Torrie Wilson vs Rena Mero


Prelude: The wrestling world is a close knit group since they maintain hectic schedules and of course this form of entertainment starts plotlines and arcs to justify the created rivalries and the like. Two of the hottest females who have been both managers and wrestlers are Torrie Wilson, a form Miss Galaxy fitness winner and Rena Mero who goes by the name of sable in the wrestling world. They have become friends out of the ring and sometimes are friends inside but also have been enemies in some of those storylines. Torrie has heard that Rena has done some backroom maneuvering to get herself more exposure and thus more salary and is pissed off. So Torrie decides to use the old tried and true wrestling technique which might be succinctly called "payback is a bitch". And that is exactly what Torrie becomes as she makes a move on Rena's wrestling lover Brock Lesnar.

Torrie {on the card with Brock Lesnar with Rena having the night off}: "Well handsome, your muscles look especially sexy tonight."
Brock: "C'mon Torrie, I know you like to play your little games. Remember, I'm with Rena but of course I'm not blind so I can always do a little window shopping, you little blonde vixen."
Torrie {wearing magenta bikini}: "Brock, this is your lucky day....I'm having a top off sale tonight." {surprising Brock as she takes off her magenta bikini top to show off her huge orbs} "Now let's be honest...whose rack would your strong hands of yours grab and squeeze until the girl gives up....Rena's saggy ones or my great orbs?"
Brock: "Rena's are pretty large and pretty erect, but of course I would have to grab yours for comparison of course."
Torrie: "Grab away, big guy, and here's my top as a souvenir."

This episode progresses to who knows what but this semi-public encounter is captured by someone witnessing this with some cellphone shots. After the night if over, Torrie feels a lot better about her payback and will always have this secret encounter which Rena will never find out about...or at least that is the plan. Torrie throws in as a bonus her magenta bottoms as this encounter ends.

The next day, Torrie and Rena have a weightout session together scheduled at a local gym before their pairing in the right later that night for one of their playful entertainment confrontations in the squared circle. After that workout, they head for the arena, get dressed in sexy swimsuits covered by cloaks and make their way to the wrestling ring at the appropriate time in a skit that is supposed to have the sexpots seducing not only the spectators but also themselves as they vie for the hottest woman in the world wrestling federation.

The two sexiest women in wrestling retire back to the dressing rooms as this was supposed to be their only appearance for the night. But instead, Rena Mero (Sable) get approached back in that area with the cellphone footage that has hit the internet with Torrie Wilson obviously seducing Sable's guy Brock Lesnar. Red clad Torrie backtage is confronted by the black adorned Sable as the wronged female is not shy about going after the other woman, the mistress in this episode Torrie Wilson.

Sable: "Why you bitch!!! I thought you were my friend and you go behind my back and throw yourself at my guy Brock!"
Torrie: "Oh grow up, you overrated slut! You were the first one going behind my back asking for more money and getting more air time in this organization. And as far as throwing myself, all he had to do was look at my superior chest and bod and that was that."
Sable: "Well, at least I did my lobbying with my clothes on and not on my back like you apparently did. Guess I won't be seeing that magenta bra and bottoms on you anytime soon huh?"
Torrie: "I had to let Brock keep something of mine because he surely gave me enough of himself including a load of cum. By the way, I didn't know about the video but I was more afraid of him yelling out "Torrie" the next time you and him had sex instead of "Rena."
Sable: "You really are a world class tramp, and you and I are going to have this out in the wrestling ring, slut!"
Torrie: "If you think you are humiliated now, I don't think you know how embarassed you are going to be putting your older bod up against my world class form. Beauty contest...catfight...pick your poision, bitch!"
Sable: "You're on for both, cunt. And just to know who challenged who, let me give you a physical reminder." {slapping the beautiful face of Torrie and turning her back to walk away and report to the producers that she wants Torrie in the!}
Torrie {running around to the front of the leaving Sable and slapping her face in retaliation}: "Don't you turn your back on me, bitch, especially after you just slapped me!"

The two wrestlers and Playboy models rub their cheeks with the same competitive stares that they have shared in the past with entertaining episodes in the ring but this time those expressions are real. Sable contacts the schedulers for this event tonight, explain that she and Torrie Wilson need to meet again in the ring, and explains why those under 18 can't be around to watch the confrontation since nudity will be involved. Needless to say, the promoters jump at the chance to have a beauty contest followed by a no holds barred/submissions only catfight between these two world class beauties and femme fatales.

Beauty Contest: The two drop dead gorgeous and fit women make their way to the ring with the jumbotrons showing what started this feud to begin with....Torrie's move on Brock Lesnar which brings a smile to the seductress' face and an angry expression on Sable's face along with slamming the top ropes with her strong arms....clearly pissed off. The opponents immediately strip down to their lingerie which is part of the way to their ultimate state for the beauty contest since they will have to become nude for their more personal areas to be judged by the spectators in the arena. The areas to be judged will be facial beauty, tits, midsection, pussy, legs, arms/armpits, back, and butt with the winner of more of these individual anatomical areas being declared the beauty contest winner. After that, the two women will have their knockdown dragout, no holds barred/submission only fight in the same ring.

This competition begins with facial beauty with each wrestler/model clearly way above average here. Neither has a Miss Universe caliber face but each is beautiful to say withe least. Torrie has great dimples while Sable has great cheekbones. Neither nose is great but their lips are thick and sexy with a wide mouth. In a close decision, Sable breaks out on top with this narrow victory as voted by the spectators to take a 1-0 lead. The next area requires the women to take off their lingerie tops to show off their treasure chests and have them compared and judged. Both have obviously had implants done to bring them up to a D cup. This is yet another very close one but in their chest to chest situations like the earlier kissing sequence, Torrie clearly had the more prominent tits so she takes this area to tie up the overall competition at 1-1.

The next area to be compared will be their midsections...both have nice ones which are not the thinnest due to their gym workouts but certainly firmer than normal. Their measurements are close for their waist numbers so it comes down to delineation and which stomach looks the sexiest. All of the comparisons have been close so far and this is no exception. This one goes Torrie Wilson's way so the former Miss Galaxy fitness winner takes a 2-1 lead with the next area to be judged their most personal one... their pussies. This requires them to take off their panties leaving the only clothing on either femme fatale the stockings that Sable has on. Their pussies are put on the big screen since obviously few could see much from their seats...much like the other areas have been shown in the same manner. In this particular comparison, this area is simply too hard to pick a winner so the pussy comparison ends up in a tie.

Halfway through now, Torrie leads Sable 2-1-1. The next area to be judged will be their legs, which are thicker than normal due to their gym workouts once again. Sable at this point seductively takes off her nylons so now both women are completely nude. Neither has the sleek, perfectly tapered legs of a runway model but in the comparison of these two, Torrie seems to have the better tapering and luscious legs so she expands her lead now to 3-1-1 going into the last frontside comparison of arms/armpits. In this comparison, both women have better arms than usual for models with both beauty and muscularity. And between these two, Sable has the firmer and thinner looking ones yet has great armpits with nice concavity in her underarms near the shoulder. So, Sable breaks her losing streak with a win she had to have to stay in the overall beauty contest and closes her deficit to 3-2-1 with only the backside areas of butt and back left to be judged. Both women have above average backs but this is an easier one to judge since Sable has a world class back with both a muscular look and a silky smooth model's form. Hard to imagine too many women being able to match assets in this area, so Sable takes the back region area comparison easily to tie up the overall competition at 3-3-1.

The last area to be judged will decide the entire beauty contest, and that area will be the ass. Neither woman despite their fit forms has really a bubble butt so this is not an easy one to judge, easily with so much on the line as far as deciding the winner of the overall assets comparison duel. In a close decision like most of these areas have been decided by, Sable takes the final area and the overall beauty contest tally by a score of 4-3-1. Sable is thrilled obviously as she poses seductively for the arena spectators and throws her arms up into the air and then puts her hands on the top of her head to show off her arms and armpits which was one crucial area to winning the overall assets comparison competition. On the other side of this duel, Torrie Wilson is clearly pissed off and wants to exact her revenge on Sable (aka Rena Mero) for her victory over Torrie in this beauty contest.

Catfight: Obviously the fight will take place in this wrestling ring so the main decision is whether the athletic, beautiful women will reclothe for the start of the match since they had to become nude for their treasure chests and pussies to be judged during the just completed beauty contest. They decide to put back on their lingerie....Sable's black outfit and Torrie's two piece white one with the only garb not put back on being Sable's stockings. Both women are pissed off for different reasons as they put back on their scanty lingerie....Sable of course remembering Torrie making a move on her guy Brock Lesnar and Torrie Wilson angry that she lost the beauty contest, albeit by a narrow margin. So, as the femme fatales have now put back on their lingerie, they circle each other dismissing the opponent by moving their hands towards the other as if to say the opponent doesn't belong in her class. It only gets worse when Sable holds up 4 fingers and points to herself while smiling and then holding up 3 fingers with a frown on her face and pointing to Torrie. Everyone gets the math on this one as the beauty contest winning blonde is clearly rubbing in her victory with Torrie standing right in front of her. Torrie comes back with "I hope Brock is watching this."

Needless to say, that infuriates Sable, and to the point of making the first aggressive move. Torrie isn't expecting such a quick start to the catfight as she feels a fist hit her jaw which stuns her and sends her stumbling back against one of the sets of side ropes in the ring. Sable immediately follows her rival's retreating form, grabs fistfuls of tresses, and uses that hair to sling her now hated foe across the ring to land hard on her ass. Sable then rushes towards her sitting foe and executes a slide which rams her feet hard into Torrie's back which elicits a loud scream of pain upon contact. Sable picks up Torrie by the hair and looks like she is going to sling her again across the ring from her now standing position. Instead, she pulls hair with one hand to bring her nemesis' form nearer to her and then with the other free arm, she clotheslines Torrie Wilson to send her unceremoniously down to the mat.

Torrie is sitting again on her ass as Sable comes from behind her and sticks one of her knees into that beautiful back of her rival at the same time she grabs hold of the former Miss Galaxy fitness arms and pulls them awkwardly behind her back making a painful push/pull combination set of holds. Torrie again screams occasionally and shakes her head vigorously on occasion as she tries to make an escape by pulling her arms away from Sabre's. But her tormentor has very strong arms and most seem to think in fact that Sable has the advantage in arms strength although that has yet to be proven here. Sable has a smirk on her face as she really enjoys torturing the mistress of her lover Brock.

Torrie of course needs to free her arms before she can do anything about the knee in her back. So, she tries to pull her arms away but Sable has too much power in her grips for the punished girl to be able to do that. She then tries to rock her body a little from side to side hoping that Sable will lose her tormentor's holds on her hands or maybe her punisher's knee will slip to the side of her back. But with her wide, developed back with an indented spinal area, the latter isn't very likely. But neither of these escape techniques work. Torrie does have her strong legs free and decides to push off with them and thus send her body backward, despite the pain she will obviously initally feel with Sable's knee still pushing forward into her back. But with her legs force pushing her body towards Sable and also her torturer actually pulling her body backward via the arms pull, Torrie throws Sable off balance as her body slams into Sable's body Torrie is able to pull her arms free after that occurs and then moves forward to get away from Sable's knee. Sable is about to try to follow Torrie to keep her on the defensive but Torrie sweeps her sturdy legs around in an arc and takes Sable down to the canvas right near her own form.

Torrie and Sable are in sitting positions as they face each other and are close enough to engage their arms in a test of strength from their downed positions. Their bodies turn and twist under the strain of each other's push against their opponent. In this battle of arm strength, Sable does indeed have the stronger arms as most of the spectators might have guessed. But as Sable tried to push Torrie over, the beauty contest loser decides she has had enough punishment for the moment and isn't about to let Sable push her over on to her back. Torrie swings around her right leg and coils it up to get that appendage between her own body and Sable. Just as Sable is about to perhaps push her over to a supine position, Torrie uncoils that legs and gives a powerful thrust kick into Sable's midsection. That force unclasps their hands to end the arms strength competition and sends Sable down on her back near one set of side ropes. That not only puts her in a supine position but stuns her with that strong kick to her fit midsection.

Torrie has time to quickly get up and move to stand over Sable's downed form. Torrie immediately starts to footstomp the beauty contest winning blonde and goes mainly for her nemesis' tits but also pounds her rival's legs and arms. Torrie also makes sure she targets Sable's pussy a couple of times but her foe is able to turn her body just enough both times to avoid a direct pussy shot at least. Sable grabs hold of the middle rope and appears about to pull herself up but Torrie sees that coming and grabs hold of Sable's legs. In a classic wrestling move, Torrie pulls Sable's hands away from the ropes and pulls Sable's flying body towards the center of the ring and has her beauty contest winning back and butt hit the canvas hard as it falls out of the air.

Even as fit and muscular as Sable is, she feels that contact, and Torrie is ready to take advantage of her rival being stunned and in a daze by the fall. Sable's head also hit the canvas after a couple of feet drop so she holds her head at this point with her muscular hands. Torrie Wilson does a big splash on Sable's stretched out form with the result a punishing hit when her very sturdy form crashes down upon Sable's, which causes their bodies to recoil a bit off the canvas. Torrie forcefully rubs and grinds her strong form over Sable's muscular form before beginning a series of pushups and dropdowns which crush Sable's trapped form every time her own gym developed bod drops down hard on Sable's. But as so often happens, Torrie goes to the well once too often, and on one occasion when Torrie does this dropdown maneuver, Sable pulls up her legs and with them doubled up, she has her knees hit her recent torturer's midsection to end that sequence.

Torrie falls off to the side of Sable's form holding her beauty contest winning midsection....very fit and hard and still not able to take the force of Sable's knees hitting her on that way down. Sable turns her body towards Torrie's now supine form and does some leg lifts and dropdowns of her own right into that recently hit midsection to take the breath away from the athletic Torrie Wilson. And Sable remembers those footstomps to her own beauty contest winning twin mountain peaks so she makes sure she drops her strong legs on top of her opponent's treasure chest a couple of times and even one time or two down on the throat of Torrie.

Torrie finally rolls away from Sable to get out of range of her rival's legs. Both women get up to standing positions. The two femme fatales are quite the exhibitionists so it comes as no surprise that before they engage again, they have to have a brief little posedown. Each of these beautiful, fitness honeys put their hands on the top of their heads and flex their muscles and show off their fit armpits. Torrie and Sable show off their strong legs also in posing before heading towards each other and meeting in the center of the ring. Apparently, they can't resist the temptation to have a tit battle between these two stacked babes that each have D cup cailber boobs.

First, Sable seductively takes off her black bra and throws it with disdain into the dimpled face of Torrie Wilson. But her opponent is not to be outdone in her sexiness and seduction as she slowly takes off her white bra and slingshots the piece of lingerie into Sable's face. Both wrestlers and adult models look confident as they wrap their arms around each other's midsection in order to pull their luscious bodies together and have the long awaited tit battle. This looks similar to the earlier kissing/lesbian episode they had earlier tonight but this one is not only being done topless but also is for real. Both women grunt and have a grimace expression on their faces as they rub their humongous hooters together in a world class battle of the orbs. As this continues, to no great surprise, Torrie gains the upper hand in the battle of the big boobs as Sable simply doesn't have the ammo to compete against the larger volume tits of the former Miss Galaxy fitness winner.

Sable decides to open another front in which perhaps she can have the better hand dealt....a kissing duel using their luscious lips. With their bodies contacting continuously now at the treasure chest level, their faces can easily press against each other including their lips. And that is exactly what occurs now as Sable presses her world class lips that are very thick and has that wide mouth which can also dominate an opponent in a kissing duel. Torrie has great lips also, however as this kissing duel heats up complete with tongues going down throats, Sable proves herself the superior kisser and has Torrie on the retreat in this area just like she has Sable in full retreat with their treasure chest confrontation. With the current duel tally at one advantage apiece the two fitness/gym trained wrestlers and models begin to squeeze tighter with their arms around the other's fit stomach area...turning what was once just a way to keep the women tightly together for the tit skirmish into more of a mutual bearhug at this point.

Both sensational models/wrestlers spew out their loudest grunts and most pained expressions on their faces so far as even with their very fit and hard midsections, they still feel the pressure of the other's vise-like grip around their own midsections. Torrie seems to have the firmer midsection which of course makes Sable work harder to exert pressure on it but then again, Sable does have the stronger arms as proven up to this point. And in this battle between the irresistable force and the immovable object, the irresistable force wins as Torrie's midsection as fit and firm as it is can't stand up to Sable's strong bearhug. Over time, Sable wears down Torrie enough that her rival's own bearhug becomes ineffectual against Sable's stomach. Torrie head starts to drop and Sable lets it by ending the kissing duel. As the former Miss Galaxy's head drops down, it lands on the top of Sable's bodacious boobs. Sable releases her own bearhug of Torrie Wilson at this point so as to concentrate on her titanic tits and the proximity of her nemesis' face.

Sable grabs Torrie's head and pulls it down into her treasure chest that no doubt Blackbeard the pirate would have loved to have plundered. Besides Torrie's face being exposed to some great huge hooters, sweat and foul body odor has built up during this strenuous fight. Sable has that famous smirk on her face as she loves to scrub and rub the former Miss Galaxy Fitness girl and fellow Playboy alumnus's face hard into her monster mams and sometimes more into her chasmic cleavage. Torrie would normally enjoy an excursion into this tempting of tits but with the sweat, the foul body odor, and the occasional interruption of her breathing, that puts a damper on what under usual circumstances would be a very good experience. Torrie begins to panic as her arms flail a bit as she tries to escape the titsmother, but Sable is able to continue to maintain the hold. Sable backs Torrie into a corner so that she can control her potential escape route or lack thereof.

At that point, Sable switches over to armpit smothers as she utilizes her awesome left armpit followed by her right armpit as she uses those beauty contest winning areas to again transfer lots of sweat, body odor, and even periodically restrict Torrie's breathing as the once beautiful and smiling face of Torrie Wilson now shows the strain of being currently dominated via the arm strength and skillful technique of her beauty contest winning rival.

But as often happens with the girl with the upper hand in a fight, Sable spends too much time doing humiliating moves and not enough punishing ones. Thus, despite being smothered and exposed to sweat and body odor, Torrie has not been physically dehabilitated and suddenly comes up her right knee into Sable's exposed cut and perhaps even hitting part of her torturer's crotch area. That hard hit to the midsection or perhaps even low blow sends Sable stumbling backward at which point Torrie goes up to the middle rope in that wrestling ring corner and then jumps off into Sable's still standing form in a nice clothesline maneuver. That forceful blow knocks Sable backwards and she actually spins down and lands on her humongous hooters and the rest of her frontside.

Torrie immediately mounts her rival facing her feet and doubles up her nemesis legs and crosses them at the ankles to cause even more anguish. At the same time, Torrie occasionally hops up and down on Sable's back to cause to punish that area. Torrie moves her legs around to hook Sable's so that her arms are now free at which point she grabs Sable's wrists and pulls her rival's arms back behind her back in almost a rocking horse type move. But Torrie is perhaps a bit too optimistic about handling all of these areas at once as after initially being tormented by the rocking horse type maneuver, Sable is able to move her legs back from the doubled up position and also pull her arms free using their superior strength.

But Torrie at least still has the position advantage, immediately stands up after losing the holds, and when Sable tries to push herself up from her prone position, Torrie is quick to footstomp that beauty contest winning back of Sable to keep her down. Torrie then stoops down and pushes her over on to her back and does a full body cover of her nemesis. Torrie goes immediately for a payback titsmother, using her superior beauty contest winning titanic tits to go even a more devastating job than Sable did to her recently. Just like Sable's, Torrie transfers lots of sweat, body odor, and intermittent interruption in breathing to that beauty contest winning face of Sable and gets her revenge with her world class boobs as her weapon of choice.

Torrie then does what Sable did earlier as she switches over to armpit smothers...first using her great left armpit and then the right one to do smother using those concave, sweaty, and smelly areas to do so. Torrie really loves all of these smother revenge against Sable's face, which the blonde considers to be so gorgeous and perhaps overrates herself in that area.

Torrie finishes up those pair of smother and then sets her target lower as she goes after those D cup mounds of Sable and begins to maul those silicone enhanced mammories that Sable is so proud of. Sable reacts with a combination of perhaps pain and pleasure which is probably what she is feeling as she loves her bodacious boobs to be felt up but maybe not as forcefully as Torrie Wilson is doing and maybe not by Torrie under these current circumstances. Sable is initially too surprised and stunned to fight back and extends her arms behind her head on the canvas as if to prove she take whatever Torrie can dish out. But soon, she regains focus and begins to buck her strong body which sends Torrie off to the side of her sizzling bod. Both wrestlers/models are lying next to each other and supine on the mat at this point.

Sable is the one to go on the offensive as the turns her body to put her feet against Torrie's right shoulder as she grabs the blonde bombshell's right arm. She pulls the arm painfully for Torrie at the same time she keeps pushing with both feet against that arm socket area. This is a time where Torrie's wide shoulder works against her as there is a great resting place for Sable's feet as she continues this painful push' pull conflict involving that right shoulder and that right arm. Torrie screams as Sable is really doing a number on that right shoulder and arm, perhaps her goal being a dislocation and then maybe a concession immediately after that occurs. But Torrie continues to try to pull her arm away from Sable which is hardly working with Sable holding on with her two superior strength arms. So Torrie then begins to rock her body back and forth and hopefully for her get up to a standing position which would allow her to then maybe footstomp a still sitting Sable. As this appears to be working, Sable lets go of the hold since she doesn't want to be in that position.

However, Torrie has just made it to her feet when Sable swings her thick legs around in an arc and takes her rival down. At this point, both women again are sitting near each other, and some genius of a fan decides to toss a double-headed dildo into the ring near their forms. The two stacked models/wrestlers jump at the opportunity to go pussy to pussy against their rival. Their pussies ended in a tie during the beauty contest but this will obviously be decided by the blonde bombshells themselves. They quickly remove their panties....Sable's black and Torrie's white ones are tossed at each other in utter disdain just like their bras were earlier.

Each sexpot puts one end of the dildo into her own pussy with the intent of eventually using her more powerful orifice to shove it deeper into her rival's and thus win this pussy war. Each woman perhaps reaches a zenith of grunting and screaming as this very important battle takes on perhaps a little bit more meaning since both women had Brock Lesnar's steel shaft into this most personal opening in recent times. The very erotic, athletic wrestlers/models even lift up their upper bodies on their arms to try to give them more leverage for the push of the toy into the other girl's pussy. As this continues, Torrie ends up gaining the advantage and has moved it deeper into Sable's pussy and does indeed win this war as Sable is brought to a climax and her own cum oozing out from around the double-headed dildo.

Torrie continues to stoke the fire about her recent encounter with Sable's guy with a "I'm shocked you actually thought your pussy could compete with mine...Brock certainly didn't think it is a fair fight."

Sable gets pissed with that comment and since the toy is out of her own pussy, she grabs the end she just removed and uses it as a handle to get a little payback and rams it deeper into Torrie's pussy to make her cum. That indeed works perfectly as now the recent pussy skirmish victor finds out what it is like to be forced into climax....courtesy of Sable. Torrie is the one now dazed in her current cumming state but soon recovers enough to use her feet to push Sable away. The two wrestlers/models cut to their feet totally nude at this point after their breast battle and pussy war required the removal of their lingerie.

Both women look incredibly hot with their sweat giving their bodies that oil wrestling type look to it. Their tits are sagging quite a bit after their pectoral muscles have been tired a bit, implants or no implants. Their hair is matted a bit so only their long blonde tresses seemed to have suffered by this vigorous matchup. The two wrestlers/models circle each other, of course each thinking she herself is the hunter and the opponent simply the prey about to get devoured.

Torrie and Sable engage their arms with Torrie somehow getting the advantage and pulling Sable's left arm behind her back in a nice hammerlock move. Sable has a pained grimace on her face and turns even more that of anguish when Torrie pulls up higher on her back and turns the hammerlock hold into a chickenwing. Sable utters some profanities in frustration which of course Torrie just loves to hear, knowing that her hold is torturing her rival. Sable has stronger arms but is having trouble pulling her left arm free since that arm is in an awkward position to begin with. So Sable instead backs Torrie near a corner and then quickly moves her body backward, which sends Torrie's back and butt hard into the turnbuckle. The forceful blow to Torrie Wilson's back causes her to let go of the hammerlock/chickenwing. Sable quickly spins around and does a couple of face slaps to Torrie and then bends over to ram her right shoulder into Torrie's midsection to sap some energy out of Torrie's sexy and fit bod.

Sable grabs hold of Torrie's right arm and slings her hard into the turnbuckle on the opposite end of the ring. Torrie's back hits the turnbuckle hard and slumps down to sitting on the bottom rope. Sable prances over to Torrie's position and begins to footstomp her rival's beauty contest winning midsection with multiple kicks. Eventually, Torrie slumps down even further and ends up sitting on the canvas in the corner. At that point, Sable moves her foot's target higher and presses it against Torrie's throat in a blatant choking of her nemesis. To maintain stability with one foot continuously in Torrie's windpipe, Sable hangs on to the ropes heading into the corner.

Sable is obviously loving her Brock's mistress and the more vicious the punishment the better in her mind. That explains the expression of satisfaction on the tormentor's face as she continues to try to render Torrie unconscious in the corner. Finally, Torrie thrust kicks one of her free legs into Sable's crotch area and apparently doesn't mind one bit ending her own torment via a low blow in this no holds barred match. Sable has a glazed look on her face as she stumbles backwards toward the middle of the ring during which time Torrie is recovering from her rough treatment in the corner. Torrie takes a run at Sable and clotheslines her nemesis down to the canvas. That shakes up Sable enough for Torrie to recover even more.

Torrie moves over to being near Sable legs and spreads them from Sable's supine positiion and then drops down with a head butt into Sable's pussy area as this match is becoming more personal all the time. Torrie gets up and spreads Sable's legs apart and then follows up with some stomps into Sable's midsection with an occasional pussy shot as a bonus. Torrie then moves around to the side of Sable's form and does some more footstomps to her rival's midsection and moves up to do a number on those exposed huge hooters of Sable. Finally, Sable is able to catch her punisher's foot as it comes down near her treasure chest and pushes on it to send Torrie Wilson stumbling away from her own downed form and hitting the canvas herself. Torrie ends up prone on the wrestling ring mat as she comes to rest after the fall.

Sable recovers reasonably quickly from her recent assault but both wrestlers/models are definitely moving slower after this long fight....despite being in good shape. Sable spreads her legs on each side of Torrie's form around her upper body body and reaches forward to grab hold of Torrie's arms and pulls them behind her knees in her now crotching form. Sable cups her hands underneath Torrie's beautiful face below the jaw and implements a camel clutch style hold perhaps trying to get a submission. Of course, this puts a lot of pressure on her opponent's neck and also her arrms which are being painfully pulled backwards. Sable again has that famous smirk of hers residing on her face while Torrie's beautiful face is etched in pain and grimacing along with some occasional squeals of anquish when Sable gets an especially strong pull back on that head of Torrie Wilson.

Sable: "How do you like your situation now, you homewrecking slut? You don't know how much enjoyment I'm getting torturing your tramp body!"
Torrie: "Let me guess how much enjoyment....maybe half as much as your guy Brock when he was able to have sex with me instead of your old wrinkled, worn out body, bitch!"
Sable: "Sounds like I haven't tortured you enough yet, street whore!" {pulling back even harder on the chinlock and making sure that Torrie's arms are still well trapped by her knees to keep the punishment going on the camel clutch hold}
Torrie: "Aaaaaiiiiieeee, you bitch!! Let me go! I still want to rub that ugly face on yours into this canvas and grab hold of those grotesque orbs of yours."
Sable: "I'm not letting you go but the more you prolong your defeat, the better. So take your time submitting. I love torturing cunts like you who try to steal other girls' guys."
Torrie: "I give....I give....please let me're killing my arms and neck."
Sable: "Now that's more like it....see you aren't quite as dumb as I thought you were." {keeping the hold on a few more seconds and pulling back on that chinlock a couple more times as she remembers how Torrie Wilson went after her guy Brock Lesnar}

Postmatch: Sable lets go of the chinlock and lets Torrie's arms fall back to the canvas ending the camel clutch hold. Sable is on her way up to a standing position but can't resist a brief spanking of Torrie Wilson's very available ass before getting to her feet. Sable looks at disdain at her defeated rival below...not only her foe in this catfight but also of course for the attention of muscle man Brock.

Sable turns Torrie on to her back and begins to have her way with Torrie's titanic tits, the same twin peajks that won that comparison against Sable's rack during the beauty contest phase. Sable's strong hands are able to control much of Torrie's bodacious boobs and as she grabs, squeezes, and twists those orbs and those naughty nipples in the middle of them, Sable gets a reaction from her targeted nemesis as Torrie weakly tries to pull away Sable's hands but in her exhausted stage is no match for her more powerful opponent. Torrie finally just stretches her arms flat against the canvas behind her head in pretty much submission mode. Sable gets her satisfaction with mauling Torrie monster mams and turns her attention to dropping her own humongous hooters down on to Torrie's face just like she did during the catfight in a great titsmother back then.

Sable great juggs have only become sweatier and with more body odor since then and really punishes Torrie by again dropping down her own humongous hooters on that still beautiful face of her defeated foe. Sable then switches over to armpit smothers, again exposing her incredibly sweaty and smelly pits down on to Torrie Wilson's still beautiful face.

Sable then switches her attention to Torrie's precious pussy and rams her right hand hard and brings the mistress is this saga to a climax which covers her hands in cum. The winner then wipes her hand clean on Torrie's face as if washing her hand of dirt.

Sable gets up to a crouching position over Torrie Wilson's face and seems to look to the large audience throng for their enthusiam to do the next move...obviously a facesit in the waiting. Sable cups her hands up to her ears Hulk Hogan style to see if the begging and cheering is enough to actually do this final smother. Sable gets her confirmation from the spectators and drops her beauty contest winning ass to do a devastating facesit as she squirms that great butt all over Torrie's face in a humiliating way. Of course, Sable puts her muscular arms up and her hands on the top of her head to flex those gym developed arms and also to show off her awesome armpits, concave in their appearance and with just a hint of stubble when she last shaved them. Sable continues to wiggle and squirm and invites pictures to be taken before finally getting off her defeated rival.

Sable stands up and rubs the dirty bottoms of her feet across Torrie Wilson's beautiful, dimpled face. Sable picks up Torrie by the hair and has her crawling behind her form as she leads her over to the ropes and ties her up in the side ropes as she brings her to a standing position with her arms now immobilized by the twisted ropes. Sable with disdain and lack of respect for her defeated foe begins to slap her nemesis beautiful face and leaves her with this warning.

Sable: "Stay away from my guy Brock or this is going to seem like a picnic with what will happen to you the next time. Oh, and if you don't mind, and even if you do, I'm taking your white lingerie as souvenirs of my beauty contest and catfight wins."

Sable then exits the ring to thunderous applauses and cheers while the nude Torrie Wilson is still helplessly tied up in the ropes.



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