NOTE - Make sure you have read Esther Baxter vs Christina Hendricks Story by jsmith95

“My girls barely got a workout!”

Esther laughed at her own words, her formidable bust jiggling in an itty bitty swimsuit that struggled to contain her massive globes. She had just arrived at the Hollywood party, upon finding out that there was an indoor pool area. She immediately discarded of her dress, leaving every – every single man and woman gawking at the huge tits in such a tiny bra. She knew there was staring, which was why she came. She loved the attention the men gave her, and the women who turned green with envy upon sizing up their own racks to her much more impressive own.

The women with whom Esther was talking all blushed red in their faces, envious of the hulking chest that easily dwarfed their own respectable pairs. It was a few weeks after the big fight between Christina and Esther, where the latter had crushed the redhead’s mighty breasts flat against her chest, a feat no other woman before her had ever been able to do. Christina had flattened Katy Perry and Kat Dennings in previous bouts, even going so far as ripping their bras in half with the sheer power of her own rack as proof of her superiority; however, Christina could do nothing but beg for mercy, as the buxom model had made sure everyone knew who had the biggest tits now.

“Christina just couldn’t compete,” one of the women said, “She never even had the goods.”

Esther had snapped Christina’s bra in half, but let the actress keep the defeated pieces as a reminder of her first loss. Even Hendricks’ DDD bra wasn’t strong enough to withstand Esther’s breast power!

“Well, does any woman?” the dark model retorted. The other ladies immediately felt their nipples harden into stiff peaks, jutting out the fabric of their thin dresses as Esther’s confidence filled them with a feeling of arousal. Like Esther, they were titfighters, but they never dared to compete against Esther’s bigger melons. The bustiest of the group was a daunting D cup, but matched against Esther’s twin peaks, they were nothing but mere bumps.

“I’d hate to be the next girl to challenge you, Esther,” another of the women gulped, as the others nodded in agreement, “I-If Christina couldn’t beat you, who can?"

“I wonder the same thing, too,” Esther agreed.

Her wine nearly depleted, she turned to head to the refreshment table for a refill. As she began walking, there was suddenly a loud bump. The last remaining remnants of wine splashed from her glass, staining the top of her white bra as the liquid swiftly soaked through to her skin. She was suddenly knocked backward by the blow, as her tits shook wildly in surprise.

“What the hell, bitch—“ Esther initially demanded, before cutting herself off as she laid eyes on the woman who had dared touch her.

It was Kate Upton.

The Sports Illustrated model stood just feet apart from Esther and her groupies, who all gasped as they backed away from the two buxom beauties. Kate had some of the biggest breasts in the business right now, notably close to such ladies as Kat Dennings, Brooklyn Decker and even giving the mighty Christina Hendricks a rivalry in size. As Esther was about to lay into Kate to watch where she walks, her eyes were immediately pulled downwards to the DDs which were on full display. Kate’s cleavage was simply massive! Out of all the women at the party, Kate definitely was the only one whose rack could stand up to Esther’s in terms of size. Dressed in a white bra as well – she was planning to swim when she walked into Esther - Kate’s feeble top did little to cover up her chest. Her heaving breasts were pressed out to her sides, while the straining garment did its best to keep clipped together.

“Esther Baxter, right?” Kate asked in a breathy tone, causing the other women’s nipples to swell even greater. Even Esther found her nubs beginning to harden, though she fought hard to suppress them.

“That's right. So, are you going to apologise before things get ugly, little girl? Or is Ms. Big Tits going to have to pummel your growing titties before you learn?” Esther demanded.

Esther placed her hands on her hips. With a slight inhale, she arched her back outward by a reasonable margin, making her DDDs appear even larger yet. For a split second, Kate’s doe eyes popped out towards the display. She knew she couldn't best Esther in size, and was envious about how Esther had her beat by a whole cup margin. Still, keeping with her cocky persona, she quickly regained control and forced them to stare into the darker girl’s own. She wasn’t about to be intimidated by this bitch.

"“Is that what you do, bitch?” Kate asked, seemingly unimpressed. “You puff out your tiny titties and hope all the boys and girls become entranced by them? Did you think that would work with me, sleaze?”

“Ha, look at this. The queen of push-up bras and cleavage shots is calling me out! Look at you, flaunting your overrated rack to every boy you see, hoping they'll actually do something for your boobs. You sure do put in a lot of effort to make 'em look bigger than everyone else - except these puppies, of course. Can't quite beat them, can you?"

Kate fumed. Esther continued, "Let's see what they look like without the help, shall we?"

With one quick motion, she yanked the top of Kate’s bra up, exposing the blonde’s naked bust to the entire room. Everyone fell silent, but it was Esther who let out an audible gasp at what she saw. Did the blonde ever have a rack on her! Esther knew Kate was packing serious heat when she saw her cleavage busting out of her top, but now that they were in the open… holy shit, she thought. Her firmness easily put a college cheerleader’s to shame. Kate’s breasts defied gravity, despite their humongous size, and Esther knew that in order to support them like Kate was, one would need to have impressive upper-chest strength.

“Cat got your tongue?” Kate teased. She rubbed her mountains with her small hands, pressing them together to create a deep valley of cleavage – not that she had trouble showing any before, “Thanks for yanking this up, though. My big girls could use the air.”

Now it was Kate who arched her back. Her chest began to expand outwards. The white swimsuit followed, straining to hold back Kate’s rack as it was stretched to its limits. The straps began to groan with exertion as it was being tested by the massive mammaries of its wearer. Kate had purposely worn the tightest of her bathing suits, knowing that she would get many jealous ladies staring her way while her cleavage was on full display. She doubted any more than a few women here could fill her cups.

This blonde was only twenty-two, but had the breasts of a Greek goddess.

“Oh, and you’re dealing with a woman, bitch.” Kate continued, gripping her boobs tight with her small hands, pushing them upwards as her cleavage pressed up high together. Esther had to stare; she couldn’t stop herself. Kate grinned at this, taking a step forward until both pairs of tits inevitably touched. Kate’s held firm, not yielding an inch, while Esther’s were mushed back ever so slightly. Kate licked her lips, asking in a tone worthy of a seductress, “I’m not a little girl, Esther. Am I?”

God, those are firm, Esther thought to herself.

“Crush that bitch, Esther!” one of the women chanted behind her.

“Yeah, Es, don’t let her push you around!”

The others agreed in unison, all throwing out words of encouragement. Feeling empowered by her friends, Esther rounded up all her strength and pressed her tits forward, intending on showing this cocky blonde right who had the better set of boobs. As Esther pressed her bigger body into the blonde, she found herself making absolutely no progress.

“Ugh… Wait, what?” Esther asked herself, baffled.

Kate’s melons didn’t budge an inch.

“I can feel your soft girls pushing against mine, sweetie,” Kate giggled, “especially your teeny tiny nipples. Are you cold?"

Esther gasped, looking down and noticing both pairs of nipples dueling as well. While Esther's nipples were huge in their own right, they were soon dwarfed as Kate allowed her pair to harden into rocks.

"You’re not toying with me, are you?" the blonde continued taunting her opponent, "Come on, big girl! Let’s see what those ol’, overinflated tits got; unless, of course, those ‘big’ boobs of yours are all bark and no bite?”

Esther gritted her teeth, once again summoning a great burst of power as she reeled back and slammed her tits into Kate’s bosom. This time, Kate felt it hit a lot harder, as the blonde was knocked backwards by the blow. Her tits jiggled, seemingly for days, as she recovered from the blow and approached Esther once again.

“Well…” Kate panted, her breasts heaving with each breath, “That was a hit, for sure.”

“There’s more where that came from,” Esther warned, squeezing her dark tits together with both hands.

“Well, let’s see it!”

With a mutual nod, both women rushed forward, slamming their breasts full on into their opponents’. Both girls groaned, feeling the weight and strength of their rival’s set smash into their own pairs. Kate’s impact was stronger, as Esther let a groan escape her lips as she was bounced backward. Kate continued her attack, boxing the brunette’s boobs back and forth with her firmer jugs, leaving them red as they were knocked around with very little effort on her part.

“Aren’t you going to stop me, Esther? Can you stop me?” Kate mocked between slaps. Whereas most girls’ slaps would weaken after relentless use, Kate’s only grew stronger. Esther began moaning, feeling her mighty rack quickly succumbing to the beatdown. She tried to absorb the slaps, but found herself being pushed back with every blow.

“You really love hearing the sound of your own voice… don’t you, slut?” Esther countered.

She was breathing heavily as she found herself being outmatched. She was losing a titfight to a woman almost ten years her junior. No girl had ever given her this much trouble before; not even Christina did, and that redhead had a whole cup size on this blonde bitch! When it came to sheer firmness, however, Esther knew she was in trouble. Kate relished in this fact, too. She continued to batter Esther’s boobs with her own, backing the brunette into the wall with one last, mighty chest bump. Esther moaned in pain as Kate sandwiched their boobs together, as she watched both pairs struggle for supremacy.

“Wow, Esther,” Kate grinned, “I was expecting a bit more of a fight from you. After what you did to Christina’s tatas... Oh! What’s this?”

Both girls looked down. Much to Esther’s horror, the blonde’s breasts were slowly – but surely – winning the battle of the boobs, beginning to envelop Esther’s proud mammaries with her huge pair as Kate watched with a cocky smile. Esther arched her back out fully, causing her flimsy white bra to succumb to her tit power. It snapped in half instantly, eliciting gasps from the crowd which had by now formed. Esther’s boobs bounced out, but she didn’t care. She was being humiliated, and needed to act quickly. Clothes were just slowing her down.

“Jesus! Look at the size of that rack!" one of the women cried out.

“She's still losing to Kate, though... that’s not possible…” said another.

Esther squeezed her eyes shut, putting every ounce of power into pushing back Kate’s tits. Unfortunately for her, Kate but able to match her every thrust, and Esther was only met with pain as the blonde’s mighty bosom stood strong. Esther felt her face flush red as she felt her breasts yielding to the younger pair. Try as she might, she was utterly outmatched by this young bitch. The worst part was, she was being held firm against the wall just by the sheer weight of Kate’s boobs!

“Nice titties, Esther. Still bragging about those soft boobs, eh?” Kate asked, seemingly unimpressed by the pair which was now on full display. Admittedly, to herself, the sight of Esther’s huge tits was a bit unnerving to the blonde. She forgot how massive the hip-hop model really was. Kate hated to admit, but Esther did have her beat in terms of size advantage. Still, she couldn’t let her guard down, not now. She had to show this bitch who was the queen of titfights.

“Wanna see a magic trick?” Kate asked her opponent. Esther only gritted her teeth in response.

Kate pushed her body forward, pressing her tits harder into Esther’s, causing the woman to gasp with pain as she felt her beauties being challenged even further. Then, Kate began to arch her back. Her flimsy bra buckled, as the straps dug into her skin from being so overtaxed. Kate’s flesh bulged out the sides, at which Esther’s jaw dropped open. Despite trying to keep confident, Esther watched Kate’s tits expand with a newfound envy. The blonde had a rack to die for, and it certainly was worthy of competing with her own. Hell, it was – and it was winning!

“I’m not hurting you, am I?” Kate asked, knowing full well that she was easily punishing the brunette where it counted. Her chest continued to puff out; she was eclipsing what was once Esther’s powerful rack.

“Of… course… not…” was all Esther could mumble.

“Darn!” Kate groaned in a teasing voice, “I was hoping I was. Okay, how about… this?”

Esther’s eyes bulged out as she felt Kate’s breasts swell larger against hers. The white bra that struggled to hold back Kate’s flesh was now beginning to rip at the seams as Kate thrust out her bosom as far as possible. Esther’s tits could retreat no further, and were now pinned to her chest by two huge mountains.

“Give up,” Kate ordered, pushing Esther’s tits left and right as she swayed her body, “Come on! You know you can’t beat me. Just say it and I’ll let you go.”

“Fuck… you.” Esther could only moan.

“Wrong answer,” Kate scowled.

Wanting to end this, she positioned her breasts so they were above Esther’s own. Esther knew what was about to happen, but she was in so much pain that she could barely get out a breath. With one hand holding up her huge rack, Kate mouthed a countdown to Esther.

3… 2… 1… and DROP.

Kate let go of her peaks, sending them smashing down on top of Esther’s. The black beauty grunted in pain, tilting her head back as she tried to deal with the damage that had just occurred. Kate’s mammoth bust wasn’t just huge – it also weighed a ton. Puffing up her chest as best she could, Esther tried to hold up Kate’s titanic rack with her own pair. Already, her body began to shake.

“You’re like a table,” Kate commented, “It’s nice to let your breasts down, isn’t it? Well, you wouldn’t really know the pain us busty chicks go through.”

Esther didn’t bother replying. She was using all her strength to support the blonde’s rack. While Esther’s were bigger, Kate still possessed mountains. The difference in size was not enough for Esther to support Kate’s without struggle. Kate leaned forward ever so slightly, which seemed to almost double the weight of her bosom!

“Say, Esther, is it hot in here? You’re starting to sweat.”

Esther noticed it, too. Her forehead was damp with sweat, as were the tops of her breasts. The weight and size of Kate’s jugs were quickly overwhelming Esther’s body.

God, how much do these weigh? I can’t…

Try as she might, Esther couldn’t take the pressure anymore. Before a minute had elapsed, the brunette model was forced to her knees to relieve her chest of the load. Kate smiled.

“Aw, I was comfy!” the young blonde pouted. Esther was breathing deeply as Kate took a step backward. Her tits were crushed flat, and even her nipples had been bested by Kate’s thicker spikes. The pain was too great at the time, but the brunette’s nips were completely inverted and flattened against her flesh. Kate’s rack stood strong yet, as Esther watched her turn toward the crowd and show off her winning tits. Esther watched them bounce up and down as Kate laughed with the other women.

Now Esther was pissed.

Ester BaxterStanding to her feet, she wrapped her arms around Kate and spun the blonde bitch around. Kate was caught off-guard as Esther smashed her rack up against Kate’s in one of her infamous bearhugs. Kate groaned, feeling the pressure of Esther’s bigger chest flatten hers down into her body. Kate wrapped her arms around Esther as well, attempting to stop Esther from crushing her breasts any further.

“Hey, that wasn’t – ugh – very fair,” Kate lectured between gasps. Now it was her turn to pant.

"Your boobs ain't shit, bitch..." Esther taunted, squeezing again. Kate's body twitched as Esther's bosom burrowed against her fit body.

"They're enough to... teach you a lesson..." Kate moaned. Her eyes were tightly shut as she struggled to break from Esther's grip, "Ugh...."

Suddenly, Esther’s eyes widened. Kate had somehow freed her arms, and threw them around Esther's back. She could barely wrap them around fully with Esther's mighty melons in the way, but she managed to clip her fingers together. Esther gasped as she watched her boobs stop dead, as Kate began to pour on her own hug. Neither pair budged any farther, but Esther was still in the lead. She took great pride in finally knocking Kate’s cocky grin from her face, and knew that this time, her bigger boobs were unbeatable. No one could resist her hugs.

“I’ve got you now, you blonde tramp,” Esther hissed, arching her back and she pulled Kate in tighter. The blonde grunted, watching her tits mushroom against Esther’s cannons.

"Let's-- let's see whose are firmer again," Kate challenged. Esther tightened her chest, arching her back significantly as she prepared for Kate’s retaliation. Kate took a deep breath, and then suddenly her tits bulged against Esther’s. The first time, Esther's mighty body did not yield. Kate was a bit disgruntled at this, but she tried again. It required her full strength, but soon enough it paid off. Esther could only watch in absolute panic as Kate’s massive mammaries expanded outwards, slowly but surely pushing the brunette model’s pair back to even as they ballooned out and towards the sides.

“I got to warn you, Esther – I’m a hugger!” Kate cheered.

"Oh God, help me... They're going to-- they're gonna pop!" Esther cried.

Esther squeezed tighter, but doing so only caused Kate to respond in full. In a few short seconds, Kate had recovered her ground, and Esther’s tits were once again flattened by the steamrollers that are Kate’s mountains. Kate’s breasts held their round shape and size, while Esther’s were squished like pancakes underneath Kate’s mounds.

"What's wrong, Ms. 'Big Tits'?" Kate wondered, "Did you not like my trick? I made your pathetic boobies vanish!"

Kate bounced Esther backward with a huge breast bump, sending Esther into the wall where she slumped to the floor in defeat. Kate joyfully bounced her way over to the fallen model, kneeling down until her envious cleavage was just inches away from Esther’s moping face. Esther tried to avoid staring into the deep expanse of cleavage, but found she was unable to. She was barely out of her teen years, but this woman had put Esther to shame with her younger bust.

“So tell me, bitch,” Kate whispered, low enough so only they could hear each other, “Did I give you a good workout this time?”


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