Torrie Wilson vs Jackie Gayda

Torrie Wilson vs Miss Jackie

These 2 women wanted at each other in a ring that was not sanctioned by the WWE so that they could do things to each other without repurcussions. So they contacted StoneRage and this submission only match was made.

Miss Jackie enters the ring wearing her tight black spandex pants and a black tube top, barely containing her huge breasts. She thought this was the perfect time to send a message to her future opponent at Wrestlemania and she was going to do just that. Torrie's music blares and out comes the hot diva wearing black booty shorts and a pink bra showing off her nice breasts.

As soon as Torrie hits the ring Jackie is all over her punching and slapping. Jackie is much bigger and is overpowering the small blonde. Jackie picks her up and slams her into the corner. Jackie then slaps poor Torrie across the face before snapmaring the beautiful blonde over. Torrie tries to shake the cobwebs loose, but Jackie nails her in the back with a dropkick causing Torrie to snap forward then falls onto her back to the mat. Sensing she is doing well, Jackie straddles Torries face coming within inches of her crotch covering Torries nose and mouth. Just before she drops down completely Torrie slides out of that possible humiliation. The 2 women come face to face and Torrie nails the larger woman with a clothesline knocking her off her feet.

"You want to suffocate me with your disgusting crotch? You are in deep shit now!" Torrie then wraps her legs around Jackies head in a headscissors, but Jackies face is also buried in the playboy covergirl's crotch. "There, now you know why I am in Playboy."

Knowing she was in trouble, Jackie was able to force Torrie's shoulders down. Of course pinfalls don't count so with all her strength, Jackie lifted Torrie up in a powerbomb position but once upright, Torrie had enough leverage to force Jackie to fall backwards. All of Torrie's weight landed on Jackies large breasts and knocked the air right out of her. Torrie then sensing victory straddled Jackie's face and covered her mouth with her crotch. Then Torrie pinched Jackie's nose shut leaving no room for air. "Good night bitch, when you wake up, my cunt is going to be covering your face. Its gonna be real fun for me!". With that comment Jackie knew she was in trouble, she began bucking but could not force the blonde off. "Oh yea I like it rough!" said Torrie who was now dry humping Jackie's face. Jackie wanted to submit, but couldn't say anything with Torrie's crotch covering her face.

As the torture was going on in the ring, Sable came out anticipating victory. She held Jackie's legs down as Torrie rode poor Miss Jackie's face. Just as Jackie was ready to pass out, Stacy Kiebler came down with a chair in hand. She swung and connected with the back of Sable's head knocking her out. Torrie got up to face Stacy and realized she was in trouble. The tall blonde stood there, in her red hot pants and halter top holding the chair but Torrie was quick enough to kick the chair away. Torrie grabbed 2 handfuls of Stacy's hair but was caught from behind by Jackie. She was put in a full nelson and Stacy nailed her with a snap kick to the crotch. Jackie then whipped Torrie into the ropes and Stacy leveled her with a roundhouse kick, almost knocking her unconsciuous. Stacy then walked over to Sable and stood over the unconscious body. She then began gyrating and slowly pulled a pair of hand cuffs out of her shorts. She handcuffed Sables hands behind her back then went back over to Torrie.

"You thought you were having fun, wait till you see what we do to you." With that Stacy decided to use her long legs for leverage and slapped on a figure four leg lock. Torrie was screaming in pain.

"I think I wanna have some fun too." said Jackie as she pulled off her pants revealing a tiny red thong. She then sat hard onto Torrie's breasts as her legs were being tortured. "Now I wanna sit on your face, but I won't if you just submit." So Torrie screamed her submission. "Hmmmm sounds good. I win! But there is one thing you should know Torrie. I'm a liar." and with that Jackie pressed her crotch over Torries mouth and nose. Torrie was still screaming in pain from the figure four leg lock and the warm air from her screams were flowing up into Miss Jackie. "Mmmmmmm yea, keep yelling Torrie, I like that." She then began gyrating on Torrie's face. Stacy then released the hold to go pay a visit to Sable who was finally beginning to come back to from the chair shot.

"Do you want some too?" asked Stacy as she did a split across Sables neck, with her ass just over Sable's chin. Sable could not breath and had no way to defend herself with her hands were bound behind her. Stacy mauled her breasts as she methodically choked her out and just as Sable was about to pass out, Stacy got up. "No, I want you to be awake for this." Stacy then shed her bottoms, leaving her naked from the bottom down. Stacy then stood over Sable's head and did a split down onto Sable's face, her nose penetrating Stacy's womanhood. Stacy started bouncing herself to orgasm as the helpless playboy covergirl lay there and take it. Stacy eventually found extasy and fell forward still leaving her crotch over Sable's face. Sable then passed out under Stacy's crotch and in a puddle of Stacy's juices.

On the other side, Jackie was just about to orgasm when Torrie passed out. She orgasmed anyways, but was upset with the fact that Torrie was not able to witness this humiliating act. So she then stripped Torrie naked and bound her hands behind her back with her own top. Jackie then set up the steel chair and rested Torries head on the seat part leaving Torrie seated on the mat with her head leaning on the chair. She then slapped Torrie's face to revive her, and looked into her eyes. "You're mine now bitch" said Jackie as she strtaddled the chair as if to sit in it backwards. Her thong immediately was lost up her ass crack and Torrie knew what was coming. Jackie planted her ass down onto Torries face and worked herself into another orgasm and this time Torrie was awake. Jackie raised up slightly to give Torrie some air. "Now that wasn't so bad, was it?" asked Jackie as she panted heavily from her second orgasm. She then turned around and sat on the chair normal once again covering Torrie's face..

Stacy was now up from her experience and raised Jackie's hand in victory. She then straddled Jackie's lap and sat down adding extra weight onto Torrie's face. Torrie writhed a little bit with the extra weight but soon passed out again. Stacy then passionately kissed Jackie, and they sat there for another few mintues before leaving their foes unconscious in the ring. They may not be in Playboy, but they sure do know how to kick ass.

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