Prelude: In the wrestling entertainment business, there are always scripted confrontations but sometimes the competitiveness and emotions cause the scripts to be thrown out the window. That occurs one time on a WWE broadcast outside the ring when Sable, aka Rena Mero, and Terri Runnels get close as managers outside the ring. Terri knew that Sable was going to be dressed as usual in one of her glamourous outfits, and Terri decides to use her more comman woman approach...Sable calls it 'Terri being a street tramp' as Terri shows up in more of a standard dress and puffing on a stogie. It accelerates quickly as Terri leans over eventually and blows cigar smoke right into the face of Sable.

Sable: "Terri, aren't you worried that someone will take over your street corner tonight and not give it back tomorrow?"
Terri: "Oh Sable, you have such a sense of humor. You're wearing quite a bit of that right now. I guess you think garbage sacks make you look stylish huh."
Sable: "I'm surprised you aren't wearing high heels or are you for up for one of the Munchin roles in The Wizard of Oz?"
Terri: "You might be taller, but I'm hotter and stronger than you,....overrated cunt!" {blowing smoke in to Sable's face at this point}
Sable {coughing due to the smoke}: "Miss Munchin, get that cigar away from my gorgeous face! Oh, and as far as the more beautiful, this no doubt that I'm hotter than you and could take you down in a catfight also and wouldn't mind one bit sitting my perfect ass on that ugly puss of yours."
Terri: "Big talk from a girl who seems to lose more than she wins! I challenge you to a beauty contest and a catfight then...tonight... after our second stint out here later. I understand another one of your loser wrestlers is going to be humiliated by one of my studs in my stable later....ooooo, come to think of it, I believe that is your guy who just got knocked unconscious!" {laughing}
Sable: "That's a date, bitch. I guess I'd better revive him with one of my reincarnation kisses!" {wry smile}
Terri: "Yeah, I have heard you pretty much kiss like a mummy! {laughing} Hey, if you don't want to keep him dead, I can help you out and plant one on his lips. No need to torture him again by exposed him to your ugly lips as the first thing he sees waking up."

Sable and Terri Runnels come back out a while later as they have a second matchup of clients that they manage. This time, it is Sable's wrestler who wins the matchup unlike the first confrontation won by Terri's client. But word has gotten around the arena that there will be a special's women's match between Sable and Terri Runnels after the men's match has been decided. So the men clear the ring and the two femme fatales strut into the ring and continue their smack talk.

Sable {grabbing the microphone}: "During the first time our wrestlers matched up, I challenged the munchin here to a beauty contest and catfight and so time is running out of Miss Cuban Cigar. Ready to go, bitch?"
Terri {yanking the microphone from Sable}: "Showboating isn't going to help you in our catfight and I don't see you winning the assets comparison either unless the beer alcohol content is unsually high and the lighting here is unusually low." {laughing}
Sable {making the blah, blah, blah signal with her hands}: "Let's get this underway, bitch! Strip down for the beauty contest!"
Terri: "Can't wait to put your overrated bod to shame!" {stripping down just like Sable is at this point}

Beauty Contest: The two decide on having 8 anatomical assets to be compared against the other's. Whoever wins more of these regions will be declared the winner of the beauty contest. The areas to be decided will be facial beauty/tresses, tits, midsection, pussy, legs, arms/armpits, back, and butt. Now that they are already stripped, they won't have to stop before the more private areas to remove clothing.

So first up is the facial beauty/tresses comparsion. Each has a pretty face but neither is drop dead gorgeous in this area that would win them a widely contested competition of many girls. Just comparing these two however, Sable has in the judgment of the wrestling event attendees the better model features as determined by the volume of their yells when asked about each. So Sable takes a 1-0 lead going into the next comparison of tits. Unlike the earlier facial beauty comparison, each is very above average in the quality of their racks with Terri's a legit D cup and Sable approaching a D cup but probably more of a C cup. Regardless, Terri treasure chest seems a little bit more erect and larger so the girl who sometimes goes by the name of Marlena and smoking a cigar has the larger volume vote and takes the tits comparison to bring the score even at 1-1.

The next area to be compared will be their midsection and each has a muscular,flat looking stomach area so again far above average here in the quality. However, of the two, Terri Runnels again edges out Sable with even a hotter midsection with her waist measurement even 2" less than the fit one that Sable has. So for the first time, Terri takes the overall lead at 2-1. The next area to be compared will be their pussies. This must have been to make sure they stripped completely since in a huge area, it is next to impossible to compare this relatively small and partially obscured area. Thus, this one ends as might be expected in a tie. Halfway through the beauty contest, Terri leads 2-1-1 with the next area of competition being their legs. This is an interesting area since each has sexy legs that would be model caliber for sure except they work out so much that they are also pretty muscular. The judging is a combination of beauty and muscularity since after all this is a wrestling venue. Terri seems to be living on the edge in these comparison winning two close victories in a row before the pussy draw. The girl born in Florida does it again with a narrow victory now in the legs comparison with her better tapered legs no doubt helping her distance herself just enough from Sable to take this judgment and extend her lead to 3-1-1.

Arms/armpits will be the last frontside area to be compared, and just like almost every other area, this is an exceptional area for each...both in beauty and strength of arms and the sexiness and firmness of their armpits. Terri seems to edge Sable out in muscularity of her biceps and also has even sexier pits than Sable whose armpits are pretty well-shaped all on their own. So Terri wins another very competitive comparison to extend her lead to an insurmountable advantage of 4-1-1 with only the backside areas of back and butt left to be judged. So although Sable can't win the beauty contest anymore, she suddenly doesn't want it to end in a whitewash so each has something at stake in these last two judgments. Their backs are now the focus with this area sexy and fit just like their other anatomical areas. However, after losing every area other than the pussy tie since she won the facial beauty comparison, Sable finally adds another triumph to her total with her very sexy, well-delineated back as she cuts her deficit down to 4-1-1 with only the ass comparison left. This is not a particularly great area for either as Terri doesn't have enough of an ass for some while Sable's is perhaps a bit too big for others as neither has that desired bubble butt. However, in the volume of voting in this area, a majority seems to favor Sable's here so her late two wins doesn't help her to defeat Terri in the overall beauty contest but does at least make it more respectable for her as her final margin of defeat is narrowed down to 4-3-1.

Needless to say with these two exhibitionists, the loser of this beauty contest knew to expect a little primping by the winner. And that is exactly what Terrir Runnels does as she does her horny little devil by putting her hands behind her head and sticking one finger from each hand to simulate horns. And with her hands very close to the top of her head, that automatically shows off her world class strong arms and also those awesome armpits of hers. But Sable doesn't appreciate her opponent's little show as she decides to display one finger from each hand of her own....the middle finger of each hand directed towards Terri Runnels. The two babes are about ready for their catfighting/wrestling matchup and decide to put back on some clothes for the start. Before they leave the ring to do so they agree to have a table brought into the ring for when they return after reclothing to have an arm wrestling contest to kick off their fight. So while they redress a bit, the table is brought in just in time for the return of the two WWF/WWE femme fatales.

Catfight/Wrestling: They approach the table and put their right elbows on it and hold on to the edge of the table with their left hands as the fingers of their right hands interlock in the classic arm wrestling posture. Each of the sexy, fit, beautiful gals purse their lips in a fake kiss type posture for the benefit of the other right as their arms begin to tremble under the pressure of the other's. Each of their right arms is so muscular that each must be surprised she hasn't put away her opponent by now as she would have versus almost any other gal. But now their faces are etched with grimaces as they realize that their nemesis can push her own arm to the limit. Their arms in fact oscillate around the vertical/ neutral position with each gaining an advantage only to see the other blonde rally back and move the arms back towards the vertical position. But after a few back and forths, Terri Runnels takes the advantage and keeps it as Rena Mero/aka Sable's face show shock as her own gym trained right hand is send hard to the table as Terri wins this arms wrestling competition...the first event of their upcoming fight. Again, just like she did after her beauty contest triumph, Terri throws her arms up into the air not only to celebrate but also so show off her muscular guns. Sable isn't about to let Terri steal the show as she strips down to very skimpy black bra and G string to redirect the attention towards herself.

So while Sable has already turned on the crowd with her world class bod almost completely displayed, it is time for Terri to show off her own form even with some clothes put back on. So she is now wearing some worn looking lavendar V-shaped bottoms and a faded, lavendar top that is so shear her nipples push out the top which literally titilate the crowd no doubt. The two sexpots strut around the ring before finally facing each other in the center of the ring. The competition in this unscripted matchup got more heated after the beauty contest, the arms wrestling contest, and the strutting around.

With each accustomed to being the center of attention, the next action probably shocks no one as Sable cocks back her right hand to deliver a hard righthanded slap against the left side of Terri Runnels' face. That jerks the head of the self-described horny little devil hard to its right as the busty, muscular blonde bombshell definitely feels the power of Sable in that hard blow. Sable in fact sports her famous Sable sneer after whacking Terri and turns to the crowd as she encourages applause. But as she turns her head back around to face Terri, she turns it right into aq hard slap by Terri using her muscular arm and Sable's own turning of her beauty contest winning face right into the blow to make it a devastating hit. Sable actually stumbles back a step or two...once again, the blow made even worse by the sexy blonde walking into the slap. Terri is the one now in pursuit as she steps forward to try to take advantage of what she perceives as a dazed Sable. However, shs overestimates the stunned state of Sable as the busty blonde vixen is the one who walks into the next hit. And that hit is a closed fist delivered to that muscular, beauty contest winning midsection that Terri is so proud of. Even with that developed stomach area, Terri feels that forceful fist into her midsection and doubles over from that hit.

With Terri doubled over from the blow, Sable sadistically rakes the beauty contest winner's back with her fingernails and then follows up with a double axe handle to that sexy back of the busty blonde bombshell. That doesn't send Terri to the canvas as it would a girl who is weaker but does keep the advantage for Sable. She continues to torment the beauty contest winning busty blonde by grabbing some of that long platinum hair of the horny little devil and then releases her rival to send her hard into one of the turnbuckles. Terri Runnels' back hits hard into the corner which keeps her dazned. Sable rushes her scantily clad, athletic bod hard into her blonde rival's form which elicits a scream and some profanities from the wrestler and manager who sometimes refers to herself as Marlena. Sable rubs her body hard into Terri which not only keeps the pressure on but keeps her opponent trapped in the corner.

Sable reaches for Terri's faded light lavendar top and pulls if off the beauty contest winning blonde which immediately reveals of course her humongous hooters that won the comparison of tits during the beauty contest. Sable immediately goes after those monster mams of her doubt incredibly pissed that the majority of the crowd judged Terri Runnel's rack better than her own. So Sable viciously titmauls Terri which elicits more screaming, profanties, and grunting. Sable is dominating the catfight at this time but Terri has been on the wrong end of attacks before. Terri suddenly brings up one of her muscular legs and thrusts that foot into the crotch of her attacker. Rena Mero, aka Sable, is paralyzed by the low blow attack to her thinly covered pussy.

Sable stumbles away from the corner and is crouched over holding her crotch area. Now topless Terri even though she is stunned from the recent onslaught, both punishing physically and also sexual, she comes out like a pissed off demon from the corner. With Sable now bent over trying to soothe her on-fire pussy, Terri holds Sable steady by grabbing her head as she lifts knee after knee into the muscular midsection of her busty blonde rival. Each hard, forceful hit elicits a loud grunt from Sable with occasional screams and profanities emitted. Terri even works in a quick primal choke as she moves both her heads to encircle Sable's throat. Sable of course moves her own hands up to engage Terri's which looks really sexy seeing one set of muscular hands and arms going after the other's muscular hands and arms. Sable gasps for breath as she tries to pull her torturer's hands away from her throat. Sable is successful enough in doing that so Terri changes over to another attack.

Terri wants revenge for being made topless just recently and decides to get payback as she removes the almost spider web style bikini top of Sable and now uses that instead of her hands to try to choke Sable out and win the catfight/wrestling match right here and now when Sable is unable to continue. Sable now had to go after a harder to pull away object in the form of her own stringy black bikini top. Sable knows even if she able to pull it away, it will take too long so she suddenly headbutts Terri Runnels to take a shortcut to end this choking sequence although of course Sable suffers the pain of their heads colliding just like Terri does. Terri stumbles back as does Sable but as least for the recent victim, her bikini top gets dropped in the process and thus ends it use as a least for now.

The crowd is going wild as two of the hottest WWF/WWE babes are now topless with their flesh almost appearing if they have oiled up their skin. The roar raises even higher in volume as Sable raises her hands in front of that world class body of hers...the same sexy form that appeared in Playboy Magazine with another busty sexpot of this wrestling organization....Torrie a lesbian type spread. Apparently, she believes she can improve on her performance from the earlier arms wrestling contest which Terri Runnels won by pinning the back of Sable's right hand to the table.

Just like before in the arms wrestling competition, their arms tremble from the force of the other's strong arms pushing against her own as their arms and hands start off in the vertical/neutral position. Sable is quickly disapppointed as Terri Runnels picks right back up where she left off during the arms wrestling confrontation as she soon begins to dominate Sable in this alternate test of arms strength. But at least in this situation, Sable and Terri Runnels both look equally as hot as their biceps bulge and their world class armpits are on full display with their hands raised above their heads. Terri has that famous horny little devil type smirk on her cute face as she loves seeing Sable being sent down to her knees right in front of her in almost worship position with that expression of desperation on that beauty contest winning face of her victim. Terri continues to hold Sable's hands awkwardly as she is able to bend back those hands during the time that Sable goes down on to her knees on the wrestling ring canvas.

Sable continues to have that anguish look on her face, and the more in pain she looks, the wider Terri's smile seems to be. Terri now moves her body forward a short distance in order to encircle Rena Mero's head with using her muscular, powerful legs in a standing legscissors. Now not only is Sable suffering with the continued abuse of her hands via Terri's hands but now finds that beauty contest winning face and the rest of her head also in dire straits courtesy of those powerful haunches of Terri Runnels. The platinum blonde adds to Sable's agony as she performs a little washing matching agitator motion by occasionally turning those developed legs of hers one way only to twist them back a little in the opposite direction. Sable hardly looks glamorous throughout all of this...her hands and arms still held at bay by Terri's stronger ones and her face caught between Terri's punishing legs. Sable tries all the standard escapes including trying to pull her hands free to help out in the effort, simply pulling her head out from between those tormenting legs, and twisting her head an angle to try to back it out in that manner. None of those work so Sable decides if Terri wants her head so badly, she will help her out. Suddenly, Sable quits trying to free her head from the legscissors but instead shoots her body forward pushing off with her own muscular legs. The surprising and forceful hit against Terri's legs even takes its toll on those sturdy pins as Sable's shoulders plow into Terri's legs with enough momentum to send her torturer stumbling backward and thus the end of the tormenting standing legscissors as far as Sable goes. Sable is able to get to her feet with Terri struggling to remain standing.

Terri still had quite the dominating stretch in this catfight, a point which needless to say is not lost on Sable. In fact, the recently beleaguered blonde is so frustrated that she goes full speed at Terri and spears her down to the canvas. Sable begins a series of pushups using her own strong arms that may not be able to hold their own versus Terri's stronger ones but are plenty powerful enough to raise her body up into the air time and time again and then drop it down with appreciable force on the body of her nemesis trapped beneath her own. Occasionally, Rena Mero pauses on the pushup/dropdown cycle in order to forcibly rub her body forward and back and from side to side against Teri Runnels' body beneath her. Sable doesn't want to stay with a predictable maneuver for too long or Terri will come up with an escape that might turn the current situation in her favor.

So finally, Sable stays down on Terri and decides to use some of her other assets rather than just her taut body and her strong arms. Sable scoots forward a short distance in order to her huge hooters hovering over Terri Runnels' face but they don't stay up in the air for long. Rena Mero rubs and grinds her much better than average rack hard into Terri's face below in a great titsmother. Of course by this time, her titanic tits are full of sweat and projecting foul body odor, not the normally sexy and irresistible twin peaks they are under normal circumstances. Sable is the one sporting the obnoxious smirk now and it only gets more irritating to Terri no doubt as Sable switches from her titsmother to a devastating left armpit smother using that world class recess full of sweat and smell to humiliate and even affect Terri Runnels' breathing. If that isn't bad enough, Sable changes over to her equally sweaty and odorous right armpit to rub that right into the pretty face of Terri to double the torture. Finally, Terri is able to slide out from under what has now become a sloppy cover.

On her way out of the range of Sable, Terri is more than happy to give some parting gifts which is this case are some powerful thrust kicks using her beauty contest winning, very muscular legs. With both of the femme fatales still lying down on the canvas, Rena Mero and Terri Runnels decide there is no better time to have a leg strength duel similar to the arms strength duels they have already had. The two busty, gym trained babes sit on their asses and agreed to interleaf their powerful legs as they wrap their legs around the other's firm midsection in what quickly turns into a mutual legscissors between these two sweaty, strong legged, blonde vixens.

Upon the implementation of the pressure, each screams and grunts and emits profanities....all of which turns on the crowd as they love to see these two muscular, sexy, beautiful gals torture each other with their powerful legs. As this continues, each is clearly suffering even with her fit, muscular midsection being able to resist the pressure better than almost any other woman alive. The mutual legscissors continues with neither winning to yield as Sable and Terri want to take this particular skirmish to a conclusion. Finally, as this ultimate test of legs strength and their midsections' resistance to pressure and pain plays out, the volume of screams and grunts and frequency of profanities seem to be coming from Sable more than Terri which is not a good sign for the former Playboy spread model. Sable feels this fight slipping away right now, and she isn't about to be forced to submit via Terri's muscular legs so she moves her arms towards Terri's beauty contest winning and apparently superior strength legs and begins to fist and pinch them to force Terri to let go of her python legs grip around her midsection. Of course, Terri Runnels responds in kind to Sable's legs so the legscissors duel ends with obviously a Terri victory but doesn't lead to her winning the catfight.

Both are pissed off about the legscissors skirmish....Terri that she wasn't allowed to finish off Rena Mero which she believes she could have done and Sable that she indeed seemed to be losing the legscissors duel to begin with. Terri and Sable get to standing positions for the first time in quite a while as the two apparently are ready for the most personal of battles up to this point.

They ram together their world class fit bods and their above average treasure chests in a good old fashioned titfight. Their strong arms wrap around the other's midsection as each wants to keep the other's body closely contacted against her own and thus ensure a fierce boob to boob matchup. Terri Runnels won the tits judgment during the beauty contest but Rena Mero is not exactly ready to accept that defeat in a physical tit to tit matchup. So the titfight ensues with each pair of oversized jugs trying to dominate the other femme fatales' twin peaks. Each grunts and screams occasionally with some profanities spewed forth. But as this very personal fight between these two pairs of humongous hooters continues, neither seems to be gaining an edge in this particular duel so they shove each other away...each obviously surprised that her own prized twins couldn't put away the other's bodacious boobs.

So after moving towards a very personal competition they apparently intend to go even further now as they take off their only remaining clothing. Off comes Terri's dark lavender bottoms while Sable removes her matching back spider web type bottoms which have been barely covering up her pussy for so long. Instead of just tossing them into the corner, each throws the sweaty and smelly object right into the face of her nemesis with utter disdain as the obvious intention.

So again the two muscular vixens move their bodies close together within easy reach of their hands going into each other's most personal orifice. The crowd is again turned on to see the two incredibly hot femme fatales invading the other's pussy in an all out pussy war...old style using their hands instead of a double headed dildo or some such. Just like during the recent titfight, as soon as this sexual encounter gets going, screams, grunts, and profanities fill the air. Their pussies were unjudgeable during the assets comparison competition due to the distance from the judging audience so the muscular babes can now take the pussy comparison into their own hands....literally! As this most sexual of showdowns continue, this one also ends in a tie but not in the same way at the titfight did.

In this sequence, Terri and Sable each bring the opponent to climax as each removes her right hand at essentially the same time with cum covering part of their strong hands. So each ends up rather dazed by having been brought to climax and stumble back into some of the side ropes for temporary support. Both recover at about the same time from the forcing into climax by the other. However, Terri is the aggressor here as she moves towards Sable who dodges her advance, grabs her right arm, and uses that to sling her into the side ropes. Terri rebounds off the ropes at which point Sable clotheslines the busty beauty contest winning platinum blonde. Terri drops to the canvas like a sack of potatoes with Sable hovering over her downed form. Sable in fact scrabbles Terri Runnels with one leg on each side of her sexy, muscular form. Sable gyrates her hips and stretches her arms in the air to show off her current domination of her rival who so far who proven to have the stronger arms and legs.

Perhaps Sable is wasting too much time but as it turns out she isn't as she still has Terri flat on her back as she begins to footstomp the downed beauty contest winning busty blonde. With each downward hit of Sable's foot on top of the midsection of the treasure chest of Terri Runnels, she emits a scream and some grunts. But the problem with Sable's straddling of Terri, that does leave her snatch vulnerable to a counterattack of any kind by Terri. And sure enough that comes as Terri brings up one of her legs and plants part of it into that precious pussy of Sable. That stuns the recent torturer of Terri and then allows the recent victim to sweep her legs around in an arc to clip Rena's legs out from under her and send her down to the mat on her ass. With Sable supine on the mat to the side of Terri Runnels' form, Terri quickly turn her legs towards the left shoulder of Sable while grabbing her left arm by the wrist.

Ironically, Terri uses Sable's strong arm and wide shoulders to her own benefit now as she puts her feet against the left shoulder socket of her nemesis while pulling as hard as she can on the muscular left arm of Sable...using her own two arms to do so. Sable immediately emits the loudest scream of the entire fight up to this point as she is suffering agonizing pain with this push/pull conflict....Terri pushes on the shoulder of Sable with her feet at the same time she is pulling on that muscular arm that connects to that shoulder. Terri sports that sadistic grin that she is famous for when things are going her way as they are right now. Terri really torments Sable but as luck would have it for Rena Mero, her body being so sweaty of both of the babes are at this point is a huge break for her. Terri's feet can't stay locked on even Sable's wide shoulder and slip off which ends the painful conflict. Terri lets go of Sable's arm since without the other hold, it isn't that much of an advantage to keep it in their lying down positions.

Sable and Terri get up as quickly as possible although neither is moving with the energy she had earlier in this fight. Sable is able to grab hold of Terri's arm and whips her hard into one of the turnbuckles as she did earlier. Sable follows her quickly into the corner and crashes her body into Terri's. Then Sable stands to the side of the Terri's trapped form and brings up thrust kick after thrust kick using the side of her leg. Terri sinks a bit with each hit and eventually is sitting on the lower corner rope. At that point, Sable puts one of her feet right against the neck area of her foe as she is the one wearing the sadistic smirk at this point. Finally, Terri Runnels is able to pull Sable's foot away from her throat using both of her muscular arms and hands to do so. Terri then pushes the foot away with enough force to send Sable stumbling backwards and landing on her beauty contest winning butt.

Both get up as quickly as possible to standing positions with each pissed off...especially Terri who has been the one humiliated and abused more lately. Terri is the aggressor as she was the last time but this time approaches more carefully and is able to get Sable's right arm in a hammerlock. If that is painful enough, Terri rushes her body hard into the back of Sable to send her captured victim hard into one of the corners. Sable screams as the frontside of her nude forum including her twin peaks hit against the ropes and post area of that corner...all the while, Terri continuing her hammerlock which is more torture. Occasionally, Terri Runnels raises that captured arm higher on Sable's back to turn the hold into even a more painful chickenwing type hold. The smirk thus has switched back over to Terri's face while Sable is the one who has the pained expression on her beauty contest winning face.

Terri turns Sable around who is at this point apparently more tired than Sable is. Terri whips Sable down to the canvas away from the corner using a snap mare via some of the Playboy model's long, luscious hair. As Sable tries to get up from her ending position on all fours, Terri pushes her back down with a footstomp. Terri then mounts that muscular, beauty contest winning back of Sable and hooks Sable's arms around her doubled up legs as Terri Runnels implements a chinlock....basically executing a camel clutch type hold. Sable's neck is painfully and awkardly bent back at the same time her beautiful, strong back is also being tormented via the bending on it with Terri's weight on it at the same time her shoulders and arms are pulled behind Terri Runnels' legs. Sable would be screaming and grunting louder if her mouth wasn't being affected by the chinlock. But the pained expression on her face is evidence enough that Sable is in dire straits at this point. Terri thinks this is the end of the line for Sable and is ready to prompt the sexy, busty, blonde siren for a concession.

Terri: "Ready to give it up, you overrated street whore? But that's OK if you want to keep this going. I'm enjoying the hell out of torturing that back and your face and your arms that you are soooo proud of!"
Sable: "Ooooohhhh......aaaaaiiiiiieee.....I give....I're killing me...let me go....please!"
Terri: "Damn girl....I really do wish you hadn't given up so quickly but you did ask nicely so I guess I have no alternative." {releasing the holds and getting up off of Sable's body} "Oh, but by the way, I have some postmatch things planned for you, blondie...this isn't over quite yet!"

Postmatch: Sable stays prone on the canvas as she is clearly even more exhausted than Terri Runnels who is quite tired herself. However to delay her re-attack on Sable in the postmatch action, Terri plays to her supporters in the crowd by putting her hands behind her head and making her famous horny little devil posture with two fingers simulating the horns. And she loves to put her hands on the top of her head to show off her beauty contest winning arms and armpits and those arms that proved to be stronger than Sable's during their fight. Add to that posing, Terri putting her legs one out in front of the other to show off her stronger and beauty contest winning legs also.

Sable is going nowhere in her condition so Terri has time to showboat a bit. But Terri gets her fill of posing at this point and wants to go back after Sable since she herself has gotten her second wind as she took time out to acknowledge the crowd after her triumph. Terri puts one of her feet into that beauty contest winning, muscular back of Sable to push her body harder into the canvas and thus particularly those twin peaks that Sable is so proud of. Terri then stoops down and gives Sable's beauty contest winning ass an humiliating spanking and attacks her rival's pussy from behind as she sits on top of Sable's lower back and reaches backward with her strong right hand to bring Sable to another cum much as both were brought to climax during the pussy war. Terri then turns Sable over to her back and sits on her defeated foe's midsection as she pins those muscular arms of her nemesis hard to the canvas as if the was actually winning this fight via a pinning maneuver. Terri hops up and down a short period of time on Sable's midsection but Terri remembers some smothers that Sable did to her during the match that she never got revenge for...until now.

Terri extends her body flat on top of Sable's and moves forward a short distance so that her beauty contest winning humongous hooters will not fall on the beauty contest winning face of Rena Mero. And Terri Runnels has plenty of sweat and foul body odor from her monster D cup caliber mammories to shove literally right into Sable's face. Terri does a world class titsmother and now follows up on that one with two world class armpit smothers. If Sable's armpits are fine, then Terri's are downright divine as she shoves those huge recessed areas hard into the beautiful face of Sable...all the sweat and foul body odor exposed to that gorgeous face along with the humiliation that comes with it. And Terri makes sure it is a doubled barreled/encore experience for Sable as first she utilizes her left armpit and then follows up with the right one. Terri then goes after Sable for a titmauling payback since Sable mauled hers in the corner near the beginning of their catfight when Sable ripped that light lavender top off of Terri Runnels to reveat those humongous hooters of the little vixen. But this time, Terri Runnels is going after Sable's peaks big time as she moves both hands to the left tit and follows up moving both hands to the right hooter. Each time, Terri is successful in milking the jug of Sable she is currently working on and in even great humiliation for her victim, Terri holds up her bounty each time before sucking her fingers dry in her mouth.

Terri seems to have covered most of the bases but hasn't utilized her own pussy yet. Terri sits on top of Sable's twin peaks and pulls that beauty contest winning face of Rena Mero hard into her sweaty and smelly snatch area for a great pussy smother. There might even be some residual cum in that area from their earlier pussy war where both climaxed. Terri then moves her ass forward and places it on top of Sable's face in a great facesit type maneuver. It is sexy enough to have her form sitting on top of Sable's face and pinning her rival's arms down to the canvas using her own arms and hands but really got hot when Terri Runnels put her hands on the top of her head again and flexes her biceps and shows off her awesome armpits in a world class victory pose. Terri makes sure that plenty of photos are taken of her incredibly sexy pose facesitting Sable and showing off her muscular arms and fit and sexy shaped armpits to boot.

Finally, Terri gets off of Sable but rubs the dirty bottoms of her feet, one at a time, across that beautiful face of Sable. She collects her own light lavender top and dark lavender panties along with Sable's spider web type bikini...the latter of course serving as a souvenir for Terri Runnels' double victory...first the beauty contest and then the fight afterwards. And Terri has some parting words for Sable.

Terri: "Bitch, bet you thought your spiderweb bikini would trap me. Well whore, who ended up being the spider and who ended up being the fly?" {laughing}

As Terri Runnels is leaving the ring with her black bikini and of course Terri's own two piece, Sable gets up to a sitting position and slams her hands down on the wrestling ring canvas in utter frustration for her losses.


Mr. Skin