Prelude: Two multiple silicone implants, bleached blondes Missy Hyatt and Pamela Anderson are attending the same party. Both women have the same tramp like appearance that each is famous for. Missy shows up in a checkered flag type two piece with bare midsection that every man and woman would love to wave hard enough to rip it off her. Of obvious prominence are those twin peaks that double, or should I say double D, as her breasts. Matching Missy is Pamela whose only similarity to royalty is the royal purple color of her very low cut strapped dress. Just like Missy, Pamela has every attendee at the party trying to catch peaks at her own bountiful boobs. Each woman likes to be the center of attention and having another hot sexpot blonde with superjumbo juggs simply won’t do and is unacceptable for the women.

Pamela: “Missy, Missy, I think you are at the wrong party. The tramp trisk is down the street near the street corner you frequent.”
Missy: “Oh, Pamela, you so have a sense of humor. But then again, you have to have one so you can get over all your failures in acting…and I use the term acting very, very loosely….you know, sort of like your character. Let’s see…there was VIP which was one of those 2AM (check your local listing) shows and then that series Stacked. Guess you won’t be retiring living off those residuals, huh? Baby, who would have thought that playing a 3rd banana lifeguard on Baywatch would be the high point of your career!”
Pamela: “Missy, that was reasonably funny….don’t like anyone tell you that you are a blonde bimbo without humor. As far as your career goes, guess you couldn’t find work….well, you know except on the street corner…after WCW fired your ample ass!”
Missy: “Ok Pammy, that does it….you and me right here and right now in a beauty contest and a catfight. I can’t wait to titsmother you into submission and maybe sit on that face of years…or at least the gobs of makeup covering it.”
Pamela: “You’re on, baby…I can’t wait to find out what color your hair really is….so far, I have seen you blonde, brunette, and redhead….your hair has more colors on it than most flags of countries.”
Missy: “Funny you should mention the color red because that will be your butt’s color after I get through spanking you.”

Beauty Contest: Pamela and Missy agree on 8 anatomical areas to be compared with no shortage of judges because as soon as everyone hears about the confrontations, they want to be judges during the beauty contest. The catfight will be a no holds barred, submissions only match, and the partygoers will just be watching that matchup. The areas to be compared will be facial beauty, tits, midsection, pussies, legs, arms/armpits, backs, and asses. Whichever woman wins more of these areas during the competitions will be declared the winner of the beauty contest. They start the beauty contest in the largest room in the house so that all the party attendees can get close enough to judge.

Missy HyattPam AndersonThe women start out in their party wear….Missy in that checkered flag type two piece and Pamela in the purple low cut dress. But nothing has to be removed to start the first area of competitions…their face comparison. Each woman is above average in facial beauty but neither would be winning a beauty contest due to her face. Neither has a classic, beautiful nose for example so this judgment will be more which woman has the fewer faults. In a close decision, Pamela wins apparently because of her better smile, cuter face, better eyes, and luscious sexier hair. Pamela takes the lead 1-0 into the competition that everyone has been waiting for…the tit battle!

Missy unties her top and shoots it slighshot style to the cheering audience….making sure her titanic tits bounce with the motion. Pamela isn’t used to facing off against monster mams that rival her own but she isn’t about to give up without a fight. Pamela unstraps her shoulders and lets the upper part of her purple dress drop, thus revealing her own humongous hooters. Just like Missy, she moves her body with enough motion to ensure they bounce appropriately to attract attention and lustful stares from the judging crowd. Indeed, this is one of the more formidable boob battles anyone could ever hope for with two silicone implanted babes who aren’t shy about showing off their surgery enhanced orbs. Finally, a decision is reached with a majority favoring Missy Hyatt’s gigantic gazongas over Pamela Anderson’s, but a very split judgment among the crowd. Missy’s narrow victory is still worth the full point and ties up Pamela 1-1 with midsection the next competitive area.

Missy’s midsection has always been exposed due to her two piece outfit but at this point Pamela Anderson has to take off her purple dress from her body. That process brings wild cheers from the audience and obvious jealous stares and pouting from Missy Hyatt. This midsection contest is not very close with the former WCW personality and her more fleshy stomach not being able to match up favorably with the former Baywatch babe’s tighter, thinner, and move concave midsection. Pamela takes this easy win and builds a 2-1 overall beauty contest lead with the triumph. The next area will be a competition between their most private part….their pussies. Now, it is Missy’s turn to provide a little theater as an already nude Pamela has to look on as Missy strips off her checkered flag bottoms to the hoots, cheers, and lustful yells of the spectators. Both women have good pussies with Pamela’s being clean-shaven while Missy still has a thin forest of dark pubic hair guarding hers. This ends up being a competitive judgment with Missy’s larger one and her enticing thick pussy lips tipping the balance in her favor. This Missy win ties up the contest at 2-2, and Pamela Anderson seems to be getting shocked that a woman little known outside of wrestling entertainment would be able to compete successfully against her to this point.

The fifth area to be judged will be their legs. This one is also an easy one to decide with Missy’s legs being heavier and not as shapely as Pamela’s. The latter blonde bombshell is pleased to have retaken the lead with a 3-2 advantage with arms/armpits being the last frontside area of competition. This arms/armpits comparison is a lot sexier than most might have guessed. Each woman has fit arms with some muscularity evident and luscious underarms. In a close decision, Missy Hyatt takes this area and once again has the overall match tied up at 3-3 with Pamela frustrated she can’t shake her rival in this contest. The first of two backside area competitions will be a comparison of backs. Each woman has a nice back but nothing approaching spectacular. For the first time, there can’t be an agreement of a majority of the audience as many have no opinion. Thus, this back contest is called a draw and the overall score is now 3-3-1 with only the butt contest left to be held.

The women stick out their asses and each one has a nice butt but neither overwhelms the other with a sensational one. But Pamela builds a decent majority of supporters which vote her the winner and takes the overall contest 4-3-1. Pamela does a patented jump up and down celebration which has her tits bouncing uncontrollably as a highlight. On the other hand, Missy is pissed and besides a stream of expletives as verbal protests and a brief pouting session, Pamela begins to address the audience that voted her the winner.

Pamela: “Well, I guess little Missy just found out that perhaps being the hottest of a bunch of hags in professional wrestling means little when you are going against the best!”
Missy: Baywatch bitch, let’s see how you handle this.”

In the true spirit of a Pearl Harbor professional wrestling act, Missy grabs Pamela from behind by her long blonde hair and slings her down butt first on to the floor of the room…fortunately for Pamela Anderson, the floors had already been matted even before the beauty contest began.

Catfight: With Missy’s sneak attack from behind on Pamela, the audience quickly scrambles out of harm’s way. Pamela’s beauty contest winning ass hits the matted floor hard. That quick, unexpected transition from beauty contest to catfight also took out the option that was going to be offered to each woman, that is whether to put back on some clothing. But since each woman is quite the exhibitionist, the odds are they would have turned down reclothing themselves anyway. Pamela Anderson is stunned as she wasn’t even aware the catfight had started. And Missy has the reputation of kicking her opponents when they are down, and she surely isn’t going to make an exception for a woman who supposedly beat her in a beauty contest, a verdict she of course rejects as a biased decision.

As Pamela is lying flat on her back, Missy footstomps the former Playboy Playmate and superstacked sexy symbol’s midsection. With each foot contact with Pamela’s fit stomach, her body recoils a bit from the floor accompanied by exclamations of pain… some words of which are similar to the expletives that Missy said after her beauty contest loss. Missy moves her target, or should we say targets, higher as she zeroes in on Pamela’s twin mountain peaks that are defenselss as Missy continues her footstomps. Pamela screams out in pain and immediately moves her hands up to cover her most prized possessions so that her hands take the brunt of the force of Missy’s feet. The former WCW star ends her attack in that area when Pamela does that but isn’t about to give her positional advantage.

Missy reaches down and grabs hold of Pamela’s wrists and extends Pamela’s arms straight up in the air. Normally, that would perhaps lift Pamela’s upper body off the floor a bit but not when Missy is standing on Pamela’s tresses to keep her head down as she is right now. Pamela is screaming again as her hair is being painfully stepped on at the same time the rest of her upper body is pulled in the opposite direction…on this occasion…up! Now, it is Missy Hyatt who is enjoying herself every bit as much as Pamela Anderson did at the end of the beauty contest. That patented Missy smirk is one to behold. Pamela can’t do anything about removed her hair from underneath Missy’s feet but she can try to free her wrists from her foe’s grasp. Not only does Pamela concentrate on doing exactly that but she also wiggles that beauty contest winning bod of hers to try to make Missy lose her balance or at the very least make it more complex to maintain the hold on her wrists. Missy desperately tries to hold on because she is having too much fun and dispensing too much pain to give up her position easily. But Pamela’s tactics work as she is finally able to pull away her wrists and quickly moves her hands to Missy’s ankles to push those off her hand and force Missy to tumble down to the matted floor herself.

Pamela: “You fat bitch!! Using a sneak attack because you know I’m more woman than you could ever handle.”
Missy: “Don`t blame me because you are too stupid to turn your back in a catfight, you oversiliconed slut!”

Pamela and Missy face off just a couple of feet apart…their monumental mounds seemingly to almost touch as far as they protrude from their bodies. Missy grabs Pamela’s face and kisses it with passion almost as if to signify that she is still in control of this fight. Pamela initially is stunned and turned on by the lips embrace but then pushes Missy away from her. Pamela doesn’t want to let Missy control this confrontation so she makes her first move of the match by raising her hands in front of her incredibly sexy body. Missy recognizes this gesture as a challenge to the classic test of strength. Missy and Pamela’s fingers of their opposite hands entangle as the arm strength battle begins.

Of course, legs come in to the contest also as those are used to anchor their bodies as they try to overpower the foe with their arms. Hands and arms tremble and some muscles appear as each woman grimaces as she tries to double over her rival and moves those arms back from vertical. After what seems like an eternity to the onlooking spectators, Pamela finally gains an advantage with her more fit and perhaps stronger arms and hands. Pamela bends back Missy’s hands and arms, and the sexy, fit actress gets not only a push with her upperbody but also her lower body as she forces Missy backward and down to her knees.

Pamela moves her legs to surround Missy’s head while still holding on to the former WCW star’s hands with her own. Pamela squeezes her legs together to put the pressure on Missy’s trapped head in a great legscissors. Pamela’s shows off the fitness and muscularity in her legs as they are put under straing appling that force. Missy screams in anguish as her head is being squeezed like a grape in a vise. With Pamela still holding on to her hands to not only maintain balance but also to occupy those hands to keep them being used in an escape attempt, Missy’s options are limited. Missy can’t free her hands but she still has her body resting on all fours at this point with her legs free. Missy picks her chance and lunges forward suddenly against Pamela’s legs using most of her body weight as a ram against her foe. Pamela’s is thrown off balance, her luscious legs open wide, and as she stumbles backwards, she releases Missy’s held hands which puts an end to the holds and her advantage over her competition.

Missy makes sure she gains the next advantage as she thrust kicks her right foot into Pamela’s pussy. The sexy, stacked bombshell screams in agony as Missy moves closer to her downed body and crawls on top of it in a schoolgirl type pin cover. Missy pins Pamela’s arms to the matted floor as she repetitively pushes her upper body off of Pamela’s only to drop it hard on to the trapped form of the former Playboy Playmate, making sure her tits come down on top of Pamela’s in a great punishing move. Occasionally, Missy switches up and raises her lower body in the air to come down pussy to pussy on Pamela’s trapped most private area. Sometimes Missy raises neither half of her body into the air and simply rubs her huge orbs across Pamela’s trapped ones or her pussy hard against Pamela’s.

Missy has that famous smirk and that hellish laughter of her going that she loves to rub in to her opponent as she moves her now sweaty tits up Pamela’s form a bit and begins a titsmother, made even more devastating by the size of her monster mams. Besides depositing sweat and foul body odor during this process, her fleshy and volumnous mounds are perfect for sealing Pamela’s mouth and nose areas as she cuts off the smallish blonde’s breathing.

Missy gets her satisfaction with her titsmother and quickly turns to a more embarassing torment…armpit smothers. Missy moves her right shoulder above Pamela’s cute, beauty contest winning face and then drops that pit flush on to Pamela’s beautiful face in a humiliating move. And if Pamela thought Missy’s tits were foul smelling and full of sweat, she finds out that Missy’s underarms after a lot of catfight action are not areas you want thrust into your face. Missy starts with the right armpit and then switches over to the left one to give her rival double barrelled torture. Just like the earlier titsmother, these armpits smothers deposit lots of sweat, foul odor, and restrict perfect Pamela’s breathing. Missy is obviously still enjoying her humiliation of the former Baywatch babe.

Missy’s heavier body weight is helping to keep the bustful bleached blonde on top while Pamela desperately struggles to get out from under Missy’s torture. But that punishment continues as Missy moves her body even further forward on Pamela’s trapped form. Missy situates her beauty contest winning, large pussy over Pamela and begins to squirm her body to move that most private region of her body around Pamela’s face in perhaps the most humiliating move so far of this set of titsmothers. And this area is just as sweaty and smelly as any area Pamela has been exposed with so far. Missy’s heavy legs are lying across Pamela’s arms which keep them pinned as this is going on. But Pamela’s legs are completely free since Missy’s body has moved so far forward in her cover. Thus, the superbusty blonde starts generating kickouts to add force to her arms in an attempt to free them of Missy’s legs. After a few of these, each one moving her position slightly, Pamela is finally able to dislodge Missy’s legs from the cover of her arms. Pamela quickly moves away from Missy’s covering form.

Missy and Pamela get off the matted carpet to a standing position for the first time in quite a while. Pamela’s face sports a flushed color, partly due to being contacted by various parts of Missy’s bod for some time and partly perhaps due to being pissed off at her punishment. Missy sports that smirk of hers that is so hated by her rivals as if to say “I’m Missy Hyatt and I’m the woman that any woman wants to be.”

Pamela moves towards Missy and launches a hard, right handed slap across the left side of the self-proclaimed First Lady of Professional Wrestling. Missy’s head takes a sudden move to the right in reaction to that blow, but doesn’t stumble away despite the force of the slap. Instead, Missy counters with a right slap of her own against the beauty contest winning face of her rival. Pamela seems to have had a force advantage of that exchange of slaps but doesn’t like the fact she had to absorb a slap or future ones to prove it so. She uses another tactic as she throws a fist to her rival’s midsection. Missy Hyatt’s midsection isn’t as hard as Pamela’s which gives her rival’s fist better penetration and inflicts more pain and punishment than perhaps normal. Missy doubles over due to the blow which Pamela takes advantage of with a double axe handle blow to the former WCW star’s back. Missy is still standing but not for long as Pamela grabs Missy’s hair and slings her to the matted floor using those tresses.

Missy lands hard on the matted carpet…falling on those humongous hooters of hers as super titted Missy ends up lying on the floor. Pamela flops down on Missy’s back, the force of which only pushes her foe’s titanic tits harder into the matted carpet. Now it is Pamela’s turn to rise up occasionally from her cover of Missy Hyatt only to press back down with increased force on the former WCW blonde’s backside. Pamela ends those repetitive tortures but only to switch to another hold…a chinlock. Pamela reaches her fit arms and strong hands around Missy’s head and clasps her hands together under her opponent’s jaw and starts painfully pulling back, straining Missy’s neck area in the process. Missy quickly moves her hands up to Pamela’s in an attempt to pull them apart but the sexy, stacked blonde has her hands interlocked too well. Missy is frustrated as she slams her hands on the mats with expletives flowing freely as a grimace fills the victim’s face, almost as famous as her smirk or her pouty look is to many fans.

Pamela gets even more pleasure from her punishment of Miss Hyatt by voluntarily unlocking her hands from underneath her foe’s jaw, only to put her hands at the corners of Missy’s massive mouth and painfully pulling those corners away from the center. Missy screams again, muffled due to the attack on her mouth as once again Missy moves her hands to engage Pamela’s. With her rival’s hands now separated as she attacks her mouth, Missy is able to grab individual fingers of Pamela’s hands and bend them into painful positions which forces the Baywatch and VIP and Stacked babe to release the hold. With no anchor hold and a smaller body than Missy, her rival is able to buck her off her back, which sends Pamela flying off to the matted floor beside her foe.

The women don’t even bother getting up completely but only situate themselves on doubled up legs at this point. Missy and Pamela go to an obvious target that most in the audience are probably surprised hasn’t already been a priority…their lusciously long, bleached blonde hair. Heads move violently in conjunction with their tresses being pulled by the opponent. Grimaces, groans, and expletives fill the air as each woman experiences pain during this process. The action is so violent they can’t even remain in a sitting position but end up lying down facing each other. Just as in previous arm contests, Pamela seems to have the strength advantage, but of course Missy has figured that out by now. Missy suddenly removes her hands from Pamela’s hair and sets a target lower down on Pamela’s ultra sexy bod….those monster mams of hers. Missy begins to maul Pamela’s tits with as much of them as her large hands can grab and makes sure that the associated nipples get punished along with the rest of the boobs. Pamela’s sudden louder screaming provides evidence of Missy’s success as Pamela herself has to give up her hair pulling of Missy’s tresses as she moves her hands down to engage Missy’s.

Missy rolls over on top of Pamela, still maintaining the firm grasp of Pamela Anderson’s prized twin peaks as she doubles up her legs on each side of Pamela’s prone form. Pamela moves her hands further up Missy’s arms to try to pull them away from her gigantic gozangas using a different approach. But Missy has her hands firmly on Pamela’s jumbo juggs along with having the body position advantage of being on top. Pamela is still in anguish as she desperately looks for another avenue of escape. Her hands and arms are still free and she remembers how effective her slaps were earlier in this match along with that fist to Missy’s midsection. Pamela’s cocks back her right arm and closed hand and extends it in a hard right blow to Missy’s face…stunning her blonde torturer. Missy still holds on to Pamela’s twin mountain peaks, so Pamela repeats the process, this time with her left hand being closed. Missy was stunned by the first blow and this one does her in as far as being able to maintain the hold. Missy falls off of Pamela’s smaller form after the second fist. While Missy is trying to recover from the fists to her head, Pamela is probing her titanic tits making sure her babies are okay.

Even as fit as these women are, the strain of the beauty contest and the length and physicality of the catfight is taking its toll. Both women arise slowly simultaneously, sweat glistening off their sexy forms and dripping off the twin escarpments which are their huge hooters. These women appear far less glamorous than they were earlier in the matchup and certainly don’t resemble their elegance during the beauty contest which seems like it was eons ago at this point. The audience has been overjoyed with the action they have witnessed up to this point and perhaps their cheering and chants are helping them maintain a certain level of energy. Missy and Pamela look like they want to rip the other’s hair out by the roots, pound their rival’s tits, and give their foe’s face a few good shots as the rivalry has really increased after starting at a high level after the beauty contest.

The women ram their bodies together and wrap their arms around the opponent’s waist in what turns out to be combination mutual bearhug and tit battle. Pamela’s better arm strength is offset by Missy’s thicker midsection area which hurts Pamela’s efforts to encircle it. Missy’s arms are quite as strong as Pamela’s but she is working against a thinner waist so the mutual bearhug is a wash. That leaves the tit battle which also is pretty much of a draw which each woman possessing superjumbo juggs that aren’t accustomed to a draw.

The women split apart once more since neither has gained an advantage. The women are beginning to look dog tired as their once fairly erect hooters are even sagging a bit at this point. Pamela lunges towards Missy who quickly brings up a knee into Pamela’s fit midsection, stopping the super stacked blonde bombshell in her tracks. Missy grabs Pamela by the hair and slings her to the padded floor and immediately does a big splash on top of Pamela, who is lying on her back at this point. Missy’s weight along with the motion giving it quite a bit of force takes the starch out of her foe’s body, including some of her resistance.

Missy is on top of Pamela and can’t resist grabbing some of Pamela’s long, bleached blonde hair and uses it to shake her rival’s head violently in a side to side motion across the matted floor. Missy moves her squatting position forward so that her heavy legs are placed over Pamela Anderson’s strong arms. But even her fit arms can’t move Missy’s weight lying on top of them. Missy grabs Pamela’s beauty contest winning face and pulls it hard and flush into her very sweaty and now more odorous pussy than even before when she did a lying down pussy smother. Missy grinds Pamela’s cute and beautiful face that used to be the dream of every man and many woman’s who watched Baywatch or even VIP. The smothering is sapping the energy out of Pamela Anderson’s still struggling body as the super stacked blonde’s breathing is compromised. Missy has the smirk of superiority on her face again and believes she has Pamela figuratively on the ropes. Missy pulls Pamela’s head back away from her pussy as she begins to hop up and down on Pamela’s chest area with her big ass and most of the rest of her weight. Tears begin to stream down her foe’s face as even Pamela is realizing this is the beginning of the end for her.

Missy: “Pammy, you overrated whore….I think this is the end of the line for you….I really, really do!!”
Pamela: “Get off of me, you fat bitch. I’m Pamela Anderson and you can’t do this to a superstar.”
Missy: “Ooooooohhhhh really….just watch, you fucking slut!”
Pamela {being tit smothered now by Missy}: “Ummmm…..I….I….I….give……I give up!!…..mmmmm…Let me go!”

Postmatch: Missy gives Pamela a few more seconds of her monster mams in a devastating tit smother before finally removing her titanic tits from Pamela’s face. The defeated blonde’s head falls with a clunk back down to the matted floor and her arms are extended perpendicular to her form in perfect surrender mode. Meanwhile, Missy Hyatt is putting her hands on top of her head and posing for the audience as she loves the spotlight…particularly after a victory. She also spreads her legs wide to show her large pussy for the audience while she takes a brief respite from the action. After all, Pamela Anderson is going nowhere in her exhausted and beaten state.

The spectators respond with boisterous cheering and yelling, particularly those who were Missy supporters from the beginning. Missy gets her ego fulfilled with the adulation as she moves over to Pamela’s prone and still motionless form. Missy asks for a dildo to be tossed to her and is greeted for about a half dozen flying through the air. Missy grabs one that falls to the matted area near her and Pamela and immediately upon receipt, she begins to forcefully probe Pamela’s throbbing pussy. That elicits the first response from Pamela since the match ended, and even this is subdued. Pamela’s facial expression is hard to read as it seems to be mixture of ecstasy and anger which most understand. Missy continues her uninvited invasion of Pamela’s most private area until she is rewarded with a nice stream of cum flowing from that orifice. Missy collects some of it and moves forward towards her victim’s face and rubs some of the whitish fluid on that beauty contest winning face of her foe.

Missy stops that probe and tosses the dildo aside as she moves her own body to straddle Missy’s midsection as she rests on doubled up legs. No surprise to anyone what target is on Missy’s agenda now. The former WCW superstar still has enough strength in her hands to squeeze Pamela’s massive melons with authority, and as she massages them Missy makes sure she traps Pamela’s nipples between her fingers. Missy continues the assault on Pamela’s titanic tits that the blonde bombshell is so proud of and likes to show off but probably not in this manner. Once again, Pamela has some reaction but has been beaten down enough so that she really can’t resist at this point. Missy is just as deft in her pursuit of more of Pamela’s fluid as she was earlier with the pussy. And indeed once again, Missy is rewarded as drops of milk begin to ooze from Pamela’s naughty nipples, some of which is sucked up by Missy’s sexy tongue, but some of which Missy allows to dot Pamela’s areoles to be admired by the crowd.

Missy stops this process as she moves her large ass to hover over Pamela’s cum spotted face. Missy sits her sweaty and smelly ass on top of Pamela’s face and wiggles that great butt across that area to smooth the cum across that region. Missy is doing her best job yet of restricting Pamela’s already diminished breathing capacity. In fact, after several seconds of facesitting, Missy puts her hands on top of her head in the classic victory pose as she feels Pamela slipping into dreamland as she becomes unconscious.

Missy ends her facesitting but does some great poses for the crowd who has been put into a frenzy with Missy’s sexual acts against Pamela Anderson. She makes sure that everyone gets great views of her gigantic gazongas, her precious pussy, and the rest of her winning bod. Missy goes for a riding crop that she carries around with her sometimes and wants to give Pamela a last reminder of her encounter. Pamela puts her right foot under Pamela from a standing position and rolls her over onto her stomach, or more precisely her jumbo juggs. Missy gives Pamela a few strokes from the riding crop to leave some minor red marks on Pamela’s beauty contest winning ass. Missy leaves Pamela’s still unconscious form at this point to collect her checkered flag two piece outfit that she wore to this eventful party and as a trophy, she collects Pamela’s purple dress to take with her. Missy acknowledges the crowd’s appreciation one last time as she strolls nude from the room carrying that clothing.