NOTE - Make sure you have read Kat Dennings vs Christina Hendricks Story by jsmith95
Katy Perry watched Christina enter the ring, wearing nothing but a sleek, red dress. Though it showed no cleavage, her breasts could still not be hidden; her massive chest pushed the ensemble to the breaking point. Katy looked down at her own rack. She wore a more modest blouse, which she pulled up to cover the last bit of cleavage it presented. She loved showing off the size of her boobs to everyone she saw, but her tits couldn’t push out her top even half as much as Christina’s were able; being in the same room as the buxom beauty, Katy had to admit that her breasts definitely paled in comparison.

Beside her sat Kat Dennings. She wore a tight-fitting black top which, like Katy, hid her cleavage completely. No one would stare at her anyway, when they could just watch Christina flaunt her larger pair about. The 2 Broke Girls actress had fought Christina a few days ago, eager to dethrone the titfight queen. Unfortunately for her, even her massive bosom wasn’t able to handle Christina’s onslaught. Despite giving her all, Christina was able to drive her tits into her chest with a bearhug, which made Kat feel like her boobs were going to pop there and then. After she dropped Kat to the floor, she picked up the actress’ favourite bra and donned it, laughing as it fought to contain her titflesh. Using the sheer size and strength of her rack, she had arched her back and, like her battle with Katy, ripped the mighty bra in half.

Her and Katy sat still in their seats as the audience cheered around them. They scowled, watching the woman who had bested both of them flaunting her massive chest to the crowd. All that would change though, they thought. This bitch is going to get dethroned, because even her tits are no match for who she’s facing today.

As if on cue, the audience erupted into whistles and howls as Christina’s opponent presented herself. Already down to her black-and-white bra, the buxom model sauntered towards the ring rocking her hips back and forth with each step. Her cleavage was popping out of her bra, which groaned under the weight of her huge boobs. When the woman got to the ring, Christina’s face seemed to go white. Katy and Kat were on the edge of their seats, knowing full well that the busty Christina had just met her match. This was going to be good.

“Hello, Esther,” Christina smiled, trying to keep up her bravado. The hip-hop model dwarfed Katy and Kat’s mammoth busts, and challenged the redhead’s prized assets as well. She knew the two girls would be watching, and was not about to give them the satisfaction of watching her back down. She took a step closer, until both sets of tits barely touched.

“So this is the mighty Christina Hendricks,” Esther replied.

She took a quick peak up and down Christina’s body. She wouldn’t lie; this woman was huge. When she heard that Christina had defeated Katy, she shrugged it off. Taylor Swift had beat Katy too, so it was hardly something worth writing home about. Then Christina beat Kat. Now Esther was curious. Kat’s jugs weren’t ones to mess around with, which many girls who had fought the actress learned quickly. She phoned up Christina the night after her fight with Kat, eager to find out how the redhead’s breasts fared against a real rack. At 34DDD, she easily rivalled Christina’s famous size, and put every other woman in the stadium to shame. After watching Christina struggle to snap Kat’s DD bra, she knew the actress had no chance of doing the same to her own bra, seeing how it was built to contain such a massive chest.

“Cat got your tongue, Christina?” Esther added, catching Christina stealing a glance at her cleavage. Not that she could blame her, “Or have you just never seen a pair like yours before?” With that, Esther arched her back, jutting out her massive mounds towards her opponent. Her straps strained, as the model’s breasts threatened to break free at any moment. The audience cheered even louder, hoping that the bra would submit to the pressure.

“Please,” Christina sneered, breaking her stare to look Esther in the eyes. She removed her dress, throwing it out of the ring and revealing her colossal breasts to the crowd in a tight-fitting lace bra, “I’ve heard about you. You think you’re such tough shit just because you beat smaller chicks than you. Try fighting a pair your size and we’ll see how quickly you lose your confidence.” She thrust out her own pair, which met Esther’s with a bump. Esther’s tits didn’t budge.

“Is that what you do to the other girls, ‘tina? That little nudge?” Esther mocked. She returned the favour, swinging her heavy tits into the side of Christina’s chest. Christina let out a gasp as she staggered back from the force. Esther laughed, “You want to bump tits, bitch? I was going to go easy on you, but hell – you need to be taken off your high horse, and it looks like I’m the only one who can do that. Let’s go.”

“Try this on for size, bitch.”

Christina slammed forward, arching her back out as she met Esther’s boobs with a colossal smack. Because of Christina’s momentum, Esther was knocked back, albeit barely. Christina came at her again, smack after smack as she met Esther’s melons left and right. The massive mammaries of the hip hop star barely jiggled, and instead absorbed each blow the actress gave her. She only grunted with the last one, but by then Christina was spent. Christina knew that she wasn’t going to be as easy to beat as her last two opponents, but damn.

“That last one almost hurt,” Esther smiled deviously.

Christina could only pant, shocked that Esther had taken her blows like they were nothing.

“There’s one thing you have to learn, Christina,” Esther continued. She hefted her massive breasts up with her hands, causing her cleavage to bulge out dramatically, “There’s always a bigger bust.”

“Fuck you!” Christina screamed.

She rushed forward and knocked her tits into Esther’s once again, eliciting a grunt from the model. With her momentum strong, Christina had hoped to carry Esther into the corner of the turnbuckle. However, her plan was crushed when she found her boobs stopped by the humongous, ebony breasts. Christina groaned, feeling her tits mashed into her chest. It felt like slamming into a statue; this bitch didn’t budge an inch!

“Oh, luv, what’s wrong?” Esther teased, thrusting out her heaving bosom and sending Christina toppling backward. Christina looked on in shock. This woman’s tits were impossibly strong, and were knocking her rack around like it was nothing. She looked like a doe caught in headlights, which made Esther smirk even harder, “Are my girls too strong for you to handle? I thought you were going to ‘shake my confidence’. What happened?”

Christina said nothing. She watched Esther angrily, as the dark beauty squeezed her daunting breasts together with her arms. Her cleavage swelled, as her bra once again struggled to contain her flesh.

“Say, that’s a nice bra you have,” Esther continued, pointing to Christina’s satin brassiere. “Maybe when I’m finished destroying your tits, I’ll try it on. I hope I don’t rip it in half with my pair here.” With that, she turned to the audience, giving a smirk to Kat and Katy who were among the voices cheering her on.

Christina grew angrier. She took a deep breath, arching her back as her breasts pressed tightly against her bra. She slapped Esther’s tits harder than ever. Esther was caught by surprise, and gasped as her tits were rocked violently, slammed repeatedly by Christina’s huge boobs. Both sets were turning red, although Christina’s weren’t holding up as well as Esther’s firmer beauties. When Christina paused, she was breathing heavily. Her chest heaved up and down as she fought to regain her breath. She had gone all out on Esther’s massive pair, but the ebony titfighter refused to yield.

“Are you done, then?” Esther asked. Her smile never faded, and seemed to grow bigger as the titfight raged on, “Let me show you how it’s done.”

Approaching Christina, she swung her body to the side, before pouring all her strength into a slam that sends Christina’s breasts bouncing.

“Shit!” Christina gasped.

Christina cried out in pain as the redhead stumbled back a few feet, struggling not to crash to the mat by the force of Esther’s powerful boobs. Esther moved forward, smashing her tits into Christina’s rack and charging her into the turnbuckle.

“Is this what you were trying to do to me earlier?” Esther asked, pressing her huge tits into Christina’s yielding pair, “What happened – tits aren’t as strong as little Christina makes them out to be? No wonder you almost lost to Kat; your rack is completely flabby, especially compared to my strong beauties. Did you really think you would come in here, with your cleavage nearly touching your chin, and think you would just crush me to dust? Do you still think that, bitch?”

Before Christina could respond, Esther pressed her body harder into Christina’s. The actress through back her head as she let out a wail, feeling her tits being crushed into her chest.

“Look down, little girl,” Esther commanded. With a huge gulp, Christina obeyed, and what she saw shocked her. Her breasts were being pushed back with seemingly little effort on Esther’s part, as the darker globes eclipsed the redhead’s once-proud mammaries.

“Stop! My tits—you’re fucking ruining my tits!” Christina begged.

Her face was turning red with exertion as she arched her back out for leverage. Esther noticed this, and did the same. Her breasts exploded with power as they grounded Christina’s tits even flatter, causing her to scream as her breasts were swallowed up by Esther’s huge cleavage. The pressure was so strong, that Christina felt her vision begin to fade.

“Where did your titties go, ‘tina?” Esther asked, looking down as she watched her ebony boobs engulf Christina’s DDD cups. Christina couldn’t fight back, but only moan as she fell closer to unconsciousness. Esther released her, and backed away.

“I just want a hug, dear,” the hip hop model admitted, “You gave the other girls one. Where’s my turn?” Christina, feeling her strength return, marched forward and wrapped her arms around Esther’s back. At least, she tried. Esther’s breasts were so big; she could barely get her fingers to touch. Nevertheless, she squeezed with all she had in her, pressing her tits into Esther’s as hard as she could. After a minute, she felt her squeeze beginning to weaken, which disappointed Esther.

“I was expecting more, luv. Here, let me show you.”

Esther now wrapped her hands around Christina’s. Though she couldn’t wrap her hands entirely around Christina either, she was able to do what Christina couldn’t. She pressed her breasts tightly into Christina’s rack, as the redhead’s massive bust gave way for Esther’s stronger mammaries.

“Guh! Ugh!” Christina cried out, as she felt the weight of Esther’s chest.

Christina tried to arch her back more, but was not able to stop her tits from being pancaked against her chest. She watched in sheer horror as the actress’s boobs was finally engulfed by Esther’s humongous tits.

Christina had lost.

The audience cheered for Esther, as the dark model dropped Christina’s slumping body to the floor. “What a pity. I thought you would put up more of a fight, with all the commotion I heard about you. Oh, well.” Esther teased.

She kneeled down, unclasping Christina’s massive bra as she took her own off. Her DDDs were displayed to the crowd for a few seconds, and they went absolutely wild. They looked so much bigger than Christina’s, and still retained their shape despite Christina’s attempts at battering her during the fight. She put on Christina’s bra, feeling the cups tight against her pair. It was a perfect fit, but she didn’t plan to wear it.

“Maybe I’ll start my own collection of bras. Or, better yet, keep this pathetic thing when I’m done tearing it apart with my girls here. Your own, destroyed bra will look good next to the rest.”

With that said, Esther took a deep breath. Already, the straps began to buckle as they struggled in vain to contain Esther’s powerful globes. She looked up in the audience and found Kat and Katy, who were both watching with anticipation as Esther paraded around in the beaten actress’s bra. With all attention on herself, she arched her back as far as she could. The straps creaked louder as her massive breasts jutted out.

“Are you sure you’re a DDD, Christina?” Esther laughed, feeling her breasts swelling the cups.

In a flash, Esther tore the overtaxed bra into pieces. The bra was actually flung, landing at the opposite corner of the ring. The audience went crazy, cheering loudly as Esther squeezed her undefeated tits together for them. There was a new titfighting queen.


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