Kate Beckinsale vs. Charlize Theron


Introduction (First fight) with the italic is the real fact

Charlize Theron on Being Injured While Filming “Aeon Flux”:
“It was around the tenth or the ninth day of shooting so it was pretty early on. We still had a whole film to do. I did a back handspring, gymnastics back handspring, had done 18 of them back to back and I just slipped and landed on my neck with my body straight out so with all my weight onto my neck and herniated the disk between my third and fourth vertebrae. And it had slipped and was really loose and was close to my spinal cord and I was hospitalized for five days in Berlin and then came back here and saw some doctors. I had some nerve damage, it was numb and on the right side of my body…. I came back six weeks later…. I was doing five hours a day of physiotherapy and went back with the physiotherapist and kept working with her as well.”

L.A. 2005. Charlize Theron has return from Berlin after a serious injury while the filming of “Aeon Flux”. Her insistence to make all the dangerous scenes without replacement of a stand-in women was the reason for the injury of her vertebral column. Now out of hospital, she tries to recover while the filming has been interrupted.

Tonight Theron and her boyfriend Stewart are invited to a humanitarian Gala. She is extremely sexy in a black see-through dress and with her high-heels on, and conquers attention in the garden of ceremony. But there is an also another gorgeous actress who focalize the entirety of gazes on her. Kate Beckinsale, in a beautiful also revealing red dress looks like the princess of tale. Charlize can’t hide her admiration but also her jealousy of the sweet brunette. The two goddesses meet each other very soon. They aren’t close friends, but they have a good relationship without contraries. The blond turned down the lead role in “Pearl Harbor” and Kate made that same role her big step in Hollywood. They kiss each other and have a friendly typical discussion, but the person whom Kate is more effusive over, is Theron’s boyfriend. They are close friends from their first film “Shooting Fish” before 10 years, in their career’s common start in Great Brittan.

Soon the pair separated and Charlize has a “close and personal” with another actress. Ashley Judd had approached the sexy South African trying to seduce her. Theron encouraged her and the sexy brunette takes the chance and takes the blond away to a secret place in the garden. Charlize surrenders into Ashley’s “care”. They kissed for a full 5 mins before the brunette began to fondle and kiss blonde’s divine body. Charlize enjoyed the contact since this woman reminds her, of another tough gal who is always in her mind; her big passion, Angelina Jolie! After 15 hot minutes both girls return to ceremony. The “insatiable” Ashley exploits the darkness and continues to grope Charlize's ass behind her. But the blond has her eyes on another groping by a female's hand. Kate’s hand squeezes the ass of her boyfriend! And the worst is that he smiles!

Full in anger Charlize followed Kate into the toilet. She locked the door and approached the brunette beauty.

“Hi sweet princess…” says the angry blond.

Kate turns to the voice behind her, but then accepts a drink in her face! Blinded, she is trying to understand what happened, but her rival slaps her and drops her to the ground. When Kate’s vision begins clearing, she sees the tall blonde upon her, in a dominating pose.

What on hell? Charlize? Are you crazy? What are you…?”

Before the sweet actress finishes her question, Charlize grabs her right arm and bent it forcibly behind her back. She forces the dazzled woman with violence inside the WC. Seated on the toilet, Charlize puts the brunette on her lap.

“Look, arrogant bitch. You are in Hollywood because I gave you this goddamned role. You made your career eating my garbage. But if you think that you can eat my man, you are the queen of idiots. And you will learn it immediately… slut! The only thing you can take from me is an old fashioned…”






The punishment of Kate’s ass was kept going 3 or 4 minutes before Charlize let her dropped to the floor on all fours, with her long brown hair covering her flushed face. The blond drags her then and lifts the helpless woman back to her feet. She pins Kate against the wall and begins to squeeze her womanhood violently.

“Poor kitty-Kate… you are so sweet… but you must know that Stewart’s ass is my property… so the only thing I can give you is THIS…”

Kate was sobbing in tears as Charlize’s strokes climaxed her wild. The blond gave her a long passionate but also aggressive kiss, before let her slid on her beaten ass.

You are not woman enough to take my boyfriend… bitch!” Charlize said and gave a last punch on Kate’s chin. She left leaving her destroyed rival semiconscious in the toilet…

Stewart saw her suddenly approach him fast. He smiled suspicious but the tall blonde gave him a knee on his balls! He folded in pain as his girlfriend screamed insults.

“Tonight you will sleep out. If you approach the house I will cut your dig and I’ll send it to this British whore… fucking jerk.”

Chapter 1 (New fight)

Later in her house at Beverly Hills, Charlize tried to find her calmness. Dressed in “2 Days in the Valley” white lingerie under her silk, cut in the thighs robe, she was walking nervously in living room and smoking cigarettes one after the other. She was wondering how to react to her boyfriend “cheating”. Suddenly the silence was broken by the door-bell ring. But the big surprise came when she saw the uninvited visitor. Still in her red dress, an angry Kate knocked the door violently. The blond was surprised by her courage. But the surprise was followed a grin and smile. Maybe the night wouldn’t be an absolute lost. Stewart was out, but maybe this sexy bombshell might make her night. She opened the door, standing with her extremely sexy body leaning with her right arm on the door frame, in a seducing pose. Her robe was unbuttoned, so Kate could admire her tall, hot, alabaster body.

“Hi sexy kitten! Ready for one more humiliation? But you must know that there is no return. If you get inside I will kick your ass again and I make you my personal slave! So…”

This unbelievable sexy icon changed for moment. Kate’s anger changed to a big embarrassment. But very soon with Charlize’s threats and her recently humiliation in her mind, Kate lost again her calmness. She pushed the blond angrily backward. One, two, three times... Charlize remained cool, without reaction. She continued to laugh ironically to her rival.

“Who do you think are you bitch? You destroyed my night, my dress, my hair for a silly joke. If I wanted your boyfriend I would take him whenever I wanted… silly bloody whore… I am a much better woman than you and Stu knows it. Dumb blonde… you will pay for this.” Kate said and attacked to the taller woman.

She grabbed Charlize’s shoulder and the blond under the pressure made few steps backward again. But then she grabbed Kate’s wrists and forced them back. For a moment both beauties were standing unmoved, trying to take the advantage. But then the more experienced blond twisted her body, exploiting her rival’s pressure and sent her rolling across the floor. The confused English was on her feet quickly but the dominant blond looked at her arrogantly from above…

“Kitty Katie poor sweet little Kitten. I like that you are proud and fight although you know that it is futile. So I promise a sweet erotic beating…” Charlize said smiling, sure about her superiority.

The women now make circles with her arms extended. They grabbed each other's neck in a double headlock side by the side, trying to drop her rival down. But Charlize, being taller heavier and stronger, soon takes the advantage and now spins the brunette around like a puppet. Beckinsale tried to control the fight but the blond, with her right leg made her stumbled. After few circles Kate was on the floor again but Charlize didn’t exploit it continuing to laugh and play with her rival. Kate rushed again but this time Charlize grabbed her wrists and spun the brunette 180o around her body, like a dancing figure. The English gal now is trapped between her captured arms. The blond bombshell with a back kneed double arm choke, immobilizing her and cutting off her breath …

“Oooo… mmmpphh…ggghhh…lleeeettmmth…” Kate moaned as she couldn’t breathe!

“Oooo… my poor kitty-Kate. I have heard that you took martial arts training for all those vampires garbage. Where is Selene’s fight spirit… sweetie? Wow… Aeon Flux dominates wild Selene! I want to hear you bitch. Who is better?” the dominant blond tightened her grip on Kate’s neck.

“Pleezzhh… stttpp it… gghhh… mmpph… pleez…” Kate pleaded as her red face was ready to explode.

“I can’t hear you!” Charlize with a playful tone in her voice demanded the answer…

“Yoooouuu… ghh… Aeewwnn Fluuu…phleeezz… I cnnnt nhh more…ghh”

Satisfied with Kate’s submission, Charlize let her dropped down. Kate is now on all fours and the blond took the chance to use her like a riding pony. She pulled her long silky hair back, using them for reins and spanked Kate's ass several times. But then the weak brunette collapsed with Charlize on her lower back. Kate took deep breaths but very soon was again in trouble. Using a camel-clutch, Charlize is destroying Kate again. Tears were running down her cheeks as passing out comes near. Again there is desperation, again there is pleadings… But the blond was little disappointed. She wanted a better fight but Kate was too little effort for her. The rumors were inaccurate. She was known as a classic dominatrix, she was a specialist in SM games, but her fighting skills are tragic. So she decided to pass in next part…

“Poor Kate… You fight like you act… miserable and pathetic. But you are so sexy. So if you submit and admit that I am prettier, stronger and a better woman, I set you free. You will rise; give me a good sensual striptease and we'll go upstairs to my room for the rest of the domination. At the end of the night you will say who fucks better. Stu or Charlize? Ok little slut? You will see… I can make you all those things… like a man… and more… mmmm my poor sweet kitty… mmmm” Charlize whispered sensually in Kate’s ear and licked it.

“Fuck you bitch… I am a better woman. Look at the polls ugly whore. I always beat you… big fat fucking bitch… AAAAAIIIIIMMMMFFF… no…no… stoooophhh…” Kate screamed as her dominator increased the pressure on her chin.

“Ooo… you mean all those poll of nerds. Well keep them. This is your target group. So… am waiting…” Charlize again challenged the beaten woman angrily, maybe because she was her nemesis on internet polls.

“Ooooh…ggghhhh… all right…ggghhh…. YOU ARE BETTER… I GIVVHH UPHH…. Pleeezz… letmgo… I cnnnnt…”

Charlize sets her free again, sits in an armchair and crossed her endless legs. The beaten woman rose to her feet slowly and hardly. She avoided looking at her conqueror in the eyes. With her face lowered, Kate kicked her shoes and started to undress. The irritated blond started whistling in the rhythm of “Put your hat on” Charlize interrupted herself with exclamations "WOW… yeah baby… take it off…" She wanted to destroy the sexy brunette totally both physically and mentally. With a big O on her mouth saw Kate’s superior body revealed down to her black lingerie.

“Mmm… it’s going better. I think that I must thank you. This night will be much better than if I would have stayed with stupid Stu… come on baby take off all of them. I want you completely naked. Yeaah!!!”

But then the brunette threw the dress in Charlize’s face! The blond reacted and got up quickly. Kate rushed at her, targeting her short blonde hair. Charlize expected this move but not the rising knee of her rival. The knee shot to her crotch made the tall woman doubled in pain. She dropped on her to back in the armchair with Kate upon her. The weight of the entangled women toppled the furniture and they begin rolling over and over on the floor. With both of their hands deep inside rival’s hair, it is a vicious hair pulling contest that they tried to overpower each other. They stopped with Kate upon Charlize.

The very flexible English vixen dropped her right thigh on blonde’s groin, making her grunted in pain and pinned her arms. But Charlize was stronger. She unpinned her arms and forced Kate’s back. The brunette was surprised from Theron’s power, she felt her body was weak as conquered by the blond once again. Slowly the situation came on down and the positions changed. Now the superior South African’s body was upon Kate’s. The British was very proud of her strong legs. But she saw in desperation they were forced wide open easily by Charlize’s more powerful pair. She groaned as the stronger woman grapevine pinned her. She tried to resist but it was in vain.

“Fucking bitch! My great-grandfather was Boer’s hero. She was kicking English asses. You goddamned British trash!"

The blond enjoyed Kate’s unsuccessful efforts to escape. She started again being playful since Beckinsale is too weak for reaction. She kissed her neck, licked her ears, then her cheeks and tried to seal her mouth with a passionate humiliating kiss. Kate shook her head desperately right and left, trying to avoid it but Charlize at the end found her target. Her tongue pushed back and dominated Kate’s but the beaten woman gave her a bite. Crazy from the pain, Charlize broke the kiss, sat on Kate’s belly and began slapping her face many times in full anger. Poor Kate was screaming, pleading but it was in vain as the blond had lost her cool. Tears were streaming down her cheeks…

“Pllleeeezzz… sttooppdd… doond… oooooh… please chaliiiizz… nooo… I can’t any more…oooohhh”

But Charlize was out of her mind's limits. She took two handfuls of Kate’s hair and began to slam her head against the floor several times, until the English woman's screams became sobs before the poor brunette eventually passed out. Charlize was really upset continued to slap Kate's face but it wasn’t necessary. Kate was out. Back on her feet, the blond started to kick her thighs until Kate's lifeless body toppled on her belly but also without a reaction. Still in pain, Charlize is seated on the armchair trying to massage her wounded tongue. The pain retreated and the satisfying blond tested her rival’s situation before going upstairs.

Chapter 2 (Final fight)

When Charlize came back in living room keeping a big metal dildo, she was surprised to discover that Kate had disappeared! With her senses on alert, she felt rather than saw her attacker. The angry brunette rushed from behind and succeeded in putting a full-nelson on blond. Charlize was in trouble but she knew that she was better fighter and her rival’s shape was one step from the end. She felt Kate’s hot and heavy breath on her neck. She tightened her neck and with all the power of her biceps, she pushed her elbows down. The English brunette was surprised from blonde’s power. Already she knew that this fight was a big mistake. Theron was too much for her. Her entangled fingers opened and her arms were trapped under Charlize’s armpits. But in her desperation she twisted blonde’s sensitive breast. She was lucky!

She didn’t know about Theron’s weak point. The blonde shrilled like a banshee, trying to escape and save her boobs. She squirmed around with Kate on her back. The brunette knew that this was her last hope and kept her grip on Charlize’s perky tits. As the torture continued the blond began crying in desperation, then grabbed Kate’s long silky hair, folded her torso and sent her flying away. The dazzled English vixen landed on her ass in front of Charlize, but the blond was already seated in the armchair massaging her extra sensitive tits. She was looking at the brunette with hate, regretting that she had underestimated her. And when the pretty gal moved on her, the blond was on her feet again waiting her for a new handle. But now Kate knew her mystic and Charlize was careful.

They pushed each other, before decided to entangle in a test of strength. As they tried to push their opponent's wrists back, Charlize took very soon the advantage. She forced Kate to take steps back. But before her back slammed on the wall, the brunette broke the grip. Theron grabbed her waist in a painful bearhug and lifted up her shorter rival from the floor. But then… the disaster!!! A loud CRACK sounded from her waist. The filming injury. Kate felt the suddenly relaxing of the blonde’s grip, freed her right hand and made a reverse headlock to Charlize. Both actresses dropped on the floor with Theron’s body on Beckinsale’s.

Charlize felt a thunderbolt on her vertebral column. Both girls kept their grips, breathing hardly and heavily. Charlize was ready to collapse. She tried to escape but Kate had understanding that something happened, so she tightened her legs around blonde’s waist. Another thunderbolt hit Charlize's body, making her desperately trying to claw and punch Kate’s face. She rolled between her rival’s legs but the dazzled brunette managed to close them before Charlize’s escape, by entangling her ankles. The situation overturned as the dominate blond was now helpless in Kate’s scissor. Charlize was feeling like her body cutting in two pieces, and unable even to scream; only cries and grunts…

“Staaaaphh… I cccannnt… oooooh… maa wstttt… Kaate I brokddd… stop… ooo Good…noooo…” Charlize just whispered…

But Kate had the opportunity of the night. She tightened her grip and soon felt that the blond had real damage and was out of fight. She sat on her rival’s belly, grasped her wrists and pinned the blonde under her.

“Kate… stop… I am wounded… please…” was Theron’s last words. A hell of pain had conquered her body. As the brunette’s long hair covered her face, Theron knew that she couldn’t wait mercy from her rival. In her desperation she made a last effort. Trying to ignore the pain she lifted her legs in front of Kate’s torso trying to topple her. But the English warrior now was controlling the fight. She put Charlize’s legs under her armpits and pushed her body in front making an incredible painful matchbox pin. Now Charlize, with hands and legs also trapped, was finished. She couldn’t breathe. She was ignoring the ironic and playful Kate, but she couldn’t ignore the pain. Her helpless body was out of it's limits. Her bones squeaked.

"My poor, sweet, little beauty. Do you want give up? I can’t hear you Charlize baby …" Kate brought back the blonde’s sarcasms…

“Mmmmm….mmm….. biiitch…mmmm…”

“Ok…my sweetie. I can stay here all night long. You can’t go anywhere sexy kitten….”Beckinsale said smiling although her beaten body hadn’t recovered.

But it wasn’t necessary. With her ankles besides her ears, her brain confused and with breath cutting nearly off, the end is coming. Charlize passed out. Kate felt no reaction from her rival. She stood up letting the legs of poor blond leaped loudly to the floor. It was over…

Epilogue (The domination)

In her sleep Charlize heard voices from far away. After she felt a hard painful sting on her ass. Another one… She had started to revive, when a violent drag on her neck made her moan. When she began to understand where she was, she saw herself on all four! Kate had her wearing a doggy collar and whipped her ass with a riding-whip, forcing her to make a walk around the living room! The pain from her waist had return. The Kate’s punishment was on the road. Trying to ignore the pain, Charlize attacked to her rival. Charlize wrapped Kate’s legs but very soon were between them again. She wanted to fight, but now she was the weak one. Easily the brunette made a body scissor on her rival and wrapping her arms around Charlize' head, then drove it between her perky boobs. Charlize’s limp body couldn’t react. Kate was keeping her smother only with one hand! The other was caressing the blonde's hair playfully as Kate kissed them. And this was so humiliating for the blond! In previous catfights she has accepted two bad beatings by smothering, but it was from the superior boobs of Monica Belluci and Angelina Jolie. Both are tough gals but now was… the weak Kate!!!

“Mmmm… my poor little baby… you are so sweet and weak… you can’t fight little Charlie! Why you don’t accept that I’m better woman? Mmm… my little poor loser…” it was time for Kate to play with her beaten rival.

Unfortunately, the proud but helpless blond couldn’t hear the ironic brunette. She had already passed out for second time…

The brunette observed for a while the body of the beaten unconscious beauty and afterward she lifted Charlize in her arms. She got to a bedroom and put her on the bed. After many slaps the blond had her senses again. Kate took her head beside hers and began a rhythmical move of metallic dildo inside Charlize’s mouth! She put her cell camera out to film the scene.

“Smile sweetie! It’s candid camera! I will show it to Stu later when I fuck him too. She must be proud of his slut. So… lick it bitch.” The dominate brunette ordered her victim and push the dildo viciously deeper...

“Noooommmm… stommppphhh… it…mmmm…” the blond screamed with a full mouth and pulled out the organ with her hand. But a hard slap sent her head on the pillow.

“Ok bitch. I can be malice. You fucking loser! If you want it this way… take it…” the brunette slid down her palm on Charlize’s womanhood. She began violent hard strokes. The blond moaned but her conqueror sealed her mouth with a long passionate aggressive kiss. Theron was already in her domination and unable to react. Her moans increased as she climaxed for the first time. With the help of the dildo Kate repeated it as simultaneously was licking her perky tits. There was the second unwanted orgasm, third, fourth…

“And learn something about history you dumb blondie… At the end British screw the Boers… and your grandfather…”

Finally Kate put her body on Charlize’s. The gorgeous blond sobbed as her womanhood, breast and mouth being dominated by Kate’s. As the brunette’s body became retrogressive on blonde’s, the orgasm came for both simultaneously. Charlize was on her bed exhausted, destroyed, with her half body numb and half in pain. She could only to wait her fate as the famous dominatrix punished her with erotic attacks to her beaten body. After two hours of domination, Beckinsale decided that the blond had taken too much. An Irish boy was waiting in the other house of the blond bombshell in Malibu. She had destroyed his girlfriend, so for this night he was her “prize”.

Last icon. Kate wears her clothes and leaves the room with the dildo in her hand, with Charlize semiconscious, naked, humiliated, dominated and raped on the bend….