Vanessa Williams vs Jenny McCarthy


"Uhhhhhh. Unggggh. Umppppfhhh." the beautiful but quite dignified blonde gasped as she struggled against long strong sexy legs wrapped around her waist.

"Heh-heh," the lovely conquering woman snickered as she tightened her leg muscles; gorgeous thigh, calf muscles bulged, sensuously displayed in the sheer pantyhose.

"Yeah, you go girl. Squeeze her good, make her squirm, make her beg!" Vanessa Williams smiled and licked her luscious lips as she watched the video sent to her anonymously through the mail.

"I just knew this would happen someday-hot sexy catfight wrestling gone mainstream," Vanessa mused as she watched the action now getting more exciting.

Beautiful blonde, gasping, in trouble and such a frantic struggle. Katie Couric had Diane Sawyer exactly where she wanted her. Katie's legs tightened even more as she leaned back, lifted Diane up and then dropped her on the floor. Pain shot through Diane's lower spine; Katie snickered and grabbed a handful of blonde hair; her free hand decided to "get a bit more personal" as she reached for her rival's silky blouse.

"No-NOOOO-you wouldn't dare," Diane gasped.

But Katie did dare....


Knock. Knock. Knock.

"Dang-she's here already?" Vanessa was miffed.

"Stupid blonde-can't wait to kick her lovely ass."

Vanessa looked through the doors peephole and saw her gorgeous busty blonde opponent. Dressed in a short skirt, tight low-cut top and looking drop dead gorgeous.

"Come on I--POW!"

Vanessa staggered backwards, her face exploding in pain. A hard kick to her crotch and she was dazed. She barely felt the blistering slaps, hair pulls and as her sexy dress was shredded. She felt like she was in a dream (or rather a nightmare).

"Thought you wanted to fight-c'mon you're way too easy," Jenny McCarthy hissed as she clawed at the now shreds of Vanessa's dress.

Jenny McCarthy"Nice bra bitch-let me see it!" (Jenny's translation: "Nice bra-I'm gonna rip it clean off and have some fun with your hot sexy mouthwatering titties).


"Uhhhhhhh." Busty blonde's eyes glaze, her legs turn to rubber as she begins to wobble. Whatever Vanessa clobbered that lovely head with went sailing across the room. The hand holding the skimpy bra went limp.

Thud. Thunk. Wham.

A knee to the crotch. A right hook to the jaw, and a hard forearm smash into those gorgeous big breasts. Jenny squealed and grunted as Vanessa returned the earlier favor and then some. A double handful of blonde hair, Jenny was spinning, screaming as Vanessa slammed her head into a wall, grabbed her around the neck and flipped her backwards onto a nearby table.

Thwonkkk. Jenny landed on her backside, air escaped her lungs as her long legs spread apart and flew upwards.

Vanessa Williams"Like this?" Thunk. Vanessa drove a fist full into the blonde's pubic mound.

"And I bet you have a nice bra too, right Jenny?" Vanessa snarled as she ripped Jennys blouse open exposing the quite overstuffed bra.

"Let's see those tits!" Jenny's beautiful eyes were now filled with stunned tears as she watched the long, hungry angry fingers grab her sexy lace bra and yank hard. Huge beautiful knockers, large stiff nipples became Vanessa's next prime targets.

"Let's see-squeeze 'em, slap 'em, punch 'em, and how about this too?" Shrieks of pain turned to soft but reluctant moans as Vanessa's talented tongue teased and slurped at the tender nipples of her sobbing opponent.

"And let's not forget-"


One luscious blonde succumbs to her lovely opponent.

"I win!" Vanessa states, looking down at her gorgeous, completely naked opponent, who was treated to a final knockout punch.

"I WIN!" the voice on the video announced a split second later. Vanessa smiled as she turned her attention once again to the mysterious delectable catfight action just finishing. A nice surprise.

Lovely words, they are:

"I WIN!"


Mr. Skin