Barocca & Devin DeRay vs Dina Marie Vannoni & Shannan Leigh


Dina Marie Vannoni and Shannan Leigh have impressive lists of fights for J.M. Rolen, Double Trouble, Ozone 8, and other video companies. They've always felt that their battles were real, tougher that what you'd find on other sites and videos. They held a particular grudge against Napali and its roster of busty brawlers and beauties. Dina and Shannan thought Napali "fights" were more choreographed fakes than athletic competitions. To support their theory, they issued an open challenge to take on any two Napali girls, past or present, in a round robin boxing contest.

Barocca and Devin DeRay immediately accepted the challenge. They agreed to box topless in an outdoor ring before a small audience consisting mostly of other girls from their video houses and a select few devoted fans. The contenders could wear whatever they wanted but all would use lightweight gloves. The usual 3-minute rounds and 1-minute rest periods would be observed, but there would be no limit to the number of rounds. They would fight to a KO, a TKO, a count-out, or until one girl couldn't continue.

BOUT A1-Dina Marie Vannoni vs Barocca:
Dina Marie Vannoni approaches the ring in electric blue trunks with gold trim, matching gold gloves, and barefoot. Her lush, thick black hair, often tied back from her face, hangs free, almost to her waist. When the fans' roar dies down and Dina settles into her corner, Barocca makes her entrance in glittering white trunks with red trim, red gloves, and white shin boots. She flaunts her big boobs at Dina, who thrusts out her chest in return.

The girls get right into each other's faces, lightly jabbing and probing for weaknesses. The crowd is delighted that their constant bobbing sets their buoyant boobs bouncing. Barocca has an insignificant height advantage, 5' 10" to 5' 8", but the ladies are otherwise evenly matched. In anticipation of a punishing bout, both wear mouthpieces, so there's no taunting chatter. They continue peppering, with Dina starting to specialize in breast punches. The Brazilian targets any open area on the Filipina's upper body. After an exchange of belly punches, they end the first round even.

Still fresh and feisty, both babes charge to center ring and serve up harder blows than before. Barocca scores the first truly solid blow with a right hook that staggers Dina back a step. The golden-gloved glamourpuss goes right back, invading the black beauty's personal space. Barocca is alert for any retaliatory shots. Vannoni slips one past her radar: a right uppercut to the left tit that lifts Barocca to her toes. She pays Dina back with a one-two combination that leaves the lovely lass hanging on the ropes at the bell.

Barocca storms out with a haymaker that Dina ducks. The airpunch leaves the brash Brazilian wide open for Dina's solid punch to her beltline. Barocca tags Dina with a blow that skitters off her cheek, but Dynamite Dina detonates one that flattens the Bombshell's left lobe, followed immediately by a gutpunch that folds Barocca in half. The fighting Filipina finishes her flurry with a carefully wound-up uppercut that knocks the knockered Nubian flat on her back. As the count starts, Barocca is conscious but winded. On her feet by "4", she gratefully accepts the mandatory 8-count to catch her breath. Dina can't suppress her smug smile, as if to say, "See? I told you these Napali girls were creampuffs. All show and no go.".

They resume by trading moderate body blows with an occasional head shot thrown in for variety, but nothing decisive. Barocca seems none the worse for wear. Dina must be disappointed that her most devastating blast of the match didn't put her opponent down for the count. Round 3 goes to Dina Marie.

Dina plants a good one square onto Barocca's face, staggering the stripper three steps back. In hot pursuit, she walks right into Barocca's belly blast that stops Dina dead in her tracks. Barocca's roundhouse right spins Dina 180 degrees, with a spray of blood from a damaged nose. The mandatory standing 8-count for blood allows the referee to assure that Vannoni can continue the bout. It also gives Barocca a chance to gloat and play to her fans.

Back to the action. Dina's right cross is blocked and Barocca sets her back with a left-right combo to her heaving hooters. Blood from her nose has dripped onto Dina's pontoons and these boob blows spread it around a bit. Dina rocks the Bombshell with a left to the chin but the black beauty traps the tawny tigress in a corner and hammers away at her belly until the bell. Barocca takes the round.

Both babes show their exertion with a glistening coating of sweat. Dina's corner attendant wiped off her boobs and stopped her nosebleed, but Vannoni looks grim and determined. Barocca takes care to keep her irate opponent at arm's length. They exchange body blows almost exclusively until the Filipina clinches the Brazilian and backs her against the ropes. The fans respond enthusiastically to the tit-to-tit contact, but the ref pries them apart卋ut not before Barocca sneaks in a low-impact punch below Dina's belt.

Vannoni steps away, then whirls back with a roundhouse right that twirls Barocca and leaves her hanging from the top rope by her limp arms, her back to Dina. She ices the cake with a powerful jab to Barocca's kidney. The Brazilian's legs buckle and she sinks to her knees. At "6" the bombed-out Bombshell is hauling herself up the ropes when the bell ends the round. It's Dina's round but she's clearly frustrated.

The Filipina senses that the Brazilian is still in agony and closes in for the kill. A flashing left-right to Barocca's head sends the statuesque stripper crashing to the canvas and her fans jumping to their feet in astonishment as the count begins. She's up by "8" with fire in her eyes. Undismayed, Dina launches another head shot that-glances off Barocca's cheek! She wallops Dina with a straight right to her face that restarts her nosebleed. That's followed with a backhand left that spins Dina and spatters her blood across Barocca's bosom.

In her disoriented efforts to face her foe, Vannoni drives he elbow blindly into Barocca's tender left titty. But the Brazen Brazilian ignores the sharp pain and clobbers Dina with another shattering right to the face. Dina drops face-down on the canvas. At "5" she rolls onto her back with a groan. At "10" she remains inert.

A battered Barocca wins the first bout with a sixth-round KO of Dina Marie Vannoni.

BOUT A2-Shannan Leigh vs Devin DeRay:
Auburn-haired Shannan Leigh bounds to the ring in black trunks with silver trim, black gloves and shoes. Unlike her sun-tanned partner Dina Marie, Shannan's skin is pale pink. She heads directly to her corner and acknowledges her fans from there. Her opponent, Devin DeRay, dances out to her entrance music, her gelatinous juggs undulating to the rhythm. Devin wears hot pink with black trim, white gloves and shoes. She plays to the crowd by making a complete circuit outside the ring before climbing up and in, beaming with confidence.

Once again the black boxer enjoys a slight height advantage, 5' 10" to 5' 7", but Shannan has lots more experience as a pugilist and an edge in aggression. She wades right into Devin with a flurry of belly punches that locks the black beauty into a corner. Before the ref can pull them apart, an annoyed Devin pops Shannan on the nose, stunning her for a split-second. Leigh half-laughs half-snorts as DeRay escapes the trap. They begin again, filling the remainder of the round with solid blows, neither girl dominating.

Devin is careful not to reveal how sore her flat belly is from that opening volley. Shannon is a bit thicker and stockier, better able to withstand such punishment. Devin decides to concentrate her blows on Shannan's head and chest, while protecting her won tender midsection. The black-gloved lovely noted how long it took Devin to respond after her belly barrage and knew she'd found DeRay's weak spot on her first try.

Devin dodges the brunt of a forceful fist to her gut. She retaliates with a rocketing right to Leigh's left melon that elicits an anguished grunt. Shannan shakes it off but keeps her distance until the pain subsides. Devin's much greater reach easily bridges this gap and she nails Shannan's left eye. Pissed, the auburn-haired pugilist doubles Devin over with a mean left to the gut, and follows that immediately with a right uppercut that sends the Napali girl to the canvas. But the count only reaches "3" when the bell sounds.

Shannan bolts back to center ring minus an important asset: her binocular vision. During the rest period, her injured left eye swelled shut, robbing her of her depth perception. Before her mouthpiece was reinserted, Devin called over, "Hey Shannan, you match. Black gloves, black trunks, black eye."

She lays into DeRay with a vengeance. With only one eye working, Leigh can't afford to grant Devin even the slightest chance. She hammers the taller girl at every opportunity, focusing primarily on her tender torso. The few blows Devin manages to land aren't well aimed or forceful, and inflict little damage. Some are accidental contacts.

After what seems like an hour of this deluge of black leather, Leigh unloads her best blast of the fight: a roundhouse right that sends DeRay reeling through the ropes and onto the grass. The count begins and Devin's only detectable movement is the blood flowing from her nose and down both cheeks, like a red moustache. At "7" she's again saved by the bell. Her corner attendants quickly lift her back into the ring and busily get to work.

DeRay is full of fire as she charges at Leigh. Shannan shoots her down with a left uppercut. Due to Shannan's vision impairment, the intended gut-punch arrives a wee bit early and connects with Devin's right tit, jolting the jugg upward. Devin clinches Shannan to cover a headbutt. Both babes have been sweaty since Round 2, so their bodies slide against each other's. They break it up.

Devin connects with a solid right to Shannan's cheek that spins her. She comes back with the very same punch to Devin and puts her on the mat. DeRay jumps back on her feet before the ref can start the count. She swings at Leigh and misses. Shannan delivers a one-two combo to DeRay's throbbing belly and caps that off with a tremendous right uppercut to her chin.

Devin is knocked out on her feet. She doesn't feel herself hit the mat. She doesn't hear the 10-count. She doesn't see Shannan's arm raised in victory.

Shannan "The Knockout" Leigh wins the second bout by living up to her nickname in the fourth round.

BOUT B1-Devin DeRay vs Dina Marie Vannoni:
Devin looks devastating as she greets the cheering crowd. Ms DeRay is arrayed in lavender foxy boxing shorts trimmed in gold, and matching lavender gloves. Her feet and breasts are bare. She seems cheerful, confident, and none the worse for wear after her loss to Shannan Leigh. Her opponent, Dina Marie Vannoni, radiates self-assurance in her blindingly iridescent lime green booty shorts with white trim and white gloves. She is also barefoot and bare-breasted. Dina pauses to trade a high-five with Jewell Marceau, another J.M. Rolen girl, before entering the ring.

Both boxers temper their enthusiasm with caution in the opening minutes. Each suffered a pounding in the first set, partly because they underestimated their opponents. They circle, step forward, fire off a quick jab, and quickly retreat, repeating this cycle to size up the competition. Each blow gets a little harder but they're still just sparring. Devin breaks the ice when she steps in with a wallop to Dina's abdomen, just above the belt. It catches the Filipina as she exhales, knocking the wind from her. But the tanned tigress stays on her feet until the bell, keeping her distance until her respiration stabilizes.

Encouraged by what she interprets as Dina's reluctance, Devin wades in with more aggressive punches. Big mistake. Vannoni smashes a hard white glove into DeRay's face. As she stumbles back, Devin feels her nose running. Blood? She snuffles and wipes her nose on the back of her forearm. No blood. Good. She charges again, blocks Dina's left, blocks her right, and targets her tawny tit with a melon-masher. The Filipina instinctively shields her bosom, leaving Devin free to send a roundhouse tight to Dina's left eye. That puts Vannoni on the canvas but she pops right back up. The mandatory 8-count for a knockdown gives both beauties a brief breather. For the remainder of the round they trade mostly body blows, but seconds before the bell Vannoni revisits DeRay's nose. As Devin returns to her corner, the blood begins to drip.

Dina is only two steps out of her corner when Devin rushes up with one, two, three powerful rights to her belly. Vannoni wards her off with more of a push than a punch. DeRay comes right back with a left-right combo to her head that plops the brunette onto her ass. This time the 8-count seems too short. Devin notices that Dina's left eye is now colorfully bruised but still open. Back on her feet, Vannoni avenges herself by planting a solid punch into Devin's dark areola. It staggers the lass in lavender but doesn't stop her.

In a lightning flurry, Devin nails Dina's injured eye, Dina smashes Devin's nose and restarts the blood flow, and Devin socks Dina's eye socket a third time, this time opening a severe cut at her eyebrow. The referee calls a time out to assess the damage to both. Devin's is superficial but the ref will keep his eye on Dina's eye. At the signal to resume, Vannoni makes good with a parting shot to DeRay's other boob just before the bell sounds.

Dina Marie's cut is closed, at least for now, but so is her left eye. Devin pursues her advantage by staying to Dina's left as much as possible. DeRay hammers her hooters through the first minute, during which time Vannoni jolts her jaw with an earthshaking left hood that starts a new trickle of blood down Devin's chin. At the halfway mark, Devin wields a wild right wallop that opens Dina's brow cut even further and the blood gushes again.

The ref examines the wound but Dina insists on continuing. The ref reluctantly accedes and Vannoni instantly whirls, smacking a granite glove into DeRay's face. She pummels the back-pedaling black beauty, half-blindly bashing her blow after blow, until Devin goes down.

DeRay is derailed as the count starts. Blood flows freely from her nose and mouth. Vannoni's face looks like an artist's palette: tanned skin; black, blue, and purple bruises; and dark red blood. Both battlers' bodies are heavily spattered with blood, her own and her opponent's. They're sweat-soaked and gulping air through their mouths. At the count of "7", the bell ends the round with Devin beginning to stir.

With insufficient time between rounds, they face off with blood still seeping. Devin is fully conscious but still a bit dizzy, which makes her sway a little. That saves her from a arching right from Dina that only glances off her cheek. DeRay's head clears enough for her to dent Dina's face with a left jab-and here come the blood again, cascading from Vannoni's brow. Dina Marie demolishes DeRay's rack with a pair of pancaking punches, but Devin doubles her foe over with an abdominal blow.

Blinded by her own blood, Dina has trouble mounting an offensive. Out of sheer luck she manages to connect with Devin's mouth and the blood oozes from the corner of her puffy lips. Ms DeRay has had quite enough of this bloodbath. She steadies her prey-and herself-with a left on Dina's shoulder and uncorks a thundering right to Vannoni's face. Devin prevents Dina from falling only so she can smash the brunette's skull with two more haymakers that drain all the fight out of her victim.

Dina crumbles to the canvas in a heap that slowly unfolds her onto her back while the referee tolls off the count. Devin passes the time by collapsing back onto the corner ropes, suspended by her aching arms. When the ref reaches "10", Devin hauls herself to her feet to accept the cheers from her fans.

Devin DeRay wins with a fifth round knockout of Dina Marie Vannoni.

B2-Barocca vs Shannan Leigh
The Brazilian Bombshell's promenade to the ring is halted when wrestling fan Nina Mercedez steps into her path to embrace her and deliver a good-luck kiss that wows the crowd. Barocca returns it with a probing kiss of her own. Then she climbs through the ropes so everyone can feast their eyes on the metallic gold thong she's wearing, revealing one of the finest booties in femme fighting. Matching knee boots and blue gloves complete the ensemble. Barocca rides out the crowd's adulation by shadow boxing in her corner.

Not to be outdone, Shannan Leigh bounds out to a boob-bouncing beat. Spying a familiar face in the crowd, she summons Tanya Danielle to come forward, which she does. Shannan pulls Tanya's face into her bazookas and shakes them vigorously. The Leigh kisses the blonde-and abruptly bashes her in the face with a shocking right. Tanya sprawls on the grass, a victim of Shannan's mercurial manner and a warning to Barocca that her opponent will do anything-anything to win. Turning her back on Tanya, she enters the ring to display her red booty shorts and gloves and her white shoes to the entire crowd.

Heeding Shannan's warning, Barocca comes out swinging-and missing. Leigh dodges and ducks, playing an effective game of keep-away with the Brazilian boxing babe. Barocca backs off the throttle significantly and lets Leigh's overconfidence draw her within easier reach. Shannan scores the first blow, a left jab to Barocca's right breast. The tall titan tags he with a perfect shot straight to the face. Shannan laughs it off, but her eyes narrow with anger. She delivers three fast fists to the Brazilian's midsection but Barocca ends the round with a roundhouse right that screws Shannan in one complete circle as the bell sounds.

Shannan hooks a right that is far off the mark-no! She clamps a headlock on Barocca and hammers at her head and face until the referee pulls her off. The black brawler drops to both knees as the ref gives Shannan hell for such an illegal tactic. Leigh rolls her eyes and catches a glance of Barocca, her nose bleeding and her upper lip puffing. That makes it all worthwhile.

Resuming the fight, the golden girl fakes Shannan with a feint before lifting her off her feet with a rocketing uppercut to the bottom of her jaw. Leigh lands on her ass, dazed. She remains there until the count reaches "5", then gets to her feet-only to be greeted by another of Barocca's battering rams. This one lays her face-first against the ropes. Shannan plays possum for a few seconds, then whirls around with a sweeping right that collides with the Brazilian's left cheek and sends her cartwheeling across the ring.

Although it's not completely closed, Barocca's left eye squints badly. Still, it's just good enough for her to maintain her depth perception卆t least until Shannan nails that eye again, which is almost a certainty. While she can still see, Barocca lights into Leigh with a will, battering the auburn-haired brawler with every punch she can throw. Shannan stays right in there, taking a severe beating and fighting back as best she can against the possessed Latina. Leigh ducks a short by potent arching right and retaliates with an uppercut that puts Barocca on her back with a resounding thud.

As the stunned stripper rides out the count, she notices that Shannan is black and blue all over her pale body, evidence of the punishment Barocca has dished out. Shannan views her victim, beginning her ascent, and notes her black and red coloration, the red courtesy of her smashed nose flowing like Niagara down Barocca's lower face and dripping onto her bosom. It doesn't take much blood from a head wound to look gory, and Barocca's is smeared over the focal points of her body: her angelic face and her inflated juggs.

Now it's Barocca's turn to duck Leigh's haymaker and respond with a one-two combo that flattens each of her undulating udders. Shannan winces with the double-barreled blow. The Bombshell peppers her face with a volley of short jabs that leave Leigh disorientated. Then she clobbers the New Yorker with a head blow that sounds like Barry Bonds swinging his bat at a punching bag. Shannan hits the canvas with a crash, out cold, but the count only reaches "2" when the bell spoils Barocca's KO victory dreams.

Even the Brazilian was amazed that she still had a punch like that last one left in her so far into this brutal battle. Shannan revs up for an identical one of her own to lay on the lusty Latina at her first opportunity. Barocca knows Shannan is out for blood now, even more than she's already drawn from the black beauty. She sees Leigh winding up for an uppercut and steels herself for the jolt if she can't block it. But Shannan fires a low pitch-directly into Barocca's crotch-that explodes with agony through the Latina's loins. After a flashing blackout, The Bombshell comes to on all fours, in unbelievable pain.

Shannan struts around the ring, returning to Barocca's side just in time to kick her in the belly and flop her onto her back, still doubled up. The ref drags Shannan to a neutral corner and threatens her with disqualification. Then he returns to the broken Brazilian and starts the count anew. She's thankful for the extra time as she rolls to the edge of the ring and climbs throbbing up the ropes. The ref checks her eyes and sets the two wildcats against each other again. Barocca nails Shannan with a straight right to her face, opening a mouth cut. Leigh buries her glove deep into Barocca's breast. The black beauty sinks a combo into Shannan's solid belly. The white warrior snaps the Bombshell's head with a left hook.

The match isn't 15 minutes old but both combatants are sweat-soaked and staggering from each punch. They've clearly unloaded all their best blows and most of their energy in the early going, hoping for a quick victory. The damage they both have sustained is devastating. A solid smack in the face buckles Leigh's legs just as the bell ends the round.

Astonishingly, Shannan roars out of her corner and plants her red boot into Barocca's flat abdomen, putting the pugilist on the canvas mere second into the round. Neither her mouthpiece not her enlarged lips, swollen to almost twice their normal size, prevent Barocca's grunt from being heard by the first few rows of spectators. But the kick also ignites a flame in the fiery femme fighter. She scrambles back up and goes after her foe with a vengeance. Shannan pops her in the damaged eye, but Barocca dodges at the last minute and the impact is minimal. Still it's enough to close the eye for the remainder of the bout.

Barocca rams Shannan into a corner, lowers her head, and slams her left-right-left-right-left-right like steam locomotive pistons into Leigh's midsection. Then the Latina "accidentally" headbutts Shannan before backing away and allowing her victim to drop to her knees. On Shannan's ascent, Barocca waits for Leigh to start up, then launches a left uppercut against the shorter girl's right tit. Shannan gasps and Barocca closes her mouth with a follow-up right.

They clinch, during which Shannan manages to knee Barocca's pussy a couple of times, staggering the stripper back against the ropes. Leigh's next punch propels the Brazilian's torso through the ropes, but she hangs on by her gloves and knees while the ref pulls Shannan away and she pulls herself back into the ring. An enraged Shannan walks straight into Barocca's stupefying blow that stops her dead in her tracks. She folds Leigh in half with another abdominal punch, then straightens her again with a knockout right uppercut.

Shannan refuses to be knocked out but she is knocked down. She lies on the canvas through the count, her eyes coming into and going out of focus as she glares at her conqueror. Leigh stirs but can't muster the strength or coordination to get up. The referee ticks off, "8910," and it's all over. As he raises Barocca's arm in triumph, she collapses against him, leaving a smeary blood trail down the front of his zebra-striped shirt.

Barocca, bloody but unbeaten, defeats Shannan Leigh with a Round 5 count-out. The honor of the Napali girls is upheld卋ut at a terrible price.


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