Fight day was always difficult for the combatants. Each minute seemed like an hour, each hour seemed like a week. This was particularly true for Sarah Michelle Gellar. 'Had it really been 8 years? All that unfulfilled promise', thought Sarah. I was the one who was supposed to accomplish want Alyssa Milano accomplished. Sarah was a brilliant comet in catfighting only to burn out horribly in big matches. Now with a new TV series, she has a final chance to earn catfighting respect and help ratings. Sarah would fight with great spirit, not wanting this golden opportunity to expire.

Eva Longoria was also focused on her opportunity. Eva wanted back to the big leagues of catfighting. Eva wanted the opportunity to live down the 2 humiliating defeats to her sworn rival Jennifer Love Hewitt. Eva felt that the lopsided defeats to Hewitt caused her to lose respect of her fellow catfighters. Eva heard the whispers. It was said that she lacked guts, lacked toughness, couldn't take a punch, and couldn't punch. Eva was overrated. Eva was weak and soft. 'Well, bullshit', Eva thought.

Unknown to anyone, but after the humiliations at the hands of Hewitt, Longoria went to Mexico. Eva toughened herself up in violent after hour catfights in the barrio. Eva thought she had increased her hand speed, and her punching ability. Fighting whores in bars was a lot rougher than movie stars in big arenas. Eva also honed her body. The baby fat was gone. Eva put on 5 pounds of muscle, the roll of beefy fat was gone and replaced by washboard abs. Eva would show this toned body off in a tiny black spandex shorts and black sports bra.

Finally the ref knocked on the dressing room door. Five minutes until fight time. Both fighters would enter the ring at the same time. The crowd was curious as the fighters arrived. Neither combatant seemed to have a decided edge in fans. As the ref gave the final instructions, both fighters stared their opponent down. Roughly touching gloves the fighters returned to their corners. Adrenaline flowed, followed by their rapid breathing, their legs were a tad unsteady. The crowd rose as the bell dinged. The fighters came out of their corners.

'No time like the present', thought Eva as she approached Gellar.

About 4 feet from Sarah, Eva launched a quick left handed slap toward Gellarís right cheek. TTHHHIFFTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!! was the sound of Eva's hand slicing through the air toward Sarah's cheek. Gellar was also lifting her right hand up when Gellar was rocked. Her head snapped backward as Eva's hand connected with her cheek. 'I was just rusty', thought Gellar trying to fight her panic.

Eva smiled at Sarah. "That was just a love tap Sarah. I own you." taunted Eva.

The slap was not lost on the fellow catfighters watching. When was the last time Eva hit someone that hard? 'Also check out the fit body', they were thinking. Eva stepped toward Sarah and grabbed 2 handfuls of blonde hair, pulling Gellar into Eva's body. Eva raised her right knee into Sarah's gut simultaneously. Gellar screamed and doubled over. Longoria yanked at Sarah's hair and again kneed Sarah.

Sarah wrapped her arms around Eva's waist and tackled Eva to the mat. Both fighters were rolling on the mat, trying to slap and punch without much success. Finally the women scrambled to their feet, and again Eva launched a quick right handed slap to Gellar's left cheek. Sweat flew from Gellar's head as Eva connected. Now Eva stepped in to Sarah's body. Eva's hands shot up in a claw position and attacked the breast of Gellar. Eva kneaded and gouged Sarah's breasts until Gellar connected with a right/left slap to Eva's face. Eva dropped her hold and circled.

"Now you're done!" shouted Gellar, as Eva smiled. Gellar tried a right handed slap, but Eva ducked. While ducking, Eva slammed her right fist deep into Sarah's kidney."UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" screamed Sarah, as her knees buckled. Eva continued her attack with a left/right slap combo into Gellar's unprotected face. Gellar was stunned and hurt. She tried to tie her smaller opponent up, hoping to muscle Eva into the ropes and do some damage.

Eva has often been outmuscled in the past. Often she has been forced into the corner where Eva took terrible beating from her opponents. (Think Jennifer Love Hewitt). But not this time. As Gellar pushed on Eva, Eva was like a sandbar in the ocean. Eva held her ground, and used her elbows to batter Gellar's breasts and chin. Gellar had no choice but to back off.

'Stay calm', thought Gellar. 'I will figure this out.' Then another left/right slap combo caught Sarah on her cheeks. Now Sarah was raising her hands to protect her face. Eva smiled as she slammed a right left combination into Gellar's belly. Sarah screamed as Eva bore in to tie up Gellar.

Eva whispered into Gellar's ear. "Sit-ups and crunches and running honey, then these punches won't hurt as much." Longoria slammed another left in to Gellar's gut. Longoria again hit 2 uncontested slaps into Gellar's face. Eva was content to fight close in and batter the larger opponent. Fellow catfighters watching were surprised at Eva's interior fighting skills. Eva continued to slap and punch Gellar at will.

Eva decided to show off another facet of her new fighting skill. Eva muscled the bigger opponent into the corner. Grabbing Gellar's nipples off and pressing her thighs against Sarah's thighs, Eva easily moved the battered Gellar into the corner. Sarah was confused and tired. Again a vicious left/right slap from Longoria found its mark on Sarah's bruised face. Eva shot a left/right fist to Gellar's gut, causing Sarah to drop her hands. Again Eva stepped in and slammed a left/right, left/right to Gellar's head. A final left/right salvo to Gellar's gut did the job. Sarah fell face first onto the mat.

Eva dropped to her knees rolled, Sarah onto her back, and placed her knees on Sarah's arms. With the schoolgirl pin applied, the referee easily counted the blonde out. The bell rings and Eva stood. She raised her arms in victory over her unconscious opponent. Eva looked at the other catfighters in attendance: Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jessica Alba, and Cameron Diaz,

Eva looked at her fellow catfighters and realized all her hard work paid off. Respect shone in the eyes of her peers. No longer was she soft, weak, pampered, spoiled Eva Longoria. Sarah finally rose to all 4's, and Eva graciously helped her defeated opponent to her feet. Sarah and Eva hugged and then Sarah graciously raised Eva's arm as the crowd applauded. Sarah quickly left the ring to the victor allowing the applause to rain down on the winner.

Two days after the fight Commissioner Raquel Welch met with both fighters. For Sarah, Raquel was sympathetic, but firm. Should Sarah wish to continue, she would have to fight on undercards. She would be compensated at $25,000 per match. Victories would result in an upgrade of status. Sarah hugged Raquel and apologized for her showing. Sarah was undecided as to a possible match against Carrie Underwood.

Raquel's meeting with Eva was considerably more comfortable. Shortly after Eva arrived a catered lunch was delivered. Raquel congratulated Eva on her return to main event catfighting. As the two ladies ate and drank, Raquel suggested a starting salary of $500,000 per match. Eva accepted. Money was not the object. Eva wanted to regain all of her respect. For Eva the only way to do that was to meet and defeat Jennifer Love Hewitt. Raquel Welch, ever the smart business woman, knew that a Hewitt-Longoria 3 would bring millions. But Raquel told Eva that fight would be a few fights away. Both women would meet in the near future to establish a fight for Eva.


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