the butt contest, but still falls short by a 4-3-1 final count in this body part beauty contest.

Catfight: The women are given the choice to put on some sexy garments or remain nude. They opt to cover up just a bit. Dian puts on a supersexy, red one piece swimwear that showcases her hourglass figure while Vanessa puts on a slinky black, sleeveless, low cut evening gown in a startling contrast of clothing choices. The women approach each other, eyeballing not only the other woman's beauty but also the outfit her rival is wearing. Each woman has that sneer type look as if the other woman is really not up to her standards, but she has to tolerate her presence anyway.

The women circle each other until Vanessa puts her hands above her head and in front of her in the classic challenge for a test of arm strength. Dian matches her opposite hands up with Vanessa's and as fingers grasp together, the pushing begins. Consistently, albeit slowly, Vanessa bends back Dian's arms past vertical and is able to push Dian's Miss World USA body back using her stronger legs. Dian obviously knows she is losing this competition so she frees her right hand from Vanessa's hold and moves it quickly to Vanessa's hair and yanks it with all her strength, slinging the ebony beauty down hard to the padded floor. Vanessa's sexy Miss America form comes to rest on her great ass with Dian no doubt ready to take up the advantage as she is still standing while Vanessa is sitting right in front of her.

Vanessa is stunned a bit from that hard flight to the floor, made worse by the fact that she thought she was about to send Dian Parkinson there. Dian stalks Vanessa from behind and grabs the two straps holding Vanessa nice dress up. Most of the former beauty contest winners expect to hear the ripping of fabric almost immediately, but apparently Dian has other plans. The stacked blonde bombshell grabs those straps with her opposite hands and then crosses her hands into their normal straight position. This has the effect of crossing Vanessa's dress straps and Dian doesn't waste the opportunity to pull them against Vanessa's beautiful neck and throat at that point. Dian continues to pull up on those straps as Vanessa's coughing is evidence of the damage to her breathing that Dian's choking of her is doing. It is also evident from the wear and tear on Vanessa's neck that Dian is pulling those straps hard enough not only to effect respiration but also to leave marks and perhaps even some bruising. Vanessa composes herself as she moves her hands up to grab the straps of her own dress to battle Dian for control of the item choking her. Vanessa's stronger hands win out as she is able to wrestle that part of her dress from Dian's grasp, but not before the straps do indeed tear as the spectators expected. That in turn reveals Vanessa Williams' sweet juggs to both the audience and Dian Parkinson early in this match. Vanessa rolls away from Dian and immediately sees that her evening dress is ruined due to those torn straps.

Vanessa WilliamsDian and Vanessa get to their feet with Dian's one piece swimsuit still intact while Vanessa's evening dress is contacting her body only from the waist down, a point driven home as Dian laughs and shoves a finger to the point where Vanessa's dress is now off her body, specifically her chest area in this case. Vanessa could pull it off, but she doesn't want to give Dian Parkinson the satisfaction of an early strip. Vanessa still has her bra on, and the rumor is she isn't wearing panties, so that could be another reason that half an evening gown is better than none.

With the women just a couple of feet apart, it is no surprise when they rush towards each other to contact their bodies flush against their opponent. Each woman wraps her arms around her rival in a mutual bearhug, and the squeezing begins. Both women have thin waists, which hurt their ability to resist pressure, but neither woman has bodybuilder type arms. However, Vanessa Williams has shown the stronger arms up to this point and does so again. While not caving in Dian's midsection, it is obvious she is getting the upper hand. At the same time, their tits are doing battle a little higher on their bodies, Vanessa's are almost uncovered, protected only by a skimpy bra due to the torn straps on her dress while Dian's are still hidden somewhat by an almost see through swimwear piece.

In this side skirmish, Dian is taking it to Vanessa with her larger and firmer tits. Dian does though feel the midsection squeeze more by the minute due to her wasplike stomach area, so once again Dian is not above taking a short cut to even the odds. Dian removes her arms from around Vanessa's waist and moves them quickly to a very hard squeeze assault against Vanessa's titties. Dian's hands aren't huge, but Vanessa's tits aren't overwhelming either as proven when Dian took the tits contest in the beauty contest earlier. Vanessa removes her hands from around Dian's waist and moves them to defend her boobs. She grabs Dian's hands and is able to extract them from their hold on her juggs and she pushes the blonde bombshell away from her body, but not before Dian has grabbed Vanessa's bra while being pushed away. She rips the lingerie piece from Vanessa William's body, leaving her topless.

Dian dangles Vanessa's bra in front of her face in the first real taste of flagrant humiliation in this fight. Vanessa is gritting her beautiful teeth so hard at this point that you can almost hear the grinding sound. Vanessa swings a right hand which contacts Dian's beautiful face in a hard faceslap. Dian doesn't like to be hit in her perfect face and thus sends a message to that effect with a fist to Vanessa's midsection, doubling over the black goddess. Vanessa doubles over partly due to the unexpected blow which gives Dian the perfect opening to bring up a knee into Vanessa's exposed abdomen. Dian's right knee lifts Vanessa off the floor briefly, but she doesn't stay that way as Dian grabs Vanessa's hair and slams her to the padded floor. Vanessa lands on her stomach, and Dian is quick to begin to strip her nude by grabbing what is left of Vanessa's evening gown and pulling it off her body via her legs.

Dian tosses it aside after calling it trashy and footstomps the totally nude body of Vanessa Williams, concentrating mainly on her back and legs. Dian squats down on Vanessa's back, facing the feet of her ebony rival. Dian reaches forward with her arms and grabs Vanessa's ankles to pull her legs toward Dian's body in an awkward doubling back position for Vanessa. The black beauty queen cries out in pain as those luscious legs of her are bent like pretzels by Dian's arms. Fortunately for Vanessa, Dian's arms aren't the strongest in the world and with Vanessa's legs kicking and moving from side to side, Vanessa is able to free them from Dian's grasp. Vanessa begins to arch her back and throws Dian's from her sitting position on her back and onto the floor.

Dian is still the one with the smirk on her face as she has her swimsuit on her body while Vanessa has been stripped nude. Gone is her evening dress and gone is her bra, both discarded by Dian within a few minutes of each other. The beauty contest winners comprising the audience get a grand view of the former Miss America's still hot body, including the dense forest of pubic hair that surrounds her pussy. With the perspiring that each woman has been experiencing, their hair is becoming somewhat matted, including the aforementioned fur around Vanessa' pussy.

Their bodies are glistening from the sweat giving their bodies that oiled-up appearance which makes their sweet forms even sexier. Vanessa can't be pleased that while Dian has stripped her literally of her dignity, the busty blonde bombshell's swimsuit looks like it just came off the rack. Vanessa charges at Dian and the two beauty queens' bodies collide one more time. The women do some close-in fighting including slapping and semi-fist punches thrown but soon go to the old standby and begin to pull each other's hair. They are in a standing position at this stage, but their heads are being too violently moved to remain that way for long. Dian and Vanessa drop down to their knees but the hairpulling continues.

They end up in prone positions, but the hairpulling continues. While lying on the floor, they begin to roll first one way and then the other. One woman is on the top, then the rolling continues until the other woman works her way into the top position. As each woman is on top, she drops her armpits over her rival's face and rubs some of that accumulated sweat and odor onto her trapped victim's face. Both have nice armpits which to do that, but Vanessa's larger and firmer ones seem to accomplish more than Dian's in this process. The women continue this back and forth rolling procedure until finally Vanessa ends up on top for good.

Vanessa performs a little titsmother, not her best catfighting move since her boobs are not gigantic to begin with, but at least she can transfer that sweat from her chest area to Dian's face and restrict her respiration in the process. Vanessa moves forward her body and takes advantage once again of her total nudity by dropping her dense muff over Dian's nose and mouth area, once again restricting the busty blonde's breathing and give her a mouthful of moist pubic hair. The former Miss America squirms her crotch area for all its worth across the former Miss World USA's gorgeous face, eliciting protestations from the beautiful model.

Vanessa changes over to a squatting type position and wraps her legs around Dian's head, not so much as a legsscissors, but rather a figure 4 type maneuver. However, instead of its purpose to squeeze Dian's head, it is more to stabilize it as she continues to rub her muff area firmly against Dian's face. Vanessa seems to be tiring of her second smother operation, so she decides to make it the trifecta. In her present position, it is rather easy to switch over to a facesit, and that is exactly what she does. Vanessa Williams places her beauty contest winning ass on top of Dian's face and wiggles it around, depositing a lot of sweat and foul odor onto Dian's mouth and nose in particular. Vanessa puts her hands on her head almost acting like she has already won the fight and to showcase her beauty contest winning arms and pits, but that is premature as Dian bucks her off her body.

Both women are moving slower than at any point in the match as the duration and the intensity of the match has obviously sapped some of their energy. However, that oiled up look due to all the sweat is still making them look oh so sexy even at this point. They approach each other, and apparently Vanessa thinks it is time to even the score clothes-wise in this match. Vanessa goes for the single strap over Dian's right shoulder that keeps her one piece swimwear on her body and tears it. That single act sends the entire top of the swimsuit tumbling down Dian's sizzling body and gives the extra bonus of a significant bounce of Dian's well-endowed tits in reaction to the force applied by Vanessa. Dian is stunned by the sudden strip, giving Vanessa an opening to continue the assault.

Dian ParkinsonVanessa turns her back to Dian's front but only long enough to hook Dian's head in her right arm and snapmares her to the floor in front of her body. Dian lands hard on her ass and then tumbles forward to end up lying on her back. Vanessa sees her chance to finish the stripping of Dian as she approaches the former Miss World USA's legs and grabs the swimsuit still hanging onto Dian's hips. Vanessa gets a firm grip of the suit and pulls it off Dian's legs to reveal for the first time in this catfight Dian's heavily forested pussy area. Vanessa stomps Dian's now uncovered pussy to gain even more of an advantage and drops an elbow onto Dian's thin midsection. As Vanessa goes to crosscover Dian's body, the busty blonde grabs some of Vanessa's hair and pulls her head towards her by it. Using her left hand to maintain Vanessa's position, Dian lays a right forearm smash across Vanessa's chest area. That stunning blow allows Dian's to slip away from Vanessa's area and hopefully regroup.

Dian is able to beat Vanessa to her feet on this occasion. Vanessa is still on all fours trying to recover from that forearm smash as Dian approaches from the side and gives her a kick in her side which rolls the ebony beauty on to her back. Dian does a full body cover in schoolgirl pin fashion and lifts her body up into the air only to let it drop with full force on top of Vanessa's trapped form. Dian's success the first time in punishing Vanessa encourages other repetitions, continued until it becomes too much effort for Dian to push herself into the air to start another cycle.

Dian turns to less energetic means of punishing Vanessa which now is a great titsmother using her recently uncovered 37D massive mounds. Unlike Vanessa's tits which really didn't have the volume to do the job on Dian's face, the former Miss World USA has the juggs and the knowledge about how to use them. Vanessa's face disappears when in the canyon of Dian's cleavage and when up against one of her tits, Dian's massive mams are more than up to the task to hide Vanessa's face and cut off her respiration as her nose and mouth are covered. What saves Vanessa Williams is Dian's body is relatively light and her own arms are strong enough to finally push Dian off her body.

The women don't bother to arise to their feet but instead only make it to sitting positions. Neither woman at this point resembles the former beauty contest pageant winner who started this catfight quite a while ago. Each woman instinctively goes for her rival's tits, this time hands are used to grab as much of the boobs as possible to hopefully squeeze her into submission. Vanessa gains an advantage immediately due to her stronger arms and hands and the fact that she has a lot more to grab onto since Dian's tits are much larger than her own. But both women feel the hands and nails digging into their treasure chest, and neither woman gains a critical advantage. Vanessa removes her right hand from Dian's left tit and throws a hard right to Dian's face, stunning the former Miss World USA winner and 1st runnerup to Miss World.

Dian falls off her doubled up legs and is lying on her side as Vanessa follows up the blow by moving behind Dian's sizzling body. Vanessa lies down behind Dian's back and pulls the blonde bombshell's right arm behind her back, extended pretty much straight behind her. Vanessa lays her legs on top of that right arm and she uses her own two free arms to cup her hands in front of Dian's left shoulder. Vanessa pulls back with her strong arms on Dian's left arm at the same time she is painfully keeping Dian's right arm extended behind her back and captured by Vanessa's legs. Vanessa has Dian in the equivalent of a upper body stretch similar to an abdominal stretch but instead is working on Dian's arms and chest more. Vanessa at this late stage of the match is trying to use this as a submissions hold.

Vanessa: "Ready to give it up, tramp. Because you aren't getting out of your present position and I don't think you can handle the pain I'm giving out right now."
Dian: "I can take anything you can dish out, bitch!"
Vanessa {stretching Dian's chest area even more via her arms}: "Sounds like you are asking for some more punishment….fine by me!"
Dian {screaming in agony at this point}: "I give up! I give up, you damn whore! Let me go, slut! Let me go!"

Vanessa gives a few extra tuggs to punish Dian for her insults toward her while giving up, but then releases the blonde bombshell and former 37D-23-37 Miss World USA and lets her body flop to the floor. Vanessa is almost in the same state as she herself lies down just behind Dian's body. But few in the audience think that the former Miss America is going to let this be the end. Too much sweat and energy has been expended to just leave Dian alone at this point.

Postmatch: Dian is still motionless as she lies on the floor when Vanessa begins to pull herself partially off the floor. Both are obviously spent from the action, but Vanessa is not about to just walk away. She asks for a dildo to be thrown her way, catches the toy, and begins to vigorously probe Dian's most private asset eliciting involuntary reflexes of reaction of mostly pleasure from the defeated blonde bombshell. Vanessa's skill is shown by the short amount of time it takes before Dian comes to climax and discharges cum from that orifice. The former Miss America collects some on her hands and wipes them clean on Dian's beauty contest winning face.

Vanessa moves her focus to Dian's imposing treasure chest, an area that the awesome blonde won during the beauty contest competition. Vanessa uses her strong hands to vigorously fondle, squeeze, and massage the massive mounds of the former Miss World USA. Just as in the pussy probe, it is obvious from Dian's reaction that she is feeling more ecstasy than humiliation at this point. And just as in the pussy case, it doesn't take long before the skillful Vanessa accomplishes her goal as Dian's luscious, hard, and extended nipples give up another precious fluid of hers, this time some milk. Vanessa sucks some off of Dian's nips while she let's the remaining randomly dot Dian's huge hooters.

Vanessa is beginning that glowing look of getting total satisfaction as she continues to move around Dian's body. She lays her right armpit across Dian's face and grinds its very sweaty and odorous concave area across the gorgeous area, leaving most of the perspiration and a lot of the foul smell on Dian. Vanessa maintains that crosswise position across Dian's face but moves forward more so that her pussy is now on top of Dian's face. Vanessa squirms that heavily forested beauty contest winning area across the former Miss World USA and Miss World 1st runnerup. As with her armpit, a lot of sweat and bad odor has accumulated in this area due to the duration and intensity of the match and obviously Vanessa is more than willing to share it with Dian's mouth and nose in particular. Besides the humiliation of that transfer, Dian's respiration is affected since the smothering blocks her nose and mouth from getting much air. But few believe that the former Miss America is going to let Dian become unconscious because the black goddess is having too much fun embarrassing the former Miss World USA to let that occur.

Vanessa goes for a smothering trifecta as she begins to squat over Dian's head only to drop her beauty contest winning ass flush onto Dian's face in a sensational facesitting maneuver. She wiggles her great butt around Dian's face, continuing to smear the cum as her other smothers have done. She at one point puts her hands on her head in the classic pose of claiming ultimate victory as she flexes her biceps and shows how fit her arms are. She removes her ass from Dian's body but now has her pussy area on top of Dian's face. Vanessa gets another toy that was thrown her way and operates on her own pussy. She quickly cums and lets that drip on Dian's face for yet more whitish liquid to be seen on the victim's gorgeous face.

Dian is just about out of it, and Vanessa is spent herself so she gets up and waves to the applauding former beauty queens, some who were with her from the start and others just acknowledging the defeat of a formidable foe. Vanessa does a couple last indignities as she gathers up Dian's one piece swimsuit to take home as her own along with Dian Parkinson's original clothes which she stripped off for the beauty contest, all trophies to remind her of her destruction of Dian. Vanessa turns around and while leaning over Dian's body, she spits on her Miss World USA victim with the closing comments.

Vanessa: Well, I guess I proved once and for all who the better woman is and that even a decrowned Miss America is better than a Miss World USA whore like you.

Dian is too weak to respond, and Vanessa isn't really waiting for an answer or confirmation anyway. She quickly dresses herself in a twin to the outfit that Dian ripped the straps off, because she wants to be remembered as the elegant beauty queen, the one who wasn't so destroyed in a catfight and the one who remained nude for quite a while and helpless in front of the other women. Instead, that embarrassment and humiliation is the state that Dian Parkinson is now in.



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