Prelude: Two former Miss World USAs, Dian Parkinson, a 1st runner up to Miss World; and Lynda Carter who made the final 15 in her Miss World pageant, both want to prove who is the more beautiful and tougher. The site for the match is an apartment with a few spectators sitting in an area near the contact zone.

Entering the room are the two contestants in this beauty contest/catfight. The first is the gorgeous raven-haired beauty, Lynda Carter, television's Wonder Woman. A robe currently hides Lynda's 38-25-35 figure as she awaits Dian's entrance. The blonde goddess Dian Parkinson, the Price of Right hostess with the mostest, has her 37D-23-37 hourglass figure also concealed by a cloak.

The rules for the two contests are as follows: For the beauty contest, both women will disrobe and will be judged in 6 categories by the audience; For the catfight, the winner will be by submission only.

Beauty Contest: Both women keep their robes on for the first part of the beauty contest -- facial beauty. Lynda and Dian turn on their seductive looks for this first event. Lynda has high cheekbones, a sculptured face and great eyes, which she believes will give her this win. However, Dian has a perfectly shaped face, blue piercing eyes, and lips any women would envy. Those features plus her perfect skin and smile give Dian the point for facial beauty and a 1-nil lead.

For the second part of the beauty contest, the ladies pull off what turns out to be the top of a three-piece garment. Revealed are two bras under duress to support huge breasts. Each woman removes her bra to reveal her luscious boobs. Dian's stand further away from her body than Lynda's with part of Lynda's upper body measurement including her normally outward body form. After considering the fullness of both, Lynda has a slight advantage, but Dian's firmness and better shape earns her point two of the beauty match, the tits contest. Dian smiles at her 2-0 advantage.

The third part of their contest is midsections with an abdomen-hugging wrap removed from their bodies. Unfortunately, for Lynda, although she match Dian's beautiful navel, this one isn't close. Dian's curvy, concave and tiny 23" waist easily overwhelms Lynda's fleshier 25" midsection in the voting and Dian takes a 3-0 lead.

Now the ladies remove the final part of their outfit to reveal their great legs. Lynda's taller frame gives her an advantage with her longer gams, but Dian continues her dominance, out pointing Lynda with her model-shaped, tapered legs. Pussies are also considered in this category, and in that area they are about even. Nevertheless, Dian wins the 4th category as the contest moves to the final judgments with Dian leading 4-0.

The ladies turn their around so their backs can be judged. Dian's back is a little fleshier, but she has that perfectly tapered look. Lynda's back is thinner with a bonier quality. Although attractive, Lynda loses out to Dian's succulent back to give Dian her 5th straight win and a 5-0 whitewashing of her rival.

Finally, their asses are compared with Dian's flatter butt preferred by some, but Lynda scores her first and only win with her more pronounced curvy ass. Thus, the final tally is Dian 5, Lynda 1, which means Dian defeats Lynda as the more beautiful as judged by the audience.

A tiara is placed onto Dian's head, which stays there less time that it took to position it atop her blonde hair. Lynda's outrage is evidenced as she slaps the crown away. Dian brags, "Can't take the truth, honey? That I am much more beautiful that you? After all, I finished 1st runner-up and you didn't even make finalist."

"OK, you overrated blonde slut, it's time to move onto the contest where you can't bribe the judges by promising them all sex, the catfight," Lynda snarls.

Catfight: Both women are already nude and they approach each other with each enticing the other one to commit to a tit battle. The women wrap their arms around each other and both squeeze their bodies together. Mammaries squish out to the sides as they continue to apply pressure, pulling their opponent's body toward them. Both grimace as a slight advantage goes first to one and then the other. However, neither woman retains an advantage and they finally push each other away.

"And you played Wonder Woman! I see nothing special about you," Dian taunts. Lynda moves her hands in front of her, challenging Dian to a test of arm strength. They grasp their opponent's hands raised above their heads in a classic pose. Lynda's height advantage and larger hands help her in the beginning to move her arms past vertical but Dian braces herself with her legs and moves the contact point back to vertical then pressures Lynda's arms back. Lynda's hands end up bent back beyond her head just before she falls backward on her shapely back.

Dian follows Lynda to the carpet, landing on top of her to spread-eagle the gasping brunette. Dian pins the tall actress' arms to the carpet as she rubs her perfect orbs on Lynda's full globes, first forward and back, then side to side. Periodically, Dian raises her upper body up only to drop it down on Lynda's causing the brunette to grunt. In addition to mashing her breasts, Dian is also pounding her pussy against Lynda's in this maneuver.

Lynda's eyes roll back in her head during these onslaughts, admitting the punishment her body is taking with a series of "ughs", "uhs" and "oohs" that are clearly heard by the spectators. Dian wraps her arms around Lynda's back to cement her body to Lynda's as she lets Lynda's body support her full weight for awhile. But Lynda is able to begin rocking back and forth until she can roll over, reversing their positions with Dian on the floor. But Dian quickly reverses back and they trade positions in a classic case of women rolling around on the floor, pulling hair on occasion. Both women decide to end this clutch, afraid of ending up on the bottom for good. The blonde goddess Dian and the raven-haired woman of wonder arise to face each other on their feet again.

Lynda approaches Dian and swings with an open right hand, bitch slapping the gorgeous model. Dian responds with a slap of her own, but Lynda has the reach advantage and the larger hands. Lynda rocks Dian time and again as she loses in every exchange until she is driven to knees in front of the brunette amazon. Lynda bends down, grabs Dian by her blonde hair and pulls Dian's flawless face into her cleavage. Lynda's deep canyon is soaked with sweat and body odor as the match has both babes perspiring freely. Lynda rubs Dian's face thoroughly over the area while asking Dian if there is enough to drink. "Just be grateful you've been exposed to the best breasts in the world," Lynda chides.

Lynda at last removes Dian's head from her chest but quickly moves her face down to the deep, dark forest of pubic hair around her pussy. Lynda once again rubs Dian's face in that area, her thick hair is already wet and matted with sweat. Dian puts her hands on Lynda's thighs and tries to pull her head back from that odorous and moist pelt but Lynda pulls Dian's face back snug against her. Lynda ends Dian's humiliation by sending a couple of kicks to the blonde's tight abs that drop her to the floor.

Lynda reaches down to grab handfuls of blonde tresses and pulls Dian off the carpet. She snap mares Dian by the hair with the beautiful blonde landing on her back with a loud thud. Lynda walks over alongside the stunned Dian and drops a leg across the blonde's most prized possessions, her tits. Dian's body jerks as she winces in anguish. Lynda taunts her, "What's the matter, can't those boobs take a little punishment. I'm just getting started playing with those."

Lynda straddles Dian's abdomen and uses her large hands to squeeze Dian's melons. Dian is torn between pain and pleasure as the brunette twists, rubs and squeezes her massive mammaries. Dian tries to pry away Lynda's hands, but she has such a good hold it's impossible. So, Dian reaches up for Lynda's knockers. A tit-squeezing contest ensues until discomfort overtakes both and each releases her grip on the other's treasures. Instead of getting off of Dian, Lynda reaches back with her right hand and enters Dian's most private area, the perfect pussy of the blonde model. Dian gasps and wiggles, trying to shake loose, but Lynda continues to press her hand deep into Dian's orifice. When Dian does buck her off, Lynda is laughing as she hits the carpet, realizing she had her way with the blonde model.

But while Lynda is on all fours getting up, Dian springs upon her back. Dian alternately shakes Lynda's head by the hair and wraps her arm around Lynda's throat in a blatant chokehold. Lynda coughs as Dian then moves her butt up and down on the larger woman until Lynda collapses to the carpet under Dian's weight. Lynda lands hard on her own boobs, which strike the carpet first. Dian reaches back and spanks the raven-haired beauty, trying to attack a personal part herself. Red marks quickly appear on Lynda's light-hued ass and Dian is the one laughing now. Dian raises her lower body up to drive repeated knees into Lynda's defenseless back. Lynda screams with each contact encouraging Dian to continue. Periodically, Dian slaps the back of Lynda's head. Then Dian applies a full nelson, using two handfuls of Lynda's hair to force her head down, her mouth is forced to eat carpet fibers. Dian's full nelson puts pressure on Lynda's neck as the brunette's arms flail, trying to somehow make contact with her blonde torturer. Lynda begins to buck intermittently to try to dislodge Dian. She's only partly successful, finally turn their entwined bodies to the side where Dian's side hits the floor hard which loosens her hold.

They both arise slower than before due to the exertion of the match. Face to face, their nude bodies are both soaked with sweat. Their tits are starting to sag somewhat due to the abuse they've taken and their chest muscles being tired by the workout. Pussy hair is matted due to the sweat in that area.

Lynda extends her arm to reach for Dian's head, grabbing her by the hair and bringing her face close to her body. Lynda rubs Dian's gorgeous face into her sweaty and odorous right armpit. Lynda snarls, "Feel like a beauty contest winner now, whore?"

After rubbing Dian's face for several seconds around her moist armpit, Lynda changes into a front headlock. Lynda presses her weight onto Dian's neck to avenge the area that Dian hurt earlier. Lynda brings up knees into Dian's midsection, attacking her well-developed, hourglass figure . Lynda knees sometimes either purposely or accidentally sink a little low to Dian's crotch, bringing shrieks from the blonde. Dian reaches for the most vulnerable spot available to her, Lynda's huge boobs. Lynda attempts to maintain her hold, but her tits are on fire with pain as her already tender orbs are punished even more. Lynda has to release her hold and grab her breasts in protective mode.

Dian rushes towards Lynda in what appears to be an attempt to spear her. Lynda anticipates the move and catches Dian as she lunges towards her. She lifts Dian and body slams the lithesome blonde to the carpet. Lynda grabs Dian and with her right knee outstretched, balances the luscious Dian Parkinson's back over her knees as she presses Dian's head down with her left hand and Dian's legs with her right. Lynda has Dian's back balanced precipitously on her knee. Dian is in anguish as her strong back is tortured by her body's support against a sharp kneecap. Lynda asks Dian if she wants to concede, but Dian just spits up in her face. Lynda presses down even harder, but Dian wriggles her sweaty body away and Lynda has to let her fall to the carpet, breaking the hold.

Dian gets up holding her back while Lynda is feeling good about the match at this point. As Lynda moves in to press her advantage, Dian leg sweeps the big brunette to the floor. Lynda crashes hard when she hits the carpet. Dian hovers over the fallen brunette and begins to foot stomp her breasts. Dian throws in a couple of elbows into the shapely brunette's abs, which brings more groans from the actress. For good measure and a little revenge, Dian thrusts some kicks into Lynda's tender pussy. Dian grabs Lynda's long legs and twists, turning Lynda over onto her stomach. Dian faces Lynda's feet as she grabs her legs at the calf and leans back in a Boston Crab. Lynda's back is under tremendous pressure just as Dian's was when she was bent over Lynda's knee. Dian uses her deceptively strong arms to pull Lynda's legs back as far as she can, then sits back as much as she can and still keep her balance. Lynda's hands slap the floor in frustration, but Dian has the hold locked in good. Lynda is on her stomach facing away from the action. Now it is Dian's turn to ask Lynda for a submission.

With sweat pouring off that gorgeous face, Lynda shakes her head no with an audible, "No!! you overrated whore!"

Dian laughs and says, "OK, I'll just torture you some more." She continues to bounce as she pulls back on Lynda's legs, increasing the backpressure.

Lynda, near tears from the excruciating pain screams, "OK. You win -- just let go of my legs you slut." Dian gives her one more extra little tug, but her own arms and back are beginning to ache and she releases the hold. The part of the audience rooting for 'The Price is Right' model celebrate, while those rooting for yet another Wonder Woman victory are in despair as their queen has lost.

Postmatch: Of course, grudge matches such as these rarely end with submissions. The winner wants the loser to feel total humiliation and be left a total wreck; mentally and emotionally as well as physically. Dian asks for a spectator to throw her a bag she put in the room earlier. From the bag, Dian pulls a modified Wonder Woman costume and slips it on, but immediately one sees that there is not much of a breastplate, which allows her ample bosom to hang out of the top part. The midsection has a cutout area so that Dian's perfect navel is visible and, of course, the bottom doesn't cover her pussy. Dian also takes from the bag a couple of "golden lasso" ropes that mimic Wonder Woman's. Dian uses one rope to tie Lynda's hands together and another to tie her ankles.

Then Dian turns the brunette over and drags Lynda by the hair over near a sofa. She lifts Lynda's arms above her head, turns the brunette over on her back and raises the corner of the sofa up just enough to slide Lynda's tied hands through under it. She drops the leg so Lynda's bound hands form a closed loop around the sofa leg between her hands and her head. Lynda's arms and now trapped by the sofa leg and, to ensure they stay that way, a few spectator fans of Dian's are invited to sit on the sofa to keep Lynda from lifting up that corner and sliding her arms free.

Dian now goes to work by fondling Lynda's huge tits with her own beautiful hands. Dian pays special attention to Lynda's nipples, which have been hard and extended under the attack. Dian slides those nipples between her model-like fingers, and her extensive massages bears fruit (or rather milk.) The white liquid begins to ooze from Wonder Woman's nips as Dian lowers her face and extends her tongue to get a taste. Dian periodically bites, massages, and places her perfect lips around Lynda's nipples to suck the excreted milk from her huge mammaries.

Soon, Dian is fondling her own unmatched breasts and a similar result occurs, milk begins to seep from her hard nipples. She lowers her slightly sagging boobs onto Lynda's mouth and forces the former Miss World USA to taste her milk. Dian laughs as she is in complete control. She moves forward to straddle Lynda's chest with her doubled-up legs as she reaches down and grabs Lynda's face. Dian gives Lynda a French kiss that makes every man in the room take notice. One former Miss World USA delivering a kiss to another former Miss World USA, a kiss anyone in the audience wishes was for them.

Dian then pulls Lynda's face up into her right armpit and rubs the brunette's beautiful lips, nose and cheeks in that sweaty and odorous underarm area. Dian then moves Lynda's head in front of her pussy and crushes her beautiful face deep into her thick brown pussy hair and her nose into her awaiting pussy. Then Dian grabs the last item from the bag, a blue dildo. Dian works the toy in and out of her own pussy as she continues to hold Lynda's head near it awaiting the ejection of cum. That moment comes with an outflow from Dian's perfect pussy onto the mouth and cheeks of Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter. After her flow stops, Dian moves her taut ass over Lynda's face and rubs the liquid around the beautiful brunette's face leaving a whitish film across her entire face.

Since Dian is facing the sofa where the men are seated to keep the couch from being raised by Lynda, she licks her lips and places her hands behind her own head to thrust out her tits, to show these lucky ones her great underarms and to display her firm arms. Dian says, "Well boys, I guess there is no doubt who would've won the Miss World USA title and any athletic contest if we had competed in the same year?" The men all smile and nod as Dian looks down at the humbled Lynda Carter.

She moves down to Lynda's tied feet, pulls a moderately heavy chair over to Lynda's ankles and puts a leg of the chair between Lynda's legs, trapping her legs in place as her arms had been. Dian then lays down on the defeated brunette and matches her body part for body part. Dian's boobs rub forcefully over Lynda's worn tits; Dian's pussy bounces up and down onto Lynda's pussy, punishing the brunette one last time.

Finally, once she has demonstrated her superiority to all, Dian gets up, rips off the fake Wonder Woman costume, drops it disdainfully over Lynda's stomach, and puts on the beauty contest tiara she won in the first part of this confrontation. Turning to the main body of spectators she announces, "It looks like I have proven who the real Wonder Woman in this match was by embarrassing her in the beauty contest and crushing her in the catfight." With that, she spits on Lynda's face and seductively strolls out of the room. All eyes follow her shapely legs and great butt as Dian exits. Still tied and trapped by the furniture, Lynda cries uncontrollably as she begs the men to free her. The humiliation will be something that Lynda Carter will not soon forget.

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