Torrie Wilson vs Missy Hyatt Missy Hyatt is getting frustrated with the women in wrestling today getting so much publicity. After all, she was, and in many minds will always be, "The First Lady of Professional Wrestling." She has participated in numerous organizations as a manager, announcer, and even on occasion, wrestler. Missy is a statuesque blonde, with a major boob job, who is anxious to prove she is still the best in the business.

Torrie Wilson is a former fitness competitor who joined WCW, one of Missy's old employers, as one of the first of the new wave of women to enter the business. Torrie is leaner than Missy without the overwhelming tits, but has kept fit and usually accompanies different wrestlers to the ring. Missy issued the challenge, Torrie accepted, so here we are at a wrestling ring fittingly to decide this issue. Both women enter the ring in the skimpiest of bikinis to begin this "I give" match.

The bell sounds to start. Each woman circles the other with more mouth action than anything else. Missy tells Torrie, "You're a Missy want-to-be; a would-be model who hasn't made a career in anything."

Torrie retorts, "Well, at least I keep myself in shape and know when to quit the pasta bar."

Missy begins the action with a right hand slap across Torrie's beautiful face. Torrie slaps her back just as hard. Missy reaches for Torrie's hair. A move which is reciprocated, and heads are jerked by bleached hair. Missy moves around Torrie wrapping the held hair around Torrie's throat, thereby choking the woman with her own tresses. Missy then pulls Torrie down to the mat, her head clunking hard on the canvas.

From a squatting position, Missy drops knee after knee into Torrie's fit midsection causing "Ughs" from the Florida-based blonde. Missy lunges her body sideways across Torrie's stomach increasing the pressure by her weight while at the same time peppering Torrie's side with fists. Missy also raises her right leg and foot to deliver blows to Torrie's crotch. When Missy isn't throwing punches, she moves her hands up to Torrie's neck to attempt to choke the life out of her.

Missy begins taunting Torrie, "Whore, I'm going to rub your gorgeous face all over this mat." Then, "Nobody tries to replace me EVER."

Missy pulls Torrie up by the hair, hurls her against the ropes, and delivers a fist to the abdomen as Torrie rebounds towards her. Missy throws her against the ropes again, but this time Torrie gets tied up in the ropes. Missy sneers as she stalks her bound foe, slaps the blonde several times, gets in her face to trash talk, and finally hits her stomach with more fists. Torrie's stomach is now red in some areas and getting bruises in others. One of Missy's jolts disengages Torrie's arms from the ropes and she drops down hard on her perfect butt to the mat. Missy lifts her left foot and presses it against Torrie's throat to choke her some more. Torrie is in desperate shape as she leg sweeps one of her powerful legs to take the feet out from under Missy. This time it is Missy who contacts the mat hard.

Both women are slow to recover. Finally, Torrie gets up, walks over to Missy still laying on her back, and kicks Missy in the sides bringing screams from the buxom blonde. Torrie gives Missy a retaliatory kick in her pussy to even the private parts score. Torrie moves past Missy's legs, grabs one of them, and bends it back towards Missy's head. Having engaged the hold firmly, Torrie turns Missy onto her stomach and sits down on Missy's beautiful ass still pulling the leg towards her head. Missy is slamming her arms on the mat but can't break the hold. Torrie periodically moves one hand free from the hold to spank Missy's butt which brings the same red color that Torrie sports on her stomach to her butt - along with pale hand prints.

After a couple of minutes of this torture, Torrie releases the hold only to turn her own perfect ass around to sit on Missy's back facing Missy's head. Grabbing Missy's hair, she raises then drops Missy's head repetitively to the canvas. "Missy, you cow, what do you think of your idea to return to the ring now," Torrie sneers.

Torrie places her hands around Missy's neck, locks her hands under Missy's chin, and pulls back on the gorgeous blonde's chin. Missy's neck is stretched to its limit as evidenced by Missy's cries of pain. Eventually, Missy turns on her side which causes the hold to become unstable, and Torrie is thrown off her body to the canvas.

Both women arise simultaneously with Missy sporting her famous pout, and Torrie a model's grin. Missy raises her arms above her head and challenges Torrie to do the same. Each woman's hands lock against the other in a classic test of strength. Torrie is more muscular, but Missy has some strength too - plus more weight in her arms. Torrie begins to gain control by bending Missy backward, but Missy raises one leg to deliver a kick to Torrie's still sore midsection. Torrie falls to the canvas and Missy jumps spread-eagle on her.

Missy reaches down one hand to pull the panties off of Torrie, then slides the hand back higher to remove Torrie's bra leaving the fit blonde nude except for perspiration on her glistening body. Missy then rubs her still covered orbs over Torrie's nude ones; Missy's larger jugs overpowering Torrie's smaller ones. Missy then moves her right arm above Torrie's face, pulls that feature up with her left hand, rubbing Torrie's perfect model face into her sweaty, odorous, well-formed right armpit.

"Smell this slut," Missy laughs.

She then sits up on Torrie's abdomen and grabs Torrie's globes with her hands, squeezing as they surround their marks. Torrie cries out, but lifts her own free hands up to grab Missy's bikini top and tear it off. Missy's huge silicon-enhanced mammaries are exposed, and now Torrie too has large targets. She firmly clasps Missy's tits and squeezes with her muscular forearms and hands. Missy cries out in pain herself as Torrie pinches the blonde's exposed nipples. Torrie then pulls back her right hand only to throw a hard punch to Missy's face knocking the voluptuous blonde off of her.

Torrie is furious as she jumps on top of Missy who has landed on her back. Torrie rips off Missy's panties and inserts her strong right hand into Missy's pussy to cause the blonde pain. Torrie then gets up and locks on a figure four leglock to put pressure on Missy's long and beautiful legs. Missy tries to reach Torrie's head but Missy's lengthy legs actually hurt her chances since Torrie is reasonably far away. Torrie lifts her upper body into the air using her strong arms to apply even more leverage.

"Missy, what do you think about having knee surgery because I'm going to hurt your legs," Torrie threatens.

Upon hearing that and knowing the pain she's in, Missy says, "I quit." Torrie's sweat-laden body relaxes and she eventually unlocks the hold. Missy is unable to move much as the agony is slow to disappear.

Torrie Wilson has embarrassing plans for Missy Hyatt. She mounts Missy's stomach facing the beautiful blonde's face. Once again, Torrie mauls Missy's massive boobs, grabbing, squeezing, and twisting the gorgeous blonde's tits and nipples. Torrie bites Missy's hard nipples to cause even more pain. Torrie moves forward, grabs Missy's head and shoves it into her chest area which is heavy with perspiration from the battle. Torrie subsequently holds Missy's head into her pussy area to give Missy the smell and sweat from that region. Lastly, she rubs her own well-formed left armpit over Missy's face to humiliate her even more.

Torrie has only a couple more tasks left. She moves her ass down Missy's body so that her right hand can again invade Missy's most private part. Fingering Missy's pussy, she causes the gorgeous blonde to cum over her hand. Torrie then moves to Missy's face and rubs the white cream over the fallen blonde's facial features. "Well, Missy tramp, I guess we know who the real First Lady of Wrestling is now", Torrie taunts. Torrie then moves her muscular butt over Missy's perfect face and rubs her sweat-laden ass thoroughly and slowly across Missy Hyatt. Torrie then puts her arms on her head to display to Missy her biceps and incredibly fit arms and underarms. As Torrie gets up to leave, she warns Missy, "Slut, if I ever see or hear you again trying to move back into this business, this embarrassment will be a picnic compared to what I'll do to you the next time." Torrie separates some nearby ropes and departs the ring, leaving a defeated and humiliated Missy Hyatt to lie in her own sweat and too weak to even clean her face off.

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