Prelude: The San Antonio Spurs are playing the Los Angeles Lakers at the Staples Center, and Eva Longoria who is married to Spurs point guard Tony Parker tries to see several games a year, particularly the ones where she works in Los Angeles. She is one of the few fans rooting for San Antonio when that rival comes to La La Land. Other celebrities such as Jack Nicholson and Dyan Cannon are legendary Lakers fans with season tickets near the court. Other celebrities see occasional games and one of those is Pamela Anderson. Whenever she attends games, she magically gets seated courtside also….her 36DDs probably have a lot to do with it. On this occasion, Pamela happens to be residing fairly close to Eva’s usual seat, right behind the Spur's bench.

The game gets underway, and of course Eva is cheering on her guy and husband Tony Parker while Pamela is rooting for Kobe and the boys. But Pamela loves to tease opposing players and tries to distract them, so she dresses approrpriately for that purpose, short skirts, sleeveless tops, and usually a low cut top. Pamela has the extra bonus this time as she knows that Eva Longoria and Tony Parker are married, and she has no hesitation to using her wiles against married opposing players….if the truth be known, she prefers it that way. Thus, it is no surprise she gets Tony’s attention during the game causing a couple of turnovers which only encourages her behavior. Not only is Tony Parker noticing Pamela Anderson but Eva Longoria is noticing that notice. Halftime comes, and Eva decides to pay a visit to Pamela, sitting down next to her once her seatmate has left for the concession stand.

Eva: “Pamela doll, I know you think you are being cute by trying to tease my precious Tony, but I want you to stop it, bitch!”
Pamela: “Or what honey? You going to undo that tie top of yours and harass me with those baby boobs of yours. The bottom line is I’m hotter than you which is why he is noticing me and playing pitiful. Must be having bad flashbacks to sex with you, huh?”
Eva: “Why you oversiliconed pathetic bitch! If it wasn’t for your grotesque, curiosity tits, you would still be in Canada trying to entice local drunks to bed you.”
Pamela: “Slut, tits or not, I’m more woman than you could ever be, you Latin tramp!”
Eva: “Why don’t we find out with a beauty contest later, baby! I can’t wait to put my assets against your overrrated ones. But let me give you a peek of my taut body right now {quickly untying her top and pulling it down in an obvious flash of the legendary blonde}
Pamela: “You got it, bitch! And let’s have a catfight so I can ground your body into garbage.”

At the end of the heart to heart, Eva quickly redoes her top and struts away from Pamela’s position. They agree to meet a specific spot on the beach tomorrow and have those two contests to prove which woman is more beautiful and which woman is physically superior in strength and athletic ability.

The rest of tonight’s game is played, and Pamela continues her harassment of Tony Parker, he continues his poor play, Eva gets more angry by the minute, and the Lakers blow out the San Antonio Spurs. Pamela can’t resist walking past Eva right after the game with a smirk that her Lakers kicked the Spurs butt much like she expects to do tomorrow against Eva. She purses a fake kiss Eva’s way as she walks past while Eva just stares at her with her Latin anger coming to the surface.

Beauty Contest: The women have agreed on 8 anatomical areas to be judged with the winner of more of these being named the winner of the overall beauty contest. The areas are facial beauty, tits, midsection, pussies, legs, arms, backs, and butts. The first area to be compared is the face of each woman. This one is an easy victory for Eva since although Pamela has a cute face, Eva has the classic beauty of a model. Eva takes a 1-0 lead but no one expects it to last very long. The next area is a comparison of tits, and quite frankly this is a rout. Pamela puts her double D silicon wonders against a rather ordinary chest of Eva. Pamela ties up the contest at 1-1 as their shapes take center stage. Pamela is accustomed to winning this battle with ease but Eva has a hot midsection of her own. This ends up a tie by the beach audience so the tally is now 1-1-1.

Eva LongoriaPam AndersonThe fourth area to be judged is the most private of regions, the pussy. Pamela sports a nice one but does not have a dominant clit while Eva surprises with great fur and a nice opening to take the contest and lead halfway through 2-1-1. The next competition will be legs, and Pamela’s are tough to beat but have been beaten before. And Eva has shapely legs, so this is a close one just like the pussy contest was. Eva pulls perhaps another upset with another narrow victory to take a 3-1-1 lead with only three areas to go, including the last frontside one of arms/armpits. In this one, Pamela has a clear advantage aided by more muscular arms and better armpits. She cuts Eva’s lead to 3-2-1 as the women turn around for the backside battles, their backs up first. Eva has an average back whereas Pamela has a more developed and delineated back which gives her the victory.

The overall beauty contest is tied up at 3-3-1 with only the butt contest left. This is not either woman’s best asset but not a weak area either. In another close victory, this one finally going Pamela’s way, the blonde bombshell takes the battle of the butts with slightly better buttcheeks. That win gives her a 4-3-1 over score against Eva and a hard fought triumph in the beauty contest.

Eva is very disgusted with her losing the last three judgments after having a 3-1-1 lead and flashes that Latino temper of hers in her disappointment. Pamela Anderson is just relieved to come away with a beauty contest win, and it was obvious from the beginning she didn’t expect it to be that competitive with Eva Longoria as her opponent. The women are given the choice about whether to put back on their bikinis or remain nude as they ended this beauty contest. They decide to remain nude and get right into the catfight.

Catfight: The women start this matchup with determination not only to win but to humiliate her rival while doing it. Add to Eva’s attitude anger over her getting edged out in the beauty contest, and this has the making of a down and dirty fight, and I’m not saying it because of the sand on the beach. The women circle each other, and Pamela has never been one to accept victory graciously. She puts her hands on the top of her head and flexes her arms to show off one of the assets that led to her beauty contest winner. She follows that up with a flip off of Eva, and the Hispanic beauty is obviously at the boiling point with her temper at this point.

Eva {furious} “Listen bitch, quit prancing around like you really earned that beauty contest win. You got that victory based upon your reputation of being a world class slut, not a world class beauty.”
Pamela: “The bottom line is I won and you didn’t…just like your San Antonio Spurs and that little boy husband of yours who threw away the ball all over Staples Center last night. And I’m going to kick your butt all over here today….that is, if I can find your butt!”

Eva can’t resist it anymore and charges towards Pamela, and both fall backward on to the sandy beach. Eva ends up on top in the beginning of the fall but they roll over one direction and then the other with each woman being on top multiple times. This process almost parallels the way women go back and forth using hairpulling but they haven’t even gotten around to that yet. They simply are pulling on parts of their rival’s anatomy, whatever is convenient, to switch positions and put themselves on top. Finally, Eva gets on top and starts wild slapping, most of which Pamela easily blocks. Then, Pamela shoves the Latin spitfire off her body and sends the lighter girl flying off her body. Pamela seems to have a couple dozen pounds weight advantage in this matchup which Eva is going to have to overcome somehow if she expects to win.

Eva and Pamela get to a standing position and glare at each other with steely stares. Pamela raises her hands in front of her, an obvious challenge for Eva to match her hands in the classic test of arm strength. Eva is more than glad for any contact with her hated rival at this point, so opposite hands of each woman clasp together in iron grips.

Hands and arms tremble under the strain but it becomes obvious fairly quickly that Pamela Anderson has the stronger arms and hands. Eva screams in disgust and agony as Pamela bends the Hispanic honey’s hands awkwardly and painfully back as Eva is sent down to her knees and an obvious position of disadvantage for the luscious Latin. Pamela moves forward and surrounds the gorgeous head and face of Eva Longoria with her strong legs and locks on a great headscissors. Pamela enjoys squeezing Eva’s head like a grape in her viselike hold. She grabs handfuls of Eva’s hair to stabilize the hold and help her keep her balance. But Pamela no longer has Eva’s hands under control, so Eva is using them to try to pry apart her tormentor’s legs. That fails so Eva goes to Plan B, which is to make fists and begins to hit those legs that Pamela is so proud of with her hands. The superstacked blonde bombshell is too worried about getting her legs bruised by those fists to maintain the hold. She releases the hold but not before she gives a departing slap to Eva Longoria’s beauty contest winning face, a hit that sends Eva on to her back on the sandy beach.

Pamela quickly keeps the advantage as she footstomps Eva’s gorgeous midsection, the thinness of it being a disadvantage as each Pamela foot is painfully felt by her victim. Pamela even gives Eva’s beauty contest winning pussy a kick, quite the low blow so early in the match but that just confirms how hated this rivalry is becoming. Eva is stunned by all the stomps, particularly the pussy blow, but she has enough energy to simply swing her legs around in an arc and contact Pamela’s legs. The superstacked blonde is not only surprised at the retaliatory attack on her but she feels the impact of the blow, good enough to send the legendary blonde sprawling to the beach sand. Pamela’s mouth happens to be open enough as her face contacts the beach sand to eat some of the sand, which she doesn’t appreciate at all. Not to mention that her blonde hair is now full of grains of sand, and perhaps for the first time since this match began, Eva has the advantage on her as the rival has made it back to her feet.

Pamela only makes it to all fours when Eva comes in with a kick to her left side, sending the superbusty blonde rolling over on to her back. Now, it is Eva’s turn to do a little footstomping and no surprise when her first kick is a revenge one to Pamela’s precious pussy, and the second one goes right into the superstacked blonde’s treasure chest. It is Pamela now screaming in anguished protests laced with obscenities as her two most priceless assets have come under attack. Eva drops a knee to Pamela’s well-toned midsection, which isn’t muscular enough to take that knee without pain. Eva reaches her right hand to Pamela’s pussy and grabs the outside of it with a claw hold. Fingernails dig into that most sensitive area as she presses that region with enough force to make Pamela’s normally vivacious eyes go into a blank look and her eyes roll back into her head.

Eva LongoriaEva moves her other hand to put a claw hold on Pamela’s stomach area which reinforces the blonde bombshell’s pain. Pamela does regain her focus after the initial immobilization of the claw hold but at this point only slams her arms down to the sand in repeated frustrated moves. Finally, Pamela devises a plan apparently as she begins to rock her lower body from side to side to try to loosen the claw hold grips. That doesn’t work but the movement does make Eva adjust her body to maintain the holds, and her head gets too close to Pamela’s hands and arms. Pamela grabs fistfuls of Eva’s long raven-colored hair and yanks with all her might to pull Eva away from her lower body. That indeed works and Eva’s claw holds are a thing of the past.

Pamela is still lying flat on her back on the sand trying to recover from the tortuous claw holds along with the footstomps to her pussy and tits and the knees to her midsection. Eva is lying almost right next to Pamela, also on her back, trying to recover from the rough removal of her body from her blonde foe’s form. The women get to their knees about the same time and remain there as action continues. Pamela slaps Eva’s gorgeous face because she remembers she didn’t like it earlier in the match. After all, that is one area where Eva bested Pamela in the beauty contest. Eva doesn’t want to get into a face slapping contest with Pamela because she believes the blonde isn’t risking near as much with her inferior face. So, Eva instead retaliates with a fistful of sand thrown into Pamela’s face. The superstacked legendary blonde gets some in her eyes and as she is moving her hands up to try to remove it, Eva launches an all out attack with her hands on Pamela’s famous tits. Eva mauls those massive mams as Pamela has to get some sand out of her eyes.

During this unbridled attack, Eva begins to redden some of Pamela’s gigantic gazongas and she makes sure to forcefully squeeze her nipples with her fingers also. Finally, Pamela gets the sand from her eyes and moves her hands down to defend her titanic tits. She grabs Eva’s hands and separates them from her tits and in a standoff of arms, Pamela uses another anatomical feature that is free at the moment…a head butt into Eva’s chest area.

Eva is knocked backwards and into a prone position by that surprising head butt. Pamela gets up to a standing position for the first time in a long time and quickly moves over to Eva’s body to take advantage. Pamela pulls up Eva by the tresses to a sitting position and most of the spectators expect her to bring her to her feet for some punishment, but instead Pamela slams her head into the sandy beach and then grinds her face in the sand. Apparently, Pamela has had enough of sand being in her mouth, thrown into her eyes, etc. and is looking for some payback. Besides the irritation of sand being all over her face and in her luscious raven-colored tresses, Eva is having trouble breathing as Pamela is forcefully keeping her face buried in the sand. Eva’s arms desperately flail but to no avail. Fortunately, Pamela is ignoring Eva’s feet and legs, and just like in an earlier episode, Eva is able to swing her legs around and clip Pamela’s legs from the backside to send her tumbling down to the sand. That breaks Pamela’s hold on Eva’s head, and the gorgeous Hispanic vixen is able to raise her head from the sand and to start breathing normally again.

Pamela hit the ground hard from her fall so neither woman jumps up immeidately for an attack. Instead, they get up to sit on doubled up legs and grab for each other’s tresses in the first fullblown hairpulling of this catfight. Heads are violently shaken as yanking hair pulls those in all directions. The women start off in a sitting position but the hairpulling is so effective they can’t remain that way. Soon there are lying on the sand and rolling first one direction and then the other.

One woman gains an advantage and is on top and then more hair is pulling and the other takes the upper hand so to speak and is on top. Whenver Pamela is on top, she loves to drop down her legendary 36DDs and punish Eva Longoria with a devastating titsmother, made even more abusive by sand sticking on her tits due to sweat and beach mixing together. When Eva gains the upper hand, since her chest opportunities are limited by her smallish A cup type tits, she concentrates on armpits smothers putting her sweaty and very odorous pits on to the face of princess Pamela. The superstacked blonde seems to have an advantage in these exchanges since her humongous hooters swallow up Eva’s smallish face while Eva can only encompass some of Pamela’s face with her underarms. Also, Pamela has that Grand Canyon of Cleavage as she calls it between her knockers that can surround Eva’s nose area and restrict her breathing dramatically. When finally their bodies end up facing each other in a neutral position, they decide to put an end to this ordeal as neither enjoyed their time on the bottom being smothered by either tits or pits.

The women are moving much slower now and their bodies are saturated with sweat. Normally, their bodies might glisten due to all the moisture as if they are oiled up, but actually it is the opposite. The profuse perspiration has grabbed a lot of sand from the beach area and the particles are sticking to their body, changing their normally fleshy to pink color more to a beige. Pamela’s magnificent melons are sagging due to her pectoral muscles tiring, and Eva’s midsection has lost a little of its taut luster itself. Both their tresses and pubic hair has become matted due to the heavy sweating, so in some ways, the women don’t look quite as sizzling as before this fight started but they still have that huntress mentality that makes them so sexy as they stalk each other.

Pamela and Eva are standing now and look a far cry from the glamous appearance they normally project. Each has lots of sand stuck to their shapely forms, matted hair with sand in it, and looks of exhaustion and frustration showing on their normally beautiful faces. Eva takes a swing at Pamela but the superstacked blonde ducks her head and lets the right arm fly over her body. Pamela counterpunches with a fist to Eva’s midsection, doubling over the sexy Hispanic honey. Pamela uses her bent over form to her advantage as she double axe handles the beautiful woman down to her knees.

Pamela gets behind Eva and puts her hands around the luscious Latin beauty’s head and grabs the corners of her mouth and spreads them painfully past their normal limits. Eva screams in anguish as her beautiful mouth is being abused, while Pamela is laughing with a sinister tone and some derogatory comments while doing it. Eva goes down on all fours to try to pull away from the hold but Pamela follows her as she went closer to the ground. Eva tries to crawl away forward but Pamela literally stays right on her tail. That gives Eva an idea since Pamela likes to stay so close to her.

Eva pulls up one of her legs and boots Pamela right in her beauty contest winning butt to send her off to the side of Eva’s sizzling bod. Eva has not really been hurt by the mouth torture and is ready to take advantage of Pamela being stunned by her mule kick type maneuver. Pamela is lying on her back as Eva comes in from the side with a legsscissors. And the target of her beauty contest winning legs are those legendary humongous hooters that the blonde bombshell is so proud of. Eva has her legs wrapped around the titanic tits of Pamela and she is squeezing those monster mams with as much force as her legs can supply. Eva has them squished out to the side from their normal position, and that along with Pamela’s desperationt to break the legscissors prove its effectivness. Pamela is able to get her arms in good leveraged position to pry Eva’s lega apart and break the legscissors, and then she shoves Eva’s body away from her own and quickly rolls in the other direction.

The women get to a standing position with Eva now smiling in a sinister manner while Pamela is checking her gigantic gazongas to make sure her implants haven’t been damaged. Pamela rushes Eva and wraps her arms around the thin midsection of Miss Longoria and begins to squeeze in a great bearhug. Eva never runs from competition and wraps her arms around Pamela’s stomach in a bearhug of her own. They compete with mutual bearhugs but it doesn’t take long for Pamela to come out on top. Not only is her midsection a little more muscular but her arms are definitely more so. Pamela puts a little extra effort in her bearhug at this point and really takes control. Eva knows she is losing this battle so she moves her hands up to Pamela’s hair to take the shortcut to get Pamela to break it off. The hairpulling does indeed work as Pamela can’t keep her arms wrapped around Eva’s waist while her hair is undefended from Eva’s yanking on it.

Pamela AndersonBut instead of moving her own hands to engage Eva’s around her scalp area, Pamela throws a fist into Eva’s midsection as the superbusty blonde bombshell continues to work on that thin area of Eva’s sizzling bod. That blow shocks Eva into releasing Pamela’s hair and Pamela follows that up with an uppercut to Eva’s jaw. That fist sends Eva reeling backwards and she lands on her butt. Pamela stalks her prey as she comes over to her downed form and footstomps her midsection as she continues to soften that area up. Pamela kicks Eva on to her side and reaches down and grabs Eva’s left arm with her right hand and Eva’s left leg with her left hand. Pamela puts her left foot into the back of Eva in somewhat of a surfboard maneuver. That is straining Eva’s back and midsection as the blonde bombshell stretches the Hispanic honey’s extremeties.

Perhaps the many attacks on Eva’s thin midsection is making the difference as it is probably already sore from those earlier blows from fists and the like. Regardless, Eva is trying to pull away either her left arm or her bent left leg from the grasp of Pamela but she has good holds on both the wrist and the ankle.

Pamela: “Ready to give it up, slut. Looks like despite your series, you really aren’t ready for primetime are you, tramp?”
Eva {in pain and through some English and probably some Spanish expletives}: “I give up!! I give up, you oversiliconed whore! Let me go!”
Pamela: “Now see, that wasn’t hard to admit that you lost this fight to me. But I may have to pay you back a little bit for the language, tramp!”

Pamela indeed pulls a little bit more on both the left leg and the left arm while giving a little extra effort with her own left foot into Eva’s back, but she releases the holds in a reasonable period of time. But few of the spectators think that Eva Longoria’s troubles have ended…in fact, they probably have just begun.

Postmatch: Eva has rolled over on to her stomach after being tortured lying on her side. Her gorgeous, beauty contest winning face is contacting sand but she is too exhausted to do much about it. Meanwhile, Pamela Anderson is standing in a bent over position with her hands on her hips trying to catch a second win herself. It took a lot of energy to stretch Eva’s limber body to the point of causing pain and to keep one of her feet pressed against Eva’s back until she submitted.

As noted earlier, her titanic tits have sagged some since the beginning of the catfight, but she still looks sizzling with her taut body including those strong arms, sinewy legs, and of course those monster melons of hers. Pamela asks for a couple of spectators to get a couple of buckets of water…many wonder which girl will the water go for, and the answer is that Pamela has most of the water thrown onto her own great body to wash off most of the sand but she saves a little to pour on to Eva’s head and face to make sure she is conscious for what is to come. Pamela bends down to give Eva’s nice ass a couple of spanks, some of that probably as the first humiliation of several more to come and some of it probably to see how much of a reaction Eva would show. The answer to the latter is little which tells Pamela there should be no problem doing whatever she wants to against the Hispanic hottie. Pamela puts a foot against Eva’s side and rolls the smallish woman on to her back.

Pamela mirrors her own body on top of Eva’s in what during the catfight might be called a schoolgirl pin. Pamela starts sensually moving her heavier, larger body from side to side and forward and back to really rub her superior assets, mainly her bodacious boobs, into Eva’s smaller ones. Pamela also pulls back her pussy area on occasion and then drops it down to an audible skin on skin sound against Eva’s beauty contest winning one. Pamela gets her satisfaction with this process and moves her body forward a slight distance so that her tits are over Eva’s face. Pamela drops her beauty contest winning DDs on to the beauty contest winning face of Eva, and there is no contest. Pamela’s legendary boobs dominate this matchup as Eva’s face disappears in the expanse of the superstacked blonde bombshell’s treasure chest.

Both Pamela’s huge mams and the deep cleavage between them deposit large amounts of water and foul body odor to Eva’s mouth and nose in particular. Eva’s resistance is still minimal with only a few inaudible mumblings coming from the defeated beauty. Pamela moves her body slightly to get her right armpit over Eva’s face and everyone knows what is coming now…revenge for Eva’s earlier underarm humiliation of her. Pamela grinds that now very unpleasant area all around Eva’s face depositing lots of sweat released and then trapped in her pits and foul odor caused by the same action. Pamela gets special satisfaction for the payback and does it double barrel style with her left armpit being the next anatomical area to be exposed to Eva’s beauty contest winning face.

Pamela moves by far her most forward yet as she puts her pussy near Eva’s face. Pamela uses a requested dildo thrown to her and begins to excite her precious pussy until cum starts seeping from the orifice. Pamela makes sure that it ends up on Eva’s face as the dark skinned woman’s face turns a little whiter with the addition. Pamela lowers her pussy over Eva’s face and now rubs in her discharged fluid along with doing a great pussy smother at the same time. But Pamela doesn’t want Eva to feel left out so she moves down her defeated victim’s body and excites her pussy also until she cums. Pamela collects that whitish liquid and wipes it onto Eva’s face in yet another addition to that beauty contest winning face.

Pamela moves her hot body and beauty contest winning ass in particular over Eva’s face and does a classic facesitting where she now smears all the cum on Eva’s face. And of course, Pamela does the classic winner’s pose where she puts her hands on the top of her head to flex her muscles for the spectators and show off her awesome armpits. Pamela finishes off the facesit and appears to be nearing the end of Eva’s humiliation as she is collecting the orange bikini and saying something like she knows she can’t use the top herself but maybe some girl needs a Halloween mask or a training bra.

Pamela looks to be walking away but stops to talk to a couple of guys from the audience who watched this entire episode play out. They start moving sand away from a fairly small area, suspiciously close to the size of Eva Longoria. When they have dug it several inches deep, Pamela has them carry Eva over to the hole and bury her entire body other than her head, he tits, and her pussy. Perhaps, the adjective desperate really fits Miss Longoria as her body is immobile except for her two most private assets and her head. With that final humiliation, Pamela Anderson struts away….still the hottest beach babe around!