Karen McDougal vs Tasha Yar

With Pamela Anderson

The beautiful brunette walked across the warm sand as she headed toward her favorite secluded spot. She liked to set up shop and spend her day sunning herself, and protecting what she considered her corner of this slice of heaven against all intruders. Her mind was a million miles away as she found herself day dreaming about the potential for some action here on her beach. Would she find a worthy opponent that would truly challenge her? The last few of her beach front conflicts ended in disappointment. The women who dared to or mistakenly wandered onto her turf paid the price without the brunette breaking a sweet. Would today be the day that she would be challenged?

Her thoughts were cut short when her world exploded in pain. Like the attack on Pearl Harbor, she never saw her attacker coming. As she walked carefree across the sand the blonde challenger charged her from behind. Coming from the brunette’s blindside, the blonde left her feet as she hit her from behind at full speed. The blonde’s shoulder scored a direct hit as she struck the brunette in the lower back. Wrapping her arms around the brunette’s, she successfully trapped them at the sides of the unsuspecting woman.

The lovely brunette was launched forward, and without the use of her arms to break her fall, she crashed face down on the sand eight feet in front of the point of contact. Her head was snapped backwards as she skidded across the sand. The blonde never released the grip that she had around the brunette’s arms and just rode her until she came to an abrupt stop.

The sensation that she felt as the front of her tight red lifeguard swimsuit ground across the rear of the brunette’s skin tight bikini bottoms sent a shiver through her whole body. “Calm down Pam, there will be plenty of time for that later!” she reminded herself as she thrust her hips forward, aiding in pinning the brunette to the sand. She released the rear bear hug that she had on her victim and snaked her hands out from under the brunette. One hand shot to the dark mane of the downed woman, shoving her face into the gritty sand, while the blonde’s right hand cranked back and delivered a devastating blow to the side of the face of her prey.

“I thought you said she was tough?” one observer said to the other. As they both looked on lustfully at the two beautiful, scantily dressed women.

“Just wait…” was the reply from the second officer.

Unfortunately for the brunette, she would take several more hard shot to the side of her face as she struggled to comprehend what was happening and how to get out of it. “You sure?” the first asked.

The confidence was growing in the blonde. She had jumped her hated rival and was really taking it to her. When she was done beating the shit out of her longtime foe, really fucking her up, she would be recreating her fantasies of physical and sexual domination of her fellow Playmate. “Just watch!” he responded. The blonde thought she had softened up the brunette enough and rolled her over onto her back, now pressing her shapely ass on the brunette’s taught belly, pinning her to the ground beneath her.

A big smile crossed the blonde’s face at the sight before her. As the brunette skidded across the sand face down the ground peeled down the brunette’s bikini top baring her breast. The inviting target of the brunette’s bare breast was just too much for the blonde to pass up. She started the next phase of her attack with a blistering open hand slap to the delicate tit flesh. The pained cry from the trapped brunette caused the blonde to follow up with several more, alternating from left to right. The brunette’s breast flew from side to side smashing into one another with each painful slap. As the blonde’s tempo increased, so did the brunette’s cries of pain. The dominate blonde’s grin couldn’t get any wider if she tried.

If you thought the sight of the brunette’s bared breast brought a smile to the blonde’s face, you should see the reaction it had on the two male observers. “Would you look at those!” one said to the other which was probably the stupidest words that had ever crossed his lips. It was clear by his friend’s focused stare that he had “Looked at those!” And was intent on taking in every moment of the battle between the two beautiful women.

The blonde, let’s just refer to her as Pam Anderson for now, stopped the brutal slapping assault when the brunette’s breast painfully glowed a red hue. Things would go from bad to worse for the brunette, let’s just refer to her as Karen McDougal for now, when the malicious blonde sunk her sharpened nails into the painful twin globes. Karen had reached a new level of pain as Pam’s nails sunk into her pride and joys.

“Are you sure she can fight?” Lt. Worf asked Commander Riker.

“Would you just shut up and enjoy the simulation!” Riker barked at his friend. “I have done a lot of research setting up this session. An old time, I think he was some type of historian or something, often told tales of Karen’s battles and conquest. This is the perfect simulation that we are looking for.”

On cue, not wanting to take any more punishment, Karen knew she had to act now so that Pam didn’t destroy her tits. It wasn’t until she was rolled onto her back that she met her attacker face to face. She absolutely hated the blonde! And based on the attack and the up close and personal nature of the punishment that the blonde was dishing out, Pam hated her too! This was not only a very visually pleasing stimulation, I mean simulation, but if it played out the way that Riker planned, it would set up phase two of his plan very nicely.

The brunette returned the favor and sunk her nails deep into the blonde’s breasts that were dangling invitingly right in her face. Surprised by Karen’s tenacity, Pam yelped in pain as she too was now feeling the effects of another woman’s talons digging deep into her large breasts. Whether she was hurt, surprised, or both, it was clear that Karen’s counter attack was having its desired effect as she felt the pain in her own breasts ease.

“See!” Riker said as he elbowed Worf in the ribs.

“Maybe Ensign Ro Laren would have been a better choice.” Worf added.

“Would you just shut up and watch!” Riker commanded.

It was clear that Karen was now hurting Pam. The intensity of her attacked increased and it now appeared that the blonde was the one on the defensive. While Pam still enjoyed the dominant position, it was clear that the tide of the battle was turning. Or was it? With Karen digging her nails deep into her breast, Pam now felt that Karen was trying to use them as a hand hold. If she was in a better position of leverage, the brunette planned on using the handles to twist the blonde off to the side and slide out from under her.

Pam had abandoned her grip on Karen’s tits and was now sinking her nails into the brunette’s wrist trying to break the hold and alleviate the excruciating pain she now felt. Karen had really sunk her nails in deep, so just rolling off of the brunette and retreating wasn’t an option. In desperation Pam’s right hand left Karen’s wrist and sought a new target. With the brunette’s legs spread wide for leverage, the blonde’s nails found their new target. Right through the thin material of the bikini bottoms, Pam’s nails dug into the sensitive flesh between the legs of the brunette Playmate casing Karen to scream out in pain and release her grip on Pam’s breasts. But instead of following up on her change of fortune, Pam decided to retreat, inventory her battle damage, and then reengage the brunette.

The blonde rolled away from the brunette to what she thought was a safe distance. She cradled her battle scared breasts and tried to massage away the pain. Pam glanced over to where Karen still lie, flat on her back. So far the brunette had gotten the worse of the exchange. Being jumped and having her head battered with closed fist had stunned her. Pam shredding her breasts hurt like hell. But the southern attack by the blonde had the brunette reeling. But Karen knew that she couldn’t take too long to try and recover. She was in a very vulnerable spot at the moment and commanded her body to get moving.

Worf and Pam both couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw the brunette roller over onto her hands and knees and struggled to stand. “See I told you.” Riker told his friend as Karen stood. She wasn’t standing on the steadiest of legs, but she was standing none the less and commanded her pain racked body to advance on the blonde and take control of the fight.

Pam was still down on her knees, never turning her back on her formidable rival. She and Karen had mixed it up before and no one more than she knew just how tough a fighter Karen could be. The look in Karen’s eyes told her everything that she needed to know… The brunette was pissed!

Karen took deep breaths with each step she took towards Pam. It was almost like a form of meditation for the brunette. She felt a little better with each breath and she was now on a mission to get even with the blonde for jumping her. She was laser focused on her mission. Her eyes never left the blonde’s gaze. She could see, feel, and almost smell the blonde’s fear. Today was going to be a good day after all she thought as she stood a little taller and stridden a little more confidently.

The one problem the brunette didn’t realize was she was a little too focused on the blonde’s eyes. She had lost her situational awareness. Pam waited until the angry brunette Playmate was in range and then flung a handful of the gritty sand into Karen’s face. A good amount found its target of the brunette’s baby blues and it temporarily blinded her rendering her helpless. Still in a crouched position, Pam sprung forward like a sprinter leaving the starting blocks.

Never seeing the attack coming, Karen’s mid-section exploded in pain as Pam’s shoulder found its mark. In one fluid motion Pam grabbed the back of both of Karen’s thighs pulling them out from under her. The results were the two Playmates flying through the air with the blonde wrapping up the brunette during the flight. They crashed hard to the sand with Pam on top of Karen driving even more air from her lungs. “You’re getting sloppy in your old age bitch!” Pam taunted Karen. “This is going to be fun!” she followed it up with.

“I didn’t see that coming.” Riker confided in Worf.

“Neither did the brunette.” Was the Klingon’s snarky reply. Riker looked over at his friend with annoyance; he was rooting for the brunette all the way. That and she had to win if the next phase of the plan were to play out like they wanted. Besides he wouldn’t mind seeing the brunette strip and humiliate the uppity blonde during the battle.

Pam knew she had Karen right where she wanted her earlier in the fight. But she knew that her carelessness allowed the brunette get back in the fight and hurt her. Now with the catfighting Gods smiling down upon her, she knew that she had to take full advantage of the sudden change of events.

Once again Karen found herself flat on her back with her eyes spinning in her head. And like before the blonde had her pinned to the ground, completely at her mercy. She could offer absolutely no resistance when Pam grabbed each of her wrists and moved her arms to her sides. She knew she was in big trouble when Pam knelt on them rendering them completely useless. It was now the brunette with the look of fear in her eyes.

With her victim exactly where she wanted her, Pam took a moment to sit up straight. Reaching up to her swimsuits shoulder straps with her opposite hands, crossing her arms in front of her. The blonde slid the straps down her arms and completely off. Tauntingly she shook her shoulders causing her breasts to bounce all over her chest. She then lifted each of her breasts up to her mouth one at a time and gave them each a seductive kiss.

Pam leaned forward, and as she did her breast swung into position. The blonde continued forward as the brunette’s world started to grow darker and darker. Soon the brunette saw no light at all and breathing became a whole lot more difficult. As a matter of fact it was damn near impossible to breathe beneath Pam’s large breasts. They formed an almost perfect seal covering both Karen’s nose and mouth.

In desperation the brunette started throwing knees into the small of Pam’s back. The first few had a some effect as they slammed home, but as Karen’s air started running low, so did the veracity and accuracy of the knee strikes.

Whoosh…. The door to the simulator room opened and in stepped Lt. Tasha Yar. “What the hell is going on here!” she demanded when she saw the two men just sitting back and watching two barley dressed woman in hand to hand combat. “Stop simulation!” she commanded without waiting for an explanation.

The security chief was enjoying their utter discomfort at being caught red handed. She planned to playfully grill them as long as she could for her own enjoyment. The two woman were both quite pretty she did notice. Before she had the chance to continue, the Captain’s voice came over the simulator room’s intercom. “Commander Riker, Lt. Worf, report to my quarters immediately!”

The two men turned to leave but the security chief wasn’t done yet. “We are not finished gentlemen. When the Captain is done with you we still need to talk.” She said in a stern voice.

“Look Lieutenant you could actually get something out of watching this simulation. The two women were excellent fighters in their day. Especially the brunette.” With that they left the simulation room and headed to the Captain’s quarters as ordered.

It was just a short walk and two decks up and the Captain was waiting for them. As they entered the room they saw that he had the image of the simulation room on his large video display. “So did she take the bait?” the Captain asked.

The two men glanced at each other and smiled. “Hook, line, and sinker!” was Riker’s reply. “Worf grab us some drinks. It looks like we have an interesting evening in front of us.”

Back in the simulator room the security chief’s curiosity got the better of her. She did a little research and as it turns out she was interested in the fighting techniques or catfighting as they were referred to back in the day. She was especially intrigued by the one called McDougal. It appears that the historian IRISH seemed to write quite a bit about her. “Let’s see what makes her tick. Computer new simulation… but lose the blonde.”

Back in the Captain’s quarters the three men couldn’t take their eyes off of the screen. Lt. Yar was still wearing her star fleet uniform. But now the brunette, Karen McDougal, was also wearing the uniform of a star fleet officer but it appears that Yar chose a “red shirt” for her opponent. It appears that she planned on making sure that the “catfighter” knew who was in charge around here.

Karen seemed to just materialize in the middle of the room. The surroundings were strange, kind of futuristic. “Where the hell am I?” she thought to herself. Suddenly she felt a draft. Looking down she saw that she was wearing the shortest red dress that she had ever seen. “I wore more than this when I posed for Playboy.” She realized. “What the hell is going on around here? How did I just appear here?” were her thoughts.

Another chill crept over the Playmate, not caused by being scantily dressed, but rather more of a sixth sense. I’m not sure if it was instinct or she heard the click of the security officer’s heels on the deck, but Karen “felt” that someone was behind her and she spun clockwise to meet the challenge.

As Karen spun and the woman sneaking up behind her came into focus, her gut exploded in pain. The security chief waited for the brunette to face her, and as she did she planted her left foot on the deck and drilled the unsuspecting Playmate dead center of her belly with the point of her right boot. Karen instantly grabbed her belly as she doubled over.As Karen spun and the woman sneaking up behind her came into focus, her gut exploded in pain. The security chief waited for the brunette to face her, and as she did she planted her left foot on the deck and drilled the unsuspecting Playmate dead center of her belly with the point of her right boot. Karen instantly grabbed her belly as she doubled over.

“Oh! That had to hurt!” Riker stated as the three men were watching the combat very closely. The brunette seemed to be dry heaving from the effects of the kick and with her diaphragm in complete spasm; she wouldn’t be drawing a deep breath anytime soon.

The security chief wasted no time at all as she followed up with her incapacitation of her foe. Grabbing the brunette by her long dark locks she dragged Karen over to the bulk head and banged her head off of the wall as hard as she could. The brunette was in big trouble as the short haired blonde tossed Karen over towards the captain’s chair. The Playmate came to a sudden stop when her legs crashed into the side of the chair causing her to topple face first into the seat.

Lt. Yar knew full well that she would have an audience for her little performance. Riker would love nothing more than for the brunette to toss her all over the ship, stripping her in the process. She saw how he often looked at her, undressing her with his eyes. She rebuffed all of his attempts at intimacy and she knew that had become a problem on the ship. If she didn’t know better she bet that the captain was in on this too. Too bad for them she planned on not only defeating their heroine that they had sent to humiliate her, but she would be the one doing all the dominating in the fight.

“I thought you said she was tough! That she could easily handle Yar! This isn’t looking too good right now!” Worf challenged his friend.

Before Riker had a chance to rebut, the captain chimed in. “Let’s just see how this plays out Lieutenant. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of that hot brunette if you know what I mean!”

With Karen bent forward at the waist, her dress had ridden up and her ass was jutted up in the air. Yar approached her from behind and took full advantage of this. Grabbing the brunette by the thin material of her panties, she yanked up as hard as she could. Not only was Karen getting the wedgie of all wedgies, the strong blonde had lifted both of her feet off of the ground.

Karen yelped in pain at the sudden and painful intrusion of the material between her legs. “Who was this bitch and what is her problem?” The Playmate asked herself. As she struggled to turn and face her attacker. “There will be plenty of time to ask her after I kick her ass!” She confidently thought as she started to turn towards the security chief.

The thin material had given way and Karen was now facing her attacker with the short haired blonde between her legs. Yar pushed forward looking to get in close so that she could swing away at her opponent in close quarters. Karen’s plans didn’t include being the blonde’s punching bag however.

Karen snapped her legs shut completely encircling the blonde’s thin waist. She was also able to grab the blonde by both her wrist as she prepared to strike. The Playmate flexed her legs as tight as she could causing great discomfort from the surprised security chief. As Yar started to panic, Karen snapped her head forward making direct contact with the blonde’s nose.

As the blonde’s eyes spun in her head, Karen shifted her weight causing both women to topple to the ground. Using her momentum to her advantage, Karen was able to ride Yar down to the ground and stayed on top as the blonde crashed to the deck. “See I told you McDougal was a great choice!” Riker chimed in.

Karen had been attacked by this blonde and now she planned to go on the offensive. So far the blonde had done a pretty good job hurting her, and taking some of the fight out of her, but that was all about to change. “Let’s see what you’re hiding under there!” Karen challenged as she grabbed the top of Lt. Yar’s tunic and started tearing it down the middle. "Aren’t those little things cute?” Karen teased as she had bared the security chief’s breasts.

“Get her Karen!” Riker shouted at the viewing screen.

Not letting go of the material the brunette continued to tear the front of the tunic open until it met the waist belt of the uniform.

The security chief was in a panic. The brunette had turned the tides and was now dominating her. If the Playmate was able to completely strip her, no doubt that the pervert Riker would use it to black mail her of worse. If the entire crew saw her naked and defeated her star fleet career would be over. She couldn’t let that happen at all cost!

With Karen focused on tearing open the tough material of the star fleet uniform, Yar took a move out of Pam’s playbook and let her fingers do the walking. The Lieutenant slid her finger tips over Karen’s soft smooth skin until they found what they were looking for. The moist spot between her legs. Before Karen could respond to what was happening, the blonde shoved her fingers in as deep as she could and grabbed hold to as much delicate flesh as she could. As the Playmate leapt from her perch the security chief clamped down hard. Karen dear near leapt out of her skin but the blonde refused to let go as the brunette jumped up and tried to get away. “I bet that hurt!” Worf added to the commentary.

As Karen launched herself away from the security chief, the blonde would just not let go. The brunette rolled to her side but the blonde followed along with her. The blonde shoved Karen’s knee off to the side causing the brunette to roll over onto her back. With easy access, Yar’s claw turned to a fist and she tried to push into the Playmate as deep as she could. “Now you’re talking!” this time the voice belonged to the captain.

Karen let out a deep moan. It certainly wasn’t a pleasurable one as the blonde was clearly out to hurt her. This caused the blonde to smile from ear to ear. She knew she had an audience and certainly a few of her detractors would be amongst them. She was going to show them and anyone else who would see this that she was definitely captain material herself. “That’s it bitch! Moan for Momma!”

The blonde reached up and tore open the brunette’s red mini dress uniform. Her large breasts now made an appearance for all to see. A guess wearing a bra was against star fleet regulations. With her free hand the security chief grabbed hold of one of Karen’s nipples and twisted as hard as she could.

“What the fuck is going on!” Karen’s brain screamed. “It’s like she’s trying to rip my tonsils out from between my legs.” “Fuuuuccccckkkk!” This time it was clearly heard by all. The blonde just smiled again and started thrusting her fist in and out.

“Should we stop it?” Riker asked.

“It’s just a simulation!” Worf pointed out and it was clear that the Klingon was thoroughly enjoying watching the earth woman destroyed by the security chief.

“And besides, they both still have some clothes on. Let’s give it a few more minutes and see what happens.” The captain said.

The exchange caused the three men’s focus to leave the viewing screen and make eye contact with each other. Were they really having this conversation instead of watching two beautiful women going at it? The brunette was hot! And with her breasts bared the blonde certainly didn’t look too bad either. “Aaaaaaahhhhhh!” Came from the viewing screen and in unison the heads of all three men snapped back to the screen.

As the blonde was dead set on rearranging the brunette’s internal plumbing, the crafty Playmate snapped her head forward flattening the security chief’s nose in the process a second time. The shot was both painful and effective in its simplicity and it forced the security chief to release her grip with both hands. The blonde clutched her damaged nose with both hands and fought back tears as she rolled away. The brunette remained lying flat on her back with her hands between her legs trying to rub away the excruciating pain.

“What the fuck did we just miss?” the captain spat.

“Should we rewind it?” Riker asked.

“We might miss something!” Worf rationalized. The three men’s undivided attention had returned to the viewing screen.

After what felt like an eternity, Yar was able to make it up to her hands and knees as she blinker away the last of her tears. She was sure that her nose was broken. How was she going to explain this to Dr. Crusher when she went to sick bay after the simulation? “That bitch is dead!” she thought as she started to crawl around the captain’s chair to where she had last left the brunette. She knew that she had hurt her bad and that she couldn’t have gone far. She was going to break some of the brunette’s bones!

As she turned the corner the brunette was not where she had expected to find her. “She couldn’t have gotten far! I’m going to kill her!” the blonde thought.

“Look out Lieutenant!” the captain yelled, but it was clear that yelling at the viewing screen would never have been heard in the simulation room. Bam!

With the security chief crawling on her hands and knees the Playmate somehow found the strength to move from where the blonde had last encountered her. Holding onto the science officer’s work station for stability, Karen let loose with a kick to the side of the security chief’s head. The point of the uniform boots struck Yar right in the temple. Her head flew sideways and smashed into the side of the sturdy metal captain’s chair. It was clear that her bell had been rung as she wobbled before falling face first to the floor of the bridge.

Karen was quick to follow up by kicking one of her legs over the fallen blonde’s body and straddled her body just above the waist. The pissed off brunette started throwing wild haymakers with both hands. The security chief’s head was battered repeatedly from side to side. It wasn’t until Karen’s hands started to hurt that she stopped the attack.

The blonde wasn’t moving and Karen started peeling the yellow security uniform off of body like she was peeling a banana. With the front torn open, it was easy to pull it off of Yar’s shoulders and down her arms trapping them at her sides. Grabbing the blonde by her short hair, the brunette rolled her over on her back.

Coming face to face with the security chief Karen decided to send a blistering slap across the blonde’s face to get her attention. Yar seemed to regain somewhat of her senses and now it was the Playmate with the cruel smile. The blonde’s breasts were milky white, almost like they had never seen the sun. It made them a much more inviting target for the brunette. Karen sunk her nails in deep near the top of each breasts and slowly and very painfully raked them down her breasts. Yar’s reaction was instant and extremely vocal as she howled at the top of her lungs. “That’s it bitch! Let me hear you sing!” Karen taunted.

Riker let out a little chuckle and was all smiles. “What’s that all about?” Worf asked.

“The uppity bitch is finally getting hers.” was Riker's reply. “I told you that McDougal was the right choice. “

The captain just looked on at the exchange between his two subordinates. “You planned this well Mr. Riker.” Was his reply.

The blonde had a look of defeat on her face. She never in a million years would beg for mercy. And one thing is for sure, it didn’t appear that the tough brunette was in a very charitable mood anyway. After destroying the short haired blonde’s tits, Karen slid back slightly so that she was now sitting on Yar’s thighs. This allowed her to grab the security chief’s uniform by the waist and start to pull it down the blonde’s body.

The move was one designed to humiliate the blonde which it certainly did. The down side would be that as Karen pulled the uniform down the security chief’s body, she would also be freeing her hands as well. But for right now, Yar just lie still as the Playmate continued peeling off her uniform. Over her hips, down her thighs, and past her knees.

“The chief does have a nice body.” The captain commented. Both Worf and Riker nodded in reply. All three men agreed, if they could get past her brush personality, the blonde would be quite attractive. All three men were running scenarios in their minds how they might use the simulator room in the future. Some involved both women, maybe that blonde Pam too.

Karen easily peeled the uniform down the unmoving blonde’s body. That was until she had the uniform down to Yar’s shins and the security chief’s boots got in the way. It was clear that there was no way that tight material would slip over the footwear; no Karen had to pull off Yar’s boots if she wanted to completely remove the uniform from the blonde’s body.

The security chief was starting to recover. The big brunette had stopped her vicious breast attack and freed her hands from the restraints of the uniform. It now felt like she had handcuffs round her ankles as the tight uniform completely restricted her movement. “Have no fear!” she told herself. The stupid brunette was working on that too. While she would soon be completely naked, she would also have the opportunity to get back in the fight. And the brunette’s shredded uniform would not be long for this world either. Whatever world that they were currently orbiting.

The security chief was starting to recover. The big brunette had stopped her vicious breast attack and freed her hands from the restraints of the uniform. It now felt like she had handcuffs round her ankles as the tight uniform completely restricted her movement. “Have no fear!” she told herself. The stupid brunette was working on that too. While she would soon be completely naked, she would also have the opportunity to get back in the fight. And the brunette’s shredded uniform would not be long for this world either. Whatever world that they were currently orbiting.

Karen tossed the blonde’s boots off one at a time. They made a distinct clunking noise as the heavy boots hit the metal deck of the bridge’s floor. But soon they were both off and she was able to pull the security chief’s uniform completely off of the blonde’s body. While the blonde’s body was pale, it was also as about as well defined as her own. No wonder why the blonde was able to put up such a good fight. The blindsided attack put the security chief at an early advantage, but now the Playmate was going to make sure that she finished her off.

The brunette stood over the fallen blonde. Because of the bright bridge lighting, her body cast a long shadow over her attacker’s body. It was now payback time. Karen reached down and grabbed the blonde by the hair with the intent of dragging her to her feet. Maybe she would secure the blonde to this big chair in the middle of the room for her friends to find. The Playmate instantly knew that something was wrong when the blonde grabbed her by both of her wrist. What got the brunette’s attention wasn’t the unexpected move by the blonde, but rather the power that she felt in the security chief’s grip.

“Look! Our girl is getting back into the fight!” Worf shouted. Riker looked at him with distain. It was nice seeing his nemesis taken down and stripped. A little humility would be good for the security chief he rationalized. OK, maybe it would be nice for the blonde to finish stripping the beautiful brunette Playmate. But in the end he was still rooting for a sound defeat of the security chief.

Yar saw that she had caught the brunette off guard. The confident Playmate thought this was a done deal. Now she would soon find out that the hand to hand combat training that she received at the star fleet academy was just as good if not better than anything this brunette bimbo could dish out.

Karen spread her legs for leverage and tried to pull herself free from the grip of the blonde. But the woman who she thought was down and out was a lot tougher than she had given her credit for. The grip on her wrist was strong and it almost felt like the blonde would soon pull her off of her feet. Karen was the larger of the two women. In a ground and pound you would think she would have the advantage. But the short haired blonde was showing a great deal of strength and resiliency.

The Playmate’s body would be rocked like it never had been before. With the brunette off balance, legs spread; the security chief fired the hardest kick that she could scoring a direct hit between Karen’s legs. The brunette’s face was pure white and her jaw dropped wide open. No sound passed through her lips as she was out on her feet. Yar easily pulled down on Karen’s wrist tossing the brunette over her head.

It was now the brunette’s turn to be hurt, flat on her back, and completely at the mercy of the angry blonde. The security chief wasted no time at all stalking her victim. The security chief grabbed what was left of Karen’s red uniform and relieved her of the garment. “You should know wearing a uniform in this condition is strictly against regulations. As the ship’s security chief it is my job to discipline you!”

Yar stood and tossed the red uniform off to the side. She then used her foot to roll the Playmate over on her belly. Now Karen was wearing just the tan tights and black uniform issued boots. Her upturned ass presented a very inviting target. One that she fully planned on exploiting. She stepped over the fallen brunette facing her feet and roughly sat down on the Playmate’s back. “I believe back in your time this was called flogging. Today I’m just going to call it fun!” with that last taunt the blonde started beating on the brunette’s ass with both hands, as hard as she could….

“Security chief? Back in your day? What the fuck was this bitch talking about?” Karen thought to herself. But it all came painfully into focus when the blonde started blistering her ass with open handed slaps. The brunette jumped and cried out with each and every slap, but it was clear that the blonde had her in a very bad way at the moment.

“That would be fun!” Riker said at the current exchange between the two combatants.

“Do you want to be the one getting or giving the spanking?” Worf teased his friend. Riker looked embarrassed as he didn’t realize that he had verbalized his intimate thoughts in the presence of his friends. The captain just looked over at Riker curious about his answer. But no answer was forth coming and they all returned their gaze back to the viewing screen.

The blonde was glad that she went with this particular simulation. The brunette posed quite the challenge. But if the Playmate was as tough as that historian IRISH documented, the security chief would easily hold her own in the past. Maybe in the future she would make sure to run more “Catfighting” scenarios when she had the opportunity to do so. Maybe even mixing it up with this particular Playmate again.

The ass beating continued until the blonde’s hands started to sting. The fabric of the tights hurt her palms, but clearly not as much as it was hurting the brunette’s ass. Yar stopped and rubbed her hands together trying to take away the stinging sensation. Another cruel idea crossed her mind. If the tights were the source of her pain, she could easily change that! Grabbing hold of the waist band of Karen’s tights, the security chief started rolling them down until they cleared the brunette’s ass. With the offending material now strategically placed at Karen’s upper thighs, she was free to go on the offensive once again.

With the renewed beating came a new level of pain to the Playmate’s ass. It was soon glowing a reddish hue. The cries of pain increased and so did the level of satisfaction that the blonde was feeling. “How’s this feel tough bitch? Are you ready to submit to the better woman?” the security chief taunted.

This suddenly wasn’t as much fun or rewarding as the battle had been earlier for the blonde. Maybe she should spice things up a bit and further decimate her opponent. The next time the two would meet she wanted to be sure that the brunette heard footsteps and feared her mere presence. This might be even more fun next time around. She thought to herself.

The security chief stood and spun 180. She was now facing the Playmate’s head and took a moment to admire her handy work that she had inflicted on the brunette’s ass. Since she was now feeling an extreme draft over her entire body, she felt it would only be right for the Playmate to feel the same. She grabbed hold of the rolled tights at the top of the brunette’s legs and unceremoniously started peeling them down the rest of the way.

When the blonde reached the top of Karen’s boots, she ran into the same problem that the brunette had earlier. There was no way to strip the tights completely off of the brunette without removing them. The fact that men had a thing for a naked woman just in boots was not lost on the security chief. Maybe she would put them back on when she was done. I’m sure the crew that would be watching the replay of this simulation would appreciate that greatly.

With the tights tightly wrapped around Karen’s legs just above her boots, Yar knelt down at Karen’s feet and grabbed hold of her legs by the ankles with the intent of rolling her over. It was a bit of a struggle getting started, but once she had the brunette’s body in motion, momentum took over and she flopped over onto her back. The Playmate’s top arm continued over until it crashed to the deck above Karen’s head. The side zippers in the uniform boots made their removal and the removal of the tights easy for the blonde.

With the brunette completely nude, the blonde’s eyes washed over the helpless woman’s body. And to be fair she was quite the sight. The long muscular legs traveled upward to a neatly trimmed bush. “What was that all about?” the blonde thought to herself. Continuing her journey north she admired the brunette’s taught abs. This woman from the past clearly took care of herself. Her perfectly shaped breast jutted out proudly from her chest. The blonde was surely jealous of those. Her face was angelic. Even with the painful look on her face after the hard fought battle, she was still very beautiful. She felt a strange feeling between her legs. Something she hadn’t felt before. Maybe the Playmate could help her explore exactly what that meant.

She was snapped out of her trance when Karen began to stir. Her eyes wandered a little further north where she saw the brunette’s muscular right arm cast above her head. It looks like she could still do some real damage to the blonde given the opportunity. She had to make sure that would not happen. Yar reached down and picked up the tights and draped them behind her neck, over her shoulders. She now reached down and grabbed the brunette by the wrist of her outstretched arm. Using it as a handhold she started dragging the larger woman over towards the captain’s chair.

Karen felt a new and sudden pain in her right shoulder. It was at that point she realized that she was being dragged across the floor by her right arm. Yar for her part was having her own difficulties. The brunette was a lot sturdier and harder to drag than she had thought. Now that the Playmate was starting to come around, she seemed to be dragging her feet making the journey that much more difficult for the security chief. A few more feet and she would have the brunette in the captain’s chair where she would use the woman’s own tights to bind her to the chair. Once restrained, she could do anything that she wanted to her foe. Maybe use her beautiful face to further explore the growing lust growing between her legs.

When the security chief had dragged the Playmate all the way over to the chair, she stopped and released the brunette’s arm. Her hands then shot to Karen’s hair and used it as a handhold to drag the Playmate up onto unsteady legs. The two women made brief eye contact. The security chief placed the palms of her hands on each of Karen’s shoulders and shoved the brunette back into the chair. It certainly wasn’t designed for comfort as Karen’s head crashed back up against the high seat back. Taking the uniform tights off of her shoulders, Yar grabbed Karen by the wrist and went to work binding the Playmate’s wrist with the strong material.

Once the blonde had the material tightly secured the brunette’s wrist, she used both hands to grab Karen’s arm and force it down onto the chair’s armrest. The Playmate realized what was happening and her struggles renewed with a fury. She couldn’t let this bitch restrain her. God know what she would do to her once she was completely immobilized.

“You still think your dark haired heroine is going to pull this off?” Worf asked Riker.

He had to admit that it certainly didn’t look good for his champion. But why would IRISH spend so much time documenting her exploits if she wasn’t something special. “Let’s just see how things turn out.” Riker said almost pleadingly.

With the brunette now struggling, Yar had her arm on top of the armrest and knelt on it to make it easier to hold into place. This allowed both of the blonde’s hands to go to work tying the tights to the armrest. Karen’s body was now shaking with strain as every fiber of her being struggled to prevent the blonde from completing her mission.

The security chief was completely focused on securing Karen’s arm. Once that arm was out of the equation, she would then go after the brunette’s other arm. As she leaned into her work, she could feel the Playmate’s warm breath against the side of her breast. “This is going to be so much fun!” she reassured herself as she glanced over in to the eyes of the Playmate. Woman vs. woman, who would win and claim the other as their prize? Right now the odds were looking pretty good in favor of the security chief.

When the two women made eye contact the blonde couldn’t help but taunt her rival. “Don’t worry baby. I’m going to make sure that this is worth every second of my time! You will be stuck in this simulation and be my personal play thing anytime I feel the need. I’m sure that you can teach me a lot about the ways from your time. But first I’m going to grind myself right into that pretty little face of yours. Now be a good little bitch and cooperate so that we can get started.” The security chief proclaimed to her captive.

Staring intently into Karen’s eyes, Yar’s imagination was already running wild. In another minute the games would begin, and the three men watching from a far were almost as excited for that as the blonde was. With no other options, Karen put all of her remaining strength into a wild haymaker of a punch. The Playmate’s left hand scored a direct hit into the security chief’s previously injured nose. The blonde saw stars and fell off of the armrest to the floor, her face now a mask of pain as blood started to flow from both nostrils.

It took a minute using only her left hand, but Karen was able to free her right hand from its bindings. Once free she pushed herself out of the chair and stood. Her body was wracked with pain but she had to push through the pain and go onto the offensive. With the tights clenched in her right hand, Karen stepped behind the fallen blonde. Wrapping it around the blonde’s neck, she used it to pull the security chief to her feet.

Turning back to back, Karen leaned forward lifting Yar’s feet off the ground in the process. The security chief’s feet were kicking like crazy. I don’t know if it was instinct, muscle reaction, or just a feeble attempt to free her. Whichever it was it had absolutely zero effect on the pissed off brunette. Karen just held tight, choking the blonde as she went.

The Playmate didn’t want to kill the blonde, at least not just yet, so she stood upright lowering Yar’s feet to the deck. In the blonde’s current condition it was clear that her legs were unable to support her own weight. That didn’t matter to the brunette; grabbing Yar by the throat Karen just heaved her backwards into the captain’s chair.

The sudden jolt stunned the blonde and she started to stir. Karen still had the tights in her hands and started wrapping them around her hands. “Computer stop the simu….” The security chief tried calling out to stop the simulation, but Karen had step forward and jammed the material into the blonde’s mouth, pressing Yar’s head against the back of the chair. The blonde struggled to free herself, but Karen drove her knee into the blonde’s solar plexus, driving all the air from her body.

Still forcing the blonde’s head against the chair with the material forced into her open mouth, the brunette stepped around the back of the chair and tightly tied the tights together trapping the security chief’s head against the chair back. The blonde tried to grab the tights and pull the material out of her mouth but Karen grabbed both of her arms from behind the chair.

Using scraps of the discarded, shredded, uniforms, Karen used them to secure each of Yar’s forearms to the arms of the chair. The blonde wasn’t going anywhere soon as the brunette moved around the front of the captain’s chair to secure the blonde’s legs to the chair completely immobilizing her. Grabbing another scrap of uniform, Karen grabbed hold of the blonde’s left ankle. After a brief struggle she managed to secure the third limb to the chair. That left just one to go.

The security chief’s demeanor changed from one of defeat and acceptance, to one of pure panic. With a fresh scrap of uniform in her hands, the brunette moved in to finish up the job. As she got close, the blonde fired a desperate kick at the brunette. The catfight Gods smiled upon her as the blonde’s foot connected with the point of the brunette’s chin.

The results were that the Playmate fell backwards landing flat on her back. Karen’s ears were ringing and she could taste her own blood in her mouth as she must have bitten her tongue. The security chief breathed a sigh of relief as the brunette currently posed no threat to her. Sure she only was able to control the movement of her right leg. But for right now she would take the win and try and catch her breath.

Karen still wasn’t moving. She stayed on the deck trying to formulate a plan. What the hell was it going to take to put this psycho down once and for all? As she lie there she felt something on her leg. It was the security chief’s foot. The blonde wasn’t trying to kick her or anything; she was just using her foot to probe. Once she felt Karen’s shin she guided her foot up the Playmate’s leg past her knee and up her thigh. It was like she was using her foot as a range finder. Good news, bad news for the brunette. The good news was Karen’s mid-thigh was as far as the blonde could reach. The bad news was that the security chief lifted her leg as high as she could and fired in down on the target that she had just painted.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” The Playmate screamed as her leg exploded in pain as the heel of the security chief’s foot found its mark. This brought a big smile to the blonde’s face. With her head strapped back tightly to the captain’s chair she really couldn’t see what was happening. But with the sense of touch and now the sense of hearing she knew that she had hurt the brunette.

As the brunette clutched her injured leg in pain, she once again felt Yar’s foot reaching out, probing for another target. The security chief once again lifted her leg, reloading, ready to deliver another painful blow. The blonde’s foot sliced through the air but luckily for the brunette, she was able to pull her leg out of the way at the last minute.

“Ummmmppphhhh!” was the muted cry of pain this time coming from the security chief. The tights in her mouth had a direct effect on her scream, but it hurt like hell just the same. Using her arms, Karen pulled herself a safe distance so that she was out of range of the blonde where she could lick her wounds before going back on the offensive. When she caught her breath, the pissed off Playmate started crawling towards the restrained blonde making sure to stay out of sight and out of range until she was able to strike.

The security chief’s foot hurt like hell. She knew she couldn’t with stand another miss, striking her heel on the metal deck of the bridge floor. With her head pulled back against the chair pretty much the only direction that she could look was up. With the brunette down on the floor, out of sight, all she could do was prepare for the Playmate’s next attack that would surely be coming at any moment.

As she blankly stared at the ceiling, Yar just prayed for a miracle. “Hey! What was that?” Was her mind playing tricks on her? In the glass panels of the bridge’s ceiling did she just see a reflection? Had her prayers been answered?

Karen cautiously approached the blonde. First crawling on all fours. As she got closer she appeared more confident that the security chief couldn’t see her, and had hurt her foot on her last attempt to stomp down on the brunette. And if the blonde had done half as much damage to her own foot as she had done to the brunette’s thigh, she didn’t think that the security chief would be looking to stomp on her again.

Still looking up at the ceiling, the blonde waited for the brunette to reach out with both hands to grab her leg. Karen’s plan was to grab hold of the limb with both hands and immobilize it. Once she had it neutralized, she would grab the last strip of shredded uniform to tie it to the chair like she had done to the blonde’s other three limbs.

Still looking up at the ceiling, the blonde waited for the brunette to reach out with both hands to grab her leg. Karen’s plan was to grab hold of the limb with both hands and immobilize it. Once she had it neutralized, she would grab the last strip of shredded uniform to tie it to the chair like she had done to the blonde’s other three limbs.

Another primal scream came from the wounded Playmate. She clutched her wounded globe and fought back tears. Karen seemed to be in utter shock. Her pain filled body was running on pure adrenalin, and the adrenalin tank was just about empty. Still upright on her knees, the brunette presented a target that the blonde could only hope for.

It was like the catfight Gods had teed up the Playmate like a golf ball on a par five hole at Augusta. There was another blur of flesh as the blonde’s foot exploded into the side of the brunette’s face. The next thing you heard was the sound of Karen’s head hitting the deck of the bridge. She had been knocked out by the security chief.

“What do we do now?” Riker asked his friends.

“I think I should take the dark haired woman into custody.” Worf offered. The Klingon seemed a little too anxious to get his hands on the Playmate.

“Relax!” the captain commanded. “It’s a fucking simulation! Let’s just wait and see how this plays out.” Since this was “his” ship, the two subordinates just nodded in agreement.

Looking up at the ceiling, Yar realized just how effective her last kick was. The brunette wasn’t playing possum; she was clearly knocked out at the blonde’s feet. This had stopped the brunette’s attack, but she was still restrained to the captain’s chair and unable to free herself. She couldn’t even call out to the computer to stop or even change the simulation due to the gag in her mouth. “If people are going to be watching this, let’s give them a show! Shall we?” the security chief asked the unresponsive brunette not expecting and answer.

Using her free right foot, like she had an arsenal of other weapons, the security chief started probing the Playmate’s body once again. It seemed like she had a heightened sense of touch using just the sole of her foot. Sliding her foot up the brunette’s shin, over her knee, and back onto her thigh. This time instead of another painful stomp, the devious security chief had other plans.

Yar seemed to have chosen the perfect landmark. She could almost feel the lump in Karen’s thigh. She had found the exact spot of her debilitating strike a few minutes earlier. This time however, instead of delivering another blow to the exact same spot that surely would have had the brunette walking with a limp for weeks to come, the blonde had another plan. Sure she could have hurt the Playmate, but she was the one who was still restrained. If her plan worked maybe she could get the big brunette to untie her. At that point the brunette’s injured leg would absolutely be a prime target for the security chief.

Instead the blonde’s foot traveled across the front of Karen’s thigh until her toes came to rest on the inner point of Karen’s right thigh. Once there she wiggled her toes, forcing their way between both of the brunette’s legs. The Playmate was still unresponsive so the security chief took the opportunity for her foot to travel north once more. When her big toe brushed up against Karen’s moist folds, she knew that she had found the Promised Land. “If I’m nice to you, will you be nice to me? Maybe untie me so I can really show my appreciation?” the blonde asked the unresponsive brunette.

“I think I’m going to need a cold shower!” this comment was uttered by the captain. He was even more entranced with the images on the viewing screen. His two subordinates just nodded in agreement. They both seemed to be at a loss for words.

Since the brunette didn’t protest her advancements, the blonde took that as an invitation to continue. Besides anyone who was watching this was definitely going to be in for a good show. The security chief wasn’t absolutely confident that her new plan would lead to her freedom. But if it did, then it would be the Playmate who would be strapped to the captain’s chair. When she was done having her fun with the bigger woman, maybe she would invite a few of her crew mates to participate in her simulation.

With little effort the blonde’s big toe slipped into the Playmate. First she just circled the inside of the brunette, stretching her a little and getting the unwilling participant to release some lubricant. This certainly was going to make things easier. “Come on in!” Her big toe said to the others. “The water is fine!”

Karen’s body was responding to the stimulation even though she had no idea what was going on. Her muscles seemed to relax and her lips parted making it easier for the blonde to slide in a few more toes. She wanted to make sure not to hurt the big brunette. The only way that her plan would work was if she made the next few moments the greatest of the Playmate’s life. Wiggling her toes around inside the brunette, the blonde started sliding them deeper into her victim.

The security chief smiled as the Playmate let out a low moan. The brunette’s body was responding just as she had planned. Karen still couldn’t get her muscles to respond. She wanted nothing more than pulling Yar’s invading foot from her and stop the unwanted invasion. But as hard as she tried, even with the amount of time she spent in the gym working hard on her body, she just couldn’t move an inch. It seemed that the only muscles in her body that still had any response at all were the ones deep inside her vagina. And at the current moment they had a mind of their own and refused to respond to her brain’s commands to clench tightly and force the blonde’s foot out from inside her. No, the security chief soon had the Playmate’s body humming.

Karen was now moaning loudly. It almost seemed that her hips were now responding to the blonde’s stimulation as well. The security chief was pleased with her progress and pushed on with her plan. The blonde’s foot was now freely slipping in and out of her victim and she was sure that it wouldn’t be long before she brought the brunette to an explosive climax. “Uh! Uh! Uh! Ohhhhhh!’ right on cue Karen’s body shuttered as she released a heavy flow of her delicate juices.

“Holy shit! Did you just see that?” Riker cried out to his friends. “She fucking made her cum! He continued.

“And a pretty explosive one at that too! Women like Yar ruin women like McDougal for guys like us.” The captain said sadly. Worf had no idea what he was talking about, but Riker just nodded his head in agreement.

“How was that baby?” Yar asked Karen. “Was it good for you too?” but the brunette just lie there speechless. Her battered and beaten body would not respond to her commands. Now with the explosive orgasm she felt that even more of her strength had been drained from her. Actually it was worse than that… the orgasm claimed more than physical strength from the big brunette.

Looking up at the reflection the security chief admired her handy work. Sure the picture was fuzzy to see and tough to make out clearly, but it was a beautiful picture just the same. She withdrew her foot from the Playmate’s gaping hole and she could feel Karen’s sticky juices dripping from her toes. “Before my foot dries, let’s see if this bitch is ready for the next phase of my plan.” Yar thought.

The security chief used the heal of her foot to feel around this time. She wanted to take care not to wipe off any of Karen’s juices from her toes. The brunette’s thin strip of pubic hair guided the blonde’s foot towards its destination. Karen’s once taught stomach muscles didn’t feel as taught and strong as they had been at the start of the fight. Yar knew that a hard stomp to this now sensitive spot would surely end the Playmate’s night. But no, that wouldn’t get her untied and set free. “Keep going!” she told herself.

When the blonde’s foot reached the brunette’s breasts she paused her upward journey. There was just something about them that mesmerized the blonde. They were firm, perfectly shaped, and a whole lot of fun to play with! Once she regained the use of her hands she would have to revisit them for closer inspection. Again a sharp kick to these delicate targets would surely hurt the brunette but that would have to be a theory to test later. “Concentrate!” she commanded her mind and body. The journey north continued.

Yar’s heel traveled across Karen’s breasts finding the Playmate’s left shoulder. Correcting the trajectory of her travels she found Karen’s thin neck. A blow right here would possible kill the Playmate. “I certainly can’t do that!’ she told herself…. “Yet!”

Her foot traveled across Karen’s neck and followed its way up the brunette’s chin, tracing its way across the Playmate’s face starting there. She soon felt the warmth of Karen’s labored breath on the sole of her foot. “This certainly would be a good place to start!” the security chief thought to herself. The Playmate’s lips were soft and inviting. She started working her foot down, running the sole of her foot against the Playmate’s lips.

As she slid her foot across Karen’s mouth, the Playmate’s head rotated to the side until her cheek met the floor. The sole of her foot held the brunette’s foot into position for her. In the meantime Karen became aware of an unpleasant odor. It was a mixture of feet and another familiar odor. “Was that cum?” she thought to herself. The sole of the blonde’s foot was directly across the opening of the Playmate’s mouth. Her cum soaked toes dangled right in front of her nose making the odor even stronger. Karen’s eyes jolted open wide in response. The blonde just wiggled her toes causing a little of the collected juice to drop down onto the brunette’s upper lip. There would be no getting away from the stench now!

As repulsed as she was, Karen still didn’t have the strength to pull away from the blonde’s foot. Yar sensed this too and slid her foot further down, dragging her sole and then her toes, across the Playmate’s lips. The move left a sticky trail like a slug had just slithered past. But in actuality it took on the appearance of lip gloss. Still with the Playmate unable to offer any resistance, the blonde shoved her toes into Karen’s open mouth.

The brunette gagged and tried to rotate her head away from the offending appendage, but there was no escape. The blonde just tracked the brunette’s head movement making sure to never break contact. When the back of the Playmate’s head was flat on the floor, Yar rotated her leg so that her foot was now perpendicular with the opening of Karen’s mouth. The brunette tried to clench her jaw shut, trying to stop the security chief’s advances. But between Karen’s weakened state and the natural lubricant on Yar’s foot, the security chief was able to push her foot past the brunette’s defenses.

The Playmate started to panic! With the offending foot being jammed down her throat it made it hard to breath. For her part the blonde was doing everything she could to have her foot remain in place. “Soon this bitch is going to be worshiping my feet! And when I’m free I’m going to leave a direct deposit in her mouth, no toes required!”

Karen was finally getting her body to respond. While they felt like they were made of lead, she was able to lift her arms off of the deck and grabbed hold of Yar’s foot. The security chief was caught by surprise by the sudden resistance offered by the brunette. She thought that she had her defeated both physically and mentally. Now the bigger woman was fighting back!

Both women were shaking from the strain of the struggle. Karen was able to remove Yar’s foot from her mouth, but wasn’t having much progress past that. The brunette was still using both hands, but at the current moment the advantage appeared to be shifting in favor of the blonde. Legs were stronger than arms, pushing down was easier than pushing up, and even restrained Yar seemed to be a lot fresher than her Playmate counterpart.

Not having any luck stuffing her foot back into Karen’s mouth, the blonde abandoned that attack and decided to shift gears. With the Playmate solely concentrating on pushing the blonde’s foot away, it was fairly easy for the security chief to pull it away and out of the grasp of the brunette.

Karen’s arms crashed back to the floor once the blonde pulled her leg free. She was relieved to be able to breathe but feared the worse when she saw the blonde lifting her foot as high as she could like she was reloading. The Playmate could see the muscles in the security chief’s leg fire as the blonde’s foot began its rapid descent clearly looking to incapacitate her victim. Running on fumes Karen started rolling out of the way as fast as she could.

But it wasn’t fast enough! She was only partially clear of the angry blonde’s foot as it struck home. The foot’s intended target was the Playmate’s belly. But even with the brunette’s movement, the blonde’s foot slammed into Karen’s side.

Still looking up at the reflection, Yar saw just how devastating the blow to the Playmate was. Karen let out a howl as her back arched in pain. The blonde once again reloaded as she was looking to score another hit on the brunette, direct or otherwise. But luckily for the brunette Yar’s last kick and her attempt to roll away from the security chief had her body moving in a direction away from the blonde.

Once again Karen felt herself lying on the floor licking her wounds as she struggled to defeat the security chief. “She is strapped to a fucking chair and I can’t put her away! What the fuck is wrong with me?” Karen thought. In the meantime more and more of the blonde’s strength was returning to her. If she was able to get the Playmate in range again she was intent on hurting her bad. The hell with the plan to try and get her to untie her! That was a pipe dream anyway.

In the captain’s quarters the three men exchanged glances. They couldn’t believe how long the battle was lasting. It was amazing the amount of punishment that the two women were able to dish out and absorb. One thing was for sure, this couldn’t go on much longer!

Looking at the reflection Yar could see the brunette wreathing in pain. “How did that feel sweetie? Do you want some more? Why don’t you come over here and see if you are woman enough to take another kick?” the security chief taunted her foe. “Better yet, why don’t you come over here and untie me? I promise I will take it easy on you. I promise to fuck you to climax a dozen more times. Don’t deny it! I know that you enjoyed it!” If someone was to find the two women right now the security chief was going to come off on the recordings as the victor despite her current predicament.

Even though the blonde was gagged, for some reason Karen heard her voice crystal clear. She was hurt badly, sore, and almost completely drained of all of her energy. The thought of surrender seriously crossed her mind. Having the battle end, the promise of pleasure by the pretty blonde were definitely enticing. Who was she kidding if she untied the blonde the security chief would surely kill her; beat her senseless, or both!

“How the fuck was this bitch hitting her with such insane accuracy while she was restrained and at my mercy?” Karen asked herself. She started rolling over on her back and saw Yar lifting her leg again as Karen rolled back into range again. It was then the Playmate noticed the reflection in the ceiling too. As the security chief’s foot came slamming down again, Karen was barely able to roll out of the way.

The blow to her heal having struck the metal decking with such great force had hurt the blonde again. Karen rolled further away from the captain’s chair making sure to stay out of the range of the blonde. Staying low to the ground, the Playmate circled to Yar’s left, making sure to stay out of the range of her one free leg. Why didn’t she think of this earlier? She asked herself. She made her way to the side of the captain’s chair and used it to pull herself to her feet. Yar struggled against the restraints desperate to get at the brunette. She swayed on unsteady legs having to hold onto the chair for support. It took a moment, but the Playmate found her sea legs.

Looking the blonde right in the eyes, Karen took great satisfaction as she sent a backhanded chop directly to the security chief’s throat. It was clear to the Playmate that it had the desired effect by the way the blonde gagged and struggled to breathe.

Regaining some of her confidence, Karen stepped forward and kicked her left leg up and over the arm of the chair. Before the blonde realized what was going on, Karen was sitting on her lap, in the chair, facing the security chief. Dropping her ass as well as her entire body weight on the top of Yar’s thighs, the brunette suddenly wasn’t worried about the devastating effects of the blonde’s kick.

Sitting comfortably, Karen reached out with both hands and pinched down as hard as she could on Yar’s small be very sensitive nipples. With a firm grip Karen rotated her hands inward, violently twisting the blonde’s nipples. The security chief’s body shot up straight in the chair nearly toppling Karen from her lap. But the determined brunette had to make sure that the blonde was unable to dish out any more punishment. And to be frank, she was already at the limits of her threshold of pain and knew that she couldn’t take any more at the hands of the blonde.

Karen released Yar’s nipples and sunk her left hand into the nubs of the security chief’s short blonde hair. With her right hand she pressed it right up against the blonde’s sternum. Like in a Bruce Lee movie, Karen only retracted her fist back slightly just barely breaking skin contact. With her target lined up Karen fired the short punch leaving her victim wreathing from the pain and loss of air.

The Playmate moved her left hand so that it was now grasping the top of the back of the chair. With her right hand the brunette started firing short right hands aimed directly into the blonde’s belly. The punches were rapid fire, all striking the exact same spot. It was clear that their effects were cumulative and extremely effective.

The blonde was left breathless as Karen slid her ass down Yar’s thighs’ over her knees and down the front of her legs. The Playmate thrust her hips forward holding Yar’s right leg in place against the chair. Reaching over she grabbed the last strip of discarded uniform and tightly secured the blonde woman’s against the leg of the captain’s chair. With that last piece of the puzzle in place, the security chief was now completely restrained to the chair.

Not leaving anything to chance, Karen grabbed hold of some additional bindings. Rather than retie the first set, the brunette just tied them over the top of the existing restraints that had become loose due to the blonde’s struggles. The new set of restraints were much tighter, and much more secure than the first set. No this bitch wasn’t going anywhere soon!

Once she finished, Karen took a moment to catch her breath and regroup. Glancing over at one of the work stations she noticed a pitcher and a glass. She limped over and poured herself a glass of cold water. She rinsed the taste of cum out of her mouth and then set back to teaching this bitch a lesson. She didn’t ask to be here, this was the blonde’s fantasy. And now the brunette was going to make it her nightmare!

The Playmate made her way back over to the captain’s chair and noticed some controls right on the side of the chair. “Let’s see what these do?” Karen asked the blonde as she started pressing buttons. Like a Lazy-Boy recliner from Karen’s time period, the buttons reclined the chair until the brunette felt that she had the blonde in the perfect position.

Karen stepped up on the captain’s chair with her right foot placing it between Yar’s leg and the arm of the chair. Next she stepped up with her left foot placing it between the arm of the chair and Yar’s other leg. “This looks like a comfortable seat!” the brunette teased the blonde.

Karen held on to the back of the captain’s chair for stability and slowly turned 180 degrees so that she was now facing away from the blonde. With the gag still tightly in place the brunette didn’t have to worry about getting bitten. She slowly lowered her ass into place until Yar’s little nose was in just the right spot. With her left hand she continued to hold onto the chair. With her right hand she brushed her hair aside and looked up at their reflected image. “Computer how about a little music?” Karen asked. She was soon grinding her ass on the face of the security chief to the beat of what could only be described as 1980’s stripper music.

Soon Karen’s heart rate and respirations were reaching red line as she ground away. Spinning around she now straddled Yar’s face and held on tightly as she ground away some more. The brunette reached one of the greatest orgasms that she had ever experienced, this at the security chief’s expense. After she had completely drained all of her juices on the blonde’s face and her vitals started returning to normal, the Playmate once again looked up at her reflection and breathlessly said “Beam me up Scotty!” As a smile crossed her face.

The image of the naked brunette vanished from the captain’s viewing screen leaving just the restrained security chief strapped to the chair. “Mr. Riker will you please go clean up the simulation room?” the captain said to his subordinate.

“Eye-eye captain!” Was the dutiful response from the junior officer who headed out of the captain’s quarters on his way to see security chief Yar.


London River vs Penny Barber

Daisy Ducati vs Diamond Banks
Daisy Ducati vs Diamond Banks