Megan’s driver pulled up to the hotel entrance and Megan sighed. They always knew where to find her, the paparazzi. Even being out of the limelight for a few years had done little to kill the excitement her name brought to a film, a hotel, or a anything else she would be associated with.

You can pretend to hate it all you want, she thought to herself. You’ve missed this.

She smiled, put on her large sunglasses (even though it was nighttime) and stepped out of the car. Lights flashed. Voices cried her name. She walked the path between the velvet ropes like a goddess on earth. She was wearing a white dress that cut across her breasts and over one shoulder, cinched with a black belt around her waist. Her white heels made her stand three inches taller and boy, did she love it.

There was speculation as to why she was coming to this hotel in particular; news was circulating of a role in the new Marvel franchise Scarlet Witch and director Michael Bay was doing final interviews. And really, who else would he pick?

She was checked into the hotel soon and went up to her suite; a large room with a bar, sunken tub, balcony, and California King. She slipped into something more comfortable, as Michael had instructed. She lounged on her bed in a white lace corselet with matching G-string, garters and hose. She admired herself in the mirror as she waited. Her perfect breasts, larger now after motherhood nearly spilled out from her top. Her ass remained the perfect round set of hills. But of course, her lips (painted blood red for the interview) were always the thing that garnered the most attention.

Finally a knock on the door.

She slinked to the door and opened it.

“Alright, Mike,” she said. “I’ll take the part.”

Then her mouth fell open. It was not Michael

Standing there, wearing a long fur coat was Amber Heard; blonde, beautiful, and just as surprised as Megan was.

Amber couldn’t believe it. Michael had brought Megan along for the interview. She had been so excited to finally have a successful franchise to be a part of. Aquaman was sure to do just fine, but it wasn’t as promising as another Marvel series. Michael had told her to ‘dress to impress’ and knowing what that meant, she had donned her red lingerie (a corselet, G- string, garters and hose, just like Michael liked) thrown her fur coat on over and made her way to the room Michael had been given her. She had not let rumors of Megan Fox being up for the role bother her until the door opened and there she stood…

“Is Michael in there?” Amber asked.

“No.” Megan said, lounging in the doorway, hiding nothing from the world. “He’s supposed to be here soon. Need something?”

“He told me to be here.” Amber said, looking at what Megan had to offer. She was such a fake kind of beautiful; tits and ass, but no substance. She gave Megan a smirk. “Maybe I should come in and wait for him.”

She moved to enter and Megan threw an arm up in the doorway, blocking her.

“I don’t think so, sweetie.” Megan said. “I’ll tell him you came by, but I don’t think I need to share my time with him. We have a very important meeting you see…”

Suddenly, the phone in the room rang. Megan and Amber continued to look into each other’s eyes, sizing the other up.

“Might be Michael,” Amber said.

“Might be…” Megan said. “Fine, just don’t get comfortable.” Megan dropped her arm and walked into the suite’s large living room. She picked up the phone as Amber shut the door behind her.


“Megan, sweetie.” It was Michael. “Put me on speaker phone.”

Megan did so.

“Amber, hello!”

Megan and Amber looked at each other.

“How did you know--” Amber began.

“Secret cameras! I had them put in for the new, um, interview process.”

“What do you mean?” Megan asked, looking around the room for the cameras (a natural instinct she had developed over her time as an actress).

“Well, in a few minutes you will have members of the board come in and they are going to watch you two. See, I don’t have much control on casting this time, so it will be up to them to decide who plays the Scarlet Witch.”

“I have to audition?” Megan hissed. Amber laughed at that.

“Haven’t had to work for your roles in a while?” She said.

Megan turned to her and gave her own smile. “Fucking is hard work, not that you would know. But I guess you wouldn’t know that.”

Amber stepped toward Megan, fire in her eyes. But Michael stopped them. “Wait for the board, ladies. They have been promised a show.”

“What kind of show?” Amber asked, not taking her eyes off Megan.

“You will have to fight for the role. In whatever style you decide.”

That’s Hollywood for you, Megan thought. She bit her lips and nodded. If all it took was making this bitch submit, the role would be hers.

A knock at the door broke the spell they had been placed under. Amber went to the door. When she opened it, she was greeted by a large gang of men. They were an eclectic sort; old and young, suits and hipster wear. But all of them seemed eager. Without saying a word, they moved the seats in the room to form a large circle which they had laid a sheet of plastic inside of.

The ring, I assume. Amber thought. They are going to watch us tear each other apart. She looked at Megan and saw she was already trying to flirt with one of the executives. Fine by me. I’ll tear the bitch up.

After the men had sat in the circle, drinks in hand, one of them set a bag in the center of the ring. He unzipped it and dumped out a wide array of sex toys including a bottle of oil, handcuffs, and many different types of dildos. Amber felt a surge of excitement despite her confusion.

Megan was also confused. She had heard the stories about the odd things the Hollywood elite did behind closed doors. She was no stranger to sex for roles, but this seemed very different.

“Ladies,” Michael said. “Please get into the circle. And Amber, take off that coat. You won’t need it.”

Amber obeyed and removed her coat, much to the ‘oohs’ and ‘awes’ of the gentlemen.

Megan burned with anger when she saw Amber wearing the same attire. It looked almost as good on her pale, soft body as it did on her own.

The two women entered the circle.

“There is only one rule, ladies.” Michael said. “The first woman to make the other climax wins the role. The members of the board are going to ask you to do things to each other. When they do, be sure you do it. Otherwise, anything is up for grabs. Now, meet in the center on your knees.”

The women did so. Amber and Megan stared into each other’s eyes. Megan was used to women looking at her the way Amber was looking at her now;

You don’t deserve this, bitch. You’re a shitty actor and not as fucking pretty as you think. All people want is your fucking cunt. The voice in her head made her fingers curl into tight balls.

Amber smirked at Megan.

“You’re going down bitch. Down on me. I’m going to make you eat my fucking pussy when I’m done with you.” Just saying it made her tingle down below. The men laughed and applauded.

“Ready?” Michael asked.

“Ready,” both women said.

“Then fight.”

And they did.

Megan didn’t waste anytime. She grabbed hold of a large double sided dildo at her knee, brought it behind her head and slapped Amber across the face with it just as Amber went for her hair. The bitch had managed to grab hold with one hand just as the weapon slammed across her face.

The side of Amber’s face exploded in a wave of fire as the heavy dildo struck her face. The blow sent her reeling to the right. But with two handfuls of Megan’s hair she was able to pull her down with her so that they both landed on their side. Amberwrapped her legs around Megan’s causing a few of their garters to pop loose. The feeling of their nylon hose rubbing together sent another trickle of excitement through her.

Megan lost her grip on the dildo as she went down. The bitch had a tighter hold on her hair now so she decided to return the favor. She buried her hands in the long blonde hair and pulled back, forcing Amber to grit her teeth and shut her eyes. But Amber followed suit and soon the two were rolling back and forth, pulling their heads back by the hair, shouting and hissing at one another.

“Fucking bitch.” Megan hissed.

“Little slut.” Amber replied.

“That role is mine.”

“In your dreams, cunt.”

The men cheered them on as they rocked back and forth, jerking their heads back and screaming fresh insults at the other. One of the men called out, “Rip her clothes off!”

Megan obliged. She released a handful of Amber’s hair and grabbed at the top of Amber’s breast. She dragged her nails down and ripped through the thin weave of the lace, rendering both cups useless as Amber’s breasts spilled out, her small pink nipples standing at attention. Megan latched onto her tits, making sure to twist the little nipples between her thumb and forefingers.

Amber screamed as Megan attacked her tits. She made sure to jerk a handful of hair out of the sluts head as she freed up her hands to deal another blow. She didn’t go for Megan’s top (the little cunt was already falling out of it, her pale puffy nipples peeping over her corselet like little eyes). Instead, as she cried out at the pain in her tits, she wrapped her fingers around Megan’s G-string and yanked up as high as she could go. Megan’s own shriek of pain brought a smile to Amber’s face despite the pain.

“Like that, bitch? You fucking like it?” Amber shouted. The men sure did. They were laughing and clinking glasses.

You fucking cow! FUCK!” Megan screamed as her G-string dug into her pussy. The pain was exquisite. If she hadn’t been a little wet down there, it would have been unbearable. She continued her attack on Amber’s tits, pressing her thumbs up underneath as her fingers bit down into the yielding flesh. Amber hissed through her gritted teeth and jerked Megan’s G-string again. This time though, there was a moment of pain and then relief as it ripped off.

Megan laughed wildly and rolled over on top of Amber as her G-string tore free. She bent over Amber and spat in her face.

“Tough luck, bitch.” She said as she began to grind her now naked pussy across Amber’s red lace G-string. The men went wild. A few of them had let their hands slide down their pants, others were watching intently.

Amber screamed in agony as Megan twisted her tits. She flailed pitifully at Megan’s face with her torn G-string and soon abandoned that all together. Unable to reach anything on the floor, she decided to play Megan’s game. She reached up and grabbed hold of Megan’s slightly larger tits and pulled down on the nipples.

Megan was unable to hold back her cries. She was a new mother and her breasts were still very sore. Some milk trickled out of her breasts and onto Amber’s fingers. There wouldn’t be much more, but the bitch had been pulling so damn hard…

“Who’s the cow now, bitch?” Amber shouted. She had begun to grind along with Megan now, keeping the purpose of this fight in mind. If she didn’t start working her now, she might not be able to get her to cum. And she had already felt too aroused herself.

One of the men grabbed the bottle of oil and began to spray them with it. Megan was sure it wouldn’t be the only slick liquid they would have on them by the end of the fight. Amber used the oil to slip out from beneath Megan, their grasp on each other’s tits was too slick to maintain. They both backed to the edge of the circle.

Now the plastic was slick, as were their bodies. The two wildcats began to circle each other on hands and knees. As they did, they tore the remaining clothes from their bodies. Now, totally naked, they could see how red and swollen the other’s pussy was, how hard the nipples…

Amber grabbed the double sided dildo Megan had slapped her with. Megan grabbed a glass phallus with a collection of leather straps on the other end; a flail.
“Come on, bitch.” Megan hissed.

Amber lunged forward at Megan. Megan brought the flail down slapping the straps across Amber’s back as she dove toward her. There was a loud smacking sound as the straps hit Amber’s wet back. Amber cried out as she landed on top of Megan, knocking her into the legs of a very horny executive. The two tussled there against his legs, screaming as the flail flew and the dildo prodded at Megan’s dripping cunt.

Amber wrapped her arm around Megan’s flail arm and twisted, forcing her to drop it. Amber Threw her weight backward and together they did a backward somersault, ending with Megan on the ground beneath Amber. Managing to get the upper hand, she now forced the large dildo into Megan’s ripe pussy.

Megan gasped as she felt the huge rubber cock slide inside her. She grasped tight just above Amber’s hand, feeling the other long, slick side. She struggled only a moment to force it up Amber’s drenched cunt. Amber had not been ready for it. For a moment, Megan was sure she had just won as Amber closed her eyes and bit the inside of her mouth. Then she opened her eyes and spat in Megan’s face.

Megan shot her hand up and grabbed Amber by the throat, forcing back just enough that both women were now sitting in front of the other. They were connected at two points now; Megan’s hand on Amber’s throat and the large translucent double sided in their pussies.

Megan spat on Amber again and thrust her pelvis forward.

Amber groaned and thust forward as well, grabbing hold of Megan’s sore left tit.

“Going to make you cum, bitch.” Megan said, thrusting. “Then I’m going to make all of them cum on you.”

“Fucking try it, whore.” Amber said. She tried to imagine that she was not riding the cock but rather she was thrusting into the little slit in front of her. If she didn’t she would lose herself soon.

Megan felt the climax building as well. She slapped Amber across the face. Amber returned the slap. With each slap and thrust, they came closer and closer to finishing. The room had gone silent as the men surrounding them stroked their cocks. The only sound was the two of them breathing heavily and cursing the other with each hard slap.



“Slut”* slap*

That gave way to moaning. The two women slid further up the dildo and wrapped around each other, clawing at their backs, biting the other’s lips, hissing and moaning until they both sat on the edge of a cliff. Their eyes flew wide open as they felt the other teeter. Megan slammed her cunt against Amber’s. They paused. Amber slammed hers against Megan. They paused again.

“You’re going down, cunt.” Megan said.

“I fucking hate you, bitch.” Amber said.

They slammed their cunts together and this time the silence was broken by a piercing scream.

Amber clutched at her crotch and slid off the dildo as she wailed in ecstasy. She tried to shut her legs tight as if she were holding back a torrent of pleasure. But as she spasmed and writhed on the floor, it was clear that Megan had beaten her.

“Ooooh, fuck! OOOOOHHH!” Amber screamed, biting down on her wrist. As Amber continued to writhe on the ground, Megan looked around at the men.

“Do I have the part?” She asked quietly.

They all nodded with approval.

At that, Megan lept at Amber, the slick dildo sliding out of her pussy as she did. She scooped up the pair of handcuffs and clicked them shut on Amber’s hands. The stupid bitch was still screaming as she came. Megan pulled her by the cuffs into the center of the circle and then very roughly slammed her tingling cunt down onto the blonde’s face.

Amber began to thrash wildly but Megan shut her down by grabbing a handful of her labia and pulling up.

“FUCKING EAT IT, BITCH!” Megan screamed.

Amber’s rush of ecstasy had quickly turned into a mouth full of humiliation. The grip Megan had on her pussy sent pain through her body and her spirit. The bitch had won. She had no real choice now. She thrust her tongue into the warm, wet cunt that could suffocate her if Megan desired.

Megan grabbed Amber’s hair with her free hand and pressed her head into her pussy, getting the dancing tongue deep inside her. Amber's nose pressed hard against her clit. And within a few moments, Megan squirted all over Amber’s face. She cried out and jerked Amber’s head around so hard that she actually rubbed all the bitch’s makeup off. She looked around and saw the men were all about to finish themselves. She rolled off and presented Amber to them like a lamb to the slaughter.

“Go on, gentlemen. She’s yours.”

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London Rivers vs Marcello